Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do Extraterrestrials Shop at Home Depot? (Part 52)

It's noon. I'm walking with Yal-hune on a trip to Home Depot. Yal-hune doesn't exactly look like she's from Arizona. Arizonan women are, as a rule, a bit rough hewn. You don't see many dresses out here, or even skirts. It's like every woman in Arizona has sworn a blood oath never to be caught wearing either. It doesn't matter their age, social station or income - dresses and skirts are not to be found. And, of course, if one is a woman and all one ever wears is a variation of men's pants it starts having a psychological impact. One starts to slowly lose one's gender identity.*

Yal-hune may have noticed this (and more than likely she had already observed me joking with Tech2 about the matter some years ago) and has made a point to wear dresses and skirts quite often. As a result, she draws a LOT of male attention. Seeing Yal-hune for them is like seeing a pink Saguaro cactus. Sure, they've seen the green ones hundreds of thousands of times, but this is a whole new thing altogether and it makes them stop and take notice. Yal-hune has gone shopping and acquired a decent wardrobe. And by decent I mean a wardrobe a supermodel might have picked up after 3 years of runway modeling in Milan, Paris and New York. She is no ascetic monk. Just because her intelligence is off the charts, doesn't mean she suppresses her femininity. Quite the contrary - she wears the top fashions, looks great in them and causes male (and female) optic nerve over-excitation whenever she goes out. I actually have found myself debating whether to ask her to "scale down" some outfit, because it is just too much for folks here. I never do, but she is aware of my thought trains, I'm sure.

Right now she is wearing a gorgeous Jil Sander cutaway sheath dress in turquoise. It flatters her figure - a figure which hardly needs flattering. She looks like a supermodel. Actually, I've gone out with supermodels and she looks better. She has created a new level of beauty on Earth. People stealthily (at least they think it is stealthy) snap images of her with their cell phones.

So here as we walk across the parking lot towards the greenhouse/nursery section I can't help but notice the way people stare - mostly unabashedly. Yal-hune has some sort of field that makes it normal though. Not once has anyone suspected she is an extraterrestrial. I have no clue as to why. I know she isn't controlling them and keeping them from thinking about it, but you'd almost think somebody was. Her skin hue is clearly different and doesn't fall comfortably in the wide array of human hues. It doesn't scream "EXTRATERRESTRIAL!" as such, but an observant person would at least think she has a rare skin condition or something. However, her beauty and healthiness would dissuade anyone from believing she is ill.

Guys look at me and amazingly often look like they want to punch me in the face. A few smile with the "You lucky dog" smile and still others walk away quickly and avoid us. Women and girls gawk at her - and then me - and either smile or, alternatively, give me a look that says, "You're ok... but your not in her class." So outings with Yal-hune have taught me more about the human response to beauty than I ever wanted to know.

Yal-hune is so normal with people, and her empathic abilities are so great that if they actually gather the nerve to ask her something, they leave liking her - a LOT. No one who engages Yal-hune can dislike her. She reaches in and LOVES each person - that is why. Many people resent beautiful people somewhat, assuming they are either selfish, shallow, mean or judgmental. Yal-hune is none of these and people sense that. She has made countless new friends. I am learning about 'true' social interaction when I watch her engage others.

That is why the group of people in the parking lot striding towards us, make me instantly uneasy. They are not smiling, not gawking, not looking at us as a couple, the way most do. Something's wrong with them, but I don't know what.

Yal-hune enters my head.


"What? That group of men and women are Norchans?"

"Yes. They just arrived. Teleported here."

"What should we do? Do they want to kill us?"

"Not kill - abduct. Hold on."

All at once, I notice everyone else besides us and the Norchans has frozen. It seems so familiar though and it creeps me out. I spot a dog urinating against a lamp pole in the parking lot and its leg and urine is frozen in the air. The cars have stopped. Yet this group keep striding towards us.

"What's happening. Why did everyone freeze?"

"They are not frozen, we are sped up."

It's like some unbelievable scene out of The Matrix. Except instead of a group of Agent Smiths, we are being approached by Norchans who now are brandishing some sort of baton weapons - just like the one Ketta-nu-ma had in Colombia. They look like humans, but they are not human. They don't look like Ketta-nu-ma. They were meant to blend in?

"They are synthetic humanoids. Androids, robots or whatever name you want to apply to a machine person. They use them because they have no sentience and therefore their thoughts do not broadcast like sentient beings' thoughts do."

The gold batons are held up by several of the group while the others keep striding towards us.

I notice a flash of light is coming towards us, but it is slowing down.

"It is not slowing down, we are speeding up, again."

Yal-hune raises her hand and it glows green. The beam is moving slower still. The Norchan androids are moving very slowly...and now it appears as if they have stopped as well.

"What does this gold beam do if it hits us?"

"It is a forcible teleportation signal. If it hits you, your body oscillates with a unique signal, and the other world can forcibly teleport you across the galaxy to their world. The androids, because of their molecular structure, are capable of operating and oscillating at Norchan time - which has an hour in a single earth minute. So these androids have a capacity of sixty times human speed. You and I are now oscillating even faster - about a day per minute."

"Because your world has even more time per Earth minute than the Norchan world does?"

"Yes. Precisely."

"What about me? How am I doing this?"

"Your molecules have been turned into higher isotopes. They now can match my speed. It is what is taking most of my concentration right now."

"Sorry to distract what do we do...destroy the androids?"



"Like this."

Yal-hune's hand points towards the frozen androids. A green pulse emerges from her hand, like a laser - but much brighter and coherent. It hits one of the androids and the android shimmers greenish and then disappears in a flash of blinding white light.

"Um...Yal-hune? I'm afraid I can't do that. You never taught me the green energy hand pulse."


Yal-hune's hand becomes more potent than some Star Trek hand phaser. She dispatches of the 13 androids one after the other and the same shimmering white light explosion occurs. Only 5 gold beams were launched and most are still far away. Her Jil Sander dress moves with her, and she looks like some supermodel superhero in stylish plainclothes. For a brief moment, I entertain a thought of Yal-hune doing commercial endorsements for Jil Sander. The pressing reality quickly overrides this pointless thought and I spend another thought wondering how that thought could even fit into this array of thoughts at this time. I suddenly am aware my thinking is out of whack somewhat. I can't fill up the time with thoughts as coherently - they seem spaced out or something in relationship to the speed my body is moving - freaky. I manage to think about something important.

"What about the beams? If they hit something or someone else could they harm the people here?"

"The beams will be neutralized in a moment. My brother is preparing a diffuser field."

"A diffuser field?"

"A diffuser field disrupts such weapons by overriding them and corrupting them. A massive amount of incoherent subharmonics are fed into a compatible component signal and it simply dissipates. It corrupts the beam."

True to her word the gold beam I have been standing a safe distance from suddenly changes color from gold to violet and then just disappears. I look to see the other ones and realize they all morphed and vanished simultaneously.

"This was quite a display of Norchan bad behavior. Will the Confederation punish them?"

"The Confederation has been deliberating for 3 weeks now on this incident."

For the first time the time disparity really means something to me. I understand it when I see the frozen people around the parking lot. The Home Depot employee pushing lumber on a cart for a woman standing beside him. The baby carriage being pushed by a mother through the automatic doors. All the cars in the parking lot and the roads beyond - apparently frozen. Yes, Earth's isolation in the galaxy is almost self-explanatory. We live in a time-bubble. Our pygmy sun and field system move in slow motion. Entering this system, for most sentient worlds orbiting larger stars, would be a form of insanity.

"Thank your brother for me."

"Already done."

"I can't get used to this. We could walk around the Earth and see everything in a short while."

"No. The air is not sped up and we would suffocate if we stay accelerated much longer. We would have to keep moving around because any area would quickly be depleted and would not be replenished."

She's right. I realize the lack of air and feel a slight discomfort in my lungs. I was too busy with all the rest to notice it. Even as I think I see thing start to move again - just a little bit faster...and...faster still. Soon things appear moving normal again. It's amazing. There is no signs of the conflict. No one apparently noticed.

"Someone noticed."



I see the baby carriage and the baby girl is pointing her hand towards where the group of Norchan androids were striding across the parking lot.

"Kids notice these things. They are much more sensitive than adults to things outside the normal human spectra of awareness."

"Will it scare her or scar her?"

"She might later remember seeing some people vanish, but I doubt it will scar her. In fact, all these things happen for a reason. She may someday push the current frontiers forward because of her steadfast belief in things that defy explanation. All because while she was still an infant she spotted some people vanish from a Home Depot."

We continue to walk in. I have completely forgotten what we came here for.

"Fortunately, I have not."

Yal-hune grabs a big orange cart and starts to enter. A cashier smiles. Yal-hune smiles back broadly. He apparently has never asked himself, "Do extraterrestrials shop at Home Depot?"


*(Webmaster's Note: Pretend he didn't just say that. NO hate mail...please? I'm the one who has to filter all that stuff!)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everything and Nothing (51)

"What's wrong with me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm crazy or something. I wake up and every day I realize I'm not happy and I can't figure out why. Ever since you came into my life, I'm simultaneously ecstatic and miserable. I can't enjoy almost any of the things I used to enjoy, not that I miss them much, but they were familiar. Here you are, this wonderful, wonderful person that I want to get to know and have fallen for so completely that it's paralyzed my life. I've left SDAI, given up saving the world, because you've proven to me it doesn't need saving and left me with nothing but my own hang-ups to focus upon. And man...I'm finding I'm a veritable walking neurosis case textbook. I shouldn't be miserable. I should be thrilled and walking on air, but I'm not. It's driving me crazy. My life seems to have lost so much of its purpose and meaning."


