Monday, February 22, 2010

April (Part 91)

April Britt is a young pop music star of some renown. A few platinum and gold record sales have made her and her handlers very wealthy. She lives in Los Angeles and seems to live a charmed life. She never struck me as particularly bright, but she has been amazingly successful on Earth, if money and fame can be measured as a form of success, and probably has a lot of overshadowers.

Finding out that she knew Lal-atha is like finding out Mickey Mouse worked for Satan for twenty years before making cartoons for Disney. It doesn't quite seem to fit, and yet, in another way, actually makes a twisted sort of sense.

I fly out to John Wayne Airport in OC in one of the Lear Jets, and it feels good to pilot a plane again. I've gotten too used to being flown that I forgot the simple pleasure of flying. My landing was a little bumpy, but it's been about five years since I've flown, so I excuse myself.

April lives in Malibu, California. I don't look forward to explaining to her the situation. She probably has so many crazies following her around that what I have to tell her will seem like just another one. I have to try.

The 405 is as congested as ever. It takes me three hours to get to Malibu from John Wayne Airport. I remember when it would have taken about half that time.

I park on Pacific Coast Highway. As I step out of my rented car, the smell of the Pacific Ocean lingers in my nostrils and brings me back to my youth and many memories. In some ways it seems like no time has passed at all. The ocean doesn't change much and five thousand years from now I expect the oceans and beaches here will still smell the same.

April Britt's house is a walled and gated mansion. I spot the security cameras and a few bodyguards patrolling the grounds. It's fine for a pop star I guess, but is not really that good.

I walk up to the front gate and use the intercom/bell.

"State your name and business, please."

"My name is Matt Barkley, I'm a Federal agent. I'd like to speak to Ms. Britt please."

"I don't see any Federal agents scheduled for today. Do you have a warrant?"

"No. This isn't a legal matter. It's a matter regarding her personal security."

"Please hold up some form of identification in front of the camera to your left, please."

I hold up a badge that is quite real and identifies me as FBI. SDAI has access to all needed legal forms of Federal identification so it can conduct its affairs and still remain completely unknown.

"Is there a number we can call to verify your identity?"

"Yes, just call your local office from directory assistance and give them my badge number and name."

I wait about ten minutes and suddenly see two burly bodyguards walk up to the gate. Their weapons bulge behind their jackets and while they look big, they also look slow and I doubt they are much good except for scaring the paparazzi and obsessive fans.

"Open the gate." one of the guards speaks into a headset mouthpiece he is wearing.

The gate buzzes and unlocks.

"This way."

I follow the guards through a lush garden with a reflecting pool and Grecian statues. A life size, nude, alabaster sculpture of Venus emerging from the sea is the centerpiece of the reflecting pool, complete with clam shell and all. I smell gardenias and some other flowers I can't as easily identify and the walk is lined with purple wisteria. It's actually a bit more tasteful than I would expect for a pop singer.

We enter a home via two tall French doors that access the garden. April Britt is lounging on a couch with a drink in one hand and she is eating a tiny sandwich with the other.

"Good afternoon ms. Britt, my name is Matt Barkley and..."

"I work for the FBI. My security team checked you out. What's so important that they send you out to visit me? I receive crazy threats every single day from obsessed fans and jealous girls. The police know my place just as well as the local Dunkin Donuts. So what've you got?"

One of the two beefy guards leaves leaving only one behind. I haven't really thought out exactly how I am going to present the threat. Telling her a galactic criminal extraterrestrial has it out for her seems like it would be...rather unconvincing and not have the right credibility to get her to come with me back to Shamballa.

"We received very credible intelligence that a foreign power is planning to abduct you or worse. We would like to place you in protective custody until the plot is foiled and the foreign agents are apprehended."

"A foreign power wants to kill me? Which one? Iran? North Korea? Afghanistan?"

"I'll explain as soon as you're out of here and safe."

April Britt is dressed in bright white shorts, which reveal her tanned legs, and a loose blouse filled with shades of pink, rose, magenta and yellow. Her blond hair is tied up in a bun.

"You'll explain now."

Against my natural instinct, I decide to tell her the truth.

"An alien, his name is Lal-atha, hates you and wants you dead. He's a renowned criminal and you knew him in a past life on another world."

April Britt looks at me and let's what I've said sink in and then starts to laugh. Her bodyguard starts to laugh too.

"Do you want me to throw this crazy out?" he says turning to April.

"Is that it? Or were you just joking with me?"

The body guard's headset chatters to life.

