Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Party Time (Part 72)

Tech1 called me very early this morning and I am meeting him at one of Arizona's many old abandoned mines out in the middle of nowhere. Another place where no satellite paths cross. Yal-hune and Skuuinja were still sleeping, so I left them a message that I would return with breakfast. The sun is just starting to rise in the East and I have to say it's magnificent. The red rocky cliffs give off a rosy glow as the first rays of light bathe across their surfaces.

The highways are almost traffic free and I make record time up to the remains of a small ghost town known only as Vulture Valley. Most people don't even know this place exists. You can't see it from any highway and there is absolutely no sane reason to head off major roads in the desert -especially during 1/2 the year when its way too hot - and so this ghost town has been lost to everyone, even hikers, explorers and history buffs. We have the GPS mapped and so returning to Vulture Valley means having an effective four wheel drive vehicle, emergency water and a lot of gasoline in the tank.

All that's left is the wooden frame remains of a water tower, the stone foundations of a store and a post office. There's supposed to be a long abandoned mineshaft around here, but those are deadly and no one has ever looked for it. As ghost towns go, this one would be a huge disappointment for tourists, but for secret meetings away from satellites with realtime thermal imagery, it's been a great meeting place.

I see Tech1's White Hummer and I pull my Escalade up alongside.

I get out of the car. Tech1 is sitting on the crumpled remains of a wall and watching the pink and purple clouds in the distance as the sun rises.

"So what's up? What's so urgent and secret that it required a hour's drive to this godforsaken place?"

"Isis went rogue. She took Encyclopedia Brown with her."


"Yep. And that's not the worst of it. She took the formulas for Atlan-98 and other chemical breakthroughs out of the system. They have billions of dollars worth of technology and I don't know where they are."


"Two days after Christmas - the 27th. I wasn't sure until yesterday though when I sent two undercover sweeper teams to their residences."

"Did they leave any messages?"

"Nothing important. Just one word was left on Isis screensaver - 'bye' - and I've sent a computer forensics team to reconstruct the past few weeks interactions, inputs and outputs. So far nothing significant, but they are still trying to reconstruct. Encyclopedia Brown's computer was completely erased - and no one knows how, as the system is supposed to have seven layers of safeguarding to prevent even an intentional wipe."

"So what else have you done?"

"Nothing. I wanted to talk to you privately. If I pursue them and they're caught they face a lifetime in prison or depending upon what they do with that data - charges of treason."

"Unbelievable. For two off-the-charts smart people they made the most stupid move possible."

"What should I do? What would YOU do? You know I really hate you for leaving. None of this would've happened if you were still there."

"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I'll talk to Yal-hune. If she agrees I'm sure we could find them instantly. I just have my doubts about her cooperation. She opts over privacy and individual liberty every time and what's more she knows that's what I love about her."

"I'm afraid of who will find them before we do. That Atlan-98, alone, is a trillion dollar technology. With all that's locked up in Encyclopedia's photographic mind - my God - a freaking fortune for the arms dealer, Communist ruler, KGB turned mafia businessman - you name it! They are in dire jeopardy on their own."

"They're not fools they must have some well thought out plan. We just need to find out what it is and prevent them from executing it."

"Freeze. Don't move a muscle."

Tech1 pulls out a handgun and puts a round through the head of a quiet diamondback rattler sneaking up on me.


"Damn things. They should be dormant this time of the year."

"That's the lesson for today. Expect the unexpected. Creatures large and small are never predictable."

"Who all knows about their departure?"

"Just the top tier at SDAI. Some of the scientists in the research projects are wondering why they haven't shown up for the past few days, but I am going to say they were called off those projects to work on another."

"Good. Lockdown that information and change the codes on all things you can change codes for. Make sure reliable guards are stationed with the MIMIR artifacts 24/7. Was an inventory conducted?"

"That was one of the first things I did. Five Atlantean texts are missing - the ones Isis had in her possession and clearance to study. All her research papers are gone too. She cleared out her offices very thoroughly. I can't stand that they did this to me - on my watch. They just didn't give a damn about me I guess."

"Don't blame yourself or think this was personal. I already had enough shouting matches with Isis. She would've done this to me too. You should've heard the names she called me."

"She did?"

"Yes. I was a 'heartless bastard' in her eyes when I didn't want to release the Atlantean history. I suspect that's going to be their first move. Put taps on the phones of every university, museum, magazine or news organization that deals with science and history. Have the Carnivore and BigBro systems scan every single email in existence for keywords like Atlantis, lost civilization and any other word or combination of words you think might pop up some sort of communication."

"Good idea. Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because you've only been Tech1 for a few months."

"What do we do if and when we find them?"

"If I were still Tech1 I would retrieve the data, books and give them a choice - come back to work and no more running away or prosecution. I think that would be a pretty easy choice for them to make. They're not traitors - they're rebels. Their personality matrixes preclude them from selling the data, they simply want to share this history with the world and are naive enough to think the world would be different after they do share it. They're young idealists."

Tech1 laughs, "God, we were young idealists too at one time."

"Yes, but time is the cure for that."

"Is it?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I've followed your blog. You're still a god damned idealist. You split SDAI to have even more fun - and now you're visiting worlds where everyone is an idealist. You're two-face pal, half of you is pure cynicism and the other half is still idealistic and never gave up believing that you can make a difference."

"You read the blog?"

"Of course I read your damn blog! How else would I know what's going on in your life? You certainly don't share that stuff with your oldest friends!"


"You're harboring another illegal alien? Has her cell types and blood even had any basic screening by any of our health people?"

"Trust me...if there was a safety hazard they would know about it,identify it and mitigate it far faster than we could."

"Yeah...I's just YOU used to be the 'never trust anyone to do something that you can do yourself' guy. Now you're..."

"I know what I'm doing. And I know what I've said over the years. Circumstances change."

"Apparently they do - for you anyways. Thirty people throughout the Agency must read that blog every damn day."

"Maybe. I don't worry about that stuff."

"You should. If Isis and Encyclopedia manage to get some of that stuff into somebodies museum or university - you better delete your whole damn blog overnight. Suddenly you lose plausible deniability and everybody will be swooping down on you, Yal-hune, Skuuinja and what was that other aliens name? Oh yeah, Kepra-la? They will be all over them like stink on garbage."

"Yal-hune has abilities beyond anything I can even imagine. She probably already knew, word for word, this conversation before it even began. She knows futures, parallel universes and much more. She's orchestrating far more than I even realize - and I realize she's been busy orchestrating a LOT. She knows outcomes. Think about it...think of what that means. In her mind she sees all these parallel streams of this world and its destiny. She can gently nudge or, if she needs to, push people in the right direction so that they avoid the worse outcomes."

"But do you want to have to count on that? Five years ago, we're up in the air over Iran - would you have trusted someone else to 'know' which way to turn the plane to avoid their radar and tracking system?"

"That was then. This is now. I trust Yal-hune."

"Do you trust her more than you trust yourself?"

"In some things...yes."

"Hey, do you still have that teleportation device?"


"Have you asked Yal-hune about it? What's it's range? Can you teleport anywhere? Is it pre-programmed or can it be reprogrammed? Does it work by itself or with some other alien system?"

"Jeez-louise. I don't know yet. I haven't asked her to provide me with the spec-sheets. Besides, when one knows Yal-hune can teleport using her mind alone, suddenly devices seem primitive."

"Trust me...teleportation devices are NOT primitive. If we had those here on Earth - my god! Think about it. Everything that's shipped now could be transported instantly to its destination. No rail cars, trucks, ships or planes required. The pollution savings, the time saving. It would revolutionize Earth - probably as much as electricity did and maybe more."

"Yes. But what about the bombs beamed around? Or the armies. Or the valuable resources beamed out of a location? The good would be offset by evil in a heartbeat. You know that. Earth is not ready for teleportation. The planet is still savage and mentally atrophied."

"Now your cynical side emerges, eh Two-face?"

"Not cynical, realistic. I've got to leave and you've got to set up those system searches."

"Yeah, yeah...a big date with Yal-hune, Skuuinja or maybe Kepra-la? Don't let me keep you buddy."

"Yeah...maybe...or maybe I'll just go home and write about you in my blog."

"Yeah. If you do don't forget to say that I'm p---ed off at all these alien women for picking only one guy to visit! And that if Yal-hune has any more cousins, identical twins, friends or whatever - they're more than welcome to appear in MY damn home and tell me what a bastard I've been!"

"Sure. I won't forget it."

I laugh and Tech1 is laughing at his own humor as well.

"I'll stop by to check on things in a day or two. Have a happy New Year."

"Thanks, you too. By that time I should hopefully have some results and leads."

I get back into my Escalade and watch as Tech1 drives off in his Hummer. As I make my way out of Vulture Valley I quietly curse myself for not having put Isis to a more productive task before I left - one that might have given her more satisfaction and some sort of visible meaningful difference she could embrace to satisfy her.

Oh well. Things never go as planned and one has to put a smile on it. Like Tech9 used to say after recognizing we entered a combat zone, "It's Party Time."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kiss & Tell (Part 71)

My life is messed up. Wonderfully messed up, but messed up nonetheless. I have yet to give my gifts to either Yal-hune or Skuuinja and now with Skuuinja upset with my shallowness, I wonder how to best go about it. I want to talk to Yal-hune about the projection and this teleportation device I still have not removed from my wrist. I also want to go upstairs and talk to Skuuinja. I want to comfort her and make her understand that I do not compare her to Yal-hune, but love her for herself and that beauty is truly everywhere. These competing desires leave me sitting here wondering what to do.

"Go to her. I can talk to you later."

Yal-hune is very understanding and I race up the stairs and down the hall to Skuuinja's room. I knock at the door.

"Come in."

I open the door an come inside. Skuunija is lying on her bed and smiling.

"I knew you would follow me. If only to prove you are not as shallow as you act."

"Are you enjoying this?"

"Yes. I am. Are you?"