"And...don't you see this is destroying me? I mean here you are...and here I am and I just don't know what to do anymore. I used to dream about a life like this - and now that I have it my body and mind fight constantly. I don't know what I want anymore. That scares the hell out of me. Earth isn't've spoiled me. Yet a part of me is paralyzed with fear to travel with you to other worlds. I thought I would jump at the chance, but now I don't know. If I feel awkward around you - how would I feel on a world where I'm the local human idiot? Sure, I know they wouldn't judge - but it wouldn't matter because I would be doing enough comparing and judgment for both. Can't you feel my pain? I just don't know anymore."

"Do you want me to leave?"

"God no!!! I LOVE YOU. But this is just so much tougher than my life has been. I have everything I ever wanted and access to things I never dreamed possible. I've seen the Earth from out in space - without a spacesuit! Something one imagined only Gods could do, and yet alongside you such godlike feats are commonplace. How exciting is going to the market, the bank, driving, shopping and the rest? It's all so painfully shallow its become unendurable. I see all the faces, so many faces and yet they all are living lives that have become anathema to me. I feel sorry for them and then I catch myself, knowing that is wrong and doesn't do them, or me, any good. Money, power and fame? All roads to nowhere. Sure, I'm keeping myself busy now building the hangar and enjoying every moment I can with you - but even these are not enough. I have everything - and nothing."

"Never forget that the frustrations are NOT you. The Norchans play you like a fiddle sometimes, and you are going to have to listen more closely to your small voice within. Once you are on equilibrium you will not bounce between ecstasy and misery. Here...allow me..."

Yal-hune walks on over and holds her hands a few inches from my temples. Her hands glow green energy. The best way to describe it is it glows sort of like UV purple light does, except it is green and your eyes know that it is seeing light in an unusual frequency band. I feel my consciousness relax and I see clearly another world, the Norchans' world where a whole group of beings are watching me and Yal-hune, on a large screen, right at this moment! They have dedicated machines targeting me and her, but on her they have no effect. Whereas on me, they have constant success. They have sensors which are registering all sorts of brain frequencies, we are emitting and receiving. Each thought is carefully offset with engineered signals designed to lower consciousness. It is INCREDIBLY complex. They have an ongoing record of past thought trains and what inputs worked in the past to lower my fundamental frequency. Right now they are blocked because of Yal-hune's field. It is amazing...she shows me how almost ALL my unhappiness is orchestrated by Norchanian technology, which creates and generates false thought trains and inserts them whenever possible. Because they incorporate so much of my own frequencies, previous thoughts and such - they are not rejected most of the time.
It's truly horrendous. I see humanity has, for all intents and purposes, become puppets which the Norchans endlessly abuse. Our world is truly a slave world - a world where minds are not free and are dominated by others.

"Can't you block them?"

"The Confederation is very concerned about what goes on here on Earth. There are those who have proposed shielding the Earth. However, they have been outnumbered by those who believe non-interference is still the best policy. You see for the Earth to receive such overshadowing signals -"

"I know. The Earth mus have at one time broadcast them to other worlds."


"When did this occur?"

"The latter days of Lemuria saw humanity use these same technologies directed towards other worlds. They were not as sophisticated as what the Norchans use, but the basic principle - thought over-rides and mind control - were very much the same."

"And this is why no one wants to shield Earth, because they feel Earth deserves this feedback?"

"Something like that, yes. Just as you would not take sides when two criminals argue, the Confederation sees the Norchans and Humans in much the same light and are adverse to siding with one over the other."

"Can you help me build a shield?"

"I was going to surprise you...but I might as well tell you. I have incorporated a shield into the house redesign and the hangar. So when they are done, this house and the hangar/facility will be protected from incoming overshadowing signals."

"Will you tell me what technology you are utilizing for this?"

"No. This already will be a major point of contention. However, because I am living here -"

"You found a loophole in the agreements and treaties?"


"Awesome. Did I tell you I LOVE YOU Yal-hune?"

"You just did."

I give her a big mental kiss and hug. This is the turning point...when Earth has a safehouse for people to think clearly. The cycle is about to change - I can feel it. A new, more positive cycle will emerge and all this suffering the nation and world is enduring is good. It will prepare them for the tasks ahead.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Confederations, Migrations & More (Part 50)

It's amazing how fast you can get used to things. In less than a week I am already quite comfortable with my decision to leave SDAI. I have grand dreams of a new organization. One completely outside the influence of government altogether. Contractors are building a hangar, bunker and storage facility to my specifications. It's costing a bundle, but money has never been much of an issue. I still have the Treasury Card that Thor gave me as a parting gift. and I am happy to report it still works perfectly. You've got to love our wonderful government when it comes to tracking expenditures. Accounting and records keeping has never been bureaucrats' long suit, which is of course no big surprise.

Yal-hune has been helping me design the additions and I also have given her free reign to do the interior decor of the house and rebuild as necessary. She takes no task lightly and does not ever give less of herself to any project. This is the way she is. I asked her if she could incorporate advanced ergonomics/technology from the Atlantean engineering texts and her world into the layout. I somewhat expected her to resist participation, but I think she sees how much it means to me to have a place that fosters advanced thought and facilitates her needs as well.

I want to re-introduce the Atlantean technologies - not all of them, mind you - but those that are harmless and unable to be weaponized. I have not forgotten Yal-hune's gift to me and I work now with this future in mind. Most important is the reintroduction of the mental and spiritual aspects that have been lost to our human society. If these are not introduced first then man will remain stagnant and retrogressive. Any advanced technologies introduced would be counter-productive. Man's mind must come first.

Humanity doesn't realize how backwards it is. Sure someone may leave a big city and visit some third world city and feel superior and proud of their nation and lifestyle, but even that great divide is minuscule when seen in a larger perspective. Man toils, works constantly for survival. Fear is his companion from birth to death. This same fear drives his actions and relationships. And why? Because he has no knowledge of the sciences that have long since been lost to the world. Yal-hune arrives on Earth as an Emissary from a world not merely light years away, but light years in advance of our human sentience.

"Are you still blogging?"

"Yes, I'm typing in an entry now, why?"

"I thought you wanted to review a bit with me?"

"Well I didn't want to bother you - the place is looking so beautiful, I didn't want to interrupt the creative flow. I wanted to ask more about the Confederation. It seems there's a whole story there that needs more illumination. How many worlds? What are the political and socioeconomic relationships? How does Earth fit in? Earth is quarantined - was it at one time a member? Can Earth get "un-quarantined" by its own actions or is it up to others? And those are just for starters!"

"The Confederation of Planets is an organization of worlds that share certain common goals. It was founded over two million years ago, Earth time, and has a constantly changing number of member planets. All Confederation worlds agree not to try and harm other worlds. All agree to pacts of non-aggression. Science and technology is shared to some measure and worlds can approach the Confederation Council with requests for assistance. Member worlds are bound somewhat by the Confederation's Charter. The vast variety and types of sentience make some of the provisions and relationships somewhat flexible. As an organization it has saved worlds from destruction, stopped wars, evacuated dying worlds and furthered the cause of progressive sentience."

"Was Earth a member?"

"At one time. However, your world lost its membership after certain hostile acts. It has been quarantined by the Confederation and has been monitored closely. Many of the galaxy's greatest criminals find themselves on Earth. Many of the lower planets share a certain population base. On your world it could be likened to watching a large group of Communist Chinese migrate to your nation. You know that their beliefs, political beliefs and past actions will influence their new environment."

"Woah! Wait a just thought of something was quick...but it was disturbing - what was that?"

"Well, your world now has a preponderance of people who deface their bodies with tattoos and piercings and the vampire fad is penetrating popular culture. I know where many of the youths of today used to live - I know their former worlds and what they did there. So it is natural for these youths to positively bias tattoos, piercing and vampirism. They do not have the same aversion which previous generations did to self-defiling, vampirism and other things. Their former home world, which still exists half way across the galaxy on the very outskirts, had heightened self-mutilation to an art form. Their skin, as soon as they are full grown, is covered completely with markings. Portions of the planet are still cannibalistic, drink blood and view these things positively. They are a world below the Earth in the evolutionary development spectra. Earth has inherited tens of millions of graduates from this world. Incarnating on Earth is a step up for them and is their next classroom so to speak. When particularly large migrations occur - and one just did around 1993 - your world is somewhat pulled down, as the fundamental frequency is lowered."

"Why don't advanced worlds migrate people to Earth? And what was that about 1993."

"Do 5th graders return to their 3rd grade classroom? No. Of course not. There are always a few - who are the equivalent of teachers. And occasionally a small migration may occur if some group of souls are inspired enough to try and assist in a more personal way. This then causes a renaissance. In 1993 a large migration occurred - because fifty million people died in a horrible war on this other world. Earth picked up millions of this world's casualties in a very short period of time and is still receiving them as the cycle of reincarnation varies considerably with each individual."

"So our world gets the Confederation's refugees and troublemakers?"

"The world I speak of is not a member of the confederation. Confederation worlds get refugees from the Earth!"

"Doesn't it make war more likely here when we receive such an influx?"

"Yes. Lots of things change. However, these souls are ready for something a bit better than where they were. So Earth will seem like a paradise to them and they have the opportunity to learn a bit more developed morality and intelligent living."

(To be continued)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight turns to Starlight (Part 49)

Twilight falls upon the desert. In a short while the stars are plentiful and I sit with Yal-hune in a gazebo of white wood which has hardy vines that have survived the desert sun and managed to weave their way through the lattice structure, sprouting blooms carelessly along the way. The hint of the blooms' fragrance wafts and lingers in the air. The desert comes alive at night. It's quite cozy. I pull up my lounge chair, and set down the bottle of Perrier I have nursed slowly over the past fifteen minutes. I've wanted to get her in this position for some time. Now I can ask the endless array of questions I've wanted to ask her.

"You said music has a frequency that can raise or lower people's consciousness...and you mentioned 'projections' in the past being held on other world's for the benefit of those worlds in need of assistance, like there a way to help the people on this world who are constantly depressed, addicted to things that are bad for them or worse?"

