Saturday, June 26, 2010

Intelligence Briefing: BP, Abiotic Oil and The Politics of Amnesty

Everyone wants to know what is going on and what's going to happen next. The mainstream media very often disappoints and their articles are lacking in real meat, proffering up sound bites and quotes wrapped in a political agenda designed not to inform you but to rather to sway your opinion and view some event in a particular light. The networks and the media all are owned by various interests and these interests control how they present the world.

Conservatives rely heavily on Fox News to provide a counterpoint to some of the more liberal news media outlet, but even Fox is compromised on many issues. Rupert Murdoch and his interests will control the flow of information and how it is presented.

Right now the BP oil spill is a big issue for all the oil companies and other energy companies. They want to know how this is going to affect their bottom line. Will drilling moratoriums punish some companies and reward others? Will the news of abiotic oil spread far and wide enough to alter the fundamental stock market pricing of oil? How will it all play out and what moves do they need to make to stay on top? DO they need to spend more on lobbyists to hold on to their piece of the pile?

Other large companies are equally concerned. What economic effects does the spill manifest with? Are there opportunities to profit from what is going on? Are profits threatened by what's occurring?

What the media does not tell you is that they are often the mouthpiece for corporate interests and slant news in such a way as to condition the public to be receptive to these same interests.

Recently, there has been talk of an Executive Order to give Amnesty to the 20 million illegal aliens now residing in the US illegally. This move is motivated by several companies and industries that profit immensely using this Mexican slave labor. The dairy industry, the meat packing industry, the wine industry and various other agricultural interests and other large corporations that save millions, yearly by paying sub par wages and having a workforce that is not unionized and also fearful. The illegal Mexican worker is nothing if not pliable to the demands of his/her employer and as a result they miss less work, work harder and generally live in fear of their employer. All the media outlets right now represent these corporate interests that seek "immigration reform" aka amnesty. This includes Murdoch's Fox News. Only talk radio and some blogs provide outlets for non-sponsored discussion of the immigration issue.

In this instance, the interests of these corporations is very short sighted and selfish. They don't care about legal citizens because they are saving so much money with Mexican "slaves" working here illegally. Immigration reform or amnesty keeps those Mexicans coming. 3 million had been granted amnesty in 1986 after corporations bended Reagan's ear. It was sold as a "solution" to the immigration problem just as immigration reform is now again sold as such. Did this "one time" amnesty result in controlled borders or stem the flow? Not at all, in fact, the reverse is true. It opened the floodgates and ever since Mexicans have held our laws in ever greater disrespect knowing they could just bide their time until they would be assimilated. The employers like amnesty, because it keeps the flow coming - in ever greater numbers. Newly "legal" Mexicans can be fired if they ask minimum wage or rock the boat and the new illegal hordes will replace them as they await their "free citizenship" and slice of the US citizen's job market. So when you hear a news outlet or politician mention "immigration reform" you know that's the code word for giving the shaft to the US citizenry who pay the taxes and get poorer. These industry shills own these politicians via lobbyists and unless the politician fears the public more he will acquiesce and sell out the nation. The rewards of pandering to foreign nationals and the corporations that exploit them are great. Money for the campaign coffers, power in public office, and an ever growing slice of Mexican voters who will support you and replace the dwindling legal non-Mexican citizenry.

Think tanks paid by corporations often tell them what they want to hear, but the few apolitical think tanks employed by the government or generating independent intelligence for purchase tell an entirely different story. The corporations who profit now using illegals will eventually drain the wealth out of the local buying consumer public. As a result illegal labor and sub par wages save only for a short period and then their sales will go down, making such savings a moot point. Few businesses are run by intelligent capitalists. Rather short term profit motivates almost each and every business employing illegal labor. The long-term outcomes they are blind too and this is a real shame. The oil companies like high oil prices but when these killed the car industry they actually cut their own long term profits. This is because demand for oil goes down and as the US population gets poorer they vacation less, get by with one car or in some way get used to less traveling. They are ignorant of that "sweet spot" price that permits consumption to remain high and keeps growth occurring in the auto industry and other industries that consume oil. The story of the man who killed the golden goose applies here. A golden egg a day was not sufficient for the greedy man and as a result he was left with nothing. As the US population becomes Mexicanized, it becomes poorer and has less income to spend on many consumer goods. The corporations that paved the way for this Mexicanization will find no market for their goods in the domestic market and will have to export goods - not ironically just as China does, because its domestic market is poor and sought out US consumers! So the US will become a Mexican China. Poor citizens working like slaves for companies seeking profits overseas. But when every formerly rich nation becomes like China - where are the rich customers that keep them in business? This is when the global depression hits. When shortsighted companies impoverish the masses by the constant depression of wages and the use of ever cheaper labor. Eventually, the imbalance causes a collapse and the companies fold or are swallowed up by companies that can still find buyers for their wares or services.

Try explaining this to a CEO who only cares about the next year or five years until they retire or leap onto another corporation advertising the short term liquidity they established by outsourcing, cutting wages and selling assets. Try explaining the value of healthy compensation for employees and the value of weeding out illegal labor across the entire corporate spectra.

