Saturday, October 30, 2010

Atomic Bombs, Shamballa and Halloween.

Shamballa is in lockdown. Atomic bombs are going off in the distance. I watch the monitors as mushroom clouds expand and waves of destruction decimate the landscape. I order the cameras with subterranean shaft mountings to be submerged before the blast destroys them. A few screens go blank before the cameras could be fully lowered. The radiation alarms are howling and I know suddenly the US is drowning in high level radiation. Communication satellites are all disabled or unable to be reached. All communications save our outdated land lines are no longer working. Cell phones are useless.

The worst part is I don't know how this came about. I can't remember how I got here or even what day it is. Shamballa seems different too. Subtle things but I'm starting to notice it now. My office is all twisted. The desk is wrong, the bookshelves are impossibly barren and the security panel no longer exists.

I don't know what's happening, but I dont like it.

Tech 7 rushes in. I am so happy to see her safe that only after I embrace her tightly and hold her in my arms do I realize she no longer is based in Shamballa but works abroad. My head rests on her shoulder, she feels good in my arms for only a moment,and suddenly I fear looking at her face again as I know this can't be her.

I'm scared...but I don't get scared.

I pull back and I find it hard.

I look at Tech 7 and suddenly she IS different. She's got black eyes instead of blue. Her hair is red instead of golden brown and her face has changed. I don't know this young woman who stands before me. She wears a sardonic grin.

"Yes, you do...and if you don't remember, I don't care because I certainly remember you."

I worry she is a top-rated assassin that has infiltrated Shamballa. The tone in her voice frightens me, she clearly wishes me harm.

There it is again...fear. I know too much to fear. How is any of this possible? What's going on?

"C'mon don't be afraid of me. I LIKE you."

She reaches out her arms to me.

I find my voice.

"Who are you? Why are you here? What did you do to Tech7?"

"Don't you remember me? I'm hurt. Maybe I should hate you."

"Answer my questions! Who are you?"


My viewscreens turn back on and the feeds are all dead save for some showing complete desolation.

"Everyone you cared for is gone. You are alone...with me. No one besides us."

I awaken to the reality of the last.

"I'm flattered you wanted to spend this time with me Ms. Obsession. I am not afraid and the images you have crafted have lost their power. I realize now this is the Halloween season when your astral world gets just a bit closer to Earth thanks to all the negative consciousness and thoughts of hundreds of millions of Americans, but I am aware of this...and I have a gift for you."

I stretch open my arms and attune to the brightest, purest most powerful dimensions of light that exist in realms much higher than the 3rd dimension Where the minds of the beings who dwell there burn with the intensity of a thousand suns.

A ball of light forms between my arms. It is scintillating, oscillating and regenerating like a living diamond - or a small sun.

"This is for you and all those you have snared with your nightmares. Each one will receive a ray of the purest light from this construct. Via you...all you have contacted will be thus illumined and this light will cancel out and balance this fear while providing the necessary framework for all these souls to reorient themselves on a more positive trajectory."

As the light bathes her, she backs up and runs out the door. As the door opens I see the blackness outside it and a hodge-podge of lower astral beings, obsessions and the like.

I realize fully I am in a dream. I realize that the obsessions are trying to oscillate within my field as I sleep and now I am using this connection, their own, against them to give them a dose of unwanted light.

In a moment I wake up. The obsessions have fled.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abiotic Oil, Spying on Facebook, Myspace & Twitter


"Why do you do it?"

"Why do I do what?"

"Release classified information through your blog? Now Foxnews picked up your story and is causing us all sorts of heat."

"C'mon now...what sort of heat? Some media attention? Have you even received a call from a single Congressman or Senator? It's nothing. People don't have long attention spans. Right now they are focusing on the lives of some Chilean miners. They follow the media cues like sheep. No one will be talking about the story in a few weeks, unless the media choose to push it."

"What about your abiotic oil story? You don't call that a breach of national security?"

"C' know I'm the classifying authority on half the stuff I reveal and although maybe a few million people are now aware of the truth of abiotic oil, they are still enormously outnumbered by the billions who do not. Sector Bravo Fox came by with a report for me and said the electric and other power companies feel threatened by the oil companies having access to abiotic oil. They fear coal and shale and all the rest will run out far faster than the abiotic oil, and they are right."

