Sunday, November 08, 2009

Creating a New World (Part 40)

'Encyclopedia Brown' & 'Isis' have presented me with a dissemination agenda with an accompanying analysis on how such dissemination can spur changes in the societal infrastructure currently in existence on Earth.

Their enthusiasm is powerful and I've never seen either of them so dedicated to an agenda outside the usual acquisition of new knowledge. It's as if they feel their whole lives up until now have been a staging area waiting for this period in time - this discovery. Their goals are admirable: social reform, technological revolutions, providing educational institutions data that clearly contradicts existing theologies, a renaissance in the health industry and much more. The realization that life was far more sophisticated for humanity 16,000 years ago than today, is an eye-opener. It's like discovering everything you thought you knew about history was wrong and horribly incomplete. From what we have been taught we think the dark ages were primitive and feel today, in 2009, we are the pinnacle of human development.

'Encyclopedia Brown' and 'Isis' were content with our planes, automobiles and computers and now fully realize we haven't even begun to reach the achievements humanity already had reached. For them this is insufferable. I read through their report last night and their pain can be read between the lines. Its an enormous epiphany they have had. They have the unique privilege of seeing in perspective the truth of the matter. Human culture in 2009 is an anthill next to the culture mountain mankind enjoyed and lived within many thousands of years ago! As some of humanity's best and brightest, I feel like I am watching the beginnings of a new renaissance. Their youthful idealism is still intact. They still feel they can transform the world and turn it from the lowly caterpillar to the soaring butterfly. In them I see myself ten years ago and I am loathe to douse the fires of their passion. Part of me would love to jump on that bandwagon and 'save the world' yet again. But now, another wiser part, realizes that everything is perfect just as it is. Every new technology or bit of wisdom must be earned. The masses must be ready for it.

Isis thinks I have a god complex and want to lord over others all this information, keeping it secret for my own personal satisfaction. Encyclopedia Brown knows this is not the case, as he remembers each conversation we have had word for word, but still disagrees with my assessments of our current culture's readiness for such dissemination, which is quite ironic considering his own personal run-ins with the educational establishment.

Ever since Yal-hune showed me the dystopian future rushing at us in a short fifty years, I have been trying to figure out how to negate it and change it. I can't change the demographics which will create widespread poverty. I can't force uneducated Catholics to use birth control or tell them that having unwanted children is a FAR greater 'sin' than birth control. I can't force politicians to become selfless instead of selfish. I can't force everyone to read books like Atlas Shrugged so that they can truly understand why taking from one man at the point of a gun to give to another is morally wrong. And while I could share technologies that could generate great wealth, I cannot guarantee that this wealth would be used constructively and based upon this visit - I see my white papers have been used only to cause suffering. To give one person power over another.

Isis and Encyclopedia don't know that I have seen this future. They don't understand my newfound hesitancy to share technology with those who will surely misuse it because they have a value system that is based on selfishness and insecurity. And I cannot magically speed up these masses evolution so that they suddenly have no desires for power, money or fame. I cannot force them to love each other as they love themselves. Yal-hune has given me a great gift and it is up to me to find a way to alter the course of history using every last bit of my wisdom. Creating a New World is not just their desire, but mine as well. Because I cannot change the demographics or force intelligence upon the masses, I realize the only thing I can change is myself. If I improve myself - that is all that matters.

The dystopian future of 2059 Yal-hune showed me may be inevitable. Maybe my disseminating the information here on my blog has helped change it - I just don't know. Perhaps, as I realize my own desires and motivations to save the world are misplaced and based upon selfishness, I actually can save the world. Again, I just don't know. In the end it doesn't matter. The dystopian future, if it occurs, will be necessary and equal good will emerge from it eventually. I know this is absolutely true and yet my whole life has been conditioned to see things through a biased filter. Seeing in totality comes easy for Yal-hune, but for humans it is an incredibly hard viewpoint to sustain.

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