Sunday, November 01, 2009

Extraterrestrial Music - Music of the Spheres (Part 36)

The meeting of Thor and Yal-hune went better than expected. He left with a promise to continue to endeavor to preserve Yal-hune's freedom and security.

Yal-hune did not once mention my discussion with Isis. Isis has been talking with the translation team and Yal-hune in order to put pressure on me to release some of the Atlantean books, and the history they contain, to appropriate public agencies. Isis has no idea I have been keeping a public blog, disseminating all sorts of stuff as I see fit, and I wonder if she would still find me so heartless if she knew about it.

Yal-hune approached me with the request for more taped dissertations. I am awaiting her arrival at any moment.

As if on cue, Yal-hune walks through the door. Not opening it with her Fortezza card - simply passing through it as if it were a hologram and had no substance.

"You'll have to teach me that trick, sometime!"

"If I thought it would serve you well, I would. Like all lessons there is a time and place. Do you have the recorder ready?"

"Yes, it's here. Let me switch it on."

I fumble over my desk as I reach for the micro-cassette recorder. Yal-hune is looking hotter than Mt. Veusuvius on the last day of Pompeii. She has done something with her hair and it sits coiffed on the back of her head in an intricate geometric design that looks like it would take hours and hours to create. Her field is powerful and I sense her gently augmenting my consciousness with her own equilibrium. I've noticed she does this when she gives a dissertation. I switch on the recorder and place it facing her.

"Ok, It's going."

"Great. Today I want to talk about music. Music is, like all things, a precise science. Your world enjoys music and realizes that music alters mood - though almost no thought has been expended towards why this is so and how to achieve greater and greater musical expressions.

Music is a series of frequencies. Music is sound with intelligence.

While musicians on your world today stumble upon chords and harmonic elements for their compositions, the science of music is almost completely unknown to them. On our world and many, many more that are well in advance of the Earth, in regards to musical expression, the science of music is understood and applied.

Consciousness is like a musical composition. Each thought interfaces and flows into the next. Its cues come from the environment. Music is the intelligent application of sound and its frequencies to alter or adjust consciousness. Happiness, introspection, wonder, excitement, ecstasy, triumph, love, compassion and much more can be orchestrated into a composition so as to skillfully adjust the listener's consciousness.

Your world has a phrase, 'music of the spheres' that relates to celestial or 'heavenly' music. On our world this music of the spheres is more than just a descriptive phrase. We have real spheres that resonate with a great range and permit this intelligent reverberation. A musician can think up a symphony or a melody with his/her thoughts and immediately hear these thoughts translated into music. As a result, the ability of the composer to compose a tune of precisely the right notes and chord structures is unparalleled. Whatever feelings he/she wants to convey can be honed to a fine perfection. Music composition becomes an exercise of the mind and its ability to attune itself to all sorts of things in the universe that surround it.

Great concerts are held in enormous auditoriums where composers share their music and we have choirs in which minds sing - not voices. The most beautiful moments imaginable can be had when sharing and feeling the transcending joined minds of others.

When your world begins to understand even the most rudimentary scientific principles behind music and its relationship with the mind your world's music will make enormous strides. The many discordant chords and combinations found in music will be understood. Why one likes one song over another will also be understood. Today the movie makers understand the importance of a soundtrack in keeping the viewer emotionally vested with the film they view. Manipulation of emotions can be achieved with music. In a real sense, music is a form of thought control on Earth. Primarily because the listeners are not forearmed with this knowledge of signals and their correlation to consciousness and thought."

"Okay, that is all for today. You can switch off the tape recorder."



"Did you sing in a choir on your world when you were younger? For a moment I had a vision of you in wondrous chamber with walls as iridescent as mother of pearl and you were standing in a simple gown alongside dozens of other girls."

"Yes, you were seeing truly. On our world almost all children start this mental musical development and harmonizing. It is part of our educational fabric. If you would like...when you go to sleep tonight, I will travel with you to my world for a concert. You might not remember it upon awakening, but its lingering effects will provide a quickening and a balance."

"I would like that very much."

"Let your readers know about it. They are invited to come too."

"I will. I'll include this conversation into the transcript."

"That's fine."

Yal-hune turns and walks right out the way she came in. For a moment, I realize just how privileged I am to know her, spend time with her and learn from her. The Genie of the lamp is loose and she is the most beautiful Jinn, inside and out I have ever encountered.

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