"The White House revoked the drilling moratorium today, as per your suggestion. We now have several dozen companies breathing down our necks for deepwater permits in the gulf, some of these are power companies who want access to this abiotic oil, but have very little experience. Lot's of these permit requests are due to your breaking the story"

"Good. It's plentiful enough. Eventually they will recognize there are many access points for the stuff. Be happy they want to do it in our waters and pay taxes and monies to us. In a dozen years that will change. I support this interest. I would love to see more competition out there. Some of these companies have longstanding enmity and it will be good for industry when the competition kicks in."

"Zuckerberg is reportedly p-d off with the story and wants us to kill it or deny it. How do you think he would feel if he knew "we" started it - well "you" started it?"

"Who cares what he thinks? All these electronic sites are just awaiting the era of regulation, taxation and stricter controls. This is the free ride era and he knows it. He should mainly thank his lucky stars he's still able to run the site as it is. As Darth Vader said to Lando, 'I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further.'"

"His company provides a big tax base and supports a lot of lobbyists that have some clout. He could cause trouble."

"The truth is never trouble. The truth is the people who post on Facebook are being raped. Every part of their lives is permanently recorded and violated. They should know this, especially the kids."

"Sure. You're still riding the white stallion of morality I see. Give me a break. You didn't get to where you are by following all the rules."

"This isn't about me. I didn't push the story that hard. I didn't even have our boys hack the Google servers. I just let it simmer."

"Whatever. Try to keep a lid on the classified stuff okay? Save me some indigestion and memo-writing? Please?"

"Sure. Scouts honor."

"You were never a scout."

"I wasn't? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure you lousy..."

"now now...don't cuss. You never know when I'm going to post the transcripts of our conversation on my blog."

r e d a c t e d

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morgana's Towers

I am somewhat amazed as I reappear in Morgana Le Fey's presence. She is indeed a powerful sorceress but the ride through time and space was not as smooth as Yal-hune's or even the instrumentation controlled teleportation I have experienced. There is a dark aftertaste. I feel somewhat soiled as my senses recover.

"Ye are a long way from home aren't ye? I can sense it. Ye're thoughts, ye're language the world ye come from is much different than this one. And ye are even more different. Ye are not entirely human are ye? Ye've been to other worlds and have seen things no man has. Despite all this, ye are amazingly weak for a warlock and were able to be removed from Camelot without any trouble whatsoever."

She's a telepath and uses a crude mental intrusion. I shut her out and realize she obtained most of her information already while we were en route to her castle.

"Go ahead I already know what I needed."

I'm almost tempted to force my way into her mind to see what she's up to, but I stop myself knowing that sort of action regenerates multiplied feedback.

Morgana comes towards me.

"Do ye find me beautiful?"

She laughs. I watch as she begins to undress. Her robe drops to the floor and she stands nude before me.

"I find all men submit to me of their own free will, sooner or later. I won't need magicks to get you to serve me."

She is beautiful, but it is an evil beauty and after my experiences with Yal-hune and other beautiful, positive women, I am more than capable of resisting Morgana's charms.

"Dress yourself. What do you want from me Morgana?"

"Isn't it obvious? I want ye're secrets....and ye will share them with me."

"What secrets?"

"How you took over the dark knight's body and subdued his mind. How you came from the future into the past and of the weapons of the future."

"Power? Is that all you care about Morgana? Trust me, I know that all the power in the world does not lead to happiness. And power secured through evil only begets evil to one's person. Instead of empowering yourself, you are empowering those parasites who manipulate you from these lower astral worlds. You act as a doorway for them. You don't want to do this. True power, true godliness, comes from mastering all evil and turning it into good."

Morgana laughs.

"Laugh all you want. It's true. I've visited the hells run by the demons and overflowing with dark forces. Even the most powerful among them are servants of ever lower forces that use them. None are ever free and with each new evil act they lose that bit of infinite intelligence that is each souls birthright. They lose their individuality and become part of a dark collective. They become weaker as they devolve - not more powerful. Only those who recently fall still have some power in these planes, the rest are wisps of souls - fragments really."

"Stop! I have heard enough!"

"I don't think so. Perhaps this is why you captured me. You needed to hear this and I needed to tell you this. I love you Morgana...real love. The sort that makes me care enough to tell you the truth. I don't want to see you live in these hellholes - and would much rather see you use your mind and knowledge to work for the light."

Morgana walks up to me and hate and loathing are in her eyes. She has consorted with far too many incubi over the years to listen easily to my words. The truth is the most painful thing in the world.

"I should kill ye for ye're words. But ye would merely return to ye're owen time an I would end up killing my ally - the Dark Knight."