As you can see the world is headed for a financial meltdown. The US is projected to end up like Mexico socially and economically with only a handful of mega-corporations profiting on the backs of the poor hordes. The world will lose its wealthier and middle class replaced only with a small elite of super-rich. And these will find it harder to maintain a quality of life comparable to their predecessors because the quality of goods and services will get shoddier and all sorts of goods that require a whole class to support production will stop being produced. Like the end of supersonic flights of the Concorde, technology will step back from the edge and socialism will gain ground as the poor masses demand action. Revolutions, now seen regularly in the 3rd world will happen in the impoverished western nations. The latter 21st century will be a place that is no fun for anyone.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the securing of the borders now, the ending of birthright citizenship and the sharp punishment of businesses that employ illegal labor are the only hopes of salvaging America - and the world from this impoverished future.

The US citizens who read this must become active. You must vote out those who talk about immigration "reform" and support those who walk the walk of real security. Businesses have the dollars to buy off politicians, but you and the electorate have the power to punish and demand action. The ultimate threat is the threat of a mobilized electorate that will violently react to the actions of traitors and the sell outs. This November we will see just how intelligent the electorate is becoming.

Talk radio and blogs are becoming the true source of unadulterated news and thought that is not bought and paid for by corporate shills. On the issue of immigration not a single "mainstream" media outlet is in your corner. All are pushing amnesty and - consequentially - the destruction of America.

Birthright citizenship MUST be ended. This is the only way we can keep this nation from becoming Mexico. The western European nations are under a similar foreign assault by invaders who hold no love lost for the nations they invade and only want financial gain. The 3rd world reproduction rates have always dwarfed those of the more intelligent, educated and prosperous western nations. This disparity now threatens the west as socialism and weak immigration policies destroy the wealth, fabric and culture of these nations.

The abiotic oil could power an industrial revolution the likes this world has never seen yet - but wealth must be created. Employees must earn real wages and illegal labor MUST be abolished. As time passes this lesson would eventually be re-discovered after a global depression, but it would be much easier to learn the lesson now and create more prosperous nations, generating more wealth. This can only be done by having a large middle class in every nation. The middle class are the heart of consumption and the magic elixir that makes capitalism work.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Losing Control of the Image - The Obama Titanic.

James Cameron and Barack Obama have more in common than either know. Both direct and manage the reputation of a Titanic. Cameron's Titanic was a mediocre film that generated enormous revenue with the help of a good soundtrack and Obama's Titanic is a persona created out of whole cloth over the past 3 years to help elevate him into the Presidency of the United States.

We all know the ending of the Titanic. It sinks. Right now Obama has completely lost control of the image he used to manipulate the masses of voters, the 'electorate', and convince them he was some sort of messiah come to bring that magic word "change" into every ones lives. For Obama, who has absolutely nothing of substance to fall back on, this dilemma is a fatal one to his Presidency. He was an undistinguished Senator from a corruption plagued state and town that voted "present" on anything resembling a decision. Before this he was a "community organizer" and the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. So losing control of this fabricated image of messiah is devastating. In two months time Obama has lost between 10 and 15 points in various approval polls. As people see him in action his popularity has steadily declined. Now he has crossed over that perilous zone where more people dislike and despise him than approve or adore him.

He has hit his iceberg and is sinking fast.

The recent news, including the Rolling Stone article with General McChrystal that revealed how low President Obama and Vice-President "Bite me" are viewed by our military is an opening of the chasm in the hull of his persona. After his BP oil spill impotency and his attack on the State of Arizona and secure borders this bit was all that was needed to push the hole past the point of no return.

An illusionist requires distraction often to seem like a magician. A politician needs to seem to be caring, law abiding and competent to hold on to their image. A poor illusionist is booed as is an obviously corrupt and incompetent politician.

Obama's rats are leaving his sinking Presidency and want to leave before possible greater harm befalls their reputation and career when Obama's Presidency enters the post-Watergate Nixon phase. Obama has BP-Gate, Arizonagate and all the other "gates" that are circling his Presidency like icebergs and threatening to do yet More damage - from selling his State Senate seat to his holding border security hostage for "immigration reform" aka as amnesty for 20 million plus law breaking foreign nationals here taking up US jobs, draining 100s of billions of dollars from States' coffers and committing all sorts of other crimes. Obama's budget secretary, Peter Orszag, is first to go and his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is expected to leave after the November elections which will leave Obama a lame duck only 2 years into his Presidency. Yes, the polls and think tanks have been crunching the numbers and already realize Obama and the Democratic party are doomed. The lifeboats are already being lowered and the rats are scurrying off.