I leap on the end of her bed like I'm 18 again. It bounces and she almost falls off.

"Hey! Be careful!"

"Scoot over."

Skuuinja slides over and I lean up against the headboard with my back.

"If we're going to live by total honesty, I figure there should be no secrets between us. You're beautiful. You know I find you very attractive and you also know that I don't compare you and Yal-hune like contestants in some beauty pageant - so why do you try to make me feel bad?"

"Don't forget, I spent 15 years overshadowing you. I know how easy it is to override your higher impulses and get you to accept lower impulses and embrace them as your own."

"Well, then you also know the real me - the way I truly think, feel and love. So all the more reason not to paint me as loving only beauty."

"When those beauty thoughts pop into your mind - how many are you and how many are overshadowers who want to imbalance you and direct your line of thought away from mental faculties and spiritual qualities? You don't get it, because you don't recall the overshadowing procedures. When dealing with more developed people, even the slightest derailing of their focus is deemed a success. Getting you to first think about physical beauty and appearances is a victory for whomever is assigned to overshadow you. YOU - the REAL YOU...never thinks about beauty first, you always think about that person in a mental way - and about their personality. When your thoughts first turn to beauty - you can bet your tush you are being overshadowed."

"So you started overshadowing me when I was 15. Were you looking out for me or did you just hate me so much at that point that you got your kicks that way?"

Skuuinja looks at me with her black eyes and she stares deep into my eyes.

"I started off with bad intentions. I wanted to see you squirm. I worked on knocking you down a peg or two. After the first few months I found it hard to continue with that sort of motive. I got to see inside your mind better. At that point I stayed with the program. To make your life easier or to awaken you to the overshadowing would have resulted in someone else being assigned to you. I realized that I could protect you from worse overshadowing treatment if you had me. I kept you away from drugs, drink, casual sex. Had some other folks been in charge, you would have been pushed into one or more of these 'pastimes' for certain."


"No, don't thank me. I did enough lousy stuff to you to keep my assignment secure."

"Do I even want to know?"

"No. You don't. I don't really want to review that time in my life either."

"You got used to being in my mind and you fell in love with me. were thinking about it and I picked it up."

"Yes. I did. I know you better than anyone. Spend fifteen years inside someones mind and see what happens to you."

"Wouldn't they make sure to shift you around so that this wouldn't happen?"

"They do. Most folks don't have overshadowers that last more than a month or two. They rotate regularly. I had special privileges. Even though I was not the only one overshadowing you, I was the longest. I could undo the work of others who tried to set you up for worse experiences."

"And you are here because you still want to protect me and you love me - and you don't want to see me influenced even one iota from other overshadowers."

"That's about right."

Skuuinja leans over and kisses me. She's in my mind again and now I can finally place her - for years I had assumed she was part of my own consciousness.

"This is useful. You can help me recognize and fight the overshadowers still on my case."

"Yes. That's why my comment about shallow. You are the least shallow person I know and I hate to see some overshadowers have their way with your mind and corrupt you. I take some measure of pride in having preserved as much of you as I could and spurring you to read and further develop your mind. You don't know how unusual you really are for a human."

"I have some idea."

"Not really. You don't. But you will someday."

I pull a small box out of my pocket.

"Merry Christmas Skuuinja."

She takes the box carefully out of my hands and I occupy my mind with other thoughts so she doesn't know what it is from me thinking about it.

She opens the small box and inside is a small heart pin.

"So you know you always have my heart."

She smiles, examines the pin, puts the box down and kisses me - my mind. A kiss I will not soon forget. I kiss Skuuinja with a kiss that I've wanted to give her for some time now. I realize a whole new dimension to my consciousness as our minds and lips interface. She is there and new pasts open up...flashbacks to other worlds and other times when we were together. I have known her for much longer than I least half a million years.

She pauses and pulls her lips from mine. "It's time for your gift."

She puts her brow next to mine and our foreheads touch. She gently enters my mind and proceeds to transfer all sorts of information to my brain.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thoughts (Part 70)

I await Yal-hune's return and lounge in the living room. The decor of the house is unbelievable and for the first time I really feel like I am living in the future. Sure, at SDAI we have all the cutting edge stuff, from cloaking body armor to mach 7 stealth aircraft and technologies that were always decades ahead of the rest of the world - but with Yal-hune designing this home, the details and intelligence behind the layout take day-to-day living beyond the present and way into the future. I've seen 6370 - I know what man is capable of, but this is like already being centuries ahead of the way man has lived for the past sixty years. Let's face it, since 1950 and the advent of electrification, things have been in a rut. Couches, beds, tables and lamps - mixed up a bit, decorated differently and even the shapes change - but that's the basics of the home for the past 60 years - and actually much longer.

Much furniture that does not yet exist and has not yet been conceived here, is in this home. The design assists the dweller in many more ways than just provide a place to sleep, eat, bathe and rest - it is a learning center, a mind stimulator, a link to other people and other worlds, a sanctuary, a healing ward and much more.

The lighting is provided by charged panels that emit any color desired and also provide specific eye-assisting waves that are beneficial for the human eye. The environmental air is filtered for pollutants and precise levels of oxygen, nitrogen and the various other gases are provided and make breathing this fresh air pure heaven. And there is no television, Wii or Blueray player anywhere to be found. The electronic center here, Yal-hune has not let me use yet - but it is capable of contacting orbiting spacecraft, other planets - faster than I can use speed-dial on my cell phone.

Yes, it finally feels like the future I have worked so long and hard to provide for Earth. And now that its here - I feel guilty because others don't have it. It's no fun breathing this crisp air and knowing some family in a tenement is inhaling sewer fumes as they sleep somewhere, or that millions of kids are inhaling the smoke from their parents burning butts. It's no fun being able to read small print from halfway across the room because of subharmonic signals in the light which are custom designed for my eyes when in thousands of homes some kids are ruining their eyes next to a 40 watt bulb or some irritating fluorescent 'green' bulb. In the future no one ever switches out a light to live in darkness. Every room is always lit. No money is saved and none confuse darkness with conservation. Living in a time period where people choose to sleep in darkness is like traveling to the dark ages - pardon the pun.

I have to remember not to bias any of these things. I should not let others circumstances mar my own enjoyment of what Yal-hune has provided here. I must see the good with the bad. What i see as bad is often necessary for people's growth. When they are ready they will draw unto themselves these things - and much, much more.

So I kick back and enjoy Yal-hune's handiwork. Skuuinja is out, I don't know where and perhaps its just my old fatherly instincts kicking in, but I am concerned. My home has become the equivalent of Planet Earth's extraterrestrial clearinghouse and with Yal-hune I am not worried about her running around, Skuuinja, however, is a whole other kettle of fish. With her abilities and knowledge she could get into all sorts of mischief. I also tend to think that the overshadowers will be gunning for her and those she meets will quickly become targets. But if anyone knows how to handle them - she should.

I realize this has been a very unusual Christmas so far and my life is like a fun-house ride. Lying on this white couch I let all these thoughts travel through my mind. I think of the ceremony and wonder what changes it has wrought here on Earth. Knowing that these things are going on, makes me wonder just how much human history has been the result of alien projections of one kind or another.

"Much more than you would ever guess."


"Are you excited to see me or was that outburst just a synaptic crossfire?"

"I'm sorry. I was just lounging here thinking and I guess I was a feeling a bit lonely."

"Lonely? You don't know what lonely is. I could take you to millions of people's homes and apartments right now - all who feel miserable and alone. This holiday when everything shuts down, makes them feel that much worse and isolated."

"Yes, I know."

"The overshadowers often target and exploit these feelings of insecurity and use them to get their way and keep them imbalanced. They get them to drink or otherwise overindulge and are perfect candidates for overshadowing. The collective insecurity and loneliness creates a subharmonic carrier wave - like a low subwoofer signal which penetrates whole cities and magnifies these feelings of loneliness, insecurity, sadness and also the resultant escape mechanisms that they sponsor."

"Where were you?"

"Oh, back to twenty questions are we? What? Are you afraid I'm going to talk to your neighbors? 'Hi, I'm Skuuinja, your new extraterrestrial neighbor. I live with my ex-dad, well he was my dad in a previous life on another world, and his alien girlfriend, well she's over 1000 years old so she could be called womanfriend, and we live right here next door. Oh, and if anything strange goes on, like some evil alien criminals attacking the house, just close your curtains, stay indoors and try not to get caught by any stray force-teleport beams. It was so nice to meet you and that's a beautiful rock garden you have there!' Is that what you think I was doing?"

I have to laugh aloud at her performance. She acted it out very convincingly.

"No, I'm just worried about you. You're a bit of a wild card."

"A wild card? C'mon I can read your mind. You think I'm headstrong, willful and much more likely to get into trouble here on Earth. You think that I'm going to abuse my knowledge of things and exploit them while I'm here. And what's more you're afraid as heck that you'll fall in love with me, complicating your relationship with Yal-hune, all while making you feel like some dysfunctional person. Does that simplify what you're thinking? Oh and you think I'm cute when I'm agitated. Now you feel guilty again. Now you feel angry that I can read your thoughts as fast as you can think them! Now you're thinking up a suitable response. Ah, you're done - let's hear it."

"Dealing with you is not going to be easy. Let me try with want to see me as completely divorced from my past life and hope by browbeating me you can avoid any exchange that reminds you of our old relationship. You are equally scared you are attracted to me, because you remember much more clearly our past life together and so it creeps you out that you find me attractive? Now you are thinking that this exchange we are having is in itself similar to the confrontations we used to have and that simultaneously amuses you and disturbs you."

"C'mon were doing so well."

"That's not funny."

"It wasn't meant to be funny. If you go around reading my mind and I go around reading yours, those thoughts will come up eventually. You might as well get used to encountering them."

"I don't plan to read your thoughts. I want us to respect each others privacy of mind."

"Sorry, I don't do thought markers. Those things are all about deception and lies."