"Science is very advanced on our world. Many Confederation worlds are likewise advanced and the understanding of life as energy is understood. Likewise, the science of living life - parallels the intelligent understanding of using energy. You have been enamored by my voice and my laugh and this is because your consciousness reacts to the frequencies that are carried by my voice. On your world a single word is a word. On my world a word can say a novel - if spoken correctly. Each word is a string of musical notes capable of infinite subharmonics. A developed consciousness can incorporate all this data into a word. Let me show you...


She says the word and my body begins to tremble and shake. She has incorporated so much meaning and feeling into the word it feels like she has kissed and held me a thousand times in an instant. My mind is trying to process the immense payload of positive energy she imparted with that word. My human nervous system is not able to take such stimulation and every goose pimple has goose pimples.

"A..A..Amazing! My whole mind and body felt that."

"Yes. That is the power of intelligent usage of energy. Projections on other worlds often embody billions of times the amount energy you just felt. Those who are sensitive will feel it and may even question the sudden mood change. Others will be lifted, for awhile, out of a deep depression and reach a comfortable plateau. All are helped in some manner. On your world mass projection occurs as well - completely unrecognized and much of it is not positive."

"What do you mean?"

"Movies, television and other mass media create collected consciousness. Tonight millions of teens will be seeing the latest Twilight film in theatres. Think like our world does - in terms of energy. Twilight is not just a movie, it is a sum of signals. Each scene, each line is a broadcast signal. The sum of these signals carry data, but because millions of minds are tuned into these same signals the signals are effectively amplified. Younger minds are easily sculpted and impressed upon by these collectively amplified signals. Such is what gives birth to fads, cults and celebrities - mass amplified signals."

"So a dark movie pulls peoples minds down?"

"Yes. The amplified signals of collected minds tuned together can be constructive and aid each individual or it can be destructive and bring them down. In this instance, millions of younger souls will seek to emulate the behavior that has been imprinted upon them. They will want to be vampires and drink blood, or wish they had a vampire lover and think this would be romantic. Sure it sounds insane if one is outside the collective field of influence, but for these younger minds the collective field easily imprints and scars."

"Is this why this world is so messed up?"

"One of many reasons. But remember even the negative things that pull people down are necessary impediments that make possible growth and overcoming. The depression, loneliness, darkness and insecurity formed in young minds is a lesson. They will either succumb or learn to resist and choose what they allow access to their consciousness. Sure, they will not see it scientifically. They will simply know that they "don't like" watching or reading certain things after awhile. They will resist the cries of your world's entertainment industry which want them to become one of their collective - a hive that watches all the same shows, films and listens to the same music while playing with the same video games. The young are their easiest marks."

"And that is why each generation since television came into existence has stagnated somewhat isn't it?"

"Yes. The airplane, automobile, jet, electric power plant and television itself were invented by minds not so burdened by 'regular entertainment'. Books are falling out of fashion as are newspapers. 'Programming' is a very apt name for what has happened to billions of humans over the past sixty years. answer your next question the Norchans did have a lot to do with the creation of the entertainment industry. Many less developed worlds out there know how to expertly control their populace and create beings who follow a very limited conscious bandwidth. These techniques have been employed here to keep the masses from evolving as they would normally."

"Isn't there something that can be done to counter it? Perhaps a word broadcast with such intelligence that when everyone hears it they wake up out of their walking comas?"

" are right in phase with your many pasts. You think this is the first time you've found yourself on a world you felt needed realignment? No, this is but one of many times. And you did just that in the past - you used the knowledge of frequencies to imprint upon others minds. You forced them to comply with your desires and ideas of proper living. You were just as bad as any entertainment industry - and worse - because you actually consciously knew what you were doing. You used these words and they became 'control words'. Do 'Create'...'Build' and 'Live' ring any bells?"

I shudder. Something in those words...oh God, they do ring a bell. Unbelievable. Every time I start feeling like the good guy she points out some horrible past life of mine out of the closet wherein reside a thousand skeletons. And yet I know its true. As she said the words she tuned in on the way they had been spoken before - by me. A different me...but still me. Part of me remembers the world and the society I's hazy though...something went wrong.

"Yes. Something went quite wrong. Your control words began to backfire. The masses started becoming mentally atrophied as these artificial signals crippled their own natural impulses. YOU did this...all because you wanted to help, and felt you knew better."

I can't help it...I start to cry. She placed images in my mind of some of the people who had been crippled mentally by my actions. They were humanoid, but different and they were atrophied and some even catatonic. A hundred memories come flooding back. Me sitting in a electronic command center of some sort monitoring the decline. By the time I figured out what had happened it was too late for many of the people.

"Yes. There is nothing wrong with tears. You realize the error of your ways now. It is not a coincidence that you are constantly trying to save the world. You still have guilt from having harmed worlds - and that is why you are seeking to balance that by 'saving' this world. When you find balance you will see the world does not need saving. It is perfect the way it is. Everything it experiences is necessary and trying to put people where you think they should be is always a mistake."

"There's something're not telling me...what is it?"

"This world. Earth as it is now called. Many of the people here..."

She doesn't even have to finish the sentence. Many of the people here were alive on the world I tried to sculpt. That's why I am here, to make amends and put myself in the same position and NOT make the same mistakes again. To help my past victims, but do so by not forcing.

"Yes. Now you learn to help by example - that's true leadership. Using technology or telekinesis to force others is not leadership. You get to bias the entertainment industry because you had created a version that makes Earth's entertainment industry seem sainted."

"Every time I think I know why you are here...and landed near me...I realize is just a part of a bigger reason. I was a major jerkface in the past wasn't I?"

"You needed to learn it. Eventually the universe proffers up every single conceivable lesson that can be learned. Everyone will have to be 'major jerkfaces' eventually. That's how they will learn, grow and evolve."

She knows just what to say to help me with my quest for balance. To take the horror out of what's horrible.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sacred Geometry (Part 48)

Yal-hune has moved in with me at my new home. The housing market is horrible, particularly around Arizona where 1 in 10 homes are being foreclosed, and many homes are for sale at a fraction of their 2005 values. This home sits on a comfortable 30 acres of land and the neighborhood is composed of custom built homes on large lots. What sold me was the large custom garage and the space to build a small hangar for the EMF craft and other things that might need a large storage facility. The home is made the way the Indians here have made homes for thousands of years - out of adobe. These adobe bricks have been stuccoed an appealing white/rose and the home looks sun kissed and glows warmly at sunrise and sunset.

Right now I am lounging by the pool on vintage deck furniture by Van Keppel & Green, made of white bleached twine or hemp tied around a black metal frame. Very simple, yet weather resistant and surprisingly comfortable. The pool glistens in the desert sun and this is the one time in the year, when humidity is a bit higher and the temperatures lower, that one can actually relax by the pool.

I'm staring at Yal-hune who is standing on the diving board, glistening wet after her 40 laps. I constantly fail at finding words with the wherewithal to describe her beauty accurately and am always left with words that only convey a small fraction. Delectable, gorgeous, scintillating, mesmerizing and a chest full of other words have tried to rise to the occasion but have been found wanting. She is not of this world and so I suppose it is not surprising that this world's languages fail to describe her. Her body's curves are splendid. I know something about the golden mean and logarithmic spirals and realize that her body is a mathematical masterpiece. The curves that flow from the narrowest part of her waist to her hips are perfect examples of logarithmic spiral arcs. The same is true of most curves found on her body, from her neck to the curves at her ankles - all mathematically perfect examples of infinite logarithmic spiral arcs. Yet one need not be an associate professor in mathematics to appreciate her.

I know I should be content, after all this position I find myself in probably sums up the American dream quite well, but I still long for more. Yal-hune's physical beauty is goddess-like but her mind is far more wonderful still. Some people smoke, drink or eat for comfort and escape from the pressures of modern life. I find myself sitting on the edge of Yal-hune's consciousness where zephyr breezes carrying wisdom from far off worlds wash over me and caress my mind. In turn, I feel my body literally change and become healthier and more refined. Watching her swim while her mind recalls her worlds aquatic facilities has been cathartic for me and my body, even though I haven't even gotten wet yet. Her thoughts are powerful medicine. They contain so much intelligence that each thought she takes transforms her environment and those around her. They broadcast from her mind and her equilibrium brings her environment into equilibrium as well.

Yal-hune executes a front 3-1/2 pike and enters the water seamlessly, hardly making more than a few ripples. I should be amazed, but it's now more amazing when she doesn't do something extraordinary. As she surfaces her pink hued skin complements the sky-blue waters.



"Where did you learn to do the human dives?"

"I've been watching humanity for a long time...I've seen every Olympics held since they resurrected them."

"What about your world. Do you have unique dives?"

"Watch this."

Yal-hune's lithe form emerges from the water. Her soft yet sinewy form conceals tremendous strength as she pulls herself out of the pool. She returns to the diving board and jumps high into the air over the pool. Time seems to freze - or pehaps its Yal-hune as she moves gracefully through the air in a series of spins with arms extended, then her arms raise above her head and her toes point. She descends into the water. It is beyond graceful. There is no splash - only a single ripple. Almost no bubles as well. Its as if her body simply became the water as it descended.

"How did you like that?"

"Beautiful. Beyond beautiful."

"Thank you. Now it's your turn."

"Oh, no - I don't dive well at all."

"C'mon...don't be chicken. The water doesn't judge you and neither do I."

I know what she says is true - but I judge me. Which of course is my problem. I climb out of the lounge chair and make my way to the board. The fiberglass texture grips the soles of my feet at the end of the board. I take two bounces at the end of the board and try to complete a single pike. I ask my muscles and brain to try and work together here and they do. I get enough height and distance and let my body drop while straightening my legs. I make a moderate splash but less than I feared.

I surface and Yal-hune is resting her arms on the edge of the pool.

