Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight turns to Starlight (Part 49)

Twilight falls upon the desert. In a short while the stars are plentiful and I sit with Yal-hune in a gazebo of white wood which has hardy vines that have survived the desert sun and managed to weave their way through the lattice structure, sprouting blooms carelessly along the way. The hint of the blooms' fragrance wafts and lingers in the air. The desert comes alive at night. It's quite cozy. I pull up my lounge chair, and set down the bottle of Perrier I have nursed slowly over the past fifteen minutes. I've wanted to get her in this position for some time. Now I can ask the endless array of questions I've wanted to ask her.

"You said music has a frequency that can raise or lower people's consciousness...and you mentioned 'projections' in the past being held on other world's for the benefit of those worlds in need of assistance, like there a way to help the people on this world who are constantly depressed, addicted to things that are bad for them or worse?"

"Science is very advanced on our world. Many Confederation worlds are likewise advanced and the understanding of life as energy is understood. Likewise, the science of living life - parallels the intelligent understanding of using energy. You have been enamored by my voice and my laugh and this is because your consciousness reacts to the frequencies that are carried by my voice. On your world a single word is a word. On my world a word can say a novel - if spoken correctly. Each word is a string of musical notes capable of infinite subharmonics. A developed consciousness can incorporate all this data into a word. Let me show you...


She says the word and my body begins to tremble and shake. She has incorporated so much meaning and feeling into the word it feels like she has kissed and held me a thousand times in an instant. My mind is trying to process the immense payload of positive energy she imparted with that word. My human nervous system is not able to take such stimulation and every goose pimple has goose pimples.

"A..A..Amazing! My whole mind and body felt that."

"Yes. That is the power of intelligent usage of energy. Projections on other worlds often embody billions of times the amount energy you just felt. Those who are sensitive will feel it and may even question the sudden mood change. Others will be lifted, for awhile, out of a deep depression and reach a comfortable plateau. All are helped in some manner. On your world mass projection occurs as well - completely unrecognized and much of it is not positive."

"What do you mean?"

"Movies, television and other mass media create collected consciousness. Tonight millions of teens will be seeing the latest Twilight film in theatres. Think like our world does - in terms of energy. Twilight is not just a movie, it is a sum of signals. Each scene, each line is a broadcast signal. The sum of these signals carry data, but because millions of minds are tuned into these same signals the signals are effectively amplified. Younger minds are easily sculpted and impressed upon by these collectively amplified signals. Such is what gives birth to fads, cults and celebrities - mass amplified signals."

"So a dark movie pulls peoples minds down?"

"Yes. The amplified signals of collected minds tuned together can be constructive and aid each individual or it can be destructive and bring them down. In this instance, millions of younger souls will seek to emulate the behavior that has been imprinted upon them. They will want to be vampires and drink blood, or wish they had a vampire lover and think this would be romantic. Sure it sounds insane if one is outside the collective field of influence, but for these younger minds the collective field easily imprints and scars."

"Is this why this world is so messed up?"

"One of many reasons. But remember even the negative things that pull people down are necessary impediments that make possible growth and overcoming. The depression, loneliness, darkness and insecurity formed in young minds is a lesson. They will either succumb or learn to resist and choose what they allow access to their consciousness. Sure, they will not see it scientifically. They will simply know that they "don't like" watching or reading certain things after awhile. They will resist the cries of your world's entertainment industry which want them to become one of their collective - a hive that watches all the same shows, films and listens to the same music while playing with the same video games. The young are their easiest marks."

"And that is why each generation since television came into existence has stagnated somewhat isn't it?"

"Yes. The airplane, automobile, jet, electric power plant and television itself were invented by minds not so burdened by 'regular entertainment'. Books are falling out of fashion as are newspapers. 'Programming' is a very apt name for what has happened to billions of humans over the past sixty years. answer your next question the Norchans did have a lot to do with the creation of the entertainment industry. Many less developed worlds out there know how to expertly control their populace and create beings who follow a very limited conscious bandwidth. These techniques have been employed here to keep the masses from evolving as they would normally."

"Isn't there something that can be done to counter it? Perhaps a word broadcast with such intelligence that when everyone hears it they wake up out of their walking comas?"

" are right in phase with your many pasts. You think this is the first time you've found yourself on a world you felt needed realignment? No, this is but one of many times. And you did just that in the past - you used the knowledge of frequencies to imprint upon others minds. You forced them to comply with your desires and ideas of proper living. You were just as bad as any entertainment industry - and worse - because you actually consciously knew what you were doing. You used these words and they became 'control words'. Do 'Create'...'Build' and 'Live' ring any bells?"

I shudder. Something in those words...oh God, they do ring a bell. Unbelievable. Every time I start feeling like the good guy she points out some horrible past life of mine out of the closet wherein reside a thousand skeletons. And yet I know its true. As she said the words she tuned in on the way they had been spoken before - by me. A different me...but still me. Part of me remembers the world and the society I's hazy though...something went wrong.

"Yes. Something went quite wrong. Your control words began to backfire. The masses started becoming mentally atrophied as these artificial signals crippled their own natural impulses. YOU did this...all because you wanted to help, and felt you knew better."

I can't help it...I start to cry. She placed images in my mind of some of the people who had been crippled mentally by my actions. They were humanoid, but different and they were atrophied and some even catatonic. A hundred memories come flooding back. Me sitting in a electronic command center of some sort monitoring the decline. By the time I figured out what had happened it was too late for many of the people.

"Yes. There is nothing wrong with tears. You realize the error of your ways now. It is not a coincidence that you are constantly trying to save the world. You still have guilt from having harmed worlds - and that is why you are seeking to balance that by 'saving' this world. When you find balance you will see the world does not need saving. It is perfect the way it is. Everything it experiences is necessary and trying to put people where you think they should be is always a mistake."

"There's something're not telling me...what is it?"

"This world. Earth as it is now called. Many of the people here..."

She doesn't even have to finish the sentence. Many of the people here were alive on the world I tried to sculpt. That's why I am here, to make amends and put myself in the same position and NOT make the same mistakes again. To help my past victims, but do so by not forcing.

"Yes. Now you learn to help by example - that's true leadership. Using technology or telekinesis to force others is not leadership. You get to bias the entertainment industry because you had created a version that makes Earth's entertainment industry seem sainted."

"Every time I think I know why you are here...and landed near me...I realize is just a part of a bigger reason. I was a major jerkface in the past wasn't I?"

"You needed to learn it. Eventually the universe proffers up every single conceivable lesson that can be learned. Everyone will have to be 'major jerkfaces' eventually. That's how they will learn, grow and evolve."

She knows just what to say to help me with my quest for balance. To take the horror out of what's horrible.

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