In January 2011, when the new Congress comes to DC, Obama's Titanic will already be half under water. The unfriendly Congress will set about a legislative agenda of their own and voters are poised to give Republicans and Tea Party politicians the majorities needed to thwart Obama as they try to undo the damage done to the nation on so many fronts. Two years will pass and Obama's Titanic will rest upon the bottom of the political sea. His Presidency will be remembered as the one that let the gulf fill up with oil and which sued the State of Arizona - for upholding Federal immigration laws when the Feds are missing in action. Accomplishments? Well he will be remembered as the President who closed Guantanamo, gave the middle class tax breaks and insured the uninsured.....wait actually he didn't do any of those things did he? Well, I'm sure liberals and the media will find something to tag on to his legacy.

Yes, it's already happening. The "unsinkable" ship riding on the waves of "change" has been sunk. The hyperbole used to sell tickets (or in this case buy votes) proved woefully prophetic. And the lesson in all this? Well, for starters, about 20-40 million young people who were targeted as "dupes" and easy marks for the Obama campaign will have learned an important lesson about promises from Democratic politicians and media anointed "messiahs".

Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Reviews: Toy Story 3 - Like attending a funeral

Spoiler Alert: This article contains and reveals plots and endings!

Toy Story 3...I went to this expecting a good time. I was sadly disappointed. Depressing from beginning to end it was the least enjoyable Toy Story movie of them all. I couldn't escape the analogies the Pixar writers were putting into this farewell to the characters kids grew up to love (and purchase). Fiery melting pits in some surreal dump ground which were designed to trigger subconsciously cremation furnaces.

Pixar should be ashamed and hang their head low regardless of the dollars this movie brings in. Any Toy Story movie would have generated this sort of revenue - they gave viewers a film that was basically a stretched out version of Jessie's story about Emily in the second film. No new ground was covered here and that bit in the 2nd film was depressing enough for kids. This movie took that scene and stretched it into a macabre horror movie designed to terrify any kids under 10 that watch it.

After waiting this long for a sequel, I'm very disappointed. The aging Pixar writers must be dosed to the max on anti-depressants and fear their own mortality. The blatant parallels to old people outliving their usefulness abound in Toy Story 3 and one can't help but wonder if Pixar writers have some serious psychiatric issues that they are struggling with. Toy Story movies have always flirted with darkness. The twisted neighbor who abuses his toys in the first film, the greedy toy seller in the second film and Jessie's depressing tale about Emily growing up. However, in the first two films the darkness is offset by sufficient happy moments and humor. In Toy Story 3 there are very few such moments. Perhaps Barbie threatening to tear Ken's vintage wardrobe qualified, but even this was tainted by the dark tone.

So Toy Story 3 gets a D+ and the D should stand for depressing. Leaving this movie audiences looked like they had attended a long funeral. Don't see it if you can avoid it and whatever you do, don't let any children see this movie. This movie abuses children and perverts the original cute idea of "living" toys created in the original film.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The BP Abiotic Oil Spill & You - You Are Rich.

Abiotic oil. What is it? It's the naturally created oil that forms in the Earth. And here's a wake up call for everyone. Your elementary school teachers were misinformed when they taught you that oil is a "fossil" fuel and was formed by ancient dinosaur graveyards and alongside ancient dragonflies caught in amber. Oil is not a fossil fuel. That was a big lie created in the 1950s to jack up oil prices once the automobile industry took off and there was a great demand for gasoline.

Oil finders could spot oil easily - a hill would indicate that geologic pressures were pushing on a certain spot from inside the Earth. They would drill a hole and voila! A geyser of black crude would erupt. Signal Hill in Long Beach was found this way. Hills blatantly announced a high prospect of access to oil. The fissures of the Earth are filled with oil. Oil seeps up through these fissures from deep in the mantle where oil is formed (the ONLY way oil is formed) by extreme pressures on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur.

Dinosaurs and plants are mostly water. That evaporates shortly after a living organism dies. The biogenic "markers" found in oil was a great ruse to fool a largely uneducated public who didn't ask questions. On earth almost everywhere you grab a patch of dirt you will find biogenic markers. Our spacecraft have to be sterilized in elaborate procedures before they explore Mars because biogenic markers are everywhere. Oil can't seep up through the crust and escape picking up biogenic markers. So it was a great fraud that lasted for almost 60 years now and has made trillions of dollars for the nations composed of vast barren deserts of the Middle East.

Now we are faced with a new way of tapping the abiotic oil. An undersea well deeper than most which saves having to drill through rock under extreme pressure. Already there has been offshore drilling for decades, but these are not as deep and yet were still done to save the expense and fight a drill must encounter as it bores deeper into the Earth. Tapping the oil under the seas is still complex but is actually genius.

The BP gusher is a triumph of man in accessing this abiotic oil.

However, all you hear from the media and your politicians is about damage and catastrophe and environmental contamination. Obama puts a moratorium on oil drilling offshore - and he is robbing you and your children. This is YOUR oil. This is America's oil. This is the HUGE doorway to energy independence for America and the media is trying to paint it as a catastrophe! It's the biggest farce ever. The same folks who lied to you about oil's origins are lying to you again. There is no catastrophe here...there is a miracle. A miracle that will permit the US to pump its own oil for THOUSANDS of years and never need to import oil from the Middle East or from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. THIS IS IT - THE BIG ONE!