Ally. Yes, that would make sense. The Dark Knight was me....centuries past and who knows how many lifetimes of experience. My being with Yal-hune now might have its roots in me seeking out powerful beings to learn from. I think I know why I came here - to help reverse the damage I did to Morgana by supporting her machinations and lust for power.

"Morgana. Listen to me carefully. I apologize for my past actions and I want to free you from the burden that they imposed upon you. My own power lust has dragged many down along the way. I'm getting a chance to reverse some of these mistakes. Here."

I take Morgana's hand in mine.

"Do you feel this? This is the power of light & love."

I use the oscillation skills developed already with Shayla, Yal-hune & Skuuinja and transmit a strengthening field keyed to her fundamental frequency. I watch as her eyes change and her own motivating spirit regains some control. She looks at me and it is almost a whole new person that stares back...and Morgana suddenly becomes truly beautiful.

"Impressive. I see clearly now. You are right."

"That's just a spark...light and positive always frees souls and strengthens individuality. Darkness and negative always chains and weakens one, even though you may appear to be more powerful by usurping the horde's dark is weak next to the true infinite power of good and light. I know you will become powerful Morgana ...truly powerful. However this will only be achieved by embracing the good and the light and disassociating with those who only can offer the illusion of power."

Her eyes are like clear lakes of blue. The transformation in the past minute has been amazing.

"You are beautiful Morgana. Truly beautiful. Don't let them ever take that away from you."

I kiss her forehead and embrace her. I needed to do this. This was a pivotal lifetime for her and I had helped lead her down the dark path.

"Do me a favor. When I leave the Dark Knight will return here in this body. Lead him to this new power as well. He will follow your lead and by doing so you will enable me to return here someday."

In my mind I call out, "Okay Yal-hune... you can come out of hiding...wherever you are, I'm ready to go home, now."

The dark tower of Morgana Le Fey begins to fade from my vision and my embrace of Morgana seems to soften to the point I can no longer feel her.

It is Yal-hune whose all-knowing smiling face greets me. She doesn't need to say a word or even think it. In her look is already all I need to know about this time-journey.


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Merlin & Morgana

I find myself chained to a dungeon wall. The smell of feces and urine is overpowering and disgusting. I have been here only four hours and I already wonder if I will ever recover. If Yal-hune is trying to teach me a lesson, and cure me of wanting to travel through time, it is a good one.

Next to me is a thief who has been here for weeks, judging by the looks of him. He looks diseased and filthy. He stares at me and smiles a sickly smile. Only three teeth are left in his smile and those don't look too healthy.

"Ye be the dark knight. Arthur must be rejoicing now that he has ye. Ye will be dead by sunrise methinks. Me be just a trifling horse thief and they beat me within an inch of death's doorstep. How did Arthur ketch ye? Where be ye army?"

"I need to see Merlin. No one is listening to me. I am not the dark knight."

"Oh...I see how it is. Ye be mad. Me half-brother was hit by the blunt edge of sword and he's all but useless. It happens to the best of men and the worst"

I wonder where the girl is. Her words were not listened to at all. And despite her protests the guards dragged me down to this dungeon without a moments hesitation.

"No ye're not mad are ye?"

I turn and look at the stairs which descend into this pit. A man stands there. Long white beard, tall and lean wearing a dark robe and with penetrating blue eyes which are staring me down. It can only be Merlin.


"Ye should know me, we've met before."

"That's what I've been trying to explain. I'm not the dark knight. Well not really him - this is his body, but not his mind. I come from the 21st century...the future. I'm not this monster, the dark knight."

"Ye speak wholly different than ye did in past days. If ye be from the future you should know what happens to you here."

"Time doesn't work like that. When I went back in time I arrived here and my presence changes things. I emerge in a parallel time. It's hard to explain, but it's sort of like my arrival created a new stream branching off a main river. So I don't know what will happen now."

Merlin has descended and stand in front of me. He's tall. Even taller than me. Probably 6'6".

"Ye speak riddles well. Far more skillfully than ye spoke in my presence two seasons ago. I know not who or what ye are, but I will find out."

"I arrived here with a woman, she's a great sorceress of sorts. She brought me back here in time but left me here. I don't know what happened to her. Her name is Yal-hune and if I can find her, I know she can return me to my time."

"And when ye leave the real dark knight will return to this body ye possess?"

"I suppose."

The horse thief is staring at us both. He is absentmindedly drooling out of one corner of his mouth.

"Listen, Merlin. I know so many things. Science. Medicine. Inventions and tools that have yet to be invented. I could assist you in bringing civilization to this time."

