Thursday, November 05, 2009

Uninvited Guests & Party Crashers (Part 38)

I look at the satellite overheads of Shamballa broken down into 30 sectors. Something large is beginning to eclipse the imagery, blocking my real time view of the base and surrounding land. Possibly a thousand troops and dozens of armored heavy artillery are approaching. Several planes are approaching at mach 4 and I am expecting explosions to be heard above me. While this facility was designed to survive a nuclear strike, it is by no means indestructible, when targeted by those who are supposed to be on your side.

Tech2 points looks closer at the monitor. "It's growing - whatever it is."

"SIR! We have an unidentified object descending over us and it is enormous!"

"Yes, I see it on the satellite. Where are the planes?"

"I can't find them! They were on my radar and then they just disappeared! I would have sworn they launched missiles just before they disappeared. But I can't detect them. They may be a new breed of stealth missile. The EMF pulse gun has no targets!"

"I've got a really bad feeling about this."

Tech2's statement mirrors my own thoughts on the matter. I remember we have EMF craft at our disposal but I also recall that it requires mental equilibrium to fly them and in my mental agitated and emotional state, this means they are useless.

"Oh my's a Confederation spaceship!"


"I just got this image in my mind from someone on board that spaceship...these are the ones who enforce the quarantine of Earth. A Confederation ship!"

"Are they on our side?"

"Yes. I think they are. Look! The troops are firing on the ship with their artillery and handheld rocket launchers!"

"It's not having any effect whatsoever!"

"Do you think the planes turned back when they saw that thing descending?"

"I would...wouldn't you? It must be at least five miles in diameter."

I activate the ground camera viewpoints. Which are built into subterranean titanium shafts and which have lenses resistant to direct arms fire and explosives. As they inch up over the grounds, I see the special forces troops advancing and see scenes of heavy fighting as they give everything they've got against the Confederation ship.

"Is the confederation ship attacking them?"

"Not that I can see. It simply continues to descend."

"It could flatten this entire base?"

"Yes, and everyone out there has to be thinking they are going to get flattened too. That's why they are focusing their fire on the ship and not Shamballa."

"They sure as hell didn't expect to see this!"

"My God! look!"

"The soldiers are ceasing fire and retreating. They are turning the vehicles around. What the heck is going on? They haven't even been attacked by our forces yet?

Yal-hune returns to my mind.

"They will depart now."

"All Troops this is Tech1 - stand down and return to base!"

"What happened?"

"The attack has been called off and they have been ordered to retreat."

"By whom?"

"The President was made aware of what was going on. He called it off."

"He wasn't aware of it before?"

"No. The President of the US has been shielded from blatant overshadowing to some degree for the past fifty years on Earth. It has been policy to protect the individuals in that position from malfeasance. This attack was orchestrated by those who are not so protected and could be manipulated. However, once the President became aware of this unauthorized use of the military he immediately ordered its cessation."

"Well, three cheers for Obama. Why did the Confederation spaceship descend? I thought they didn't interfere in Earth affairs?"

"This particular sequence of events was entirely the artifact of strong overshadowing. Much stronger than they usually employ. The confederation has taken the position that such blatant interference in human affairs will meet a form of cancellation. The Norchans wanted this base destroyed and me with it. The Confederation has effectively canceled out or balanced the Norchans interference and has made clear to the Norchans that any such future interference of this nature will also be canceled out. Hundreds of minds had been overridden and outright controlled to get this attack to occur. Even for the Norchans who usually count upon repetitive thought 'suggestion' this was a blatant outright interference in human affairs."

"Where did you go?"

"I went aboard the Confederation ship to review the series of events that caused this particular attack. They measured the strength of the signals used by the Norchans and they were in excess of anything they have used against humanity before. This created a new shift and the Confederation was authorized to negate this interference as a form of preserving the quarantine."

"Will they block all overshadowing?"

"No. There is a fine balance to these things. Here let me share it with you directly."

Her mind joins with mine and she thinks about the many nuanced complexities the Confederation takes into account. The 'addicted to overshadowing' Norchans, the other lower worlds that would turn against the Confederation if the Norchans signals were completely blocked and much more. The weight and direction of trillions upon trillions of souls in 100s of worlds is included into their equation and resultant decisions. Earth is only so important in the galaxy evolutionary program and seems like a tiny, tiny fish in a sea full of fish.

Tech2 is staring at the monitors and watching the troops leave. It seems completely bizarre to be the target of a full-scale assault and then as quickly to have that assault cease. Hopefully, there were no casualties. Many of the troops here know these folks and have worked alongside them. This type of fighting is insane. I get a glimpse of how it must have felt for Northerners and Southerners fighting their American neighbors during the Civil War.

Yal-hune suddenly materializes in my office. Tech2 turns and looks almost faint.

"I will never get used to that sort of thing. Can't you at least add a sound effect like the transporters on Star Trek? That way I can mentally brace myself."

Yal-hune laughs her delicious laugh and I see that this whole event is not biased by her at all. It's as if it never happened, or is just as important as bringing in the morning paper. Visiting the Confederation ship probably refreshed her and permitted her to speak among her own kind.

"There you go again. No, my time spent here or there is equally enjoyed by me. I have balance. To enjoy the company of some over others eventually attracts situations in which you will constantly be around those you disapprove of and bias negatively."

"I never thought of it that way."

"Yes, and that is why you have found yourself chained to many people whom you biased negatively and this bias distanced you further from the people you wanted to be with!"

"Tech1 is messed up, isn't he?"

Tech2 laughs and is enjoying seeing Yal-hune set me straight.

"Would you like me to start to list your imbalances?

"No, no...that's fine. Tech1 clearly needs more help than I do."

Tech2 turns towards the door.

"I'm going above to take charge of clean up and check everything out."

"That sounds like a good idea."

I look at the monitors and see that many of the troops have retreated to outside Shamballa's perimeter.

"Yal-hune...what about this ship. 1000s of troops and other people must have seen it. Wont that change things?"

"Many thousands of people have seen our craft before and it has not yet ever changed the balance of things. Approximately 1,276 people have seen the craft and understand its origins are extraterrestrial. The overshadowers will exploit this and some will start conspiracy theories and such. In the miasma of confusion and a lack of knowledge, the appearance will be contributed to many things, from projection/illusion to a new secret military craft. Because the ship never did attack the troops there will still be many questions. Most people will not believe others when they say they have seen a extraterrestrial craft."

I'm mentally exhausted and stressed. I can't wait to find time again to peruse the Atlantean books.

"'s all good."

Yal-hune smiles and she shares her equilibrium with me..and suddenly the stress of this event vanishes.

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