I seldom make requests from my readers, but this time I'm going to make one. Link this page to every place you can. Email it to your friends and create a viral campaign of awareness. Tell them to pass it along as well. Everyone needs to know this. This will make the difference of America continuing as superpower. We can turn the gulf into the power source for America's future or we can let the liars rob you and your children of your oil and your future! I want to see this everywhere. I want abiotic oil to become a household word and I want US citizens to DEMAND that it be drilled after and used to free us from foreign oil dependence! The energy crisis is over - and we have a President lying to the nation and acting like we are not witnessing the miracle America has awaited since the 70s, the OPEC oil embargoes and the bogus "oil crisis" and shortages that never existed.

120,000 barrels per day are emerging from this ONE well. Once recovery equals the output that will mean a source of oil that exceeds almost any source in history. However, the liars have their spin people and think tanks employed to fool you and to make you think this leak is a horrible thing. Pictures of some oil soaked dead animals will be used to embellish their lies and misdirect your attention from the true importance of this event - the quantity of oil we have under our own borders. Don't let them lie to you anymore. They do this so they can rob you. Information will set you free and when you forward this article and share this knowledge with others you free yourself from the liars. You can insure that your children live in the richest of nations and you will know which politicians to elect and which ones to vote out. When you hear someone say "America must move away from oil" - you will know they are your enemy and want to rob you and America.

The oil is yours. You are rich. Embrace your oil just as the Saudis, Venezuelans and Russians have embraced theirs. The future is bright for the whole world and industrialization and wealth generation will be able to continue unabated.

You simply need to do your part and spread the word - that will insure you receive your share.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama's Political Suicide

Going against the people's wishes is almost a surefire way of committing political hari-kiri and the news of Obama's lawsuit against Arizona, with the backdrop of an unresolved oil spill shows just how completely out of touch he is with the citizens of the United States. Or more accurately it shows how little he cares about the people of the United States.

This decision means a windfall of unprecedented good fortune for the GOP and Tea parties. Polls already indicate Obama is in free fall and his handling of national affairs from the economy to the oil spill and illegal immigration indicate that the loss of the control of Congress is likely in just a few short months. At this point his agenda is completely dead and his one term in office will have been a learning lesson for the nation. All the damage he has done will need to be undone and this nation is sick and tired of bought off politicians serving foreign interests and their own interests over those of the citizens of the United States.

Some analysts think Hillary Clinton released the news of the DOJ lawsuit against Arizona - to Ecuadorans - to hurt Obama as retaliation for being sent constantly on 3rd world tours. Obama has sent Hillary to every hellhole on Earth so she is out of DC almost all of the time. The cosmic & gamma rays she gets in all those upper atmosphere flights isn't doing her a lot of good. Think about it. Obama was forced to place her in his cabinet, but like almost all of Obama's actions - it's a deceit performed designed only to win votes from some special interest group. Ecuador and the rest of South America isn't high on the US diplomatic agenda. Sending Hillary on these tours of the 3rd and 4th world nations is as bold a slap in her face as if he did it physically. So Hillary has no love lost for Obama and by releasing this bit of information before the Justice Department - and to a 3rd world nation instead of US citizens was likely a calculated move to retaliate for Obama's treatment of her and get attention for herself - one of her chief objectives in all she does.

No other nation on Earth grants citizenship to illegal aliens children. Or "targeting babies" as the agit-prop US media calls such a practice. When the US Congress is filled with a super majority of conservatives, GOP and Tea Party members we will likely see a long over due modification to the Constitution ending birthright citizenship. Birth citizenship was intended for freed slaves and their descendants - not every person who trespasses on US soil to have a baby and milk our social services to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars yearly.

Only the Democrats and those Latinos, whose self-interests naturally always come first, will be complaining. If it was ten years from now Obama's move to favor foreign nationals and the interests of Mexico over the US citizens and US sovereignty would be a well played gambit. Right now - when US citizens still outnumber the illegals invading our country and creating the same poverty in the US as they created for themselves in Mexico - Obama's move was political suicide.

Already he is impotent to halt the crude in the gulf. He has failed to turn around the economy or provide any assistance to the unemployed despite numerous tax increases and failed "stimulus" package. Americans are watching their jobs being given to an unrelenting flow of illegals - tens of thousands who cross into our nation daily seeking work or to distribute drugs, steal cars and property.

All those sickeningly worshipful ads made for Obama in 2008, have now become more poignant as they contrast to the failure he has been as President. The media doesn't like him much. He is aloof, full of himself and is the opposite of transparent. He is more secretive than Dick Cheney and his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, besides being particularly inept in handling a crisis, is loathed from Israel to New York and Los Angeles. Winning friends and allies is not the Obama administrations long suit. Transparency is non-existent and every decision is closed door, back room wheeling and dealing. Chicago gangland politics brought to Washington DC.