"Code RED! Five intruders just suddenly appeared in the West garden. Sheeeitt! They're Big mother$!@*&#!...8 feet tall, armed and..."

Pop. Pop. Pop.
We hear shots fired and then the sound of an Uzi. Then the sounds stop.

The burly guard is on his headset, "Report!"

There is no answer.

"April if you want to live, come with me now."

April drops the drink and jumps up from the couch.

"Let's go!" she says, "get me the $&#! out of here."

I grab her hand and throw a jawbreaker sized bit of contact fuse thermite at the northern wall.

"Get down."

The explosion rocks the grounds and blows apart a ten foot section of the wall. Dust and smoke waft through the air and my ears are ringing.

"Come on, let's go. I've got a car waiting."

Her bodyguard has pulled out his Uzi and is guarding our rear as we run across Pacific Coast Highway and over to my car. I hear more machine gun fire and flash of bright light fill the sky - disintegration beams of Lal-atha's shock troops.

We jump into the car and I start it.

A 8 foot alien starts to materialize in front of the car.

"Hang on!"

I floor the throttle and hit the alien and he falls to the side of the road, dropping his weapon.

The bodyguard is shrieking "What the hell are these things. It's getting up, like it didn't even phase him."

"I told you...aliens. Bad aliens."

The guard pulls out a .45 and fires it out the window at the figure retrieving his weapon as we accelerate away at top speed.

"I swear I hit that bastard and the bullets just bounced off!"

"Don't waste your ammunition. They're bullet proof."

"Tech2 this is Tech1 here. We have April Britt, but we encountered hostile aliens. Tell Yal-hune."

"Yal-hune already left to somewhere of the other names on your list was in danger about two minutes ago."

"Dammit! They are timing these things together, because they knew Yal-hune could only be in one place at one time. Lal-atha has learned from his previous encounters."

April looks at me with shock, panic and confusion.

"Who's Yal-hune? Who's Lolitha? And what the hell do these aliens want with me? My God! There really ARE aliens? I knew it!"

I drive as fast as I can. By keeping April Britt's fundamental frequency moving around it will be harder for them to pinpoint. They will keep materializing near us when we stop. So I can't stop.

"In the glove compartment is a flashing light. Plug it into the cigarette lighter, turn the little switch on and clamp it out the window to the roof."

She does I instruct. The built in siren wails and the red light rotates Her hands are shaking and the bodyguard is mumbling a string of obscenities to himself in the back seat - also clearly in shock.

I run through the red lights, narrowly avoiding an accident and head south. Just as we narrowly avoid a UPS truck, I feel that light-headed sensation. I hear April's voice just before the white flash.

"What the..."

We reappear in Arizona in the one of the parking lots of Shamballa. I screech to a halt as soon as my senses kick back in.

April looks around at the vastly different surroundings.

"Could you please tell me just what happened and where we are?"

"We were teleported out of California. We are now in Arizona."

"We were what?"


"You mean like Star Trek? Beam me up Scotty?"

"Something like that."

April Britt looks at me and then just faints. I carry her out of the car and head towards one of Shamballa's entrance portals.

The bodyguard is also in shock, but conscious and keeps muttering, "This isn't happening. We're being punk'd right?"

"Follow me."

Tech2 greets me with a Security team outfitted with our very latest weapon stuff. It's disheartening to know that even our best stuff is really like a bunch of squirt guns next to Lal-atha's forces.

"Yal-hune back yet?"

"No, but she mentally told me you were coming with April Britt, via teleportation."

"Get her bodyguard to somewhere he can receive medical attention. I think he's in shock. I'm going to take April to sub-level 7 and get her on-board the EMF craft. The craft will shield her personal frequency from being broadcast."

"Okay. It must've gotten hairy out there, you've cracked a sweat."

"Yeah. Every encounter with these guys is nasty. Any other reports of alien invasion?"

"Nothing that we can detect. Yal-hune probably will tell us when she returns."

I move April Britt over my shoulder. While she is fairly light and thin, carrying her this far is awkward and I need to balance her weight. Her blouse adjusts and I feel her warm waist press against my cheek. The smell of her perfume or body lotion wafts into my nostrils and I still find it non-plussing that she knew Lal-atha. Though I realize from our brief encounter that the airhead bit is an act, and judging from the well stocked bookshelves I observed in her inner sanctum, she is actually quite literate and not exactly what she seems.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reaction (Part 90)

I don't have much time. The Confederation has told me in effect that while Earth is a real swell place, it's not worth an intergalactic war. I guess they're right. After all we're just a bunch of monkeys running around with pop guns and firecrackers, gorging ourselves on sugar while watching the latest contest show on television. What's to miss if it disappears in a puff of smoke?