"You are saying Yal-hune and all the trillions of others on other worlds all use thought markers to lie and deceive?"

"No - but that's how they would be used here on Earth."

" how do you propose we get along?"

"Brutal honesty. You lay it all out on the line and I will too."

"Brutal honesty is tough."

"I know. But once you start to live by it, you will see that your relationships change and become stronger."

"Or you end up alienating everyone you know and wind up alone."

"Try it with me. I like you. A lot. You already know that. If we are honest with each other we will find it much easier to get along and we will be that much closer."

"What did I miss?"

Yal-hune appears in her projection garment.

I think of how beautiful she is and Skuuinja is in my mind.

"Is beauty all you care about? You used to be deeper. Your humanity is more than skin deep I'm afraid."

She marches out of the living room and heads towards her room.

That's the first time since Ketta-nu-ma's speech that I've heard humanity uttered as a bad word and I don't like it. And her thoughts hurt. She pulls no punches and I am left reeling - analyzing my 'shallowness' and wondering if I now am a shallow person.

I sense Yal-hune is reviewing our conversation and I know she has the power to replay in her mind all that has transpired.

"Yes. You two will work out your differences."

"I hope so."

Yal-hune smiles with a cat that ate the canary grin, "I know so."

"Thoughts are dangerous things."

"Thoughts are every thing."

Monday, December 28, 2009

Never Forget (Part 69)

The sound of a million thoughts all singing is something words can never describe. It's beautiful beyond measure, powerful beyond comprehension and inspiring like nothing one can imagine. It's an emotional feeling. Like listening to the most beautiful anthem. It is wonderful.

Issha-la is singing with them and although I would like to sing too, I don't know the words.

I try to pause my thinking, because here it's as if I were shouting during a symphony. Its not polite and distracts from the harmony. So I merely listen with my mind.

I see a procession entering this enormous chamber in the distance. A group of women and men, 100 or so, wearing some sort of ceremonial garment of pure white. They wear headgear similar to Issha-la, but it is taller. They sing another song which coincides and complements the song sung by the masses in the seating areas. Again words fail me - the song and their voices is so beautiful.

They walk in unison and in tempo. As they reach the center dais a blue sphere appears. I realize at once our world - Earth. The 100 break into two columns from one, split and form a complete circle around the hologram of the Earth. They are spaced evenly apart and continue singing while facing the Earth.

The hologram is far more detailed and precise than a hologram could be and I realize it is some other type of projection mechanism. It is about 100 yards across and rotates just as does our Earth.

Issha-la turns to me.

"It is your Earth. This is how your world looks right now. It is not a facsimile, but rather a real time data conduit as transmitted by our many craft, satellites and data recorders which watch the Earth."

"So what is going on?"

"The group that just entered are those whose development earns them this position. They are those whose minds are very clear and who can conduct enormous amounts of energy without distortion. They function in this capacity and this is one way their training manifests and is put to usage. Each also has lived on the Earth at some time. This past experience permits them a more keen insight and their consciousness, with these past experiences stored, better facilitates transfer of energy to the Earth. And no, do not worry, we can speak without interrupting, your bubble which I now share acts as a barrier - so think freely and ask any questions you wish."

I watch as another group emerges, a smaller one of perhaps 16 or so. They wear another garment that is white and green. They sing yet another song, or more accurately- another layer in this existing symphony of minds.

Issha-la is smiling at me Her smile is a really enchanting smile. I feel good just seeing her smile at me - so powerful are the feelings her mind emits.

"Go ahead and ask me - where Yal-hune is. You've thought about her only a dozen times or so since the ceremony began."

"Okay..yes, I've tried not to ask, but that only makes me think about it more. I'm sorry. Where is Yal-hune?"

"Nothing to be sorry about. Yal-hune will be out with the next group."

The song continues and the melody is hauntingly beautiful. The third group emerges and I spot Yal-hune among them. The group is small, only 4 people. Yal-hune is wearing a unique garment that is white, green and yellow. The colors are wavy and look like a flame across her torso.

The four are singing yet another layer to the song an their voices - or thoughts - are slightly louder or more dominant than the rest.

"Who are the others, with Yal-hune?"

"Each of the four is currently living on Earth or stationed there."

"You mean in the spacecraft and monitoring stations?"

"Yes. They are the closest to Earth."

The four take their places at 90 degree intervals around the Earth. As the last pauses and all four are in place, all those in the seating area stand up. Issha-la stands as well, and I follow her lead. All raise their hands extending them in front of themselves, pointed towards the Earth.

A million balls of light appear between their palms!

The 100 raise their arms above their heads and all at once the balls seem to travel towards the 100. Enormous and brilliant, beyond my eyes ability to perceive, balls collect over the heads of the 100. The balls are like 100 small stars - so intense is the light and energy they possess. The balls merge into each the other and a whole ring of light seems to be formed as it becomes impossible to discern where one ball begins and ends.

The song reaches a crescendo! A million minds sing and the note is pure and beyond my minds ability to fully conceive.

Yal-hune and the other three extend their arms over their heads and apart like they are getting ready to hug the big planet before them. Suddenly the energy from the ring funnels like a refracted laser towards the four. In turn, it emerges and beams down upon the Earth like a spotlight of the most intense white radiant light! The Earth looks like it is a sparkling white globe! What's more I can sense that this light is really descending upon the Earth and its inhabitants. These million plus souls have channeled this light, from their minds, into the Earth! The Earth is bathed in light and Yal-hune and the other three start to change color! Yal-hune is bathed in a green flame-like energy. The others are pink, yellow and light blue respectively.

"What is the significance of the colors?"

"Each color has a certain property. Pink is healing energy and is directed towards all those who are ill, all those in the medical profession and those who research or work towards healing others. Yellow hued energy is directed towards those in the educational arena, whose lives are dedicated to teaching or sharing knowledge. Light blue is directed towards science and those involved in scientific pursuits and lastly green is directed towards those whose lives are geared towards leadership and governance. Specialized energies are channeled which are keyed to these various segments of Earth's societal fabric."

I watch as the Earth scintillates, sparkles and shimmers in various hues. It is the most incredible light show I have ever seen and I feel this enormous wave of love towards the Earth from all those in attendance.

The thought song becomes more quiet and then it ends entirely. I realize the ceremony is over.

"Yes. These ceremonies do not take too long. The Earth has received an enormous amount of positively charged energy"

"What does the projection do?"

"All those on Earth are positively impacted. Some who are particularly sensitive will feel the energy, others will merely get a small pick-me-up. Each will receive according to their ability to absorb and use this energy. It may spark the birth of a new positive novel, a song or inspire acts of reconciliation. It will manifest in a billions upon billions of different ways. When you are ready to return all you need to do is depress the red button on your wrist teleportation unit."

My mind is somewhat euphoric from the ceremony, but this thought breaks it up.

"Do I have to leave now?"

"You can stay awhile longer."

I look at Issha-la and realize I don't want to say goodbye. I want to get to know her better and many others here!

Issha-la smiles and walks towards me.

"You are just beginning to get your mind in order. You will realize someday soon that even when your body is not here - I am but a thought away! There is no real barrier. On your world the masses live with imaginary barriers, which become real as they give them power. Our world is many, many light years from Earth and yet it is also as close as we are now. You need only think of me, or anyone here on Htra-deg and if your thoughts are clear enough - we will hear you. Once you develop your mind and filters better, you will be able to hear our responses as well!"

"Do I know you? Have I known you? You seem so familiar. Your smile, your eyes and that 'look' you keep giving me."

"Yes. I was chosen as your guide not merely because of my relative proximity to Yal-hune, but because you have been one of my assignments."


"Yes. Yal-hune wasn't the only one monitoring and projecting to you in trying times. Several are always assigned and involved in such positive assistance activities. No one ever works completely alone here."

"Thank you Issha-la. I knew it was something like that. I owe you a lot. As I see you now I can see all those positive thoughts you have placed outside my consciousness, for me to reach out and embrace over the years. You've been sort of like my conscience - you're a veritable Jiminy Cricket - only much lovelier."

"No need for thanks. I Love you and it has been my pleasure to help you to assist yourself."

"Everyone here is so full of love. It's hard to fathom it all. One part of me would love to stay here, but I realize my place is back on Earth."

"Yes. You chose to incarnate there. You did so for a specific purpose and reason. It often takes great strength to be born on Earth once one is aware of these many truths. That is why we assist those who travel there with such purposes and missions to fulfill."

She smiles and puts her unique frequency marker indelibly within my consciousness.

"So you will be able to reach me wherever you might be. Now it is time for you to go."

"Thank you again, Issha-la -'s crazy after this short time, but I realize I love you. I guess it really isn't that short a time as you have been with me all these years."

"You are just learning of infinite love. You still personalize it, compartmentalize it or confine it to those you have personal physical relations with. But you will understand it. And when you do you will realize it does not cheapen the love you feel for another when you love someone else as well."

"I see that now. As you thought about it, it made it so crystal clear in my mind. I've acted ridiculous. I LOVE YOU Issha-la. I will shout it from across the galaxy! You are wonderful and have been nothing but wonderful to me. I only hope I am able to be as wonderful for you as you have been for me, when you need someone."

"Each thought you extend is real. When you think positive thoughts they are as tangible as hugs and gifts to one whose mind can perceive them. Now go and take my love with you. As you may guess many here take great interest in your activities and when you transcribe this for your blog - which I assume you will - you will be aided in part by me and others here who will assist you. You are our voice on Earth. Through you we can share these truths and awaken others to their true selves and of the reality of life lived in other parts of the galaxy."

Issha-la walks over and kisses me on the cheek. It is all I can do to keep from crying buckets. I don't want to leave this world, but I must. The red button is flashing and I realize I must go.


I depress the red button and Issha-la disappears from view along with the wonderful world of Htra-deg. I am back in my bathroom. The clock has barely moved at all. Was it real? I look at my wrist and see the device and still see the note stuck upon the mirror.

