Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Curious Dream (Part 43)

I plan to spend all day today with several Atlantean texts. There is some secret, some awareness I am missing. I don't know what it is, but yesterday I realized I had seen Yal-hune 20 years ago in a dream. She was separated from me - in a room of some sort with a glass wall. It was a short dream and I had forgotten about it completely until yesterday. The symbolism of the separation and the glass wall is transparent. But there is something more. Something she won't or can't tell me. Today she planned to complete some errands, which gives me plenty of time to peruse these books. They possess some sort of clue to this dream and this secret - I sense it.

The first book is big. It measures 25 inches high by 18 inches wide. It has a gold metallic appearance. When I touch it the cover comes to life and this one has an image of the Earth - as seen in space. However, the continents are all different. Africa and South America are united by a land mass - or they are joined as one land mass. It is hard to be certain. The world is moving slowly. Satellites or space craft recorded this image. It is a true view of Earth many thousands of years ago - when men were supposed to be living in caves and sharpening stones. I turn the cover and open it up. I hear music. No. I don't hear the music - it is being transmitted into my brain. It is a haunting melody, serene yet powerful. It means something. It is an anthem. I've heard this before - I know it. Now thousands of voices sing in conjunction with the music - the voices becoming the music or the music becoming the voices. It finishes abruptly. As I move my hand to grab the next page, Yal-hune appears just in front of my desk.

"Don't turn the page."

Yal-hune's appearance startles me.

"What? Why? What is the matter?"

"That book is more than just a book. That book has the power to make you relive the history it contains. It is a sensory book and dates from the latter days of Atlantis. While your world now has its web addicts and gaming addicts who like to escape reality into a violent fantasy world of repetitive blasting or destroying, in this period a large number of the masses lived vicariously through recorded experiences. This particular book contains many recorded experiences of a violent nature which would reach out into your mind and feel as real as if they were really happening to you. It was used to twist the minds of new recruits to their cause."

"It starts off harmless enough. A shot of Earth from space and an anthem of some sort. Are you sure this one is the book you describe?"

"Yes. That anthem was the theme of the resistance. An underground movement which was very decadent and pursued pain, the way others pursue pleasure. This group eventually was responsible for the destruction of Atlantis and the setback of life on Earth to a near aboriginal level."

"Wow...that's scary-creepy. Perhaps this book should be destroyed. Unless there is some information or history that can be safely extracted?"

"No, this book contains only mind-twisting experiences engineered to create hatred against the then positive leadership in Atlantis. It could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands and there is no safe way to extract information from it. I just wanted to warn you."

"Are there any other books like that in our acquisition of books?"

"No. This is the only one of that nature."

"Here. Take it. You can destroy it far more easily than we can."

Yal-hune takes it and suddenly it disappears from her hands as if it never were there.

"Remind me never to make you angry with me." I smile.

"Go ahead with your reading. I'm going to return to my errands."

Yal-hune disappears and I am left wondering again. What if that book did not contain horrible things? Could it have contained something Yal-hune did not want me to see? I know it is preposterous to suspect her of subterfuge, and I realize that this thought might have just been placed in my mind now by an overshadower. Divide and conquer. I'm glad I catch myself before going down that planted path.

I look at the books in a new manner. Realizing that they can be both wonderful and dangerous, helps me see them with equilibrium and perspective.

I wonder if there is a connection with the missing secret I seek and my dream. I rack my mind for details of the dream and grab another Atlantean text from my shelf and set it down on the desk. I realize now that books had evolved into things that interface with the mind in more than one manner and that the authors used not just words, but visual imagery, feelings and more in an orchestrated cerebral contact.

This book is bluish and much smaller. About 7 inches wide and 11 inches high. As I hold the volume it changes hue. It becomes orange. A girl appears on the cover. She has orange hair, medium-dark complexion and looks somewhat like a pixie come to life. She is smiling. She is dressed in what appear to be an Atlantean version of white pedal-pushers and a coral colored sweater/tunic. I wonder if this is another children's book. As I open the cover the girl crawls inside and moves from the front cover into the inside cover! A neat trick! I touch the first page and Atlantean symbols appear vibrantly in the paper. I hear a trumpet or something like it blast at the same time within my mind along with "Enket & her Test" The girl leaps across from the inside cover to the title page, below the symbols.

I turn the title page and upon the next page is full of Atlantean symbol/text. I touch it and the first symbol glows somehow and the face of the girl appears in the margin.

"My name is Enket. You've never read this book before or any of my books! Well today is your lucky day! You might be a little old for this book, but then again you might enjoy it anyways."

It's like she can really see me. I know she can't but they have incorporated some sort of cerebral scanning process. It knows if I have read the book before? Or any other books? It knows my age? I realize the technology in these books is even greater than I imagined. There must be the equivalent of the next generation transistor. We went from vacuum tube to solid state transistor and then the microchip. This must be realized nanotechnology and may even have DNA sensors of some sort. The weird thing is that this is somehow more 'real' than a video or screen image. It must have something to do with the way the book interfaces with the brain and consciousness.

"You certainly are taking a long time to turn the page. C'mon...let's go!"

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