I am back in Shamballa with Yal-hune. She is very non-committal about everything and I sense she doesn't want to interfere in these decisions I make. I tell Tech2 about the sword of Damocles that now threatens to drop on Earth.

"You're freakin joking with me right? Ha. Ha. Real funny."

"I'm deadly serious."

"No, seriously the joke's not funny. Tell me the truth."

"The truth is another world at least half a million years in advance of us technologically is coming to wipe Earth off the map. There will be no 3rd planet from the sun."

"That's total bullshit! The Confederation will protect us."

"We're not a Confederation member. We're not important enough. They will try to put up shields and barriers that keep Lal-atha's space fleet at bay - but even they know that he will get through them."

"Even out atomic weapons are completely useless against his space fleet. We have no real defenses."

"Christ, they gutted the missile defense program, the satellite weapon program, the moon surveillance program - we have nothing good enough to even detect their ships. They could be orbiting Earth right now, just outside the moon's orbit and we would never know they are there!"

"We have Atlan-98 and two working EMF craft at our disposal. Not that it will do much."

"We have more than that." Tech2 replies.

"What do you mean?"

"When you left I ordered one of the EMF propulsion systems to be reverse-engineered."


"Hold on. I'm getting to it. I knew you would never have done that. You were afraid of the technologies being used by man against man. But, I knew we might have need of them after you had your encounter with Lal-atha in San Diego."


"And we discovered a technology that can be easily weaponized."

"Jesus...I leave you in charge and..."

"Cut the crap! YOU left...remember? You bailed the hell out of here and left me in charge while you shacked up with your alien girlfriends! Don't lecture me about responsibility!"

"Fine. Whatever. What's the technology?"

"It's a matter-energy beam. It's used in the conversion of the isotopes of the ship and all within it. It employs a computer technology light years in advance of ours which scans and records every single molecule in the ship. We couldn't crack the computer part, and even had a hard time recognizing where it was located, but we did identify the device employed in the conversion and we weaponized that."

"What is it?"

"Basically - it's a disintegration beam."

"So do you have a prototype?"

"No. We have a schematic under design."

I can't believe it. It's exactly what I feared. I realize that all my lectures and talks went in one ear and out the other. Give a man some power and he immediately starts to think of two things - sex and violence. Not necessarily in that order. I feel like cuffing him for disobeying my most fundamental instructions, but in these circumstances, maybe it's for the best - I just don't know.

"The cool thing about it is it is very, very small. Believe it or not the whole device would fit inside a fat marker pen."

"What about the power supply? A device of that nature needs inconceivable power."

"The best we can figure is it works in conjunction with a device that taps surrounding electromagnetic fields for power. In this instance, it's truly solar powered - as the EMF craft seems to tap star-fields for juice."

"So we would have to design it to work with a nearby EMF ship?"

"Yes. For all we know the EMF ships we acquired already have this type of weapon on-board."

"I don't think so. The ships require mental equilibrium. Lower emotions cause them to blow apart - remember?"


"Any theoreticals on range of the weapon and safety for the user?"

"Nope. Not enough time yet. But two levels are working on it as we speak."

"Two levels?"

"Yes. You have a problem with that too?"

Each level of Shamballa has about 150 scientists and about 50 physical laboratories and research facilities. Most projects don't even get half a level working on them unless it is extremely urgent. Two levels is unprecedented. Tech2 was clearly working overtime to weaponize the Atlantean technologies. Maybe he felt that was the ticket after Isis and Encyclopedia walked out on him.

"Fine. Find out what range the device has. Use the utmost safety protocols if you do any testing. We don't need Shamballa to disappear without Lal-atha firing a single shot. I have to find some people."

"What people?"

"People who Lal-atha hates and wants to destroy."

"Do you know their names? Who the hell lives on Earth and would even know Lal-atha. Who, on Earth, has consorted with galactic criminals in their past lives?"

"The Council on Htra-deg was kind enough to provide me with their names."

"Anybody we know?"

"Not personally - but you know of her."

"You gonna tell me or is this 20 questions?"

"One of the four is April Britt."

