Thursday, November 05, 2009

Uninvited Guests (Part 37)

I sit at my '64 McGuire desk, which is built like a vault. I have taken out one of the Atlantean texts and placed it upon it. I have the symbol key Isis and the translation team worked 468 hours on to develop. I wanted to do a little reading and partake of a book that predates the bible by tens of thousands of years.

Looking at the book you would never believe it is old. You would think it is new. And not only that you would think it is a new type of book and very, very expensive. The covers are metallic in appearance, yet soft as glove leather to the touch. Our lab boys have determined it is an alloy related to aluminum but stronger and more flexible. Spectral and tensile analysis are still incomplete.

One opens the book much as a normal book by turning the cover. However, the book seems to know when it is being touched. As soon as I grab the cover and start to open it, the cover comes to life. The shiny metallic cover seems to morph and shape a picture. In this instance, the image is of a young girl near a tree. The girl is adorable and looking right at me. Then it appears as if she is looking towards the edge of the cover, inviting me to read the book. The tree behind her rustles at the same time. I can only assume the cover is made out of some cell like web that can be sent signals by an unseen microchip. Yet the book has no apparent batteries or electronics of any kind, which is what makes it so wonderful and incredible. Even today this technology is impressive and looks beyond state of the art. I can only imagine what would happen to someone in possession of a book like this during the Catholic inquisitions. The owner(s) would quickly find themselves burning at the stake for witchcraft and sorcery.

When I remove my hand from the cover, the girl looks back at me and then after about ten seconds, fades away. The weird thing is, I know I have seen this type of book before. Not quite a deja-vu, but close. Just so familiar, like a memory not quite in reach. I take the book cover in hand again and the girl and the scene reappears. The image is lifelike, like a photograph or movie and not drawn, yet also seems enhanced from reality somehow. It's hard to explain. As I turn open the cover I am confronted with sparkling pages of what appear like white vellum. The symbols embedded within the page are metallic and seem alive somehow. I look at them and they sense my consciousness somehow. Each character I look at seems strangely accented when my eye falls upon it. Like each character was keyed into my mind and suddenly became bolder, brighter or both. And again, this seems so familiar, as if I should know I have read thousands of books that do this. I look at my cheat sheet developed by Isis and try to match the characters/symbols.

The girl from the cover appears again as I turn the page. She must be an Atlantean girl. and appears about 8 years old and is dressed in clothing that is unlike any clothing I have ever seen in style and apparent material. Her garment wraps around her neck like a turtleneck and then drapes down over her arms like a poncho. It has geometric cut outs in the flowing material, revealing another layer underneath of a different color and the clothing looks more like it is wearable sculpture. Her hair is gold and worn long, but folded back towards the crown - like many ribbons tied into a bow at the crown is a head ornament of some sort that fastens the hair to the crown. The garment reaches down to below her knees and she has some sort of one-piece pant-boots on underneath in the same metal/cloth material and which capture the sunlight and twist it along the length of the pant-boots. She turns towards me and appears to be gazing right at me, as if she can see me. She begins to speak and I see her lips move as I hear the words in my mind! It is beautiful. The Atlantean language makes French appear stiff and guttural! It is exquisite! It flows so smoothly and is so melodic! It is the prettiest language I have ever heard.

The symbols on the next page appear and are accentuated in sequence as she speaks. My mind is compelled by the duality of the mental words and the visual script upon the page. They somehow were meant to complement each the other and permit greater understanding and feeling with the story. Though I cannot speak Atlantean, the message I hear in my mind indicate this book is about a girl who went on adventures of various sorts - it is a children's book!

The base alert sounds. I close the book and replace it on the shelf where it sits safely.

"Tech1 here, whats going on?"

"We have a breach in sector 21. There must be 40 or more heavily armed assailants all in black and wearing state of the art concealment garments. They look like special forces sir. We also now read three armored vehicles with heavy artillery."

"Yal-hune, can you hear me?"

"Yes, I am here."

"We have intruders breaching our remote perimeter in section 21. Do you have information about them?"

"Yes, they are special forces out of Fort Bragg. They have been ordered to try and kill me. They also have orders to destroy this facility or weaken it so it can be destroyed by air strikes."

"Sir, more troops and vehicles in sector 27! A group about the same size was picked up by the satellite. Orders sir?!"

"Hold on."

"I can deploy our forces and engage in a bloody fight. These guys will be equipped with a basic knowledge of our weapons and facility schematics. You are the only variable they cant account for. Can you put a field up around this facility?"

"I could, but I don't want to interfere."

"Even if it will mean many deaths?"

"I could turn myself over to them."


"Then they would have no reason for destroying this facility."

"Is this assault the work of the Norchans?"

"Yes. It is - as well as one other world that is terribly afraid the Earth will make another technocratic jump. They have been very busy overshadowing many people to get this result."

"Sir, four objects just entered our airspace. They are moving at Mach 4! ETA 25 seconds! Orders?"

"Deploy teams Alpha through Delta, activate the EMF pulse guns and position troops on all towers. Lock down all the sub levels and launch Fighter Squadrons SD1 and 4. Defend the base - don't hold back. These folks are deadly serious."

"Yes, sir!"


I sense she is gone. I don't know where. I open up my armoire and pull out a state of the art SDAI combat suit. I don't like this at all. Tech2 enters.

"This is it, isn't it? This is a full scale assault! Where's Yal-hune?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know. Can't you talk to her mentally?!"

"That's just it, she's disappeared and her mind and thoughts are completely closed off to me right now."

"They're going to kill everyone here just to get to Yal-hune - and she's not even here!?

"Stay calm. We've still got technology on our side."

I activate my full array of monitors that feed me signals from cameras and satellite imagery of this base from space. I see that four more sectors have troops and vehicles entering. A small army is being deployed against us.

"Deploy ALL combat personnel! Deploy ALL aircraft and combat vehicles!"

Tech2 points at a monitor. "What the HELL is THAT!!!!"

I take a look and see the satellite imagery blocked off as though it were experiencing an eclipse.

(To be continued...)

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