It was real.

A Christmas trip I will never forget.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gifts (Part 68)

I wake up and find a small package on the nightstand on my left. It is wrapped exquisitely in blue and green foil paper and has an angel cut out pasted to the foil paper. A small note is affixed.

"Open this package now" is written in Yal-hune's delightful cursive.

I turn on my side and start to open the package. It open easily as the two box parts are completely wrapped and fit within each the other. Inside is a small wristwatch type device - or at least it sort of looks like a wristwatch. I pick it up and see it has metal bands that clip over one's wrist. I put it on and it adjusts itself to my wrist automatically! Not too tight, not too loose - a perfect fit. At the same time a screen has been activated. It's clearly cutting edge Confederation technology. I wonder what it does.

I look closer at it. There is some sort of panel with three primary color buttons positioned in a triangle around the screen. Red, Blue and Yellow. I don't know what it does, but it certainly looks cool.

I walk into my bathroom. On the mirror is a note taped to it, "Shower, dress then press the blue button."

I do as the note instructs and take a shower and get dressed. It's Christmas Day and I crack out a Dolce & Gabbana suit, a Calvin Klein shirt and a Hugo Boss red and green tie. I put the device back on. (I wasn't sure if it was waterproof and didn't want to accidentally depress the blue button while naked in the shower, not knowing exactly what would happen.)

I grab my wallet, my phone and then I look at the device again. I depress the blue button. I feel a strange sensation and recall it as the time traveling 'feel' - a sort of drowsiness. A flash of white light occurs and as I get my bearings, I realize I am standing on another world. The scope of the differences is awe-inspiring. I am in a structure that extends up many miles overhead. There are crystalline structures all around me and the floor is also crystalline and prismatic and looks as though it is many feet deep. It is incredibly beautiful. I think I am on Htra-deg, Yal-hune's home world. My suspicions are confirmed when I see a group of women with pink hued skin in ethereally flowing garments with bared bosoms walking a few hundred yards away. Where am I? What is this place? Where is Yal-hune?

Someone speaks into my mind gently.

"Greetings. We have reserved a place for you, if you will please follow me."

I turn around and see a simply angelic and beautiful girl stand before me. She is wearing a unique headdress and her gown is like a sparkling dynamo of flickering white and light green light - like St. Elmos fire. The dress covers her from her neck to her feet. She looks all of 14, but I know that on Htra-deg they have very long transitions into adulthood, due to their longer life cycle, and that she may already be well over 100 years old. I try to communicate with her mentally, as she did with me.

"Is there a special event occurring? Is Yal-hune already here?"

"Yes, you have been invited to a projection ceremony for your planet. Yal-hune is here and you will see her shortly. She has a part to play in the projection. My name is Issha-la and I am your escort and guide for the duration of the ceremony."

I look at my new wrist-device and realize the power it contains to transport me across the galaxy in the blink of an eye. I wonder if I am the first human to set foot on Htra-deg.

My guide turns to me and smiles.

"You are the first human to set foot here in a physical manner, however a good number of humans over your world's history have been here in a less corporeal manner with an energy body and consciousness."

"How is it I can breathe and move around? I know the disparate gravity and atmosphere should make such impossible for me?"

"In the transport process your body is adjusted somewhat. Higher isotopes of your existing human anatomy are manufactured, but are supported by your energy anatomy. It is somewhat complex, for you to understand. Needless to say these higher isotopes permit you to function here in our higher specific gravity and your lungs and organs can process our air without deleterious effects. You, in essence, are now in an 'upgraded' version of your regular body - one that is specifically compatible with this world."

"And the teleportation devices can do all this in the time it takes to transfer me?"

"Yes. Our world has been teleporting people around the galaxy for well over a million of your years. We have, long ago, not only perfected the process, but perfected many additional processes that can coincide with the cell disintegration and reintegration process. The Confederation teleportation system facilitates the teleportation of one species of sentient being into another worlds environment and is able to reverse the process on the return trip. This has been a great boon to diplomacy and relations. When one sentient race can see how another lives close up, they can appreciate the similarities and differences with their own world."

"Amazing. The computers that store and process all that information must be incredible! Thank you for that information Issha-la!"

Issha-la catches my eyes with hers, smiles again and she seems amused by my enthusiasm. I suppose it would be like someone coming to Earth and then getting all excited about an elevator.

We get closer to a whole group and I suddenly realize that the people of this world are all extremely beautiful. It is amazing to see the vast variety of this intense beauty. There is a strong desire to try and get to know everyone here. Sometimes one meets people and one knows instantly they are the sort of people one wants to befriend. On this world everyone seems to have that quality - a sympathetic appeal to ones consciousness. A plethora of riches - mind wise. Its like passing a conveyor belt of suitcases, each with a million dollars inside, only a Plexiglas partition stands between oneself and the cases. Here, passing a group of people, one has that same, and actually much worse, sense of loss. Money is nothing next to the appeal of this beautiful, unique sentience one wants to immerse oneself in.

I notice a group of women to my right. They all have a similar appearance to Yal-hune and as I stare in their direction, they notice me. My excited thoughts are like shouts and I realize how much I don't really fit in here. However, all around me are positive countenances and I feel not a whit of hostility or anything resembling a "look at the freaky et!" vibe an alien would get on our world. They look at me with slight curiosity, the way one might find a painting interesting.

"You must remember we are part of a Confederation of worlds with vastly different beings. The human race is not significantly different from our own in terms of general appearance. There are many sentient species which are much more visually diverse and which would draw more attention. Your clothes are somewhat amusing, but I realize this is quite normal apparel for your world."

Issha-la smiles as she says this and it is the nicest smile one could imagine. Full of benevolence, love and empathy. Her thoughts in my mind manifest with a sweet voice that is like mental candy - so sweet and delightful it almost tickles the consciousness.

Issha-la and I begin ascending a tiered seating area that forms an enormous circle around a centralised dais. Its easily twenty times the size of Earth's largest stadium and yet for some reason it seems, not at all, large or meandering. It feels quite cozy and I am assuming this is a property of the way things are here. Vast size and scale do not carry with them the same baggage they do on Earth.

I watch as thousands of people fill these seats and it is all done so coherently. No tussling, jostling or stepping around people. Its as if even getting seated is practiced. Men are interspersed with women evenly. Issha-la is on on the left side of me an another woman is on my right. Then comes another man and so on and so forth.

"Polarity is very important in the generation and conducting of high energy flows. In a projection such as this the minds of all are used in the most intelligent manner. The seating arrangement is part of this balance and strengthens the flow."

"Do you know Yal-hune?"

"Yes. Many here know Yal-hune. I have a closer relationship than some because I am what you would call her second cousin, once removed. It doesn't quite translate, because of our age disparities with your world, but the basic concept is accurate. All here in this section know Yal-hune closer - including you. This permits and facilitates a greater flow of energy for the projection."

"So what exactly is this projection?"

"On Christmas day we have a projection for your world that takes advantage of the already more positive consciousness, love and compassion that is generated by the masses during this holiday. However the ceremony is about to begin I will explain it more later. First we prepare a special shield for your consciousness. This ceremony may be a bit out of your regular frequency spectra."

Issha-la moves and raises her hand and a sparkling white globe of light appears within her palm and grows. It moves of its own volition to me and surrounds me. It sparkles less and becomes crystal clear as it settles around me and even though I can no longer see it - I can sense its presence. I realize this 'young' girl is on the same par with Yal-hune in her abilities.

I hear in my mind a million thoughts begin to sing...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Flickering Flames (Part 67)

Skuuinja is staring at me from across the room. Her eyes are very powerful and I can practically feel them boring into me. And while they leave no physical scars, my mind is impacted. She has a force of mind that makes humans appear scattered and unfocused. I know what it is too. She shares it with as I meet her eyes. People who have never been overshadowed have more focused minds and their personalities can take full form.

Yal-hune has orchestrated this all. My only other Norchan encounter was with Ketta-nu-ma and it left me with a rather heavy negative bias towards all Norchans. Here I see another side, a markedly softer side. However Skuuinja is clearly more aggressive - though maybe aggressive isn't the right word. It's an assertiveness. Her mind asserts itself and pursues its interests with less restraint.

There's something about her, something I can't quite put my finger on, that fascinates me. It's not just a gender thing either. There is something about her eyes and her mind - both are mysterious and attractive. I wonder if part of it is seeing something of myself in her. And here she looks at me and knows how I looked before. She can see the differences, make mental notes about the various changes in my appearance, personality and demeanor.

"You're more scattered."


"See. That's exactly what I mean. You were extremely integrated and your thought trains were very intricate structures with architecture that many Norchans admired and resented. On Earth you're but a shell, intellectually, of what you were. You're FAR less intimidating."

"Thanks. That makes me feel much better."

"It should. You were all work and no play. You were the guy who everyone doesn't want to talk to because you made them very uncomfortable. I know - you made me very uncomfortable. You think my gaze is penetrating? Your eyes burned holes through people who came to you and they left patching up what was left of them and leaving as fast as they could."

"It sounds like I was a real piece of work. Perhaps Earth was exactly what I needed?"

"Yes. You are a much nicer and compassionate person here. It becomes you enormously. I may miss the intellectual prowess, but the trade-off is worth it. Here you are sweet. You care about me - even though I have just, all of a sudden, dropped into your life - and I now regret all the very bad things I used to think about you."

Her words and her thoughts trigger memories in me. They are very vague, but very powerful feelings and include nanosecond glimpses of a world far away and far different from this one. And I know the person she is talking about. A version of me, that I don't like to look back on. A self-focused individual who loses the common touch and becomes isolated from friends, family and co-workers. I have had those same impulses in this life, but have fought them. This is why Yal-hune brought her here. She is a window to that past and a reminder, for me, of the me I am trying to evolve away from.

Skuuinja gets up from the couch and sits in front of me on the floor.