"If ye be from out of the future, I want no part of ye're tools and science. I know about time and I know that messing with it causes untold suffering, evil and death. Leave such to Morgan Le Fey and other witches. They be ignorant enough to call upon these outside forces and destroy their souls in the process."

"Will you help me find Yal-hune? Will you get me out of this dungeon? I'm not evil and I did not commit the crimes I am accused of."

"King Arthur is aware of ye're claims and sent me to find if they be true. Methinks ye are not the dark knight, even though thine body be one and the same."

"So you will help me?"


"Great. I would like to meet King Arthur. I've heard so much about him and Camelot. I want to know if the legends are true."


"Yes. In my time King Arthur is but a myth. No one is certain he even really existed. Authors have written tales about Camelot and the King Arthur and his knights...and you too. But most think it's all just a story - a fiction."

"I see."

Merlin calls to a guard and instructs him to unchain me. The guard is looking at me with utter contempt and I sense he would kill me if he would be permitted to.

"The stories tell of battles and heroic deeds and they tell the tale of betrayal and of the destruction of Camelot."

"At your hands?"

"No, they talk of Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere having an affair and splitting up the kingdom. Then of Mordred and a war that leads to Arthur's death."

"Fascinating. But there is no one here named Lancelot and Guinevere is but a castle serving girl who is but 15 years of age. As for Mordred, that name is common and could be any of a number of men."

"Does Arthur have a half-brother?"

"Nay. King Arthur was an only child and had no brothers."

"Is there a round table where the knights meet?"

"In the main serving hall there are tables, but none be round and they are not used by knights more than anyone else."

"What about you? Do you know about science or chemistry? Do you really believe in magic?"

"Alchemist? Yes, I know of these things and believe in all. Magicks are very real and sorcery is very real. So is alchemistry and divination. Ye may have traveled through time, but I have seen into the darkest, foulest worlds that be not of any time or any place and creatures that be not men, nor demons but something related to both. Morgana Le Fey was long ago seduced by these dark creatures and they do their bidding through her."

"Is she Arthur's half-sister?"

"What? I told ye, Arthur was an only child. Morgana Le Fey comes from Gaul. She and Arthur share no blood...such a notion is vile."

"Fables and legends clearly have much wrong."

"Lies and evils outlive the words of truth in any time period."

Merlin motions me up the stairs and I ascend, glad to be leaving this revolting dungeon and its stench.

We emerge in a long hall. Tapestries are hung up to block drafts, but the castle is still cold. Torches set upon the walls provide light, too much smoke but very little warmth.

At the end of the hall...I would swear I see Yal-hune standing there for a moment. But as we get closer I see she seems to morph into someone else before my eyes.


"Hello Merlin, ye doddering old idiot. What have we here?"


"They are all sleeping. They will awaken later...perhaps."

"Ye evil witch! I will..."

"Ye will what!!? Ye are old and powerless. Your spells could not even keep me out of Camelot."

Morgana looks young, yet wizened simultaneously. Probably about 27, but her face is sort of timeless. She could be a decade older - or younger and one would never know for certain. She wears a crimson gown edged in violet. She is very pale. Her hair is reddish brown and she has weird arcane symbols that are sewn into her gown. She looks "goth" centuries before "goth" would become an alternative fashion statement.

Merlin grabs a wand out from within his robe and it shoots forth some sort of smoke or gas at Morgana.

Morgana twirls her gown and the gas dissipates. She pushes Merlin aside and sticks something to my garment.

"You, time traveler, will come with me!"

The castle interior and Merlin fade away before my eyes.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Damsels & Sorcery

I follow the path the girl had taken. I assume it will take me to Camelot and judging by the increased traffic in these woods, I am probably correct.

I hear a young woman screaming. In the distance, I see the source of the scream, a small group of people and I hasten my horse towards the screams. I see a group of men surrounding a young girl. The girl is in the prime of her youth, probably just turned 15 or so, and very attractive, something evidenced even in her dishevelled state. She's on the tall side, 5'10 or so, long brown hair, attractive features and that lanky quality of someone young and not yet familiar with their own growing body. Her clothing is partially torn and it becomes obvious these men are intent and engaged in assaulting her.

I ride right into the crowd of men letting my horse knock down and partially trample the nearest ones underfoot. New screams are added to the girl's. Before the men realize what is happening they are scattering suddenly in all directions. One of them shouts as he flees,"Run..tis the dreaded Dark Knight!".

I turn to the girl.