You can fool a lot of people once by promising them the world. You can fool the young and the handout crowd. You can lure Independents into trusting you once by promising to be a moderate centrist. All these key demographics are falling away from Obama and the Democrat party, and doing so faster even than the illegals now enter our country.

The left is without true leadership. The right is energized and active like never before - because the American way of life is under siege and they want their America back. This November will be Act I of the largest conservative revolution this nation has ever seen. Carter's name is popping up now in media circles and even some articles. However, think tank analysts realize that this will be even larger than the revolution that swept Reagan in after the dismal Carter administration, and that one was a blow out! This is not just about an election anymore. It's larger than politics - this is really survival for the Americans and their way of life. Nothing will stop them from ousting the traitors betraying them. It's a primal force of nature now and even the leftist media realizes it cannot stop it with carefully worded agit-prop hit pieces on what's going on. They are now starting their slow swing against Obama, because they don't want to thrown off the cliff with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the rest.

In this sense Obama's 4 years will have been a good thing for America. One needed someone this inept, aloof and incompetent to revitalize the electorate and make citizens wake up from the age-old lies and promises of socialism and liberal politics that trounce the will of the people. Obama was in over his head when Soros singled him out after the failed Kerry bid for the Presidency when he spoke at the 2004 DNC convention.

Four years with a puppet President will be enough to completely transform the US political landscape. In that sense, we can thank George Soros too. The 100 million he spent to elect Obama have indeed brought real "change" to America.

The conservative revolution is underway.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama, the BP Spill and Abiotic Oil

Watching the daily news unfold is almost painful. President Obama, who has in the past blasted the response of President Bush to the hurricane Katrina, has been placed in an unenviable position of appearing almost completely impotent to do anything but make speeches about the oil spill in the gulf. It almost reminds me of the Carter era hostage crisis. Day after day it drags on and his poll numbers drop and so speeches are his only response. I wouldn't mind this if his speeches were in the best interests of America, but he is simply using the spill to pass the buck, blame big oil and intentionally overlook the most important aspect of this spill - the abiotic oil and how it can change the entire US energy situation on its head.

The only talk we hear is moving away from oil. What? Excuse me? That's like asking a man who lives with an apple orchard to swear off apples. An abundance of something like oil is a very good thing, despite all this media hype to the contrary. We see the oil companies wedged between a rock and a hard place as they gladly take the bad PR rap given to them so long as they can cover up the abiotic factor which is the elephant in the room. Oil prices will not go down just because of an oil spill. In fact, in the past, any excuse has been justified to jack up those prices. However, as the public becomes aware of the abiotic nature of oil this can affect market prices - and so the entire mainstream media has a virtual black out on the words "abiotic" and "oil" together. So instead, my site gets thousands of hits from all over the world from people Googling abiotic oil and I feel the burden to make up for the missing in action mainstream media, their corporate owners, oil company advertising connections, etc.

I'm quite a devout capitalist and I don't want to see the oil companies go belly up. (Which will never happen) and, in fact, I realize that the abiotic nature of oil will actually someday increase their revenues as oil becomes even more plentiful as abiotic oil is tapped from "super wells" over the oceans. and things like CAFE standards (which legislate death in the form of compact cars) can be abolished and a true free market reign once again. The auto industry, strangled for decades with these arbitrary standards dictated by politicians, can return in force. Large luxury cars, station wagons, family cars and every type of vehicle that's been made almost obsolete since the advent of CAFE standards will some day return to the highways in great numbers aided by ever more efficient catalytic converters. The news and public acceptance of abiotic oil - which has been fervently fought every time it surfaced - will speed up the return of these things and help not only the auto industry prosper, but the oil industries as well. Sure, they have been spoiled by 4 buck a gallon gasoline in CA and they don't want to see it go away anytime soon. However, they don't quite see that with greater demand - they would make just as much money and more.

So Obama is going about this all wrong. He should be riding the oil band wagon and smiling like the Rose Queen on New Years Day in Pasadena. Everything needs to be kept in perspective and this oil leak has been a great revelation. Of course, if we peek behind the curtains of Obama's financial backers we see that some have made it their life's ambition to create high gas prices in the USA. George Soros and his hedge fund invested billions in buying up oil to keep it out of circulation just to devastate the US economy. And it worked. It killed GM and most of the US auto makers when gas skyrocketed from 2 dollars a gallon to 3 and even 4 dollars. So when I hear Obama speak about moving away from oil, I'm afraid I'm hearing someone who has a vested interest in keeping his financial backers happy. The fact that those interests conflict with what's in the best interests of the United States of America make for wonderful irony. It's not surprising though from a man who recently scolded Arizonans for upholding immigration laws.

Yes, up is down, black is white, illegal immigration and porous borders are good, enforcing laws is bad, oil is "fossil" fuel and any other notion is "misguided". We live in a nation that's passed through the looking glass and our politicians are the mouthpieces of selfish interests. It's always been this way to some extent, but it just keeps getting worse and more blatant.