"You know you would enjoy that a lot more without worrying all the while...try it again and just have fun with it."

I climb out and try it again. This time I push the biases and concerns out of my mind and just focus on the wonder of the dive itself. It is a joyous thing actually. I never realized it. It is fun! I enter the water much more cleanly - better than I have almost ever done.

"Bravo! You're getting the hang of it now. Diving is not about the results - it's about interfacing your mind with the dive and enjoying it!"

I swim over to Yal-hune and my eyes take in the vistas that her body affords one.

"I see you are still gathering material for your book on sacred geometry."

"Yes...well you know geometry, topography and such are very useful sciences and I am finding new appreciation for them today."

She twists her body ever so gracefully and turns on the magnetism again. If every curve was amazing before, they are suddenly activated as if she turned on a switch. I'm surprised to see that the steel hand railings are still embedded in the pool wall and haven't worked their way loose and flown across towards her. That smile, her eyes..arrgggh...I curse the English language and myself for inefficiency at capturing even a fragment of her divine essence. My mind feels it and my body reacts...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bonus Jacks, Biases & Chemistry (47)

I sit outside a Jack in the Box restaurant with Yal-hune. I notice the signs have gotten exponentially bigger over the years. I actually recall the old clown and the menu that fit on the box his head was perched upon. I also note that one of the old sandwiches from that time is back - the Bonus Jack. I would tell Yal-hune that I remember the old clown - but she already knows this. With her age and the time differential, it probably seems far more recent for her than for me. Perhaps that's something I find attractive about Yal-hune - her complete knowledge of my life. It would take another lifetime to get someone up to speed about all one has done, felt and experienced. Yal-hune knows it all, and more clearly than I do. What is really cool is that these memories are getting clearer and clearer all the time - and I don't know why. Every little nuanced detail my brain observed has been coming back to me. I recall specific ant trails in the front yard of my childhood home. I remember the most bizarre minutia and suspect there is some reason for it and that it likely has to do with Yal-hune.

"Hi, how are you today?"

"Great, thanks...and you?"

"Fine. How can I serve you today?"

"I'd like two Bonus Jacks, two bottles of water and two small french fries."

"That's two Bonus Jacks, two bottles of water and two small fries?"

"Yes, that's it."

"Your total at the window will be $10.49, thank you."


I pull away from the enormous menu/speaker set up and for a moment wonder at what passes for progress. I suddenly realize it has been almost 30 years since the clown had been blown up and the Bonus Jack summarily dismissed from the menu. If someone told me that I'd be ordering a Bonus Jack in 2009, back in 1980 I'd have laughed and thought it preposterous. 2009? By that time fast food places would be obsolete and technology would deliver mega-healthy foodstuff to your home via teleportation, synthesizers or some other wonder. I look around and the shopping centers, cars and small details may be different, too much is alarmingly the same.

"Yal-hune have you been following my thoughts?"



"You would like some commentary? Sure. You see the similarities and differences and judge progress based upon how much has changed. This is a poor measure of progress. I see the people and their mental prospectus. The physical trappings of the planetary infrastructure are of considerably less import than how those serve them in broadening their horizons. And where you see stagnation, I see something that challenges those who live here and is currently matched with their development. Bonus Jacks may be available in 2190, from a restaurant little changed from this one. The menu may grow yet again. None of these events, were they to transpire, should be interpreted as bad. All things serve a useful purpose."

"Hi, that'll be $10.54."

"Here you go."

"Thank you. Your order will be ready in just a minute."


"You can't help yourself. You see through an enormously complicated lens by which you categorize all things, people and character traits as good or bad. Each person different from you and who may reside on a different level you burden with your biases. Yes, you burden them. When you bias them, that energy creates all these little imbalanced wave forms and you drop that imbalanced charge right in their laps. It's a particularly pernicious thing to do because when one carries an extra charge, these folks have a tougher time unloading this burden you deliver."

"Yet everything is good, right?"

"Yes. They will grow stronger after they finally manage to unload the burden. Or they may go down with it and sink down with it until someone can assist them who is a bit more developed. However, for you, this biasing diminishes your intelligent structures and threatens to rip apart the garment you have worked so many lifetimes to weave. You make it easier for the overshadowers to burden you with their imbalanced thought forms."

"I never thought about that."

"I know. Everything you look at and evaluate with the surface of your consciousness is tied to you by an invisible string. When you bias that something negatively you send those little negative waveforms on that string to those things. Then when you understand that each action has an equal and opposite reaction, you must prepare for negative waves - ones you can't handle - that will be delivered to you. In your instance, the more you dump on others, the more the Norchans can dump on you."

"Here you go sir! Have a nice day!"

"You too! Thanks!"

I try to beam a little more positive energy as a result of Yal-hunes well-timed words. Not because I'm afraid of the Norchans - but rather because I realize that Yal-hune, indirectly, actually made it quite clear that I'm acting like a Norchan and my biasing others is just as harmful.

I put the bag on the console between the seats. Yal-hune digs in and emerges from the bag with a Bonus Jack. She unwraps it partially so she can hold the burger in its wrapper as she takes a good size bite.

"Mmmm. It's good!"

I probe her thoughts and am momentarily surprised to realize she really means it. She may have delicacies beyond compare on her world, but she finds just as much to bias positively and enjoy about a fast food joints 3 dollar burger. I see her take on life is much healthier than mine. I realize I may have been in SDAI too long, as I am completely conditioned to see the world as a unending list of things that need improvement or to be changed.

"Yes. Loving life and others comes much more naturally when you don't bias. This is a good lesson for you to remember."

I park the car near a wispy desert tree. I grab a burger out of the bag and try not to see it as an unhealthy diet selection or x amount of calories. I fight these views and try to enjoy it the way Yal-hune does - by seeing it with balance and loving it for what it is. I take a bite.

"Mmmm. You're right it is good!"

Yal-hune laughs. "It's going to be a lot of fun teaching you to love life again."

I bend over and give Yal-hune a kiss on the cheek. For the first time I realize she tastes good. Something in her chemistry is very compatible with my taste buds. My taste buds have a quick conclave and decide whether they want another bite of the Bonus Jack or to taste another delicious kiss upon Yal-hunes pink hued cheek. The cheek wins. Yal-hune catches me with her hand and pushes me back into my seat.

"Your sandwich will get cold."

Her words say one thing, but her eyes are sparkling like Rigel and Pollux and the taste of her skin is still fresh on my lips and in my mind. It's like a chemical catalyst. It awakens portions of my brain that I am sure were not being used or used completely.

She's laughing now and I don't know why.

"If you knew the worlds that orbit Rigel, you would have chosen another star to accompany Pollux..."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fallout (Part 46)

The significance of her words sinks in.

She will go with me.

In an instant, the world seems a different place. My destiny has changed - I can feel it. I want to climb the highest mountain and shout - she will go with me!

No Tech1 has ever resigned before. There will be fallout from my action. It's notoriously hard to walk away from the intelligence community. With Yal-hune at my side, I know that this will be the exception.

I enter Tech2's office.

"I'm resigning from SDAI."

"You're what?!"

"I'm resigning, effective the end of today. You're now Tech1."

"You can't be serious! Why on Earth?!"

"You've known me for years. You also know that SDAI is often at conflicts with my own personal beliefs. I've gotten to that point where I must make a decision. An important decision."

"The world needs SDAI - it needs you! You've done so much! You can't just walk away! Not with what's now going on, and what we now have at our disposal! The world needs you more than ever!"

"I used to think that too. I've realized it doesn't. These new discoveries actually crystallize why I can't continue on as Tech1. The stakes are too high and I can no longer compromise my better judgment."

"You know I knew you were going to do something like this! It's Yal-hune, isn't it? She's behind this, isn't she. For someone who believes in non-interference she certainly meddles a lot!"

"It is my decision."

"How can you be sure? Her mind is so powerful she could have you jump off the Empire State building and have you thinking it was your own brilliant idea!"

"She would never do that!"

"How can we be so sure? You know what the Agency thinks - that she is dangerous. And why do they think she's dangerous. It's not so much her abilities that frighten everyone, it's her influence on every one's minds. Her beliefs are contrary to the way life is lived here on Earth. She's in opposition to almost every human instinct."

"Those instincts are probably not human, but Norchan. Humanity has been in decline for thousands of years now, you understand this. One of the reasons they have been successful is by supplanting our true human desires with selfish and self-destructive desires. That has to change. I need to change."

"So what are you going to do? Just walk away from all this? What other job allows you to make the world a better, safer place?"

"It doesn't matter what job I do, so long as I don't compromise myself."

"You built much of SDAI. For all intents and purposes this is your organization. Your direction has molded the various divisions and how they operate. Why now? Right before our first assigned mission since reactivation?"

"That's part of it. I can't play the game anymore. We find out about this group or nation and that information is used to retaliate against them. Tit for tat, endlessly. When faced with a no-win game, the intelligent solution is not to play that game. I'm not playing this game anymore. I quit."

"Ok so enlightened you quits and hands the reigns to unenlightened me. I feel so much better."

"You can quit too."

"Yeah, let's all just quit. We'll all clean out our desks and leave this priceless stuff here out in the desert for some rock collector to find. That's sane. Not."

"Actually, I intend to take the EMF craft and several MIMIR artifacts with me. If SDAI were disbanded the MIMIR artifacts should not be left behind to be inherited by the Agency."

"I can't believe we are even discussing this? Disband SDAI? The nation is falling apart! The economy is never going to recover, our nation has been torpedoed by George Soros and his anti-western colleagues, the nation is projected to hit 20 percent unemployment by spring of next year and this - this is the time to disband SDAI? Are you nuts? My God! We've got a Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office, Iran is going to be able to strike us with nuclear weapons in 2 years, give or take, and now is the time to walk away?"