"When you died, I never got a chance to talk to you. Never got a chance to say goodbye. I know why you did it, you didn't want to see me and make it harder to fight the regeneration machines. I see now it was all for the best. Here we are again, but you are different..."

"And you are different too."

"You are remembering aren't you?"

"Yes. It's becoming clearer and that frightens me somewhat. It has qualities of a nightmare one has awoken from and which linger into the now. But you were different. You were very aggressive and intense. I was too. Everyone was so intense - not a lot of fun and laughter. Not a lot of hugs and kisses."

I take Skuuinja in my arms and hug her. Her soul reaches out, and her arms, and she embraces me in return - tightly. A quick deja-vu occurs and somehow I knew this was going to happen just as it has. Skuuinja gives me a kiss on the cheek. It carries great force with it. She looks in my eyes with her black, as the Arizona night sky in the middle of nowhere, eyes and there is a real connection between us. Her mind, her soul fascinates me and I find her compelling. There's an urgency about her and at the same time there is this very calm, collected and cute person.

"I'm sorry I overshadowed you."

"I'm sorry I was such a monster. I know I pushed you, controlled you and made your life difficult. I can feel it."

I see her cry...not now but then. She had approached me about something and my words left her leaving in tears. I was a pushy bastard.

"You forbade me lots of things for my own good. I did those things anyway to spite you. You hated me for it. You made me feel worthless. I hated you for that and I hated the me I had become as I fought you."

"I'm sorry Skuuinja. I may be less intellectual - but I am smarter now."

"Yes, you have benefited greatly from the assimilation of basic energy principles and using them to bring more balance in your life."

She crawls up from the floor and sits next to me. She has had her skin treated and now she no longer looks as blue. Her lungs were modified so as to accept more oxygen and her blood is now more reddish than before. Her hands are warm and she grabs my hand and places it in hers.

"This is good."

I am inclined to agree. We can make amends for past mistakes and balance huge payloads of imbalanced thoughts, actions and feelings. We can be far closer, here, then we ever could be there.

The fire is burning strongly in the hearth. The flickering flames dance endlessly. Outside the wind has kicked up and leaves are also dancing in the streets and across the cement to the music of the wind. This Holiday Season is shaping out to be one of the best, and coziest, I can remember.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shopping with Faryl Smith (Part 66)

Traffic is something else as I go last minute shopping for some of the people on my list. Yal-hune is back at the house with Skuuinja, getting her set up into her new human life. Everyone complains they don't know what to get people, but I think I've really got it worse than most. I'm still buying gifts for some of the people at SDAI, who are hard enough to buy for, but they seem positively easy next to the prospects of buying gifts for Yal-hune and now Skuuinja. Not only are they tough to buy for, but they are plugged into my mind each time I think about them.

It feels good to get out all by myself. Shopping for gifts I find is best done alone. When one shops in groups one can't quite focus. I didn't even make a preliminary list as I was afraid I would reveal the gifts. I just grabbed the keys to the Town Car (Yes, the one made of Atlan-98) and headed out. I threw in the Faryl Smith CD and here I am sitting in traffic on the 151 west bound, which is unusual for this time of morning. What does one buy an alien woman who can do almost anything and manufacture anything she wants with but a thought? And what does one buy one's long lost daughter - from another world - who now comes to live with one and who looks 27 but is really 125? Somehow I think I've got the toughest shopping list on the planet right now. Faryl belts out "Annies Song" as I idle along and I can't help but think she sings it far better than John Denver ever did.

Just as Faryl finishes up, I look in my rear view mirror and notice the car behind me looks like an Agency vehicle. It's easy to spot the armoring and custom touches that identify the various vehicles in use by the Special Activities Directorate and this is one of them. The smoked glass makes any identification of the driver impossible. Here in traffic there's not much I can do but wait. It's very likely the Agency has been following me and Yal-hune around for the past while. It's just amateur-hour to do so and be so terribly blatant about it.

Traffic loosens up and I see what the driving skills are of the tail as I exit the freeway on ramp from the middle lane at the last possible second. The tail swerves over but misses the exit and I see the car impact with the guardrail and start to back up.

It buys me some time to make a few rather quick moves and head east on Desert Plains highway, which runs parallel to the freeway. I pop out the Faryl CD and activate the special frequency band scanner.

"Repeat. Have lost vehicle. Request assistance from big eye."

"Your request has been placed with big eye and meanwhile aerial tracking assistance is en route."

So a chopper is on its way here and the real-time satellite array is being queried for data. One of the cool properties of Atlan-98 is the ability of the metal to emit different color wavelengths when charged. In it's natural state its a cool silver-blue and when charged it becomes green. Charged with even more current it emits a yellowish hue. I pull into a Texaco gas station and run in to pay for a car wash token. I enter the car wash and as I do, I flip a small switch built into a panel underneath the dash to start charging the sheet metal. The car becomes an emerald green while under the car wash structure. I slowly emerge from the car wash and make my way back to the freeway. The satellite array will be looking for a silver Towncar and hopefully a green Lincoln Towncar will pass unnoticed.

I don't see anyone and I keep the scanner on to listen for any chatter. I don't hear anything but the Agency uses constantly revolving frequencies for communication and so I might be missing something.

To heck with it. I'm not going to let them ruin my shopping trip. I switch off the scanner and put Faryl back on. "River of Light" is just what the doctor ordered. Very calming.

"When Shadows descend...and I see no end..."

The sound system in this car is awesome and every chord reverberates with amazing clarity. I turn off at the Paradise Sky Mall and shortly I am trying to find a parking spot somewhat close so I don't have to walk forever. A new BMW 7 series is backing out of a spot and it looks like I am at the right place at the right time. I pull in to the spot and make sure I have my wallet and credit cards. I switch off the charger and the color resumes its silver-blue hue. I grab my phone and lock the vehicle.

I start walking towards Dillards. I'm thinking about what to get Yal-hune. Just as I get up to the door I notice someone approaching the door at the same time.

"A moment of your time?"

I turn and see a man in a big leather jacket and wearing gloves.

"Sure. What can I do for you?"

"I need to talk to you"

"Who are you?"

"I'm an illegal alien."

"So...why tell me. There are 500,000 illegal aliens around these parts."

"No...I'm an illegal alien and I need to talk to you about Yal-hune."

"Who are you...specifically."

"I'm a refugee from a Confederation world known as Skalon. I am here on Earth illegally."

"Follow me...we can't talk here freely."

We start to walk back to my car. Meanwhile my mind is processing the data I know about Skalon. It is a new Confederation member and the planet is very large, about 16 times the Earth's mass. Its government is a perfected oligarchy run by the most mentally developed. We get to the car and I open the locks with the remote on the key chain. I motion the man to sit inside. He climbs in, I enter the car and close the door behind me.

"How do you know about Yal-hune?"

"I left my world after hearing about what was going on here on Earth. I wanted to help and my petition was denied. Once I realized that not only was my petition denied, but that no further debate would ever be permitted on the subject, I cracked our worlds inter-planetary teleportation system so it would send me here - to Earth."

"Can you get back?"

"No. But I don't want to get back. But I do have a problem."

"What's the problem?"

"I wasn't prepared for the transfer to Earth. The transporter wasn't programmed to deliver me here with any significant modifications. The teleportation system often tailors life-support equipment for the travelers. As a result, I have to find someone who can recalibrate some portions of my body - Yal-hune can do this without devices."

"What did you plan to do here on Earth? You know this world is quarantined."

"Yes, I know. I planned to help you build a shielding system."


"Yes. I know that the Confederation would not stand up to the overshadowing worlds and tell them to stop. They are all slaves to the politics of the alliances and the fear of conflicts. Overshadowing is one of the galaxy's oldest evils and worlds like Earth would be overshadowed forever if not for people willing to come down here and get their hands dirty."

"Yal-hune wont like this. She will probably have you sent back home. She does not believe the world is yet ready for a shield."

"She'll listen to me."

"She will?"

"Yes. She used to be an emissary on my world for a number of years. I knew her quite well."

"What's your name?"


"You shouldn't have come here Cerata." It's Yal-hune. She's sitting in the back seat as if she had been here all the time.

"Yal-hune! I missed you so much."

"And I have missed you, but to come here was pure folly. You know I can't let you remain here, much less help you violate the Confederation's mandates. But first...hold on."

Yal-hune motions her arm in an intricate dance and I realize she is correcting the flaws in Cerata's cell structures.

"Thank you! That feels so much better!"

"Cerata - my brother is already aware of your presence and has orders to force-teleport you back to Skalon."

"Please Yal-hune!"

Cerata disappears in an instant and his words fade out as if he were never there.

"Was that really necessary? Couldn't he have stayed a short while?"

"Cerata is headstrong. He means well, but did not think out the consequences of his actions. He's rash - as you might put it."

For a brief moment I sense something personal between Cerata and Yal-hune. It seemed as if Yal-hune was frustrated and then the feeling vanished.

"What's going to happen to him?"

"He will be charged with violations on his world. He breached and manipulated the teleportation system, he violated the Earth quarantine. He is going to be in trouble. But he would have been in even more trouble had he remained here a moment longer."

"How did he find me?"

"Well...other worlds are watching this scenario - on Earth - real time. It has captured some of the Confederation world's interest. You and I are one of the favorite topics of some world's gossip shows."


"Yes. 'The Earth man and the Emissary' has been commented upon and broadcast on many worlds - including Skalon."

"So even this this part of some...some...interplanetary reality show?"

"Yes. Probably. It's edited to capture the interesting highlights - much as you do with your blog."

"Wow. I feel so violated. Isn't that illegal. Don't they respect privacy?"

"As you know there is a vast disparity between the many worlds of the Confederation. The worlds that watch such shows are on the lower end of the spectrum."

"So what are we talking here? Billions of people know what happens to me - even the intimate stuff?"

"Trillions. Many trillions."

"Jeez! How am I supposed to go around knowing that?"