It makes a good soundbite to blame BP while secretly helping to keep oil prices high by restricting drilling permits and banning offshore drilling. It pleases environmentalists and oil companies at the same time. And while Obama takes a hit in popularity and approval with the informed - the masses that constitute his voters are simply happy he is criticizing the oil companies. That he and the same oil companies are using them as patsies is never quite realized.

The BP oil leak will be contained. The environment will recover. It's all about capturing the oil/water in large enough quantities and shipping it to storage facilities. It's a major undertaking, to be certain - but this is not rocket science. It's like the pool man cleaning the bottom of a dirty pool with a vacuum.

This just happens to be a really deep pool and the pool man has a BP on his shirt pocket.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where BP Oil Spills & A Trillion Dollars Worth of Minerals in Afghanistan Meet.

To those who work within the intelligence arena, all the events of the world fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. A trained team of analysts can take any typical news day and see how all the pieces fit - and what outcomes are likely. What's more, the best can also take advantage of these events and happenings, giving those who use the intelligence distinct benefits over those who do not have these insights at their disposal.

I mention this because the news has been almost blatant lately. Reading the news is like opening a puzzle box where pieces are still stuck together. It's not even a challenge anymore. A recent news item heralds the finding of huge mineral deposits in Afghanistan. A trillion dollars of lithium, gold, copper and iron await extraction.

The timing of this release couldn't be more apropos. You see the mineral discoveries have been known for quite a while now. However, the abiotic oil spill has caused many in intelligence arena to question our continued mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once the BP leak is no longer leaking but completely and successfully acquired, the dynamics change. We needed Iraq's oil when Venezuela shut us out at the end of the Clinton administration and the ascension of Hugo Chávez. There are already voices clamoring for a full court press on the oil here in our own waters and tapping the abiotic oil so that we no longer need Saudi Arabia's or Iraq's oil.

In Afghanistan, while we are there to preserve the fragile pro-democratic government in place, we were also in the region to protect the development of the Trans-Afghanistan-Pipeline that has been a work in progress since conceived in 1995. The Taliban are not just active for no good reason in the godforsaken waste of Afghanistan, they are actively there to disrupt development of the pipeline. While none of these fanatical religious warriors get heavy munitions air delivered to them by UPS, it is true that certain interests insure that they are armed to cost their competition. The Taliban are businessmen in a sick way. They are the hired goons of certain corporations official and unofficial. Unfortunately, they are corrupt and will easily change allegiances and double-cross previous benefactors. Some oil companies have found this out the hard way. Just as the Iraq "insurgency" had been paid for by European oil companies who wanted access to the Iraqi oil fields and billions of dollars of development contracts. Once the US doled out the contracts and permitted access - the insurgency dried up and Iraq was an overnight "success story". It's amazing how a small amount of money spent on "insurgency" or "Taliban" pays off big rewards in acquiring billion dollar deals.

So what does this have to do with a trillion dollars in minerals? Well, as I mentioned the pipeline is thwarted right now. The Taliban are in a position to stop the construction. This stalemate frustrates many and some figure it is time to pull out. While this would upset many who need this natural gas pipeline, like India (who we have been trying to develop as a stronger ally), but a withdrawal would politically appease many Democratic voters who don't really understand the big picture security and economic benefits of the US military presence around the world. So suddenly the news is full of lithium, gold and trillion dollar mineral treasures. The timing was perfect. This news release will inspire many companies (who have strong influence with politicians) to keep the US around as they mull over negotiations and possibilities for mining agreements in the region. The US military would be handy when some company is looking over their shoulder building mines and extracting minerals. It's also safe to say some more businessmen will approach the Taliban and offer them their umpteenth deal to work for them and to thwart their competition.

Anyways, if President Obama and his many overseas financial backers had even the slightest notion of withdrawal from Afghanistan, it has now been successfully negated by the release of a juicy bit of intelligence.

As you see, it's all linked. The biggest story right now is that Abiotic oil is now at the feet of the Americans. Yet that unbelievably good news, which has been clouded by the hyped environmental concerns, is offset by the interruption of the natural gas pipeline to India, where rapid growth has created conditions of two super populous nations competing for resources. China's Agbank is preparing for a 23 billion IPO. It's the last big Chinese bank to go public and whatever the figure it ends up getting (earlier it had been projected to secure up to 50 billion) it will provide plenty of resources for investors. This money will help offset market changes which have cost the Chinese in the recent global downturn. As you may have guessed there exists a real rivalry for these resources and if the pipeline is thwarted, other routes will be chosen which benefit other countries substantially. It would be fair to say that while the US is a superpower now, China and India, due to their populations and increasing technocracy will be the competing superpowers of the late 21st century. At this point the US will likely have lost its edge. Not only in GDP and production but in the very fabric of the nation - the people, their IQ and their ingenuity and drive. Let's hope that the declining trend here reverses and that more educate themselves about the world and take a active interest in national capitalism and the growth, quality of life and freedom it provides.

