Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sacred Geometry (Part 48)

Yal-hune has moved in with me at my new home. The housing market is horrible, particularly around Arizona where 1 in 10 homes are being foreclosed, and many homes are for sale at a fraction of their 2005 values. This home sits on a comfortable 30 acres of land and the neighborhood is composed of custom built homes on large lots. What sold me was the large custom garage and the space to build a small hangar for the EMF craft and other things that might need a large storage facility. The home is made the way the Indians here have made homes for thousands of years - out of adobe. These adobe bricks have been stuccoed an appealing white/rose and the home looks sun kissed and glows warmly at sunrise and sunset.

Right now I am lounging by the pool on vintage deck furniture by Van Keppel & Green, made of white bleached twine or hemp tied around a black metal frame. Very simple, yet weather resistant and surprisingly comfortable. The pool glistens in the desert sun and this is the one time in the year, when humidity is a bit higher and the temperatures lower, that one can actually relax by the pool.

I'm staring at Yal-hune who is standing on the diving board, glistening wet after her 40 laps. I constantly fail at finding words with the wherewithal to describe her beauty accurately and am always left with words that only convey a small fraction. Delectable, gorgeous, scintillating, mesmerizing and a chest full of other words have tried to rise to the occasion but have been found wanting. She is not of this world and so I suppose it is not surprising that this world's languages fail to describe her. Her body's curves are splendid. I know something about the golden mean and logarithmic spirals and realize that her body is a mathematical masterpiece. The curves that flow from the narrowest part of her waist to her hips are perfect examples of logarithmic spiral arcs. The same is true of most curves found on her body, from her neck to the curves at her ankles - all mathematically perfect examples of infinite logarithmic spiral arcs. Yet one need not be an associate professor in mathematics to appreciate her.

I know I should be content, after all this position I find myself in probably sums up the American dream quite well, but I still long for more. Yal-hune's physical beauty is goddess-like but her mind is far more wonderful still. Some people smoke, drink or eat for comfort and escape from the pressures of modern life. I find myself sitting on the edge of Yal-hune's consciousness where zephyr breezes carrying wisdom from far off worlds wash over me and caress my mind. In turn, I feel my body literally change and become healthier and more refined. Watching her swim while her mind recalls her worlds aquatic facilities has been cathartic for me and my body, even though I haven't even gotten wet yet. Her thoughts are powerful medicine. They contain so much intelligence that each thought she takes transforms her environment and those around her. They broadcast from her mind and her equilibrium brings her environment into equilibrium as well.

Yal-hune executes a front 3-1/2 pike and enters the water seamlessly, hardly making more than a few ripples. I should be amazed, but it's now more amazing when she doesn't do something extraordinary. As she surfaces her pink hued skin complements the sky-blue waters.



"Where did you learn to do the human dives?"

"I've been watching humanity for a long time...I've seen every Olympics held since they resurrected them."

"What about your world. Do you have unique dives?"

"Watch this."

Yal-hune's lithe form emerges from the water. Her soft yet sinewy form conceals tremendous strength as she pulls herself out of the pool. She returns to the diving board and jumps high into the air over the pool. Time seems to freze - or pehaps its Yal-hune as she moves gracefully through the air in a series of spins with arms extended, then her arms raise above her head and her toes point. She descends into the water. It is beyond graceful. There is no splash - only a single ripple. Almost no bubles as well. Its as if her body simply became the water as it descended.

"How did you like that?"

"Beautiful. Beyond beautiful."

"Thank you. Now it's your turn."

"Oh, no - I don't dive well at all."

"C'mon...don't be chicken. The water doesn't judge you and neither do I."

I know what she says is true - but I judge me. Which of course is my problem. I climb out of the lounge chair and make my way to the board. The fiberglass texture grips the soles of my feet at the end of the board. I take two bounces at the end of the board and try to complete a single pike. I ask my muscles and brain to try and work together here and they do. I get enough height and distance and let my body drop while straightening my legs. I make a moderate splash but less than I feared.

I surface and Yal-hune is resting her arms on the edge of the pool.

"You know you would enjoy that a lot more without worrying all the while...try it again and just have fun with it."

I climb out and try it again. This time I push the biases and concerns out of my mind and just focus on the wonder of the dive itself. It is a joyous thing actually. I never realized it. It is fun! I enter the water much more cleanly - better than I have almost ever done.

"Bravo! You're getting the hang of it now. Diving is not about the results - it's about interfacing your mind with the dive and enjoying it!"

I swim over to Yal-hune and my eyes take in the vistas that her body affords one.

"I see you are still gathering material for your book on sacred geometry."

"Yes...well you know geometry, topography and such are very useful sciences and I am finding new appreciation for them today."

She twists her body ever so gracefully and turns on the magnetism again. If every curve was amazing before, they are suddenly activated as if she turned on a switch. I'm surprised to see that the steel hand railings are still embedded in the pool wall and haven't worked their way loose and flown across towards her. That smile, her eyes..arrgggh...I curse the English language and myself for inefficiency at capturing even a fragment of her divine essence. My mind feels it and my body reacts...

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