"Jump on"

She jumps on without hesitation and I spur the horse once again. I head towards Camelot which I can see rising above the treetops in the distance. Blue spires upon white rock towers catch the sunlight and I guide my horse towards them.

"Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

"What do you intend to do with me?"

"I will take you to Camelot. You will be safe there."

"But you...I do not are the Dark Knight, why would you care about my safety? Your reputation precedes you and dozens of girls like me have met the same fate which I was to experience had you not rescued me, but at your hands."

"That is not me. Just someone who looks like me. I'm not the Dark Knight."

"Your armor is the same. And the scar upon your left cheek is exactly as described."

I lift my hand and feel my cheek. A scar runs across it from below my eye and meets the corner of my mouth.

"I can't explain. I look like him and wear his armor, but I am not him. I am not from your land, I come from much farther away. You will have to believe me. You do believe me don't you?"

"Your speech is strange. I do believeth thou. Methinks the knights in Camelot will slay you on sight should you ride through the gates."

I realize just who and what I am here. Here I am the anti-Arthur, a bad guy that rapes and abuses women and Lord knows what other crimes and is feared by all.

"If I could just speak with King Arthur, I could convince him that I am not the Dark Knight. Will you help me see him?"

She looks at me, and the initial revulsion and fear at my appearance is now abating somewhat and displaced by a recognition - a recognition growing from something she sees when she looks in my eyes and sees the real me - the 21st century me that has no desire to harm anyone.

"I will help you. Methinks you are the victim of sorcery. You have been made to look like the Dark Knight, but I have seen the Dark Knights eyes once before in a tavern - and your eyes are not his. Perhaps King Arthur's advisor the great Merlin can help you reclaim your true form."

Sorcery! Merlin! I had forgotten all about these things for some reason. Yes, in some ways this time is more accepting of unfathomable tales than the 21st century. Their minds are open to all sorts of possibilities and for this I am thankful.

Friday, October 01, 2010


I turn and Yal-hune is gone. Disappeared. I am alone. I call out for her and no response. I try to reach her with my mind and it's suddenly as if any access to her mind was completely blocked.

I don't know what's going on, but I don't like it. I hear branches cracking under hooves in the distance and think it maybe Yal-hune. I dig my heels in and urge this magnificent beast on, it races and goes exactly where I lead it. In but a moment I see a woman upon a horse. She is very beautiful, but she is not Yal-hune. She has raven black hair, it is severely pulled up from her face and she possesses thick expressive brows over amber hued eyes. There is a softness and a delicacy to her, in her skin and the way her features come together. Before she sees me she seems very kind and gentle. Her lips are full and plump and well shaped. As I come within earshot, she turns to me. Her eyes look at me and then avert away quickly. It may be my imagination, but her manner almost betrays disdain and even contempt of me, though concealed and controlled by breeding and practiced protocol.

She definitely knows me, but I don't know her. At least this me...the time traveler that now inhabits this parallel time-stream's doppelganger of me.

"Excuse me, you haven't seen anyone ride past here would you? A lady in a gown?"

"Nay, I have not seen such."

"I've lost my companion and I am concerned for her."

"Methinks you are rather forgetful of your companions and you lose them with a frightful speed. Have no fear, your concern for her will likely vanish as hastily as did your lady."

She spurs her horse onwards into a run. If words could chill, my body would be frozen. She acted as if I should know her and I suspect this version of me has done her a great injustice of some sort at some time. I really hate that. Nothing is more frustrating than when a woman gives you the cold shoulder and you have not a clue as to why. It hurts even more when you see in their face and eyes that they are extremely pained and hurt. One's own ignorance of the problem seems a contemptible burden. I hate seeing women hurt. When they are beautiful, kind looking creatures and the hurt is of my own doing it is all the more painful.


I urge my horse to catch up and it takes off without hesitation. In a moment. I am in pursuit through a forest rich and deep. Light and shadows fall through the branches overhead and crimson and yellow leaves catch and reflect the light. Her horse is fast, but this beast is faster still and I see this lady is no stranger to horses or horsemanship. She rides as well as any woman I've ever seen.

She turns and looks back at me as I close - fear and hatred in her eyes.

The look paralyzes me and I rein in my horse. In but a brief moment I am stopped, my horse breathing hard through his nostrils and I watch as she grows quickly smaller in the distance.

What sort of monster am I in this time period? What did I do to her? To others?

Why did Yal-hune leave me? Why is everything turning to manure around me? How could these things I wanted so much - be such a depressing nightmare all of a sudden?