Every news story has a target. No one reports simply "news" anymore. The Google News homepage is like a row of billboards advertising along the highway. Each story a carefully crafted advertisement for a certain interest or group. Remember this when you hear all the horror stories about environmental dangers of offshore drilling. Those stories are bought and paid for by the competition who would love to have the US lock its refrigerator and sit starving in their own kitchen.

Peering behind the curtains is often entertaining and always educational. And you, the readers of this blog, get to open your eyes and see things that were never quite so clear and were always a bit fuzzy - a "trillion dollars" worth of intelligence - for free. ;-)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abiotic Oil - The Secret of the BP Oil Spill.

As usual, here is the place where you get the unfettered truth about what's going on in the world and today I will pull back the curtains on the BP oil leak and what will go down as one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century - that oil is abiotic - produced inside the Earth and is not simply rotting dinosaurs and old plants (aka "fossil" fuel).

The amount of oil seeping into the Gulf of Mexico, at this very moment, emerges from an *ocean* of oil that is almost as large as the Gulf itself! This ocean of oil didn't appear there because it was a giant fish graveyard. It was not a prehistoric jungle 20 miles high and 500 miles wide. This oil is abiotic oil and is produced by geological actions in the earth itself.

Abiotic oil is created by intense pressures on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. The sort of pressures required to create oil are natural as one gets down a certain depth under the heavy crust and in the upper layers of the mantle. In some ways oil is the natural lubrication system for the crust and the upper layers of the mantle as it shifts and orbits the planet's core.

The best think-tanks have known this for several decades now and have kept it hush hush to keep prices of oil high and help the oil industry. This was necessary because oil companies have huge assets and those assets are put to good use in infrastructure, research and development in more than simple oil production. Capitalism requires that certain commodities be given a value above and beyond the cost of procurement. Now that we have a leak which will not be able to be plugged, it's time to prepare and explain what exactly is going on with the Deep Horizon well and why it is almost impossible to cap that Genie back in the bottle.

The underground oil oceans are under far more pressure than their ground well brethren and contain much more oil. At the depth of the Deep Horizon well, one mile under the sea the per inch pressure is 2640 pounds per square inch. The ocean floor in these locations is very dense and can contain the underground oil oceans. Even so, in the Gulf, an Exxon Valdez size amount of oil naturally seeps into the Gulf every year. This under crust oil is seeping into all the oceans, but the Gulf, due to its size and geographic position, makes the seepage measurable.

So BP can be excused a great deal of ignorance in dealing with this new type of well. The typical cures are not working and they will not work. Think how much pressure this underground oil must exist with to support the thin crust between it and the ocean! The odds are the Gulf's underground oil ocean exists between 15,000 and 30,000 psi at all points. Most oil equipment is not made to handle the upper end of this pressure spectrum. So caps blow off, plugs fail and almost nothing can stem the flow of oil now merging an ocean of oil and the Gulf of Mexico.

The two relief wells now being drilled are probably not a good idea, because unlike a ground well this may not "divide" the pressure and create 3 wells with manageable 5,000 psi flows. In fact, depending on the size of this ocean of oil, twenty or thirty relief wells might still only bring the psi down to 10,000! So the relief wells may just create 3 leaks where there was one before. If this is the case, BP seriously needs to fire their current geologists and hire some of the Russian abiotic oil scientists to assist them in corralling the flow from this oil ocean. Watch the news, and hope that BP actually understands what it is dealing with because the relief well option illustrates some of the senior geologists at BP do/did not think the oil is abiotic. If, in August, when the relief wells are finished and we have 3 leaks in lieu of one you will understand why. After reading this you will know more than the BP geologists.

So rejoice. Do not crucify BP for their ignorance in this matter. Thank them. They have, accidentally, proven oil is abiotic and that "Peak oil" is a myth. Do not expect prices to reduce that much though, because this abiotic oil is generating huge new expenses to control and recover. The very good side of this equation is that it wont run out - until the planet itself does. The energy crisis - which was always a myth - is over. Don't let the government get away with issuing no new undersea drilling permits. BP will need to be there for decades and you want other companies to develop experience in this regard. Tapping abiotic oil from under the seas will require all the world's great oil companies expertise. Geologists will need to get better educations than the one's they have gotten. The truth is geology is almost as 'mystical' a science right now as weather prediction. No one knows what is at the core, in the mantle or exactly how a planet forms in the first place and its relationship to the solar body it orbits.

Well...some people do, but they either work here or get their information here where no question is impossible to answer and where peeks behind the curtain of life are par for the course. ;-)

POSTSCRIPT 11-17-2010

Looks like my "soft release" of information has been successful. The energy companies are gently announcing that there is no shortage of fuel. This was necessary for their own financial health as well. In boom times more projects and construction creates more demand.

For all you oil engineers looking for the next big you go...courtesy of good ol' SDAI:

And this explains WHY I released the data:


Now get going, secure those drilling permits, encourage industry and the market with optimism! The peak oil propaganda stuff worked fine at generating market action and justifying prices during boom times, but now is just another anchor on the markets and industrial growth.