"You've known for some time that there is no privacy in the galaxy. Just shrug it off and don't let it interfere with your life."

"Wait a were just thinking about Cerata. You think he did this just to bring attention to his cause and himself?"

"Yes, by contacting you here, he is now guaranteed to be on the show."

"So it was a sort of stunt - like streakers used to pull on live broadcasts watched by many?"

"Not quite so trivial. More like someone jumping up with a political poster saying, 'Free Earth Now!' "

"I suppose I should be thankful there are not more such incidents. After all trillions of people will generate some statistics."

"Cerata is an engineer. He had the knowledge of how to hack the interplanetary teleportation system. Very, very few could do what he did and then they would also need to have motivation.

"Well there goes my shopping trip."

"Don't let this stop you. I'll pop right out and you can get back to your shopping!"

She laughs her delicious laugh and then disappears. I don't know what she was thinking about, but it clearly amused her. I look around to see if anyone noticed. Then I realize my life is now much worse than the celebrities. This interplanetary paparazzi is everywhere I am - 24/7 and can monitor me no matter where I find myself here on Earth. I try to block it out of my mind. I tell myself there must be trillion different channels to watch and can find something far more interesting.

On the plus side, she has given me an idea for gifts...time to start fighting the crowds.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Epiphany (Part 65)

I'm emotionally spent. In one night between 2:00 and 2:03 I have met three extraterrestrials from my past, present and future. I'm terribly sad and ecstatic at the same time. I need to find balance. The tear of Tis-mi-ish I brush off my cheek and as I look at it on my hand I realize just how lucky I am. Memories are starting to flood back in about my true position. My amnesia is beginning to fade away. I am a galactic traveler. I've lived on many, many worlds and know so many wonderful souls. It's all beginning to come back to me. Tis-mi-ish triggered something within me when she whispered in my ear. She did this for me - so I would remember more of who I really am.

Yal-hune. She said something about Yal-hune. That she is more than I realize. She orchestrated this night wonderfully. I needed to see these things. The good, the bad and the wonderful. It has brought a measure of equilibrium to my consciousness.

Yal-hune knocks at the door.

"Come in."

"So how are you?"

"I'm...fine...thanks to you. We need to talk."

"That's what we're doing."

"Sit here with me."

Yal-hune sits down on the bed.

"Seriously, thank you for the visitors. You really know how to schedule a trip. I'm a changed person - yet again."

"Yes. You are aren't you? You have shaken off many of the obsessions and overshadowing. Your consciousness is more balanced in all manners."

"It shifts my perspectives yet again. But I need to ask you - who are you - really? What did Tis-mi-ish mean? I know you are trying to save me from absorption - I already figured that much out. I must have done something horrendous beyond words and my trajectory has been descending to the point I've been here on Earth for many lifetimes learning the fundamentals all over again. But you...why are you doing this for me? Why go through so much trouble to try and save me?

Yal-hune looks at me. She just looks at me and her eyes are telling a story I can't read. She says nothing and I keep looking into her eyes. She can't tell me. If she does it will hurt me - possibly counter her attempts to get me to save myself from this descent and trajectory. I think this is the most frightening moment of my life. I realize that my position is worse off than I ever suspected. And yet at the same time, I realize for the first time that I can reverse this trajectory. Realizing one is standing in a hole is the first step to climbing out of it.

"My sister cares very deeply for you. So does Skuuinja and Tis-mi-ish. You see now you are not alone and have never been alone. You earned their love by the good you have absorbed from the infinite universe and reflected back at them."

"And you? How did I earn your presence here?"

"That is a discussion for another time. Do you wish for Skuuinja to move in to the house here?"

"Can she blend and integrate? What exactly will our relationship be? Certainly not father and daughter again?"

"No, she would live here as a room-mate. Not family. She can blend and integrate. She can receive a complete makeover whenever needed. You two could use a different perspective on your relationship. This offers an opportunity for you to generate a strong, positive relationship."

"I see. Anything else I should know about?"

"Skuuinja is attracted to you...this you...the one that is not her father."

"How old is she? She seems all of 27 or 28."

"She is 125 years old - but on her world this is young middle age."

"So what should I do? I have absolutely no experience in dealing with this reincarnation relationship data in the present."

"Do you find her attractive?"


"But what?"

"But I know she was my daughter."

"Is she your daughter now?"



"I don't know. Tis-mi-ish was my sister when we lived on Eeslaan and yet later we would be husband and wife. But still...human conditioning is strong and I don't want to do anything that would hurt her. Would returning her affection hurt her?"

"Actually, not returning her love and affection is much more likely to hurt her. You are no longer her father. You are human and are a different person - the byproduct of this world and all you have done in this life."

"You set this whole thing up. There must be a very specific reason for doing so, right?"

"Yes. I think the two of you being together here like this on Earth will be very good - for both of you. She needs to see the results of overshadowing close-up and you need to see her in a different light."

"Okay. So when does she move in?"

"She's right now with my brother on the Confederation vessel. She will get a bit of a cellular realignment for long-term Earth living. She will also get a slight makeover so she can better blend in with humanity. She will be moving in on Christmas Day."

"Any other surprises you want to lay on is a good time. I don't think anything could surprise me right now."

"The house will be done by January 1st and the hangar will be ready as well. We will be able to securely house and operate the EMF craft from the hangar at that time. I've planned to give Skuuinja one of the upstairs bedrooms, the one next to mine."

"Okay. Sounds great. We ought to have some fun. Two extraterrestrials and a human. We'll be the 21st century version of Three's Company. Thank you Yal-hune, for everything. For being you and for showing me so much. I promise to do the same for you if you are ever in need."

"What makes you think you already haven't?"

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Third Visitor (Part 64)

While I wait for the third visitor, I wonder just how time and space alteration influences my cell structures. Do I age during these trips or is it really being altered so that consciousness perceives time differently?

My consciousness since the neurotransmitter treatment is different. I sense more. I realize the nervous system alone does not really sense things, but rather the energy fields that comprise consciousness are where sensory perception occurs. And while some of these fields are generated in the brain synapses, the synapse actually merely interface with our quantized field energy body, wherein lies countless stored experiences, lifetimes, memories and more - a connection with the infinite universe itself.

My senses alert to any change, I try and rest. It's hard to fall asleep with all that has been put on my plate in the past 1/2 hour. Then I feel something in the bed with me. It feels like a woman's leg next to my own under the blanket. I turn and see a woman like no other lying next to me. She is white as a ghost, more white than the lightest albino. She has white hair and even her eyes are completely white - I can't even make out an iris, yet I somehow know she is looking directly at me.

She is completely naked.

"Tough night dear?"

I am at a loss for words. She is snuggled up against me like she has known me for decades. Her body feels super smooth, soft and warm.

"You are the 3rd extraterrestrial?"

"You were half-expecting an ex-wife to whom you owe alimony, I just thought I'd play along with your expectations. Isn't this how husbands and wives share space in the bedroom?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm the extraterrestrial of Earth's future. Well - more than one future, actually. My name is Tis-mi-ish."


"Yes Tisss-meee-isshhh."

It is a very beautiful name. The way she says it, is like a song and there is a meaning to the song. Her name has some sort of fundamental frequency that reaches out and grabs me. It is very powerful and unearthly. She takes her hand and brushes it across my cheek. A jolt, like electricity, but much nicer runs through me.

"You ready for the trip or should we lie here a little longer?"

Part of me is embarrassed, another part is quite comfortable and yet another is thinking about the ramifications with all the others I care about as I lie here with a complete stranger, a complete extraterrestrial stranger, in my bed.

"You think I am a complete stranger? No. Even though I am from the future - you already know me."

"Ah the old time paradox thing that Kepra-la described."

"And much more - you know me because we have lived on my world together."

"As husband and wife?"

"We don't exactly have those type of relationships on my world of Eeslaan. And besides you were my brother once on Eeslaan."

When she says the name of her world my recent data transfer kicks in. I know all about Eeslaan, from its oceans to its people and the fact that its axis runs horizontal in the same plane as its orbit around its sun - an older red star. One part of the world always faces away from its sun, is subsequently very cold and needs to be artificially warmed. The social structure is based on complete individual liberty and there are no marriages or religions. I recall she mentioned she was my sister and suddenly this position we are in seems, all the more, inappropriate.

"Cue the human perspective! That was a long time ago. We are both different people with vastly different bodies. Once a world understands the reincarnation process they see that even 'perfect strangers' that find themselves attracted to each the other are almost always past relatives: Father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents - the list is endless. Besides, only on Earth does one have to fear the birth defects and mental impairment which often accompanies sibling reproductive offspring."

Again the information kicks in about quantized pairing of DNA molecules to create 'safe' babies - regardless of the similarity of the genetic material.

"Are you ready to leave?"


I say the word quickly, but one part of me doesn't want to leave and wants to just lie here beside her, enjoying her presence, conversation and yes her unique body which I have just become familiar with - the other part fears how this looks to those others I care about - including Yal-hune and Kepra-la. Like I am rather shallow and can be swayed by a pretty, albeit extraterrestrial, body and face.

"Don't deny yourself. Human pairing treats monogamy as sacrosanct because it assists the family structure stability. On other worlds, where such family structures don't exist, sharing yourself is only viewed as a mistake if you do not truly care for that person. Such is the nature of my world. Denying attraction is pointless. You eventually meet these people again, even if in some future life, where this imbalance will need to be addressed. The intelligent sentient being acts upon their feelings and gets to know better all those around them. Very quickly they find there are only a few for whom they are really compatible and they spend most of their time developing these relationships. You and I are quite compatible and have known each other for thousands upon thousands of years - you just don't remember any of it - but your 'higher' self composed of fields and the body they support, know the real situation."

She adjusts her body, pulls down the covers somewhat and faces me fully. Her body is absolutely beautiful. I'm reminded of Yal-hune's 'sacred geometry' comment and I realize Tis-mi-ish has her own unique and sacred geometry at work. Her skeletal structures are different - both the rib cage and her neck is somewhat longer. She seems more graceful, like a human with some of the harsher edges taken off.