"Jesus christ! No way!"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Plan (Part 89)

Every time I think my life is as unusual as it can get, something comes along to make it all the more unusual. Here on Htra-deg I am performing all sorts of firsts and yet no one from the record books is here to record them. It's for the best anyway. I always disliked record books. After all how can one get excited about someone with 23 inch long fingernails or a limousine so long it can't be used on normal streets? No, contributing content for some sort of freak show is the least of my concerns, and yet for some reason as I stand here on another world, it feels momentous and that some sort of celebration is in order. While I've been to Htra-deg before, briefly, for some reason I'm more aware of the true significance now.

In the distance a group of women, dressed similarly to Yal-hune, leisurely walk towards one of the crystalline buildings.

No one reacts like my appearance is unusual at all. There is no pomp and circumstance or on the opposite end of the spectrum, no xenophobic containment facilities keeping me separated from the people of Htra-deg.

"So this is what it feels like to be on another world. A vastly more advanced world. A world millions of years in advance of the Earth. It feels good."

"Yes. It should be a coming home of sorts."

As she says it, she triggers a whole new pathway of thoughts in my mind - which, of course, was her intention. A wave of realization crashes over me like the pounding surf breaking against the rocks. I have lived here before, on Htra-deg, and these skies, these buildings at once appear quite familiar to me.

"When did I live here? Did I know you?"

"You've known me for sometime, but when you lived last, this was long before I was born."

It really hits me now. I'm not really human. Sure, I look human, I was born on Earth and live there, but I am not human. I've lived on many worlds and in many sentient species. That's why I'm here. That's why my brain isn't melting under the stress of what's happened to me and my life.

"Yes. Well today you get to come face to face with some of the results of your lives, not only on this world but other worlds. Follow me."

Yal-hune walks gracefully towards a crystalline building that glows greener than the Emerald City of Oz and which has a tall crystalline spire of pink emerging from it. The structure is hard to scale, but it most easily measure a mile high - maybe two. In this enormous sky, it is not that imposing, nor does it seem that large.

The wall dissolves as we approach. Inside the glow is no longer green but appears quite bright white. I wonder how accurately my human eyes can perceive the broad color spectra here. Two men, at least 8 feet tall, stand in attention just inside the entrance. I've never seen someone here with anything resembling a militaristic bearing, but these two seem closest to it. Militaristic isn't the right word. Stoic, perhaps or serious is more appropriate. They look very serious and focused.

"The Sentries are more symbolic than anything. They assist one if one needs assistance. Somewhat like doormen on Earth, but with an infinitely broader range of abilities and skills at the disposal of visitors."

"What exactly is this place?"

"This is the Htra-deg Confederation Affairs Building. This building is where most of our affairs with other worlds are conducted."

"Lead the way."

I follow Yal-hune. The bright light seems to come from everywhere and nowhere. It is almost like the air itself is charged and glowing.

"You are actually quite right. The air here does glow. It radiates light from certain component molecules. Just like the charged gases in the atmosphere on Earth when hit by cosmic radiation become the Northern Lights - the air here is designed to emit light. There are no lighting fixtures or lamps anywhere in this building. The air itself is targeted and irradiated and emits as much or as little light as needed."

"That is very cool."

"I knew you would like it. You have and will continue to learn to wield light in ever wiser ways."

Yal-hune walks through a wall that fades away and I follow. We stand for a moment and then I can feel we are being teleported.

We reappear in an enormous room.

"Yes. There are no elevators or stairways. All movement here between floors is done by machine or personal teleportation."

It is shaped like a great vortex. It spirals down toward the center in an logarithmic pattern. I see people standing, floating and working consoles of various kinds A hundred and one holographic type displays catch my eye. As we walk down the path off to the sides are compartmentalized segments with people discussing various things and talking about different planets. They are not speaking aloud. The room is almost silent. All communication and interaction with the devices in here is mental. There is no cacophony of voices. It is very tranquil and orderly. Yes, orderly and efficient - that is the word I am looking for.

"There are many floors like this one. Each floor handles about 30 worlds. This floor employs those whose job monitors Earth."

I follow Yal-hune and we are stopping. I see the people that are in charge of handling Htra-deg's affairs with Earth. These are the one's who sent Yal-hune as an Emissary to Earth. They all look at me and are smiling. The power of their minds is quite overwhelming and they possess deep historic knowledge of Earth and other worlds as well.

One woman, an older looking woman. speaks. I know she must be very old - thousands of years old for her to have an aged appearance.

"Welcome to Htra-deg. This is a very joyous occasion, yet also very grave. We are pleased you could come to visit us with our Emissary Yal-hune."

"It is my pleasure."

"It is our job to, how shall we put it, coordinate and manage the interactions our world has with your world. We monitor human affairs on Earth and other worlds that interact, or attempt to interact with the Earth."

