Monday, November 09, 2009

Yal-hune Incognito (Part 41)

I put the passport, driver's license and credit cards on the desk next to a new white Gucci handbag with gold accents in a sunburst motif. Yal-hune is officially a US Citizen. It's nice still having clout with people in positions to make things happen. She's got an American Express Platinum card linked to one of Shamballa's accounts, several Mastercards and Visas and an assortment of other cards that may come in handy. In the handbag is a new Agency modified Blackberry.

She needs none of these things I realize. What's more, I realize if she did want them, she could create them herself in an instant. However, this gives her the accoutrements to be able to mingle effortlessly in public here.

I promised myself I wouldn't buy myself another Hummer, to replace the one destroyed, but I did buy a Lincoln Towncar Signature L and had the car retrofitted with some of the new state of the art toys. Hey, it's hard to quit cold turkey. I think of this as tapering off slowly. This is the first vehicle to incorporate some of the Atlantean technologies we have been able to re-engineer. For example, the bumpers, sheet metal and sub frame are now made out of a reproduction Atlantean alloy we have tentatively called Atlan-98. With a 12,000 degree melting point, it can be shaped into any form and when it cools it is nearly indestructible. The alloy has a gorgeous slightly bluish sheen and we decided not to cover it with paint. It's not a mirror finish like chrome, so it wont blind other drivers or oneself when the sun hits it. The material is naturally bullet proof and explosion resistant and is a natural for armored vehicles. The best part about it is it is far, far lighter than steel. It is even lighter than the aluminum blend used in the factory vehicle sheet metal. The engineering department says an engine block made out of this metal would never wear down and would run 50 percent cooler than any combustion engine currently in production. They are working on an engine design right now, but it will not be for this vehicle. This vehicle has had the factory engine replaced with a 350 horsepower 4.6 litre created for the Secret Service Lincolns. Since this vehicle has actually seen a weight reduction while being re-sheathed, the performance is a potent 0-60 in 5 seconds with a top speed of 165. I think of the inefficiency of Obama's Cadillac limousine, which is built more like an M1A2 Abrams tank, and realize this alloy is, alone, worth a fortune in the marketplace.

The glass has also been replaced with an experimental shatterproof glass reproduced after chemical analysis of some Atlantean pottery which also is nearly indestructible. It also has an extremely high melting point of 7000 degrees. It is currently identified as Atlan-43. Crash tests were performed on a sacrificial testbed vehicle and this vehicle can slam into a brick wall at 70 mph and bounce back intact. No sheet metal bends, no glass shattering. The problem became energy absorption. The test dummies were receiving three times the shock forces, because the metal didn't crush or absorb any energy - it transfers all of it efficiently into the cabin. That's not good. That's what some poorly designed armored cars do in car accidents. Princess Diana's Mercedes comes to mind. So the engineers worked in an ingenious coil spring device behind the bumpers and into the frame itself. The Atlan-98 coil springs absorb almost all the energy of impact and then release it gradually and distribute it along the frame. Now the crash dummies receive 1/2 the shock force of the factory vehicle - a huge difference. No one intends to get into an accident, but in this line of work, it pays to be prepared.

Yeah, I know. Boring. Well technical things can be boring, but these promise to be much more than just a revolution for the auto industry. The Atlantean texts recovered included not only history books but engineering books as well. These are by some here considered the most valuable find of the lot. Folks here realize why the Norchan Ketta-nu-ma was guarding these things. These few books can advance technocracy on Earth 10,000 years forward in a tiny fraction of that time.

Heaters which absorb heat from the sun, store it as long as required and then release it, when desired, are described. No one would ever need to buy heating oil again. Atlanteans had perfected solar power. They could harness the suns energy at nearly a 100 percent efficiency level. Their chemical industry was equally perfected. 100s of polymers and blends that are incredibly strong, pliable and yet chemically stable. An amazing number of blends are somewhat less toxic and if burned do not create nastier byproducts. Pollution control was achieved by an amazing understanding of molecular science. Stray molecules of smoke or other airborne or waterborne chemical pollution were drawn together by something like a static generator. These spheres would draw unto them all the soot, pollution and targeted chemical byproducts, collect them and then dispense with them into compacted barrels which were re utilized and synthesized once again for other products. They did all this by understanding frequencies and the fundamental frequencies of these molecules. Because EMF motive forces were already developed for transportation, there was almost no man-made pollution in the air at all.

I could go on and on about these wonders, but I have a date with Yal-hune. We will take the Lincoln Signature L for an inauguration drive to the city and dine at a fancy restaurant. Yal-hune, much to my surprise, agreed and thought it was a great idea.

I will let you know how it goes... ;-)

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