"You don't understand. The world is messed up because I haven't walked away until now. Everyone who knows better, yet compromises themselves anyway for whatever justification, creates a huge mess in their wake. I understand this now. I see the bigger picture. When I walk away, I take my energy out of the endless cycle of conflict. That will help everyone and the world. Not playing the no-win game - that's the answer!"

"You're crazy. You know that don't you?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe this is the first sane move I've made in a long time."

"Well, I know better than to try and change your mind. Any instructions before you leave?"

"Trust your still small voice. That's it."

I look at Tech2 and I see tears in his eyes. We've worked together for over fifteen years now and saved each others lives, and escaped harrowing circumstances many times during this period. He gets up from his chair and we hug. The tears are rolling down his cheeks now and for the first time I realize just how close we have become over this time.

"I love you man. Don't be a stranger."

"I love you too, and don't worry I'm not going to pull a Bill Watterson or something. Yal-hune and I will be in touch."

"You better not! Or now that I'm Tech1 I'll have you located and monitored 24/7 as a potential security threat to national security."

He pulls back.

"Yal-hune and I?"

"Yes, she is going with me."

"Ohhhhh...I see it now. Okay. Well that makes a LOT more sense now. I would quit too if Yal-hune would go with me - in a heartbeat! Why didn't you just say that in the first place?"

"You're incorrigible."

"I know. You are one lucky guy. Why the hell don't alien craft land near me? Why the hell do you get all the attention? Is there no alien babe out there watching me?"

"The truth is...there probably is one."

"Yeah, maybe Yal-hune has a cousin..."

"Well, I'm going to be loading up some of my things and selected logs and archival materials. I've got a number of people I want to still say goodbye to before the end of the day."

"Tech7 is going to take this pretty hard. I know the two of you have become distant over the past few years, but she will still take this hard. You know she still loves you."

"Yeah, I know. I think she will actually be happy about it. For years she's tried to tell me it's not my responsibility to save the world and now I'm finally taking her words to heart."

"I don't think that's exactly how she will see this..."

"Well, maybe not. We'll see."

I walk out of Tech2's office and I walk the halls the enormous glass skylights let the afternoon desert sun bathe the halls in light. While this all seems sudden - it also feels so right.

A Turning Point (Part 45)

I call Yal-hune to my office. She arrives looking more beautiful than ever and I struggle to keep focused on the situation at hand.

"You heard?"

"Yes. Someone fired a missile at Air Force One and you have been ordered to investigate it."

"Can you help us?"


"You know...tell us who fired and why. It would save us a lot of time and hassle."

"Yes, it would. However, I then would be aiding one nations intelligence at the expense of another. Would you have me become a spy while I am here? Would you have me forfeit my equanimity?"

"I knew you were going to say that. I don't even know why I asked you."

"You asked me because you have many negative pasts in China. You don't realize this consciously, but subconsciously you would rather not return to China or possibly interface with those people whom you have had negative experiences with in the past."

"Are you saying I'm too chicken to go to China?"

"No, not chicken. It's a natural aversion. The same way we move away from something that smells bad. It's instinctive. You have an instinctive aversion to China."

"Will you at least prep me to fly the EMF craft?"

"I have given you all the instruction you need."

"You're not being real cooperative here...have I done something wrong?"

"You need to wake up to your pasts. Here you are, involved up to your eyeballs in covert activities, espionage and intelligence gathering. Have you ever once contemplated what past lives you are currently regenerating? Have you wondered if this is your best destiny? Have our conversations meant so little that you completely have forgotten the importance of seeing things with totality and balance? Does your job here contribute to your balance or further burden you with more imbalanced structures?"

"What are you saying? I should resign from SDAI?"

"I'm not saying anything. You are Tech1. You have the ability to transform this organization into something that is constructive and progressive - and not in the political sense. I'm talking about not playing the Norchans game - divide and conquer. Keeping the Earth imbalanced as nation is pitted against nation. Human against human."

"So you don't think we should try and find out who shot the missile at Air Force One?"

"What would that information do? Of what constructive purpose would it be put?"

"It all depends on who sponsored it. Missiles like that can't be bought at the corner drugstore. Some nation or well connected group was targeting Obama, it's in the USA's interest to find out who, why and make sure that it never happens again."

"And if I told you who did it and would seek to retaliate, correct? YOU understand energy principles. How can you participate in things you know are bad for others and yourself?"

"It's in the job description. If I didn't have this job, someone else would. That someone would probably be FAR less balanced and this organization would be used FAR less intelligently than it has been."

"So you are going against your better instincts because you are concerned about what would happen if you didn't?"

"No. Well...sort of something like that. It's complex."


"I can make a difference here."

"Can you?"

"What do you mean? I would never have met Shayla or you for that matter if I was not SDAI-Tech1 now would I? We would never have uncovered the Travelers flame and these MIMIR artifacts and treasures would be lost to mankind."

"How do you know? I was watching you long before you became Tech1. I would've revealed myself to you whether you were Tech1 or a janitor. You must realize that each action not just defines your now - it shapes your future."

Whenever she does this it creeps me out. She knows the possible futures and wouldn't be trying so hard to dissuade me unless she knew it was important. She said I have bad pasts in China. Maybe something happens if I go. Maybe I lose balance and the EMF craft explodes. Maybe I get captured by the Chinese and rot in a Chinese prison or get put to death.

"Okay...okay. What if I quit? What if I resigned today? What if I just write books from now on and leave the intelligence world behind me? Would that build a better future?"

"What do YOU think?"

"What about you? Where would you go? Would you come with me? I'll tell you right now...I will go anywhere with you. I will quit my job, renounce money, live as balanced as I can every day of my life and I would race to do so - if you were beside me. I love you Yal-hune. I want to do the right things. I know that everything is good - even the bad things, but I still need to work from some frame of reference, so as to chart a progressive directory. I'm afraid what would happen to all these folks if I left. This is the best intelligence agency in the world. We have uncovered more of the Earth's hidden secrets than anyone. We have prevented nuclear holocausts, helped bring a semblance of freedom to Russia and in my opinion made the world a better place. If I knew a better way, I would embrace it as tightly as I want to embrace you! Tell me you will go with me...and I will quit. I will leave today."

I look at her and my body aches. She's so nice. So, so unbelievably nice. Her goodness interacts with me physically and emotionally. She is walking perfection but it's not just her body - it's her...her goodness...her mind. I want her to say yes. If SDAI is no longer really serving a constructive purpose than to Hades with it! Perhaps I have been deluding myself about the accomplishments. I don't see what Yal-hune sees. I don't see the myriad of possible outcomes and futures. She does. She must know that the world might be a completely different place - just if I had not become Tech1. I know it's possible. Every single thing is linked and any change influences the whole. She wants the best for me..she loves me more than I know. I can't understand all her love, but I want to. God, I want to!

"I will go with you."


Saturday, November 14, 2009

May You Live in Interesting Times (Part 44)

I'm not sure when it happened, but I realize 'Isis' and 'Encyclopedia' are right. The dissemination of some of these materials, history and technologies may be more of a good thing for the world. After spending a day with these amazing books from the past, I think perhaps a book is exactly the medium that would work. I don't want to tell them yet, but I am quietly looking at agents and potential publishing houses. Dissemination is achieved, plausible deniability is retained, and the populace can be alerted to the threat of the Norchans, overshadowing and all the rest. With as wild as the past few years have been, I hardly need worry about deniability, as most will not believe it in the first place.

Isis has made a chronological history of Earth that now goes back almost 150,000 years. Her enthusiasm is contagious. The Atlantean books have reached into her mind and awakened her to herself. She will not be happy until these texts are touring the world's museums and the lost history is taught in every school classroom. It's painful for her to sit on such knowledge without being able to share it with the world. Like some charity worker feeding the homeless, she sees a whole world that is starving, and feels she now has the nourishment it needs. Part of me is afraid she might do something rash, like go rogue and take some materials with her to the media. She's very strong willed and this must test her loyalty to the breaking point. However, security procedures here are beyond thorough and though I don't doubt she might be able to get some materials out, she knows that she would have to break a dozen national security laws and jeopardize her future to do so.

I have a lot on my plate right now. SDAI has been reactivated, but ever since Yal-hune's arrival SDAI has been considered almost an enemy of the state. The politics of power poison people. Knowing the world's best kept secret - that human minds aren't their own, doesn't paint a positive prognosis for a quick turnaround. Now with these technologies, the stakes are even higher. Would you give an atom bomb to an insane man? Well the Russians would, for a price, but anyone else? The technologies here have huge potential for misuse. And can you just tell people their minds are not their own? They would freak out. Or their overshadowers, more accurately, would try and force them to freak out - so as to distract them from finding their true voice. Billions of people battling with overshadowers intent upon control or retribution? Not a pretty picture. So this has to be done very carefully - a book.

Tech2 buzzes and I open the door.

"We have a problem."

"What's the problem?"

"There's a situation in China. Someone took a missile shot at Air Force One."

"What? Did it hit?"

"No. The chaff and countermeasures deflected it and nearby US fighters tried to track the source down. The explosion was close enough to give everyone on board a jolt. The media has been in lock down. It was from mainland China. No authorization was given to investigate by the Chinese leadership, as can be expected. They will conduct an internal investigation. Officially it never happened. Unofficially, SDAI has been given its first assignment by the Obama administration."

"They want us to go to China to investigate?"

"Yes. We have the GPS coordinates of the calculated launch location. They know it's probably a wild goose chase, but they want someone to investigate it, someone outside of the Agency. They are, naturally, afraid the flight plans were leaked."

"Okay. If I can get Yal-hune to cooperate this will be the fastest, most efficient mission in history."

"And if you can't?"

"Well, then I'll be testing my equilibrium on a solo flight."

"Hey, if you take that beauty I'm flying it!"

"Can you keep completely free of strong lower emotions?"

"Sure...It'll be like The Day of the Dove - I'll be laughing all the way to China."