A man steps forward. He's easily 8-1/2 feet tall and possesses a very wizened look about him.

"We have very important news. Your world has been targeted for a full scale invasion."


"Lal-atha's world is preparing to assault the Earth. Diplomatic channels have failed and he and his world are determined to perpetrate a violent attack on humanity. As you can imagine, this greatly concerns us. We have for hundreds of Earth years prevented any attacks from occurring and have played a large role in preserving your world's quarantine from other worlds.

"Can't you stop him?"

"Our mission is to protect the Earth. Three worlds of the Confederation have been assigned to your world and its preservation. However, we do not return negative with negative and do not fight wars in space or anywhere else. We have set up new barriers to shield your world from Lal-atha's space fleets and invasion armies. However, these things tend to turn out poorly. Technologies are only so powerful and there is a galaxy full of technological worlds selling new technologies to beings intent upon destruction.

I can't believe it. My mind is hearing all this stuff and it's just too much to believe. Earth invaded? There must be someway it can be stopped.

"Why does Lal-atha want to destroy the Earth? Can't a deal be made?"

"Lal-atha is not much for deals. You know his history. He is degenerating quickly and something like this was bound to happen. Intergalactic wars occur with high frequency on non-Confederation worlds. The galaxy is testament, filled with the scars ignorance has scoured upon it. Evidence of destroyed species and the loss of so many promising worlds can be found from one end of the galaxy to the other."

"So why are you telling me this now? What can I do?"

"You are one of the key players. Your presence, and the presence of others on Earth is something that infuriates Lal-atha. He has monitored the fundamental frequencies of the planet and keeps tabs on those who arrive from more advanced worlds. As you understand, Lal-atha was desirous of keeping Earth in a stagnant position. His goal has been to insure that humanity remain little more than animal like, with low technocracy, no space travel and open to external control."

"Yes. I am aware of these things. When you say 'key player' you really mean I knew Lal-atha and he knows and hates me and these others he knows that are now on the Earth?"

"Yes. You and Lal-atha have interfaced in the past, when he was on a more positive trajectory. He holds great resentment towards his associates from this past period and has targeted them, to prove he is superior. You were targeted and three or four others on Earth who knew Lal-atha."

"Let me get this straight. You are saying Lal-atha plans to invade the Earth to get revenge upon his old acquaintances?"

"Yes. That is what we are saying."

"Surely the Confederation has the power to keep him in check and protect the Earth...don't they?"

"The situation is quite critical. Lal-atha is part of an anti-confederation of worlds in opposition to ours. All the worlds which compose it are generally less developed, prone to violence and which resent the Confederation and what it stands for and has accomplished. No one wants a galactic war to erupt over the Earth. While the Earth is very important - many worlds are important - and an error in judgment could bring about another terrible darkness over the Galaxy. Non-violence, non-interference and positive action we know to be the most intelligent response to violence and negative action. We are telling this to you so that you can prepare yourself and your world."

"Prepare my world? Prepare it for an alien invasion? I don't think such a thing is possible. It would just cause hysteria and more violence and destruction."

Yal-hune turns to me.

"They are saying you must look closer at your past lives with Lal-atha and find what magnetics draw unto you this violent confrontation. When you do this, your fields change and you change the magnetics of this scenario. That is the type of preparation they intended you to pursue."

"You must also find and gather these others who knew Lal-atha. You four are the primary targets. They must also be made aware so they can change their magnetics as well."

"I just come up to perfect strangers and say, 'Hi. You knew an alien who is about to attack the world, come with me, you're in danger.' and that will convince them? I don't think so."

"You are a very bright person. You will be able to find a way to convince them of the truth of your words."

I experience deja vu. It is brief, but somehow I knew this was going to happen - alien world, invasion and all.

"Yes. These futures are foreseeable from a certain level of energy and perspective this level affords. We have seen many futures of Earth and that is why we contacted you. Earth has a better chance when we inform you of what is about to happen. We realize it is interference, but it is a very small interference we are willing to perform and accept the repercussions it generates."

I realize I desperately need a plan.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Htra-deg (Part 88)

I find myself overwhelmed with all sorts of things that demand my attention. Hardly any time to think and really try to put the past events in perspective. I understand the way energy functions, Yal-hune has helped pound those principles into my dense skull, and I need to make the time to analyze all that is occurring and find its root sources - in my past lives. It's so easy to just roll through it all and play with the emotions. I know better, but still its very hard when I leave the shielded areas.

