Saturday, November 14, 2009

May You Live in Interesting Times (Part 44)

I'm not sure when it happened, but I realize 'Isis' and 'Encyclopedia' are right. The dissemination of some of these materials, history and technologies may be more of a good thing for the world. After spending a day with these amazing books from the past, I think perhaps a book is exactly the medium that would work. I don't want to tell them yet, but I am quietly looking at agents and potential publishing houses. Dissemination is achieved, plausible deniability is retained, and the populace can be alerted to the threat of the Norchans, overshadowing and all the rest. With as wild as the past few years have been, I hardly need worry about deniability, as most will not believe it in the first place.

Isis has made a chronological history of Earth that now goes back almost 150,000 years. Her enthusiasm is contagious. The Atlantean books have reached into her mind and awakened her to herself. She will not be happy until these texts are touring the world's museums and the lost history is taught in every school classroom. It's painful for her to sit on such knowledge without being able to share it with the world. Like some charity worker feeding the homeless, she sees a whole world that is starving, and feels she now has the nourishment it needs. Part of me is afraid she might do something rash, like go rogue and take some materials with her to the media. She's very strong willed and this must test her loyalty to the breaking point. However, security procedures here are beyond thorough and though I don't doubt she might be able to get some materials out, she knows that she would have to break a dozen national security laws and jeopardize her future to do so.

I have a lot on my plate right now. SDAI has been reactivated, but ever since Yal-hune's arrival SDAI has been considered almost an enemy of the state. The politics of power poison people. Knowing the world's best kept secret - that human minds aren't their own, doesn't paint a positive prognosis for a quick turnaround. Now with these technologies, the stakes are even higher. Would you give an atom bomb to an insane man? Well the Russians would, for a price, but anyone else? The technologies here have huge potential for misuse. And can you just tell people their minds are not their own? They would freak out. Or their overshadowers, more accurately, would try and force them to freak out - so as to distract them from finding their true voice. Billions of people battling with overshadowers intent upon control or retribution? Not a pretty picture. So this has to be done very carefully - a book.

Tech2 buzzes and I open the door.

"We have a problem."

"What's the problem?"

"There's a situation in China. Someone took a missile shot at Air Force One."

"What? Did it hit?"

"No. The chaff and countermeasures deflected it and nearby US fighters tried to track the source down. The explosion was close enough to give everyone on board a jolt. The media has been in lock down. It was from mainland China. No authorization was given to investigate by the Chinese leadership, as can be expected. They will conduct an internal investigation. Officially it never happened. Unofficially, SDAI has been given its first assignment by the Obama administration."

"They want us to go to China to investigate?"

"Yes. We have the GPS coordinates of the calculated launch location. They know it's probably a wild goose chase, but they want someone to investigate it, someone outside of the Agency. They are, naturally, afraid the flight plans were leaked."

"Okay. If I can get Yal-hune to cooperate this will be the fastest, most efficient mission in history."

"And if you can't?"

"Well, then I'll be testing my equilibrium on a solo flight."

"Hey, if you take that beauty I'm flying it!"

"Can you keep completely free of strong lower emotions?"

"Sure...It'll be like The Day of the Dove - I'll be laughing all the way to China."

"You better be...or we'll be vaporized faster and more completely than if we were picnicking at ground zero."

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