Tis-mi-ish smiles and suddenly I feel a strange thing happen. I realize she has reached some state of consciousness wherein she generates a strong physical and mental bond with me. My mind is attached to hers, similar to a telepathic union, but this one also has some physical aspect I can't yet identify. She is already embracing me with her thoughts and there is a gentleness unlike anything human I have ever experienced. Her body has the power to adjust itself to become more compatible with whom it interfaces. Almost as if her cells know how best to interface with my own. I realize this is some advanced physiological development and that evolution really develops an infinite number of ways to regenerate.

She, literally, glides across my body, her skin is so smooth there is almost no friction. Her torso, which looks as though it is made of pure white milk, is reading my cells as she does so. Her white hair falls against my skin and as my cells react to her presence, I feel her skin change it's chemical composition. At the same time it releases a pheromone genetically tailored to my body and my cells. Unbelievable. Her body has put me into a euphoric state, almost mesmerizing me and she now is in my mind with her thoughts. It is almost completely unfair. My human body has none of these abilities. I can't return to her the pleasure her body has all of a sudden given me.

"Think again."

"She is in my mind, explaining how the change in her cells works two ways and that when her cells change for me, she experiences the greatest pleasure and union with me as well."

And its true. Instantly, we are like the perfect couple. Our bodies, our minds joined as one and yet complementary. The strength of her feminine polarity is intense and we strengthen each the other with each movement of our bodies - each thought.

Suddenly the room changes. We are not in my house and not in 2009. I realize her body has triggered the change. She has abilities, much as Yal-hune, and needs no technology to take me into the future.

"Welcome to 6370."

We are in some sort of bed - but it has no mattress, no frame and consists entirely of molecules held in place by fields. The walls are white and the floor is transparent crystal of some kind. I look down and see the ocean through the floor some 1000 metres below. This structure is levitating and not connected to the ground.

Tis-mi-ish looks into my eyes with her white eyes. She smiles, "You might like this future."

She kisses me and her mind shares its dreams. Literally, I see her dreams, desires and aspirations. They are wonderful, wild and I want to help her fulfill them. Her white cheek brushes against mine and she whispers into my ear, "Remember."

A wave of memories and feelings wash over me. A world of floating cities, different goals and that is home to several other worlds' beings. Suddenly I know this place - my home. This is my home! I designed it and it can be navigated around the planet as needed. The oceans are beautiful and the skies are gorgeous. And Tis-mi-ish...she belongs here. This is her world too, she is one of the races Earth permits to reside here. It occurs to me that she is of this time, 6370, and that she returned to the past to fetch me here.

"You are my husband. At least the you that incarnates in 6334 will be my husband." She kisses me again and then again, ever so gently. Another euphoric wave of ecstasy washes over me and through me. Her soul is so good and gentle, her actions so noble and her heart so loving. I see why I married her, she complements me and I complement her.

"So Yal-hune orchestrated this?"

"Yes. She knows you very well too. You have many polarities across this galaxy. She loves you, as I do and you should not underestimate her. She is far more than you even begin to realize. She has done this for you."

"She is trying to help me save myself isn't she?"

"Yes. You see truly. Your pasts have taken their toll and your life in 2009 is a key turning point. She chose to interface with you at a time when you most needed a little example."

"This is a wonderful future. In Dickens' Scrooge the 3rd ghost shows Scrooge his terrible fate if he stays true to his path, this doesn't quite follow the plot."

"Yal-hune asked me to do this and show you that you have many wonderful futures to look forward to. You focus so much on the depressing, distressing and distasteful aspects of your current time period that you are letting it poison your soul. This is just a tiny taste of the beauty and wonder that will be Earth's future and yours.

I get up from the energy bed, walk across the crystalline floor and look out on a sunset that sets the ocean below us glimmering. It is beautiful beyond words. Tis-mi-ish walks across and makes a gesture. A gentle breeze flows through and the air is as fresh and clean as any air I have ever breathed. Her white body creates a silhouette against the sunset and the beauty of her form is highlighted. I reach out with my mind and suddenly I realize there are no overshadowing elements! No fears, no self-doubts - no insecurities constantly bombarding their way into one's mind.

"In 6370 there are no overshadowers bombarding the Earth. The Earth's thought form obsessions waste energy and discarnate entities are also corralled and kept from influencing the people. This Earth is very clean and free."

"Wonderful! What are the challenges that 6370 faces? There must always be challenges."

"Yes, but those are for another time. Now it is time we get you back."

"Will I see you again? I mean in that life of mine of 2009?"

"Probably not. But you never know."

"I'm here...aren't I? The future me...your husband. I've just arrived."

"Yes, you are in the teleportation booth."

"I love you...and I will not forget you. Give me a kiss when you see me will you?"


Tis-mi-ish starts to cry and its tearing me apart. Suddenly this wonderful future is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced.

She kisses me and I am back in my bed in 2009. The clock says 2:02. I feel one of Tis-mi-ish's tears on my cheek.

A Tour of Earth (Part 63)

I find myself with Skuuinja, a Norchan, who also happens to be my daughter. She now works for the Confederation and wants to move in with me and Yal-hune. Her personality is far more human-like - which I suppose is not surprising - since humanity, unwillingly, assumes Norchanian personality characteristics when being overshadowed. I keep thinking Yal-hune must think this gives me a second chance with someone I let down. My life as a Norchan is vague, but there is an undercurrent there, a whole can of worms I don't really want to open up. I don't know if I am ready to see my life in the context of a series of lives. It is tough enough to deal with one life at a time.

While Yal-hune can pass for human with her pinkish hue, Skuuinja, with her bluish caste, could not. I also realize I am constantly running away from those I love. Kepra-la and now Skuuinja. Before the night is over I half expect the 3rd extraterrestrial will be some woman who I owe 50,000 years worth of alimony payments and whom I left in the lurch with 4 kids. It's funny, I don't picture myself as emotionally distant or isolated. Quite the reverse is true, I feel I am quite close to those I care about and share things at a deep level. Even now, part of me wants to get to know Skuuinja all over again and another resents the idea of being burdened by all she knows about me from our previous life together. I'm constantly being pulled apart by conflicting desires. I don't want to lose who I am now - by being reminded of all I was then, yet I can't run away from things that get uncomfortable either.

Skuuinja clearly has some telepathic abilities and unlike Yal-hune sees nothing wrong with reading thoughts - even those marked private. I watch her adjust her garment and remove some sort of device from her belt. It is Confederation technology as I saw similar devices on Tho-rey's vessel.

"You ready?"

"I've been waiting for the extraterrestrial of Christmas present to teach me some compassion. Let's go."

Skuuinja smiles a smile that seems extremely familiar. Her blue lips arch and the corners extend and then reverse arch again to create a unique and quite appealing smile.

She depresses a button on the handheld device and we are being transported. In the blink of an eye we are outside a home, somewhere where it is snowing. Skuuinja has suddenly on a fur-lined parka which has a hood that covers her head and reveals only her face. She also seems less blue, and I don't know why. Make-up? Apparently as people are transported from place to place, clothes and make-up can be applied. Who knew? I also have on a thick lined wool trench coat.

"You ready to see Tiny Tim?"


"See that boy there? His name is Justin. He wrote a lot of science fiction stories and drew pictures to go along with them. He wrote a story for his 4th grade teacher that talked about aliens, Orkans, that lived on another world having a 'brain radio' that could speak into people's heads and control them. His parents didn't notice or bother to read the story. They were being overshadowed. The teacher thought it was not all that good and gave him a C plus. That story drew attention of the Norchan Overshadowing Supervisory Centre which tracked down who this child was, if he had an assigned overshadower and assigned one to him. They had his parents buy a Wii, and even went so far as to get one of his siblings to tell him his 'stories are stupid and a waste of time' - word for word what the overshadower whispered into her mind. Justin now has a full time overshadower whose job is to try to dissuade him every time he wants to do something creative, like write a story or work on his art. They even keep him from reading books. Justin hasn't written a story in 5 months. He used to write 3 a week.

"Why show me this? I can't do anything. And Yal-hune already showed me that everyone is always receiving feedback anyway. Justin is not going to be an exception."

"You might find it interesting that his 'brain radio' story included a man who knows about it and finds a way to sabotage the 'brain radio' transmissions - freeing the people."


"His name was 'Guy Tekk' and he works for IDSA - International Development Space Alliance"

"Surely a coincidence?"

"No, young Justin is quite inspired - or was quite inspired. This is just one example of how the global overshadowing manifests. The best an brightest are identified, monitored and overshadowed. Those around them are equally targeted and work to suppress them from expressing in a way that might change the status quo on Earth."

"Okay. What am I supposed to do about it?"


"Than why the trip?"

"You dislike things. YOUR overshadowers try to translate that into hate and even more biases. When you look around at the masses and feel they are acting like vegetables or worse - you fail to take into account that many of them are functioning while being suppressed. You never look at the masses and see them as they really are - masses carrying a gigantic burden on their shoulders!"

"Okay, so I forget that sometimes."

"Sometimes? Try almost all the time. Wit each person you meet, see, read about or hear about - you fail to remember this all important fact. You fail to see yourself as the byproduct of overshadowing. Even now, I converse with you - and your overshadowers who fight me and maneuver circumstances to thwart constructive progress."

"You're right. I don't see things as they truly are often enough. I do know that I fight the overshadowers who try to exploit emotions to get their way. Fighting those impulses is difficult."

"Yes. It is. However you know about them. Poor Justin there has no clue as to why his life is changing, why those around him don't appreciate his work and why he is being give 'good' feelings when he wastes time on the Wii or watching television. And Justin there was picked upon just a bit more because he seemed to intuitively know about whats going on."

"Did his story have a happy ending?"

"Actually it did. Guy Tekk and the IDSA jam the 'brain radio' and free the people."