All that has occurred, that will occur, is tied in to my pasts. All these things I interpret as negative, have their counterpart positive sides I am completely blind to. I start to dig a hole with all these biases. It makes it harder and harder to climb out. I realize that on worlds like Htra-deg they don't bias things and instantly seek and find equilibrium with all events. I know that's so much more intelligent than what we humans do, but when I'm away from the shielding I quickly succumb to the emotionalism and biases that are human traits.

Yal-hune appears before me. She is wearing an alien outfit similar to what she wore the first time I saw her. A wispy chiffon like material that defies Earth's gravity when it makes an appearance and floats through the air more gently than a dandelions seeds on a windy spring day. Her mind enters a room first and then her body. Once I see her it is like a cup of water for a man parched, wandering in an endless desert with a merciless, unrelenting sun overhead. Her upper torso is bare and every curve, line and angle broadcast their perfection like some radio signals that my eyes pick up. I need not verbalize all this, Yal-hune picks up my thoughts instantly and it would only be redundant. And for all her physical beauty, it's her mind that powers it - that shaped it - which is the real beauty.

I no longer conceal my thoughts from either Skuuinja or Yal-hune. I have abandoned thought markers when they are around. Skuuinja does not honor them most of the time anyways and brazenly reads my mind, regardless, and Yal-hune is so balanced and on equilibrium that nothing I can say or think would truly disturb her, offend her or emotionalize her. And since she has been such a healthy influence on me and my mind, I figure concealment only harms myself from an opportunity at Yal-hune's insight.

I realize I am becoming alien myself. My tastes, my choice of companions and most importantly - my mind - has absorbed and mimicked the more developed patterns of Yal-hune. Such is the destiny of everything less developed, to imitate and mold itself after those that have more development. Evolution at work. As I try to think as would a being from Htra-deg, with constant equilibrium and balance, I abandon my human heritage and its emotional lineage. Its obvious that one alien alone could shape a less developed world by visiting it. Our mythology and 'gods' probably have roots in a number of alien visitations.

"You have wanted to know what I have been doing for the past week. Well, I have been working towards the goal of protecting this world from harm and preserving this learning ground, for younger souls, from destruction. If you would care to join me, we will take a trip to my birth world of Htra-deg so you can more clearly see what we have been working on."

"I'm there!"

And with a wave of her arm I realize we are already en route. In a moment the white light which surrounds us subsides in intensity and the details of the landscape of Htra-deg are becoming clear.

"Then here we are!"

The first thing I notice is the sky. It is alive, like looking into a whirlpool or a tornado seen from straight overhead. Clouds moving quickly - far more quickly than on Earth. The sky is pink, magenta and a plethora of colors in that range which I have never seen. I am suddenly made aware the color spectrum is actually infinite! That on Earth we see only a fraction of the colors which exist in ever expanded spectra of light. The sky has an expansiveness that even makes the huge Arizona desert sky seem small. I can't help but realize I am on a huge world, a world that dwarfs my own as this maelstrom above me, curiously silently churns clouds and colors with an alien grace and shape.

The next thing I notice is that we are in some sort of parkland area, trees - or something similar, enormous, statuesque and higher than our redwoods - reach up towards this enormous sky. They glow from within as does the 'grass' here. They emit light and regenerate it in the same way the metal we recovered on Earth from the Flame Room does. The elements here are much more complex and generate their own light. Htra-deg does not get all its light from stars - rather it provides its own light and it never experiences 'night' the way Earth and the worlds in our solar system do.

Structures in the distance are crystalline and seem even brighter than the native vegetation. I am reminded of crystals I have seen that have been hit by laser light - the glow is very precise, crisp and the light shimmers with this clarity of radiance. As I turn to look at Yal-hune and I see her in this environment - I see how much she belongs here. Her beauty is magnified by this environment, it resonates with her and my eyes can barely contain themselves as they behold her. A wave of euphoria hits me. This world carries with it these very intelligent fields of energy and they have found my own fields and saturated them.

I see life in an entirely new way! I realize that my interpretation of life was like looking out of a small pinhole. Now, the obstructions are gone and I can partake of a vast and broad panorama of life! I am so overwhelmed my mind can't keep up with all that it now is struggling to perceive and absorb.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Skuuinja (Part 87)

The salty sweat stings my eyes and I polish the final panel on the Lincoln. Exercising clears the mind and gets those endorphins flowing through the blood stream. I like my exercise to be functional and productive. Whether detailing cars, gardening or similar pursuits that achieve a goal besides simply the goal of exercising. I am back at the house and for the first time in a week, I truly feel myself. Perspectives one can't seem to attain without shielding permit me to soar above the material troubles and conflicts and remove myself from the turmoil.

