Sunday, November 22, 2009

Confederations, Migrations & More (Part 50)

It's amazing how fast you can get used to things. In less than a week I am already quite comfortable with my decision to leave SDAI. I have grand dreams of a new organization. One completely outside the influence of government altogether. Contractors are building a hangar, bunker and storage facility to my specifications. It's costing a bundle, but money has never been much of an issue. I still have the Treasury Card that Thor gave me as a parting gift. and I am happy to report it still works perfectly. You've got to love our wonderful government when it comes to tracking expenditures. Accounting and records keeping has never been bureaucrats' long suit, which is of course no big surprise.

Yal-hune has been helping me design the additions and I also have given her free reign to do the interior decor of the house and rebuild as necessary. She takes no task lightly and does not ever give less of herself to any project. This is the way she is. I asked her if she could incorporate advanced ergonomics/technology from the Atlantean engineering texts and her world into the layout. I somewhat expected her to resist participation, but I think she sees how much it means to me to have a place that fosters advanced thought and facilitates her needs as well.

I want to re-introduce the Atlantean technologies - not all of them, mind you - but those that are harmless and unable to be weaponized. I have not forgotten Yal-hune's gift to me and I work now with this future in mind. Most important is the reintroduction of the mental and spiritual aspects that have been lost to our human society. If these are not introduced first then man will remain stagnant and retrogressive. Any advanced technologies introduced would be counter-productive. Man's mind must come first.

Humanity doesn't realize how backwards it is. Sure someone may leave a big city and visit some third world city and feel superior and proud of their nation and lifestyle, but even that great divide is minuscule when seen in a larger perspective. Man toils, works constantly for survival. Fear is his companion from birth to death. This same fear drives his actions and relationships. And why? Because he has no knowledge of the sciences that have long since been lost to the world. Yal-hune arrives on Earth as an Emissary from a world not merely light years away, but light years in advance of our human sentience.

"Are you still blogging?"

"Yes, I'm typing in an entry now, why?"

"I thought you wanted to review a bit with me?"

"Well I didn't want to bother you - the place is looking so beautiful, I didn't want to interrupt the creative flow. I wanted to ask more about the Confederation. It seems there's a whole story there that needs more illumination. How many worlds? What are the political and socioeconomic relationships? How does Earth fit in? Earth is quarantined - was it at one time a member? Can Earth get "un-quarantined" by its own actions or is it up to others? And those are just for starters!"

"The Confederation of Planets is an organization of worlds that share certain common goals. It was founded over two million years ago, Earth time, and has a constantly changing number of member planets. All Confederation worlds agree not to try and harm other worlds. All agree to pacts of non-aggression. Science and technology is shared to some measure and worlds can approach the Confederation Council with requests for assistance. Member worlds are bound somewhat by the Confederation's Charter. The vast variety and types of sentience make some of the provisions and relationships somewhat flexible. As an organization it has saved worlds from destruction, stopped wars, evacuated dying worlds and furthered the cause of progressive sentience."

"Was Earth a member?"

"At one time. However, your world lost its membership after certain hostile acts. It has been quarantined by the Confederation and has been monitored closely. Many of the galaxy's greatest criminals find themselves on Earth. Many of the lower planets share a certain population base. On your world it could be likened to watching a large group of Communist Chinese migrate to your nation. You know that their beliefs, political beliefs and past actions will influence their new environment."

"Woah! Wait a just thought of something was quick...but it was disturbing - what was that?"

"Well, your world now has a preponderance of people who deface their bodies with tattoos and piercings and the vampire fad is penetrating popular culture. I know where many of the youths of today used to live - I know their former worlds and what they did there. So it is natural for these youths to positively bias tattoos, piercing and vampirism. They do not have the same aversion which previous generations did to self-defiling, vampirism and other things. Their former home world, which still exists half way across the galaxy on the very outskirts, had heightened self-mutilation to an art form. Their skin, as soon as they are full grown, is covered completely with markings. Portions of the planet are still cannibalistic, drink blood and view these things positively. They are a world below the Earth in the evolutionary development spectra. Earth has inherited tens of millions of graduates from this world. Incarnating on Earth is a step up for them and is their next classroom so to speak. When particularly large migrations occur - and one just did around 1993 - your world is somewhat pulled down, as the fundamental frequency is lowered."

"Why don't advanced worlds migrate people to Earth? And what was that about 1993."

"Do 5th graders return to their 3rd grade classroom? No. Of course not. There are always a few - who are the equivalent of teachers. And occasionally a small migration may occur if some group of souls are inspired enough to try and assist in a more personal way. This then causes a renaissance. In 1993 a large migration occurred - because fifty million people died in a horrible war on this other world. Earth picked up millions of this world's casualties in a very short period of time and is still receiving them as the cycle of reincarnation varies considerably with each individual."

"So our world gets the Confederation's refugees and troublemakers?"

"The world I speak of is not a member of the confederation. Confederation worlds get refugees from the Earth!"

"Doesn't it make war more likely here when we receive such an influx?"

"Yes. Lots of things change. However, these souls are ready for something a bit better than where they were. So Earth will seem like a paradise to them and they have the opportunity to learn a bit more developed morality and intelligent living."

(To be continued)

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