"I can't jam the 'brain radio' though."

"Can't you?"

"What do you mean? Yal-hune already told me she wouldn't share that technology and that the technology was dangerous, because it could be used to do the same things here."

"You don't need to jam the signals with technology. The overshadowing signals simply add more 'thoughts' to the consciousness field. The person overshadowed can choose to reject those thoughts and act on their own better impulses. When one closely monitors ones consciousness and weighs the constructive impulses versus the destructive ones - one has effectively shut out the overshadowers."

"Each person has to do that on their own - I can't help them."

"Can't you? By putting this information out there, even just on your blog, you help inform many. Whether they believe you or not is unimportant, they have been exposed to the information and their consciousness knows its validity. And if you succeed in publishing a novel, even more will have this information - and be able to fight their own battles against the overshadowing forces."

"You know the Norchans better than anyone - why can't they be reasoned with? Why don't they just quit and leave humanity in piece?"

"Why do people continue to smoke even though they know it is harming them? Addiction. Why do the tobacco companies exploit the masses and promote death and suffering when they know that is what use of their products results in? They are selfish. Selfish people fundamentally express in destructive ways. The Norchans are both addicted to overshadowing others and are selfish. They care not a whit about humans, other than the pleasure they get from overshadowing them."

"Okay. So I should step up the promotional activities. Go full court press on the novel? Make this information available to as many people as possible all over the Earth?"

"Something like that. Use your consciousness and follow your own mind - it knows what it wants to do and if you act on these natural impulses, everything will work out fine."

"What about the overshadowers? Won't they try and make things more difficult, the more I publicize these things? Isn't it dangerous?"

"Don't forget, there are other forces at play. Whenever a Norchan crosses over the line they are stopped internally by both the Norchan governmental structures and other forces that constantly monitor this from other worlds."

"Norchans have internal limitations on what they can do?"

"Yes. Anyone who tries to seriously hurt the human they overshadow is immediately shut down. The overshadowers have supervisors and machines that restrict overtly malicious acts."

"Why? It certainly can't be because they care?"

"No. The Norchan government fears feedback and retaliation if they act in such overt manners. Not from Earth - but from other worlds that also overshadow, but regulate it. Our world itself is shielded somewhat from overshadowing signals. But like all technologies, new ways to bypass the shields are always being discovered. When you overshadow others, naturally, you fear others overshadowing you. This is the reason for the regulations. If you cross the line, other worlds feel you are fair game. Most average developed planets feel the same way about the Earth. They see overshadowing here as par for the human course. No one really feels for Earth, in the same manner your world never feels for North Koreans starving. If they support their government - they seem to deserve the outcome of that support."

As we watch, Justin picks up a paper pad from the small shelf in his room, where it had been stuffed between a pair of books, and starts to draw. Skuuinja looks at me and says nothing, but her black eyes can't conceal her joy. My eyes return to her this joy and she is now clearly thinking about something else. Something personal and more painful.

"I think you've seen enough."

Skuuinja depresses some buttons on her device and I find myself back in my bed, as if the trip hadn't happened. Skuuinja is nowhere to be found. The clock reads 2:01 which tells me time and space are clearly being manipulated this night.

I say aloud hoping she can hear it wherever she has returned to, "Thank you Skuuinja. I love you."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Second Visit (Part 62)

I wake up again.

The room is as it should be, but something is amiss. I look around and wonder what sort of visitor to expect.

Something, or more precisely someone, materializes near the bedroom doors.

It is an alien. It is not a being from Htra-deg. It is a woman about 5'7, thin and completely bald. Her skin has a bluish coloring and her eyes are a vivid, stark black. She has a look that is familiar. Something about her is disturbing. Her garment looks something like skintight wetsuit. It is a deep blue, unlike any blue I have ever seen. She looks at me with unforgiving eyes and I sense conflicting emotions and powerful drives.

"My name is Skuuinja. I am a Norchan and I've overshadowed you."

"Say what? You've overshadowed me?"

"Yes. I used to overshadow you and many others. However, I had become ill, was treated off my home world and I chose not to return. I now work for the Confederation somewhat as a cultural representative. I am going to show you your world as you've never seen it."

"When exactly did you overshadow me?"

"I think I first overshadowed you when you were about 15. The last time was when you were 30. I overshadowed you off and on for 15 years."

"How does it feel to meet someone you've overshadowed face to face?"

"You expect me to say I'm sorry? Is that it? You want some sort of apology and display of remorse? Sorry. I'm afraid you don't generate that sort of response. Have you already forgotten what Yal-hune revealed to you?"


"You were on my world. I KNOW you. You were an impossible, conceited, self-righteous, domineering individual. You led the government for a period. Lots of Norchans despised you - many still do. Overshadowing you when you appeared on Earth was great sport - everybody wanted a chance to control you and get some measure of revenge - me included."

"You have me at a disadvantage. While your appearance seems familiar, I don't recall you or any of my bad deeds."

"When Yal-hune contacted me, she offered me this opportunity thinking it would be good for us both. But I'm not sure it is good. You don't remember who you were. You're just another human running around thinking you, and your life, are the center of the universe."

"Well Skuuinja - I'm sorry for whatever I did that made everyone hate me so much. I'm sorry for being conceited, domineering and impossible."

"I wish you really meant that. For you its just words. Words are cheap."

"For an overshadower you certainly have quite the attitude and righteousness yourself. After all, your world, basically, just acts as the galactic swimming pool full of mosquito larvae to feed on the other worlds."

"See? How long did it take to bring out your inner bastard? You may have had your neurotransmitters treated, but you still don't know anything."

I'm tired and I'm already tired of her. She's irritating and she's definitely no Yal-hune. I don't know what I expected, but this certainly wasn't part of it.

"Oooooh really? I'm not Yal-hune. No kidding. Wake up and smell the coffee - you are her charity case. She's Mother Teresa and you're the leper she's trying to care for. I was going to help you. I was going to show you things so you can live more free. Now, I wonder if it's worth it. You haven't changed a bit. You're still a hater. You tell yourself you care, but you are always looking down on everyone."

She walks toward me and sits on my bed. Her black eyes are even more accusing. In this close proximity I can see her even more clearly. There's something familiar about her, very familiar. The way she looks at me, expecting something from me.

"Figure it out"


"That's right. I'm your daughter. You died and left me. You didn't want to come back to our world. Efforts to restore you to a regenerated body failed -and they tried a hundred times or more. You fled here - to Earth."


"When you act this stupid, sometimes I wonder if it's really you. The one thing you were not - is stupid. You may have been impossible and self-righteous but you were not a drooling idiot. THINK! REMEMBER damn you!"

She grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me lightly. She acts as though we've known each other for a long time and no one could fake her emotions. She really believes it, and that frightens me somewhat. Was I her dad? Is this my daughter? Why did I leave her? How did I die? Why did I 'flee' to Earth. Why can't I remember more? Sure, she seems familiar. She's got spunk and drive, but she is incredibly blunt and lacking in tact.

"Tell me about something that I did. Tell me about some time we spent together. Help me remember."

"Once you and I were orbiting our world in a small craft. You showed me how to navigate it. You taught me how to monitor all the solar receiving stations. I was young. You were constantly reviewing those stations. They provided power to the entire planet. You taught me many things. When you left, I realized the only way i could get close to you was to overshadow you. Your mind didn't block me as much, like it did some others who tried and failed. I tried to look out for you. You knew when you left that you would be a sitting duck on Earth. It took them awhile to find you. They didn't spot you until you were already 6 years old."

The way she speaks - with an urgency - seems very familiar. As she looks into my eyes, her black eyes seem more and more familiar.

"What about your mother? Is she alive? Do you have any siblings?"

"I have no mother. I was born in vitro, like all are on our world. I don't know who she is, but all do know their fathers. I carry your name and inherited your tact.

"How did I die?"

"Old age. Your current body was over 400. You had already been restored 2 times and you just didn't want to come back. They tried to force you back, but you won. They hunted you down. You were, and still are, a threat."


"Because your allegiances changed. You became pro-Confederation."

"So why did they want me back? I think they would be glad I was gone?"

"You're thinking like a human. When one knows about reincarnation, you don't let your enemies die and slip out from under your control. You keep bringing them back where you can keep an eye on them or control them. The planet had become a large prison for you. You willed yourself away the only way you could - by dying and fighting the restoration process. You obviously felt you could do more help here - on Earth. Why you chose this world I will never know. I assumed it was because they had no birth screening in place. You would be anonymous here."

"I see. Did we get along?"

Skuuinja chokes up. Her black eyes form tiny rivulets of tears.

"I loved you. You loved me - I think - but you left me alone and fed me to the wolves by leaving. Fortunately, some of the old guard also soon died after you did and your nemesis, Akwahven, failed to be restored. That is when many were allowed to travel off-world. Many left and never returned. I was one of them."

"I apologize for leaving you. I seem to have a very bad habit of leaving those I care about."

"I'm sorry for calling you a leper."

We both laugh and when she laughs I experience a deja-vu. Her bald head catches the light and she has a very exotic look. She has no eyebrows or any body hair whatsoever from what I can tell. She doesn't even have eyelashes.

I hug her. She starts crying again. I start crying too.

"I missed you. I wanted to tell you so much when I was overshadowing, but I had supervisors cut me off whenever I started giving you hints. I had to promise never to try to warn you or help you figure out the overshadowing. I still gave you hints, but you didn't figure it out."

"So what did Yal-hune want you to show me tonight?"

"I was going to show you the world as it is right now and how to see it with greater balance."

"Still want to show me?"

"I will on one condition."

"What's that?"

"That you let me move in with you here."

"Can you stay on Earth? How's the molecular situation?"

"I can. The confederation has machines that modify cell structures to be more compatible with certain diverse planetary conditions."

"I'd be fine with it. Would Yal-hune be?"

"Who do you think planted the idea in my consciousness?"