Here the garages are air conditioned, and the air is also filtered for toxins. Yal-hune incorporated some rather advanced alien designed chemical filtration elements into a modified conventional system. The result clears fumes and chemicals from the air - even in the garage. Which is good. The petroleum distillates in waxes and polishes are nasty stuff and are toxic to many organs and act as neurotoxin. I'll have to see what they use in the future or on Htra-deg to polish or clean surfaces, I'm sure it involves no toxins, whatsoever.

The car done, I enter the advanced shower system and refresh my body and wash away the sweat and dirt. As the shower system dries me off and decontaminates me with a fast UV bath, I think about the Chief's dreams again. Particularly about the moon coming down and refusing to go up. Did it deal with Obama's pulling the manned moon program? As I recall, the sun was arguing with the moon and the moon was struggling to rise but could not. So many possibilities enter my consciousness, from astronomical movements to simple symbolism, it is hard to know the true meaning.

Yal-hune greets me after I dress, but shortly thereafter disappears again. She is working on something with her brother and she hasn't yet told me what exactly it is she is working on. My curiosity is tempered, here anyways, but as soon as I leave the house it bothers me more. Well, I should say the overshadowers want it to bother me more. I'm sure she will tell me if I need to know or it helps things by my knowing.

"Are you still worrying about what Yal-hune is doing?"

Skuuinja is direct and has no moral blocks about reading my mind, brazenly.

"Not worried, merely thinking about it."

"Trust me, she knows what she is doing. And if you want to know so badly - simply ask her to let you in on it."

Skuuinja laughs. She delights in my conflicts. It's not a malicious laugh, rather she sees them as ridiculous and they amuse her. If I couldn't feel her mind and her love for me I could easily misunderstand her laughter and it would feed any one of a thousand and one insecurity complexes we humans possess in regards to how we are perceived by others.

"Thanks for your concern Skuuinja. How's Earth treating you?"

She becomes quite serious.

"I am learning a great deal. Seeing firsthand the results of overshadowing and the arrested cultural development here on Earth, has opened my eyes completely. I have a new compassion for humans. Their lot is a tough one. Constantly having their minds compromised - and worst of all not even recognizing it. I realize the unintelligent course I have traveled and see now that I will have great efforts ahead in reversing my past acts - including the time I spent overshadowing you."

"It sounds like coming to Earth has been an epiphany for you."

"Yes. In many ways it has. Just as humans have played video games and feel no remorse or connection with the characters, so do other worlds see the humans they overshadow as somewhat unreal constructs designed for their own entertainment. It seems like deranged attitude from this perspective on Earth, but quite a valid point of view from another world light years away. It is quite real to say that many beings on other worlds look at Earth like a video game - an entertaining toy. To be here and experience its reality is a shocking counter-perspective."

Skuuinja walks over and hugs me. Tears are on her cheeks and I feel her remorse and love like a giant wave that washes over me. I wrap my arms around her and hug her tightly.

"It will be okay. You are already reversing those past acts. Here you will be able to do much good, not only for yourself but for a world that is sleep walking through life."

Skuuinja kisses me on the cheek. It is an exquisite kiss and gentle as a soft breeze. Her own unique mental signature is in it and my body reacts. After years of kissing and being kissed by humans, I never imagined that there could be such a disparity between sentient species and their kisses. While kissing is uniquely a human activity and display of affection, when other sentience partake of it - it is not just kissing. It is much more mental than physical. It is very hard to explain.

I forget about trying to explain it and simply kiss her back, giving as much of my mind as I can to her. She's reading my thoughts and my mind as we kiss. I feel her inside me and looking at my thoughts with her own perspective.

"You know you over-reacted with Encyclopedia and Isis."


"You must realize how they were overshadowed from the get-go."

"Yes. I just don't know how I can trust them if they are so compromised."

"It's your choice, but if I were you - I would want to protect them - not cast them to the wolves."

She's right. I've let my biases and emotions cloud my better judgment. They need understanding more than punishment and they need to know what they are up against in their own minds. An idea hits me.

"Wait...what are you thinking."

I smile and let her pull it from my mind.

"You want me to teach a class at Shamballa? You want me to teach humans how to protect their minds and recognize overshadowing thoughts from their own?"

"Who would be better? And what could be a better way of reversing your past actions?"

I feel her peruse the notion and I know she sees the logic behind it.