We're about to create a new boom and make the 21st century all it was promised to be...and more.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Yal-hune, Skuuinja, Shayla and the Puritan

Yal-hune has been chiding me for not keeping up this blog. Well, she doesn't really chide me, rather she simply transfers data about who has benefited and shows me some of the results of these random blog encounters here. Of course saving the world often gets in the way of regular blogging. But that is just me whining.

A lot has happened to the world and this blog has been a unique reference for those who want a peek behind the curtains. Yal-hune is very understanding of my frustrations and helps to check my descents into self-pity about the declining state of human affairs. Even as I type this entry she is aware of every word and thought that precedes my fingers hitting the keys. Being around a lifelong telepath reduces privacy considerably and even though I converse with her by thought, I still think of myself as primarily a verbal communicator.

She is lounging on a white couch in the living room. When she relaxes it is very different than when a human relaxes. She reaches out with her mind to places well above the spectra human thought resides in, and she communicates with beings well in advance of even her own significantly advanced world. Not surprisingly most of these conversations are completely blocked to me. I can't quite hear them because they reside on a frequency outside my own. I only get bits and pieces and the entire house actually takes on a different feel. It's transcending and feels a bit like that pleasant state of mind when one is still awake yet falling into a restful sleep.

She looks angelic in an outfit of her own design, which is white and silver. Her sleeves fall open and yet the material is crisp and sharp, holding its shape. Her form is visible clearly and I never tire of simply staring at her. Her body reflects her mind and naturally, it makes typing this difficult. I don't wish to avert my eyes. I simply wish to kick back and stare.

Every time I think I know her, she reveals another facet - another depth which I have almost no knowledge of. Like an adult with a young child, the child finds itself at a disadvantage in experience, understanding and is only beginning to share some of the same experiences.

"Another Yal-hune mush-a-thon? I'd think you'd be over it by now. You and her are like churchgoer and the church. You worship at her altar and like the churchgoer you don't realize it's a one sided affair."

Skuuinja is in my mind - rather forcibly.

"Hello Skuuinja. Good afternoon to you too."

Skuuinja is out somewhere cruising her new Mercedes Gull Wing. I can see her in my minds eye as she is on her way back home from another trip to the mall.

"Is that condemnation tainting your pure thoughts? You think shopping is frivolous and not 'grand' enough a pursuit worthy of my mind?"

She's right, I have been growing more critical of her activities since the crisis was averted and the Earth saved. I guess I expect so much more from her since she's not human. The fact she is my daughter from a previous life also strengthens these feelings. I don't know what I expect her to be doing...just something other than living like a celebrity with trips to the mall, purchasing fancy cars and going out to clubs and restaurants every night.

"I'm sorry Skuuinja. It's my problem not yours."

She doesn't answer but I feel her pain. It hurts her when I constantly support Yal-hune and condemn her actions. And it truly is my problem. I'm still stuck in the mindset that one can save the world. One can't. Yal-hune wont even interfere in as simple a thing as a leaking underground abiotic oil well. She sees the good it will do just as clearly as the bad. Perhaps even more clearly. She always stresses that it is the problems and hang ups that provide the greatest opportunity for growth - not the things that all go wonderfully.

An EMF craft could seal up that leak in short order. But by leaking it teaches man about his planet and the abiotic nature of oil - an important revelation. So the good matches the bad and man learns to deal with these things as he expands his knowledge and experience.

Yal-hune gets up from the couch, her lithe form effortlessly springing up and over towards the back warehouse behind the pool and on the rear desert grounds. In the blink of an eye she conveys to me that she is going to see someone - some other alien - whom she met several months ago when Shayla revealed the other remaining MIMIR facilities and warehouses. He interests her because he has been here for twenty years undisclosed and comes from a world which is almost on par with Yal-hune's own advanced world.

Skuuinja is still in my mind and is probing my feelings carefully. I have strengthened my mental barriers and she doesn't detect any jealousy or resentment - which she was expecting to find. And the truth is, I'm not jealous. I'm still sorting all this stuff out and I don't think I know exactly what a normal relationship is anymore. Shayla has been visiting Earth more often and I still have strong feelings for her. Then there's Yal-hune and Skuuinja too. I can't choose one over the others and what's more I realize this is the way it is off-world as well. One doesn't tie oneself down to just one loved one, rather one's love keeps growing and includes more and more into one's expanding sphere of close contacts. This is counter-intuitive to all I have been raised to believe in and to feel, and yet I have seen and felt too much to realize its truth.

I keep thinking that if this keeps going on I'll end up as a modern day Brigham Young only with extraterrestrial wives in lieu of terrestrial ones.

Skuuinja laughs in my mind.

"No, with you it would be the Puritan period" She transmits an image of me in a Puritan, Quakerish type outfit with her, Shayla and Yal-hune all wearing Puritan garments in black and white. She's got the expressions perfect and she's created a background that blends American Gothic with facial expressions swiped from Whistler's Mother. It's a scream.

I laugh out loud and realize it's going to be a long, yet interesting, summer.