"You better be...or we'll be vaporized faster and more completely than if we were picnicking at ground zero."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Curious Dream (Part 43)

I plan to spend all day today with several Atlantean texts. There is some secret, some awareness I am missing. I don't know what it is, but yesterday I realized I had seen Yal-hune 20 years ago in a dream. She was separated from me - in a room of some sort with a glass wall. It was a short dream and I had forgotten about it completely until yesterday. The symbolism of the separation and the glass wall is transparent. But there is something more. Something she won't or can't tell me. Today she planned to complete some errands, which gives me plenty of time to peruse these books. They possess some sort of clue to this dream and this secret - I sense it.

The first book is big. It measures 25 inches high by 18 inches wide. It has a gold metallic appearance. When I touch it the cover comes to life and this one has an image of the Earth - as seen in space. However, the continents are all different. Africa and South America are united by a land mass - or they are joined as one land mass. It is hard to be certain. The world is moving slowly. Satellites or space craft recorded this image. It is a true view of Earth many thousands of years ago - when men were supposed to be living in caves and sharpening stones. I turn the cover and open it up. I hear music. No. I don't hear the music - it is being transmitted into my brain. It is a haunting melody, serene yet powerful. It means something. It is an anthem. I've heard this before - I know it. Now thousands of voices sing in conjunction with the music - the voices becoming the music or the music becoming the voices. It finishes abruptly. As I move my hand to grab the next page, Yal-hune appears just in front of my desk.

"Don't turn the page."

Yal-hune's appearance startles me.

"What? Why? What is the matter?"

"That book is more than just a book. That book has the power to make you relive the history it contains. It is a sensory book and dates from the latter days of Atlantis. While your world now has its web addicts and gaming addicts who like to escape reality into a violent fantasy world of repetitive blasting or destroying, in this period a large number of the masses lived vicariously through recorded experiences. This particular book contains many recorded experiences of a violent nature which would reach out into your mind and feel as real as if they were really happening to you. It was used to twist the minds of new recruits to their cause."

"It starts off harmless enough. A shot of Earth from space and an anthem of some sort. Are you sure this one is the book you describe?"

"Yes. That anthem was the theme of the resistance. An underground movement which was very decadent and pursued pain, the way others pursue pleasure. This group eventually was responsible for the destruction of Atlantis and the setback of life on Earth to a near aboriginal level."

"Wow...that's scary-creepy. Perhaps this book should be destroyed. Unless there is some information or history that can be safely extracted?"

"No, this book contains only mind-twisting experiences engineered to create hatred against the then positive leadership in Atlantis. It could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands and there is no safe way to extract information from it. I just wanted to warn you."

"Are there any other books like that in our acquisition of books?"

"No. This is the only one of that nature."

"Here. Take it. You can destroy it far more easily than we can."

Yal-hune takes it and suddenly it disappears from her hands as if it never were there.

"Remind me never to make you angry with me." I smile.

"Go ahead with your reading. I'm going to return to my errands."

Yal-hune disappears and I am left wondering again. What if that book did not contain horrible things? Could it have contained something Yal-hune did not want me to see? I know it is preposterous to suspect her of subterfuge, and I realize that this thought might have just been placed in my mind now by an overshadower. Divide and conquer. I'm glad I catch myself before going down that planted path.

I look at the books in a new manner. Realizing that they can be both wonderful and dangerous, helps me see them with equilibrium and perspective.

I wonder if there is a connection with the missing secret I seek and my dream. I rack my mind for details of the dream and grab another Atlantean text from my shelf and set it down on the desk. I realize now that books had evolved into things that interface with the mind in more than one manner and that the authors used not just words, but visual imagery, feelings and more in an orchestrated cerebral contact.

This book is bluish and much smaller. About 7 inches wide and 11 inches high. As I hold the volume it changes hue. It becomes orange. A girl appears on the cover. She has orange hair, medium-dark complexion and looks somewhat like a pixie come to life. She is smiling. She is dressed in what appear to be an Atlantean version of white pedal-pushers and a coral colored sweater/tunic. I wonder if this is another children's book. As I open the cover the girl crawls inside and moves from the front cover into the inside cover! A neat trick! I touch the first page and Atlantean symbols appear vibrantly in the paper. I hear a trumpet or something like it blast at the same time within my mind along with "Enket & her Test" The girl leaps across from the inside cover to the title page, below the symbols.

I turn the title page and upon the next page is full of Atlantean symbol/text. I touch it and the first symbol glows somehow and the face of the girl appears in the margin.

"My name is Enket. You've never read this book before or any of my books! Well today is your lucky day! You might be a little old for this book, but then again you might enjoy it anyways."

It's like she can really see me. I know she can't but they have incorporated some sort of cerebral scanning process. It knows if I have read the book before? Or any other books? It knows my age? I realize the technology in these books is even greater than I imagined. There must be the equivalent of the next generation transistor. We went from vacuum tube to solid state transistor and then the microchip. This must be realized nanotechnology and may even have DNA sensors of some sort. The weird thing is that this is somehow more 'real' than a video or screen image. It must have something to do with the way the book interfaces with the brain and consciousness.

"You certainly are taking a long time to turn the page. C'mon...let's go!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Night to Remember (Part 42)

Yal-hune looks ravishing. She has on a Derek Lam Asymmetric dress in a soft silver. It compliments her pinkish skin and comes down just above the knees. On her it looks like it was made on some other world. Her hair is pulled up and then allowed to flow freely out of a metallic ring made for her by the manufacturing division out of Atlan-98. She has on a pair of silver-grey booties by Gucci which match the dress perfectly. I know all this...because she knows this and is sharing it with me. She is a vision. Every cell in my body is on alert. Seeing her there smiling and dressed for our date is like a dream come true. Heck, it IS a dream come true.

We take one of the elevators to the garage level where the Lincoln awaits us. State of the art tracking and communication is built in, but no armaments. With Yal-hune, I no longer feel the need for such. She has convinced me that brain beats brawn every time. The interior is a beautiful shade of blue-green I first saw when Yal-hune landed. I had the vehicle division boys reupholster the vehicle with a high-grade upholstery velour dyed to match that color. It complements the silver-bluish exterior. They were pretty excited about how the car turned out.

I open the door for Yal-hune and she enters gracefully. The flash of pink ankle above the booties catches my eye and I follow the curving line along a perfectly sculpted calve and onto a majestic knee. From there I avert my eyes away and focus on closing the door gently. I walk around the vehicle, double check that it has current license and registration and then enter the car. Yal-hune is smiling and her smile is a new smile tonight. One I haven't seen before - and it carries a feeling with it. She's happy. Happy for me and happy that I had the courage to ask her out on a date. I feel the warmth and tenderness of her thoughts and there's a hint of mischievousness and mystery. As I look at her, she is all woman - every millimeter, every movement and every thought.

I start the car. The engine purrs very smoothly and with a shift of the gear selector, we silkily move out of the garage and out onto the tarmac. In five minutes we are at one of the gates and passing our way out into the Arizona night.
Yal-hune is doing this all for me. She knows that the whole dating ritual has meaning for me and she is enjoying my enjoyment. Her sensuality has been turned up a notch - if that's possible. Her magnetism and aura exude a sensuality that I have never, ever encountered before in any woman. Like all things about Yal-hune it is hard to describe. But she is exuding a magnetism so powerful it feels as though she could shift the world's axis just by looking at it. Each second with her is like a small eternity - and this too she is doing for me. She is slowing down time and her love fills me to the brim. My consciousness, I realize, is a vessel. And she is filling it with her essence, for my pleasure and development.

I feel so happy I could cry, and yet I am so happy that the tears don't come. Without saying a word she has already made this date more than I ever imagined. I see how her world is all about consciousness. The surroundings and the destination are less important than the manner in which she shares consciousness with me. The physical aspects take their rightful place below the all-important mental ones.

She's letting me see a new beauty within her. Her body may be perfect, but her mind - her MIND - is where she really resides. Her mind is another body and it can do so much more. Her mental embrace is already more gratifying, soul-quenching and thought-inspiring than any physical embrace. She is helping me see how the worlds which do away with physical bodies live -how minds are more of a 'body' than bodies are!

The stars are out and as I drive my mind is being thoroughly embraced and educated by Yal-hune. She has not said a word. She has not even spoken in my mind. Rather, she is showing me the power of feelings and that feelings are a form of consciousness removed from the reactionary portion of the mind. The feelings speak volumes and the depth of her feelings! My god, I can't begin to find the words to describe it. I realize humanity is missing out on so much consciousness!

Suddenly, I am aware I cannot return the love she has for me. Even though I love her with everything I am, I realize that it still falls far short of her love. She senses my sudden sadness and shows me that this is not entirely true; that my infinite self - the one that exists already in the timeless/spaceless spectra is an equal match and when she tunes in on me, she is able to tune in on that as yet unrecognized infinite part. She always has the right answers. She turns every bias around and brings it back to equilibrium. I try and reach out to her mind with everything I am - and will be - and suddenly I feel a new surge of consciousness. An expanded vista that permits me to love her as she deserves to be loved - infinitely.

We pull up into the restaurant parking lot and I realize I am the luckiest man on Earth. The restaurant is crowded and yet when Yal-hune enters, I can't count the number of eyes that stare at her - lingering stares. She turns down her magnetism as much as possible - I feel her doing it - and still they stare. The thoughts and attention are like a sudden assault upon her, but she is impervious because she is on equilibrium. Because of her development and energy level, each will see in her a reflection of themselves - and their imbalances. I hear their thoughts, insecurities, desires. I wonder if I made a mistake. Perhaps another restaurant would be better. I realize this is the first time I have seen Yal-hune in this type of environment. And although she is smiling and beaming, this is not as relaxing for her as a quiet, nearly empty cafe might be.