"Very well. I will teach the Techs how to identify overshadowing and resist it. But if I do this, you must also do me a favor."

"Name it."

"You must go shopping with me today. I will need more outfits and it might not hurt if you buy me my own car as well."

"It's a deal."

Skuuinja races out of the room, "Hold on...I'll just be a minute." Her excitement is palpable and for someone older than everyone on Earth, she still has the enthusiasm and energy of a human teenager. I realize it's contagious as I feel the excitement build up in me. Suddenly, I feel the way she does, and every little event in life is exciting...and wonderful.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Humanity's Cage (Part 86)

I am back in Arizona. Encyclopedia and Isis are in custody at the old Shamballa facility. The Atlantean texts have been recovered. Once the news building was surrounded and entered by a fully armed team he knew he had no exit. The pressure is on to bring him up on some sort of charges or cut him some sort of deal where he makes up for the damage he has caused the Agency.

He's withdrawn and doesn't talk much. I don't trust him anymore. I don't trust Isis anymore either. If I do cut them a deal it will not be for their old positions. I'm honest with myself and realize I don't want them around the new Shamballa which has been activated. I don't like playing god with people's lives, but their own attitudes and behavior have washed away all the goodwill I once had towards them. They hold no credit with me anymore and its just charity that keeps me from washing my hands of them altogether and letting them take their lumps for being the most stupid smart people I've ever known. So many people's lives have been turned upside down because of their betrayal. So much work, money and time wasted. That's not what SDAI is all about.

As I type this entry, It acts to clarify my feelings. I can't work with people I can't trust. I will cut them loose. We have the Atlantean texts and if they have made any copies, it won't matter. It's the metallurgic content of the books themselves that is the real proof of their existence. People are skeptics, possibly more so than ever in this digital age. And they know if they keep pushing the matter, the next time they will not be so lucky. They will be incarcerated somewhere where there is no key.

Obama has cut the manned moon program in this year's budget. This was the overshadowing world's punishment for our attempts to advance. As always, the mandate, of the likes of Lal-atha, which has been imposed upon Earth still stands - no human is permitted outside the Earth's orbit. The moon is not ours - it's their moon. Space is not open - its closed. When I had Bush's ear, I could get him to promote manned exploration of space again. But Obama is surrounded by those who are almost totally overshadowed. The aliens plan to bring America and the rest of the world down has worked. Messing with the economy, dumbing down each successive generation with pacification technologies and creating a world of sheep who almost never look up at the sky above them - these are their success stories.

No one even complains much. The overshadowers have the anti-space meme down pat now. They can control the talking heads to talk about robotic exploration and how much better this is or how the money is better spent on the homeless or the hungry. No one tells it as it really is - Earth is a prison and no one is let out.

Humanity's cage.

Yeah, I know I sound depressed. I guess I am. It's been a very tough week and I realize, more than ever, that terrible precipice humanity flirts with. I realize that humanity could be wiped out tomorrow and the Confederation would not fire a single retaliatory shot at the worlds responsible. For beings who only understand the barbaric eye for an eye, the Confederation is not a threatening organization. The only thing that keeps Earth and humanity from destruction are those worlds that have taken a liking to Earth and it's sentient species, but who are NOT members of the Confederation and who are NOT all that developed yet. Beings for whom humanity's destruction would be a cue for their own genocidal rampage on the world(s) responsible - or more likely - worlds those responsible hold dear.

I haven't returned to the house since I've been back and I miss the shielding. I've been too busy activating the new Shamballa and I've slept in the new Tech1 office. Yal-hune has been holding down the fort with Skuuinja and I've hardly seen either more than once for the past week. I can't tell you how much I miss them both.

Life here is not the dirt, trees, sky or buildings. It's the people. When one finds someone who is intelligent and who makes one glad one is alive, one doesn't like to leave those people for any substantial period of time. They are like a battery for one's joie de vivre.

In my hours before falling asleep on this couch I have also been thinking about Tis-mi-ish and the life the future me lives with her. I wonder what I do? I wonder if I am smarter than I am now? Am I a better person or do I backslide and arrive in that future millennia with more baggage of all sorts? Many questions fill my head as I worry about the future and whether that future is set in stone or at risk - flirting with the same precipice of non-existence humanity faces now?

I also think of the Chief's dreams. There's something there I still need to look at. Something I need to uncover. Something very important that might save the world.
But it will have to wait. My eyelids are heavy and I keep falling half asleep as I write this.

Well, this is Tech1 signing off - for now.