Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Last Stand of Osama Bin Laden

The President has released the news and the world now knows Osama Bin Laden is dead.

"We've got a GREEN code. We're going to get Bin Laden - inside Pakistan."

I look at what teams and men we have available for such an important mission and I pull one from Kabul, Afghanistan.

A 60 man team, usually reserved for large assaults on small targets, is suitable for an ambush on a surface structure. I review aerial footage of Rawalpindi from two camera carrying drones which reveal the compound Osama is supposed to be residing in. The Gunjmadi police station is holding some drug pushers - one of which narked Bin Laden's current location as exchange for his release. It appears most of the drug pushers know exactly where he is, probably because these sorts also smuggle medical supplies.

I review the building from all angles and decide that arrival by three modified Super Stallion MH-53E helicopters is the ticket. The structure can be surrounded quickly and Bin Laden will not have time to escape. The craft are in theatre.

A night time assault is the ticket and will give cover to our helicopters and we have a huge advantage in night fighting with our latest nightvision capabilities.

Operation Final Assault is a go. The helicopters make their way over the Pakistan Afghan border and feed from their cameras is arriving at Shamballa. The three Stallions are doing in excess of 220mph and are loaded with troops and weapons.

The choppers arrive simultaneously and surround the compound. Automatic weapons fire from Bin Laden's look outs is directed carelessly at one of the choppers. Return fire cuts him down instantly. The troops descend from the choppers under cover of strafing fire from the choppers themselves. Small arms fire is being returned by several windows and the familiar sound of AK-47s is heard in the distance.

The teams shoot in canisters of gas to provide additional cover and start moving forward, taking out a dozen or so jihadists that streamed out of the compound to fire on the troops.

They are so overpowered and overwhelmed that our troops enter in less than a minute. I see camera feeds of troops busting down doors and running up a flight of stairs. In less than two minutes, Osama is found in a room with several followers wielding AK-47's the followers and Osama are killed in an exchange of gunfire.

Osama Bin Laden - mastermind of multiple attacks on US interests is dead.

Note: The previous description is not guaranteed to be accurate as the exact circumstances, individuals and equipment used in the mission are classified above top secret and can't be officially (or unofficially) divulged. ;-)

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