I turn to Yal-hune and she smiles.

"You're not chickening out on me..are you?"

"No, I just thought-"

"Just relax, this will be a night to remember."

And it was.

It was.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Yal-hune Incognito (Part 41)

I put the passport, driver's license and credit cards on the desk next to a new white Gucci handbag with gold accents in a sunburst motif. Yal-hune is officially a US Citizen. It's nice still having clout with people in positions to make things happen. She's got an American Express Platinum card linked to one of Shamballa's accounts, several Mastercards and Visas and an assortment of other cards that may come in handy. In the handbag is a new Agency modified Blackberry.

She needs none of these things I realize. What's more, I realize if she did want them, she could create them herself in an instant. However, this gives her the accoutrements to be able to mingle effortlessly in public here.

I promised myself I wouldn't buy myself another Hummer, to replace the one destroyed, but I did buy a Lincoln Towncar Signature L and had the car retrofitted with some of the new state of the art toys. Hey, it's hard to quit cold turkey. I think of this as tapering off slowly. This is the first vehicle to incorporate some of the Atlantean technologies we have been able to re-engineer. For example, the bumpers, sheet metal and sub frame are now made out of a reproduction Atlantean alloy we have tentatively called Atlan-98. With a 12,000 degree melting point, it can be shaped into any form and when it cools it is nearly indestructible. The alloy has a gorgeous slightly bluish sheen and we decided not to cover it with paint. It's not a mirror finish like chrome, so it wont blind other drivers or oneself when the sun hits it. The material is naturally bullet proof and explosion resistant and is a natural for armored vehicles. The best part about it is it is far, far lighter than steel. It is even lighter than the aluminum blend used in the factory vehicle sheet metal. The engineering department says an engine block made out of this metal would never wear down and would run 50 percent cooler than any combustion engine currently in production. They are working on an engine design right now, but it will not be for this vehicle. This vehicle has had the factory engine replaced with a 350 horsepower 4.6 litre created for the Secret Service Lincolns. Since this vehicle has actually seen a weight reduction while being re-sheathed, the performance is a potent 0-60 in 5 seconds with a top speed of 165. I think of the inefficiency of Obama's Cadillac limousine, which is built more like an M1A2 Abrams tank, and realize this alloy is, alone, worth a fortune in the marketplace.

The glass has also been replaced with an experimental shatterproof glass reproduced after chemical analysis of some Atlantean pottery which also is nearly indestructible. It also has an extremely high melting point of 7000 degrees. It is currently identified as Atlan-43. Crash tests were performed on a sacrificial testbed vehicle and this vehicle can slam into a brick wall at 70 mph and bounce back intact. No sheet metal bends, no glass shattering. The problem became energy absorption. The test dummies were receiving three times the shock forces, because the metal didn't crush or absorb any energy - it transfers all of it efficiently into the cabin. That's not good. That's what some poorly designed armored cars do in car accidents. Princess Diana's Mercedes comes to mind. So the engineers worked in an ingenious coil spring device behind the bumpers and into the frame itself. The Atlan-98 coil springs absorb almost all the energy of impact and then release it gradually and distribute it along the frame. Now the crash dummies receive 1/2 the shock force of the factory vehicle - a huge difference. No one intends to get into an accident, but in this line of work, it pays to be prepared.

Yeah, I know. Boring. Well technical things can be boring, but these promise to be much more than just a revolution for the auto industry. The Atlantean texts recovered included not only history books but engineering books as well. These are by some here considered the most valuable find of the lot. Folks here realize why the Norchan Ketta-nu-ma was guarding these things. These few books can advance technocracy on Earth 10,000 years forward in a tiny fraction of that time.

Heaters which absorb heat from the sun, store it as long as required and then release it, when desired, are described. No one would ever need to buy heating oil again. Atlanteans had perfected solar power. They could harness the suns energy at nearly a 100 percent efficiency level. Their chemical industry was equally perfected. 100s of polymers and blends that are incredibly strong, pliable and yet chemically stable. An amazing number of blends are somewhat less toxic and if burned do not create nastier byproducts. Pollution control was achieved by an amazing understanding of molecular science. Stray molecules of smoke or other airborne or waterborne chemical pollution were drawn together by something like a static generator. These spheres would draw unto them all the soot, pollution and targeted chemical byproducts, collect them and then dispense with them into compacted barrels which were re utilized and synthesized once again for other products. They did all this by understanding frequencies and the fundamental frequencies of these molecules. Because EMF motive forces were already developed for transportation, there was almost no man-made pollution in the air at all.

I could go on and on about these wonders, but I have a date with Yal-hune. We will take the Lincoln Signature L for an inauguration drive to the city and dine at a fancy restaurant. Yal-hune, much to my surprise, agreed and thought it was a great idea.

I will let you know how it goes... ;-)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Creating a New World (Part 40)

'Encyclopedia Brown' & 'Isis' have presented me with a dissemination agenda with an accompanying analysis on how such dissemination can spur changes in the societal infrastructure currently in existence on Earth.

Their enthusiasm is powerful and I've never seen either of them so dedicated to an agenda outside the usual acquisition of new knowledge. It's as if they feel their whole lives up until now have been a staging area waiting for this period in time - this discovery. Their goals are admirable: social reform, technological revolutions, providing educational institutions data that clearly contradicts existing theologies, a renaissance in the health industry and much more. The realization that life was far more sophisticated for humanity 16,000 years ago than today, is an eye-opener. It's like discovering everything you thought you knew about history was wrong and horribly incomplete. From what we have been taught we think the dark ages were primitive and feel today, in 2009, we are the pinnacle of human development.

'Encyclopedia Brown' and 'Isis' were content with our planes, automobiles and computers and now fully realize we haven't even begun to reach the achievements humanity already had reached. For them this is insufferable. I read through their report last night and their pain can be read between the lines. Its an enormous epiphany they have had. They have the unique privilege of seeing in perspective the truth of the matter. Human culture in 2009 is an anthill next to the culture mountain mankind enjoyed and lived within many thousands of years ago! As some of humanity's best and brightest, I feel like I am watching the beginnings of a new renaissance. Their youthful idealism is still intact. They still feel they can transform the world and turn it from the lowly caterpillar to the soaring butterfly. In them I see myself ten years ago and I am loathe to douse the fires of their passion. Part of me would love to jump on that bandwagon and 'save the world' yet again. But now, another wiser part, realizes that everything is perfect just as it is. Every new technology or bit of wisdom must be earned. The masses must be ready for it.

Isis thinks I have a god complex and want to lord over others all this information, keeping it secret for my own personal satisfaction. Encyclopedia Brown knows this is not the case, as he remembers each conversation we have had word for word, but still disagrees with my assessments of our current culture's readiness for such dissemination, which is quite ironic considering his own personal run-ins with the educational establishment.

Ever since Yal-hune showed me the dystopian future rushing at us in a short fifty years, I have been trying to figure out how to negate it and change it. I can't change the demographics which will create widespread poverty. I can't force uneducated Catholics to use birth control or tell them that having unwanted children is a FAR greater 'sin' than birth control. I can't force politicians to become selfless instead of selfish. I can't force everyone to read books like Atlas Shrugged so that they can truly understand why taking from one man at the point of a gun to give to another is morally wrong. And while I could share technologies that could generate great wealth, I cannot guarantee that this wealth would be used constructively and based upon this visit - I see my white papers have been used only to cause suffering. To give one person power over another.

Isis and Encyclopedia don't know that I have seen this future. They don't understand my newfound hesitancy to share technology with those who will surely misuse it because they have a value system that is based on selfishness and insecurity. And I cannot magically speed up these masses evolution so that they suddenly have no desires for power, money or fame. I cannot force them to love each other as they love themselves. Yal-hune has given me a great gift and it is up to me to find a way to alter the course of history using every last bit of my wisdom. Creating a New World is not just their desire, but mine as well. Because I cannot change the demographics or force intelligence upon the masses, I realize the only thing I can change is myself. If I improve myself - that is all that matters.

The dystopian future of 2059 Yal-hune showed me may be inevitable. Maybe my disseminating the information here on my blog has helped change it - I just don't know. Perhaps, as I realize my own desires and motivations to save the world are misplaced and based upon selfishness, I actually can save the world. Again, I just don't know. In the end it doesn't matter. The dystopian future, if it occurs, will be necessary and equal good will emerge from it eventually. I know this is absolutely true and yet my whole life has been conditioned to see things through a biased filter. Seeing in totality comes easy for Yal-hune, but for humans it is an incredibly hard viewpoint to sustain.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Dating an Extraterrestrial (Part 39)

The details emerging from the attack on Shamballa are good news. Only a few burns and cuts were the injuries incurred by our personnel. The attack was put under wraps and the appearance of a 5 mile wide saucer in the remote desert can't be found in any news reports - or after action reports. While we are in a remote location, some civilians must've seen the ship descend. We've recovered 37 unexploded GBU-12 Paveway missiles that were launched at Shamballa or the Confederation saucer but apparently were neutralized from a distance. And so far 16 JDAM equipped ordnance have also been recovered and the perimeter is littered with countless shell casings and other ordnance from the unsuccessful assault. I'm having them carefully gone over by some of our lab boys to see what exactly was done to them to make them fall to the Earth, without even so much as a dent. Clean up crews with metal detectors are painstakingly going over every sector to make sure no ordnance pollutes the pristine desert and prevent some poor hikers from having a nasty surprise. Oh...and one lucky fellow found an 1855 'Half Dime' or nickel.

It all still seems surreal. Sometimes I wonder just how different my life has become since that star-gazing session in the middle of July. It hasn't even been four months and yet it feels like I've known Yal-hune for years now. Maybe it's interfacing with her consciousness that imparts a greater sense of time. Like I walked into a parallel universe.

She has all these abilities and yet she is the most humble person I know. I have to force myself to try and view her with some semblance of equilibrium. Biasing her over-positive will only draw circumstances which will take her away from me.

