Saturday, September 05, 2009

This Is It - The Big One.

In California, for over half a century the residents have been taught in schools and via the media to expect "the big one" a big earthquake that would destroy most of California and possibly even create a new coastline in the process. Having been raised right on the California coast, one grew blase' to the fear-mongering and predictions. Like a possible nuclear attack by the Soviet Union, it was just another remote outcome. Like the big one, we also have been conditioned by the motion picture industry about the end of America as we know it. The films that paint a dire future for America are legion. In the eighties the apocalyptic future business was a gravytrain. 20 years from the turn of the century, it seems every sci-fi or political action flick presented a variation on the near future nightmare that America would become. Let's take a look at some of these visions and then the real outcome.

In the Ridley Scott film, Bladerunner, based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Sci-fi author and drug addict Philip K. Dick, we were confronted with a degenerate Los Angeles that had been overrun by Asians and crime. Robot "replicants" were used for hard labor and were doing the heavy mining. They were illegal on earth and had gone renegade sneaking back to Earth.

2019 Los Angeles will probably not have enough Japanese to warrant placing even a small classified ad much less a building size electronic billboard. Though in the early 80s the fear of Japanese buying up America was very real. The flying cars aren't going to happen anytime soon either. So as a future prophecy Bladerunner fails pretty miserably. Bladerunner also featured the most prominent dystopian future America element - evil corporations. The folks who built the replicants were bad guys who didn't care if their product was dangerous. Since the renegades were really products of the corporation, the bad guy was the corporation, and by association, the American capitalist system that permitted such a corporation to come into existence. This anti-capitalist/corporate message was common.

A great example is the film Robocop from 1987. The robot guardians of peace produced by Omni Consumer Products for the crime-ridden city of Detroit to restore peace and order are really evil and the poor masses are being oppressed by dangerous powerful megacorporations.

Yes, that's the police chief of Beverly Hills from Beverly Hills Cop stereotyped as an authoritarian law and order type of guy. Has America been overrun by giant robots gunning down the poor masses lately? The closest thing we have is Walmart mowing down the mom and pop businesses in their targeted retail expansion and paving the way for the new American poor to have only one place to shop, no matter where in the United States they live.

Then we have Escape from New York. Here we see 1997 and New York turned into a big penitentiary for the hordes of criminals populating the city of New York. When the President gets captured a criminal is employed to get him, and more importantly his nuclear codes, out.

This film portrays a cynical government that doesn't care about their people, or their president, and that are just like the criminals they cage. The problem with this is that the government, particularly since the days of the bureaucrat infestations of DC in the twentieth century, have never cared much about the people - only the power they could usurp from the people to elevate themselves and their lifestyle. The overall message that government are hardly much different from criminals was already redundant and as a prophetic film it fails the grade.

These many dystopian futures always seem to point towards right-leaning beliefs and violence as the cause of the dystopia or, as a derivative, the left-leaning government is too weak to control the corporations and finds itself co-opted by them.

Yet here we are, 2009, and the BIG ONE - the big shift from the lifestyle America has known for the past 200 years. And what is the cause? How does it begin? It begins, not ironically, like all socialist nightmares begin - by people who are fearful and seek to empower a 'revolution' against the existing status quo. In Russia during the war, as rebel rousers and lifelong revolutionaries finally found the perfect time to strike with the aid of a disaffected populace.

Here we see the proletariat holding up the rich and the leaders while being oppressed by the military and religion. This is a powerful appeal to the poor everywhere - back in 1917 and today. Yes, today we also hear endlessly about the rich who are making life miserable for the poor and keeping them from their share of the wealth. Now they are also to blame for keeping people without health insurance. How do they do this? Well they don't support the government takeover of the health care industry and the bad math that accompanies it. So they are murderers - at least in the eyes of the poor, as guided by the propagandists whom simply want to usurp more power and wealth into their own immediate domain.

We have elected a President on the power of propaganda. Propaganda that is designed by Marxists and socialists to try and again empower a new group of people. If Bush was bad because he had too much power - the solution is a different president with even MORE power. Yes, that makes a lot of sense now doesn't it?

Yes, that is the socialist trick. They come into power by complaining about the existing government and the masses, always historically illiterate, put into power a government that is even worse with even more power to make their lives miserable.

And that is where we are. We have a government throwing funny money on the streets, bailing out banks in order to take them over and consolidate almost omnipotent power into the government and take over the corporate sector. This administration wants to control the pay CEOs get. They want the auto industry to be beholden to them and build the sort of vehicles they feel the people should drive. They want to take over the health care industry and tap the trillions of dollars the pharmaceutical industry makes.

This is the big one. The big shift away from the American lifestyle and the freedoms that came with it. You will drive the car the government makes and approves - if you are permitted to drive a car at all. You will have to go to a government run health clinic for terrible government run health care. You will not complain when your taxes go up and new laws are imposed upon you - "for the greater good" of course. This is how the slide begins. Quality goes down, food quality goes down and with poor health care and a populace doped with endless generic drugs, life expectancy will go down.

As always, the poor will always welcome the ball and chain. For them, anything is better than nothing. They will not be educated enough or swift enough to realize such a ball and chain is a lifelong sentence.

The man awaiting a handout is always at the mercy of others. The Russian people, the Chinese, the East Germans, the Vietnamese, the North Koreans all are great examples of what happens to the masses in a 'perfected' socialist state. The freedom to complain is the first thing to disappear under the new regime. After all they are there for your own good. With Obama, the same policy is now playing out in the media and among elite educational circles. You can't complain about Obama, even though life is not a whit better than under Bush and, if anything, is getting worse with each passing day. Give Obama time!

I would be remiss not to include the environmental fascism that has taken hold of the governments and the media to exploit and control the masses. The environmental catastrophism propaganda is at an all time high, supported by those whose sole goal is to use such propaganda to usurp power from the private sector. New laws - always new laws - are the answer. Somebody needs to be forced. Something needs to be made illegal and monies need to be gathered from the masses and the corporations that employ them.

This type of propaganda is a constant now. In every school in America, starting in Kindergarten and building with each passing grade, a milder version of this same message is taught to our children. Humanity is bad. Especially the corporations that hire your parents. We are destroying the rain forests, heating up the poles and making holes in the ozone layer. This needs to change. You, and your family, need to change and the corporations need to be stopped.

The solution? What do you think?

A more powerful government that forces others to obey new laws.

All this propaganda is designed to shift power into the hands of others. That's it. If they can get you to give up your freedom, or get enough of your neighbors to give up theirs - you lose. Sure there are gullible folks who really believe socialism and 'personal sacrifice' are holy ideals that will lead to a utopia on Earth. Sadly, these same folks are either historically illiterate or are on the side of the equation that will be rolling in dough and power when the masses roll over and the brainwashed children vote for such obvious charlatans like Barack Obama and his promise of change. The animators at aniboom may be human hating psychopaths, but are more than likely merely exploiters profiting on the rising wave of environmental fascism.

This is the turning point. If Obama and his socialist movement aren't rebuffed in 2012, the United States will never recover from his Presidency. The unemployed masses are already now getting a taste of the socialist solutions and Obama's change. If Obama is permitted to gut our health care industry, as he has gutted the automobile industry, there will not be any industries left to support the huge financial resources the government requires to operate. That's when it all comes crashing down. That's when the Social Security checks stop arriving, the hospitals shut down for good and when the real dystopian future arrives. A future no left-voting screenwriter ever accurately predicted.

Apparently, none of these screenwriters has ever read a good history book.

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