Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Night to Remember (Part 42)

Yal-hune looks ravishing. She has on a Derek Lam Asymmetric dress in a soft silver. It compliments her pinkish skin and comes down just above the knees. On her it looks like it was made on some other world. Her hair is pulled up and then allowed to flow freely out of a metallic ring made for her by the manufacturing division out of Atlan-98. She has on a pair of silver-grey booties by Gucci which match the dress perfectly. I know all this...because she knows this and is sharing it with me. She is a vision. Every cell in my body is on alert. Seeing her there smiling and dressed for our date is like a dream come true. Heck, it IS a dream come true.

We take one of the elevators to the garage level where the Lincoln awaits us. State of the art tracking and communication is built in, but no armaments. With Yal-hune, I no longer feel the need for such. She has convinced me that brain beats brawn every time. The interior is a beautiful shade of blue-green I first saw when Yal-hune landed. I had the vehicle division boys reupholster the vehicle with a high-grade upholstery velour dyed to match that color. It complements the silver-bluish exterior. They were pretty excited about how the car turned out.

I open the door for Yal-hune and she enters gracefully. The flash of pink ankle above the booties catches my eye and I follow the curving line along a perfectly sculpted calve and onto a majestic knee. From there I avert my eyes away and focus on closing the door gently. I walk around the vehicle, double check that it has current license and registration and then enter the car. Yal-hune is smiling and her smile is a new smile tonight. One I haven't seen before - and it carries a feeling with it. She's happy. Happy for me and happy that I had the courage to ask her out on a date. I feel the warmth and tenderness of her thoughts and there's a hint of mischievousness and mystery. As I look at her, she is all woman - every millimeter, every movement and every thought.

I start the car. The engine purrs very smoothly and with a shift of the gear selector, we silkily move out of the garage and out onto the tarmac. In five minutes we are at one of the gates and passing our way out into the Arizona night.
Yal-hune is doing this all for me. She knows that the whole dating ritual has meaning for me and she is enjoying my enjoyment. Her sensuality has been turned up a notch - if that's possible. Her magnetism and aura exude a sensuality that I have never, ever encountered before in any woman. Like all things about Yal-hune it is hard to describe. But she is exuding a magnetism so powerful it feels as though she could shift the world's axis just by looking at it. Each second with her is like a small eternity - and this too she is doing for me. She is slowing down time and her love fills me to the brim. My consciousness, I realize, is a vessel. And she is filling it with her essence, for my pleasure and development.

I feel so happy I could cry, and yet I am so happy that the tears don't come. Without saying a word she has already made this date more than I ever imagined. I see how her world is all about consciousness. The surroundings and the destination are less important than the manner in which she shares consciousness with me. The physical aspects take their rightful place below the all-important mental ones.

She's letting me see a new beauty within her. Her body may be perfect, but her mind - her MIND - is where she really resides. Her mind is another body and it can do so much more. Her mental embrace is already more gratifying, soul-quenching and thought-inspiring than any physical embrace. She is helping me see how the worlds which do away with physical bodies live -how minds are more of a 'body' than bodies are!

The stars are out and as I drive my mind is being thoroughly embraced and educated by Yal-hune. She has not said a word. She has not even spoken in my mind. Rather, she is showing me the power of feelings and that feelings are a form of consciousness removed from the reactionary portion of the mind. The feelings speak volumes and the depth of her feelings! My god, I can't begin to find the words to describe it. I realize humanity is missing out on so much consciousness!

Suddenly, I am aware I cannot return the love she has for me. Even though I love her with everything I am, I realize that it still falls far short of her love. She senses my sudden sadness and shows me that this is not entirely true; that my infinite self - the one that exists already in the timeless/spaceless spectra is an equal match and when she tunes in on me, she is able to tune in on that as yet unrecognized infinite part. She always has the right answers. She turns every bias around and brings it back to equilibrium. I try and reach out to her mind with everything I am - and will be - and suddenly I feel a new surge of consciousness. An expanded vista that permits me to love her as she deserves to be loved - infinitely.

We pull up into the restaurant parking lot and I realize I am the luckiest man on Earth. The restaurant is crowded and yet when Yal-hune enters, I can't count the number of eyes that stare at her - lingering stares. She turns down her magnetism as much as possible - I feel her doing it - and still they stare. The thoughts and attention are like a sudden assault upon her, but she is impervious because she is on equilibrium. Because of her development and energy level, each will see in her a reflection of themselves - and their imbalances. I hear their thoughts, insecurities, desires. I wonder if I made a mistake. Perhaps another restaurant would be better. I realize this is the first time I have seen Yal-hune in this type of environment. And although she is smiling and beaming, this is not as relaxing for her as a quiet, nearly empty cafe might be.

I turn to Yal-hune and she smiles.

"You're not chickening out on me..are you?"

"No, I just thought-"

"Just relax, this will be a night to remember."

And it was.

It was.

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