I try to remember her words, "Everything is good." It's hard. Events like this one, seem to be only bad, but I know she knows the future and with such knowledge is constantly seeing both sides and results of all sorts of events. I know my future will be determined by how well I can keep this balance - even during the apparently worst circumstances. And even in the best, I must not see only the good. It's those biases that come back to bite one. Each moment is a test. Each moment is wondrous and filled with equal amounts of good and evil and I am just not always aware of this.

Sometimes I start thinking about asking her out on a date. I know it's crazy, but the thought keeps popping in. I know she doesn't bias, which is good for me,yet I also know she understands why its best that romantic partnerships should be between equals. I just wonder what it would be like to take her out to a restaurant or go shopping with her. She might not blend in easily, but she could pass for human. Heck, I know she could pass for anything she wants to, with her abilities.

I know she has already shared consciousness with me and I should be happy to leave it at that, but sometimes I think I am socially programmed to desire the whole elaborate trappings that come with courtship or a close relationship. I need to know more about her world's customs - and yet to do so I have to ask her and my thoughts will reveal me. I already put strong 'privacy markers' on this thought train, though I know she probably already knows my desires better than I do. I guess in the end I have to trust her. I can't just let her lead me around, but I would be a fool not to listen to her advice very, very closely. I always thought I had my hormones under complete control and yet since she arrived it feels like a second puberty. All the awkward moments, blushing, preoccupation with sex, insecurities and the rest seem to have flared up since she arrived. It's like her field or aura, I guess, acts as a powerful catalyst. Next thing you know, I'll find myself needing to shave twice a day. In some ways I feel like a kid again. The excitement, the never knowing what the next day will bring and feeling buoyant and exuberant about life and everything. I find I have more patience than I used to. All the little irritants that creep up on one and which bother now don't seem important at all.

Awhile back, an event like this would have made me want revenge on those who planned it. I would work tirelessly to see 'justice' done. Now, I know the culprits are just pawns and puppets. And even those who are the puppet masters are themselves puppets of other powerful forces outside their own cognizance. If I bias them, I tie myself to them, negatively and who wants that? I don't. Yal-hune has opened my eyes and given me all the information I need to sail my own vessel through the most treacherous bays. If I am being targeted by the Norchans - even now - I must use every tool Yal-hune has given me to maintain that equilibrium. All the fears and insecurities that pop up are becoming clearly foreign to MY thoughts. I can spot them easier. The artificiality of them is becoming more apparent. This is what I need to do. Yal-hune told me - discern! And I am going to do just that. Each negative thought, each lower emotion that surfaces I am going to filter out - because I now know these things are not of me. I will get stronger and my consciousness will be more free to think thoughts uninterrupted and diverted.

I realize now I should ask Yal-hune out on a date. My hesitancy and self-doubt was not really me, only whispered fears scratching at my front door and which I allowed in. We will be fine. There is nothing to fear save fear itself. First though, I want to know more about her world and other worlds. I want to learn! I feel like a kindergartner just starting to learn of the world. And unlike certain times in the past, I want to learn because I want to know and experience more that the universe has to offer, not just because knowledge is a tool to exploit.

Dating an extraterrestrial will work best if I build up a more compatible body of knowledge. Those Atlantean history texts, Isis is doing cartwheels over, will be a good place to start.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Uninvited Guests & Party Crashers (Part 38)

I look at the satellite overheads of Shamballa broken down into 30 sectors. Something large is beginning to eclipse the imagery, blocking my real time view of the base and surrounding land. Possibly a thousand troops and dozens of armored heavy artillery are approaching. Several planes are approaching at mach 4 and I am expecting explosions to be heard above me. While this facility was designed to survive a nuclear strike, it is by no means indestructible, when targeted by those who are supposed to be on your side.

Tech2 points looks closer at the monitor. "It's growing - whatever it is."

"SIR! We have an unidentified object descending over us and it is enormous!"

"Yes, I see it on the satellite. Where are the planes?"

"I can't find them! They were on my radar and then they just disappeared! I would have sworn they launched missiles just before they disappeared. But I can't detect them. They may be a new breed of stealth missile. The EMF pulse gun has no targets!"

"I've got a really bad feeling about this."

Tech2's statement mirrors my own thoughts on the matter. I remember we have EMF craft at our disposal but I also recall that it requires mental equilibrium to fly them and in my mental agitated and emotional state, this means they are useless.

"Oh my's a Confederation spaceship!"


"I just got this image in my mind from someone on board that spaceship...these are the ones who enforce the quarantine of Earth. A Confederation ship!"

"Are they on our side?"

"Yes. I think they are. Look! The troops are firing on the ship with their artillery and handheld rocket launchers!"

"It's not having any effect whatsoever!"

"Do you think the planes turned back when they saw that thing descending?"

"I would...wouldn't you? It must be at least five miles in diameter."

I activate the ground camera viewpoints. Which are built into subterranean titanium shafts and which have lenses resistant to direct arms fire and explosives. As they inch up over the grounds, I see the special forces troops advancing and see scenes of heavy fighting as they give everything they've got against the Confederation ship.

"Is the confederation ship attacking them?"

"Not that I can see. It simply continues to descend."

"It could flatten this entire base?"

"Yes, and everyone out there has to be thinking they are going to get flattened too. That's why they are focusing their fire on the ship and not Shamballa."

"They sure as hell didn't expect to see this!"

"My God! look!"

"The soldiers are ceasing fire and retreating. They are turning the vehicles around. What the heck is going on? They haven't even been attacked by our forces yet?

Yal-hune returns to my mind.

"They will depart now."

"All Troops this is Tech1 - stand down and return to base!"

"What happened?"

"The attack has been called off and they have been ordered to retreat."

"By whom?"

"The President was made aware of what was going on. He called it off."

"He wasn't aware of it before?"

"No. The President of the US has been shielded from blatant overshadowing to some degree for the past fifty years on Earth. It has been policy to protect the individuals in that position from malfeasance. This attack was orchestrated by those who are not so protected and could be manipulated. However, once the President became aware of this unauthorized use of the military he immediately ordered its cessation."

"Well, three cheers for Obama. Why did the Confederation spaceship descend? I thought they didn't interfere in Earth affairs?"

"This particular sequence of events was entirely the artifact of strong overshadowing. Much stronger than they usually employ. The confederation has taken the position that such blatant interference in human affairs will meet a form of cancellation. The Norchans wanted this base destroyed and me with it. The Confederation has effectively canceled out or balanced the Norchans interference and has made clear to the Norchans that any such future interference of this nature will also be canceled out. Hundreds of minds had been overridden and outright controlled to get this attack to occur. Even for the Norchans who usually count upon repetitive thought 'suggestion' this was a blatant outright interference in human affairs."

"Where did you go?"

"I went aboard the Confederation ship to review the series of events that caused this particular attack. They measured the strength of the signals used by the Norchans and they were in excess of anything they have used against humanity before. This created a new shift and the Confederation was authorized to negate this interference as a form of preserving the quarantine."

"Will they block all overshadowing?"

"No. There is a fine balance to these things. Here let me share it with you directly."

Her mind joins with mine and she thinks about the many nuanced complexities the Confederation takes into account. The 'addicted to overshadowing' Norchans, the other lower worlds that would turn against the Confederation if the Norchans signals were completely blocked and much more. The weight and direction of trillions upon trillions of souls in 100s of worlds is included into their equation and resultant decisions. Earth is only so important in the galaxy evolutionary program and seems like a tiny, tiny fish in a sea full of fish.

Tech2 is staring at the monitors and watching the troops leave. It seems completely bizarre to be the target of a full-scale assault and then as quickly to have that assault cease. Hopefully, there were no casualties. Many of the troops here know these folks and have worked alongside them. This type of fighting is insane. I get a glimpse of how it must have felt for Northerners and Southerners fighting their American neighbors during the Civil War.

Yal-hune suddenly materializes in my office. Tech2 turns and looks almost faint.

"I will never get used to that sort of thing. Can't you at least add a sound effect like the transporters on Star Trek? That way I can mentally brace myself."

Yal-hune laughs her delicious laugh and I see that this whole event is not biased by her at all. It's as if it never happened, or is just as important as bringing in the morning paper. Visiting the Confederation ship probably refreshed her and permitted her to speak among her own kind.

"There you go again. No, my time spent here or there is equally enjoyed by me. I have balance. To enjoy the company of some over others eventually attracts situations in which you will constantly be around those you disapprove of and bias negatively."

"I never thought of it that way."

"Yes, and that is why you have found yourself chained to many people whom you biased negatively and this bias distanced you further from the people you wanted to be with!"

"Tech1 is messed up, isn't he?"

Tech2 laughs and is enjoying seeing Yal-hune set me straight.

"Would you like me to start to list your imbalances?

"No, no...that's fine. Tech1 clearly needs more help than I do."

Tech2 turns towards the door.

"I'm going above to take charge of clean up and check everything out."

"That sounds like a good idea."

I look at the monitors and see that many of the troops have retreated to outside Shamballa's perimeter.

"Yal-hune...what about this ship. 1000s of troops and other people must have seen it. Wont that change things?"

"Many thousands of people have seen our craft before and it has not yet ever changed the balance of things. Approximately 1,276 people have seen the craft and understand its origins are extraterrestrial. The overshadowers will exploit this and some will start conspiracy theories and such. In the miasma of confusion and a lack of knowledge, the appearance will be contributed to many things, from projection/illusion to a new secret military craft. Because the ship never did attack the troops there will still be many questions. Most people will not believe others when they say they have seen a extraterrestrial craft."

I'm mentally exhausted and stressed. I can't wait to find time again to peruse the Atlantean books.

"'s all good."

Yal-hune smiles and she shares her equilibrium with me..and suddenly the stress of this event vanishes.