Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conversations With An Extraterrestrial (Part 7)

I wake up to the shrill sound of a siren. I get up from my daybed and turn on the base monitors built into my office wall behind the desk. The alert is sounding and I see troops scrambling out to the tarmac and elsewhere. The clock on the shelf says 1:51 AM. I depress the button on my comlink which sits on my desk.

"This is Tech1 what's going on?"

"Sir, three stealth bombers just breached Shamballa's airspace on our Eastern marker. We have scrambled 8 SDF-22s as a precautionary measure and the anti-aircraft missiles and electromagnetic pulse gun have been readied."

"Have you radioed them?"

"No reply sir. Nothing but static."

"Plane beacon identification?"

"They're from Peterson AFB in Colorado, sir."

Yal-hune is in my mind before I can tell the duty officer to offer a final warning before firing on the planes.

"They are not exactly attacking. They we're sent to test Shamballa's defenses and my abilities. They are willing to sacrifice these men for information. If you fire they will think you do not have your level 7 extraterrestrial kept here. If you don't they will know you do and they want to confirm that I am here."

"That's really callous. Can you follow the orders on that? Who is still playing games and why? I thought Shayla straightened this out."

"Hold on a second. Oh! I suppose this was to be expected."


"It's a hostile extraterrestrial overshadowing four people in Virginia,then manipulating three more in DC and two in Colorado, swaying their actions with 'suggestions' and fears. This world, which is the most active in exploiting humanity, was monitoring our conversation last night and decided to act on my revealing the sensory viewer information. They really don't want humanity on Earth to slip out from under their control and they will work effectively to use and target people to be put under their influence to try and stop my mission from succeeding."

"What should I do?"

"I can't tell you what to do, but if you are asking for advice I would NOT fire on the planes, or if you do fire on them and can miss intentionally - keeping them wondering if they just got lucky, or if I am here."

"Orders Sir?! the planes will be in missile range in just 20 seconds."

"Fire a warning missile near each plane, but don't hit them. Give orders to the SDF-22s to escort the stealth bombers out of our airspace."

"Yes sir."

Yal-hune has made it to my quarters and she tells me in my mind, "I'm just outside your door."

I get up and open up the door lock with the Fortezza key card and Yal-hune enters wearing a pair of standard issue pajamas and, on her, making them look like some of the most fashionable designer sleep wear.

"Yal-hune, just how much influence do these negative aliens have? Is everyone vulnerable? If we officially ask your world for assistance in shielding our world from these controlling rays would you help us build a shield?"

"It's somewhat complicated. Officially we can not interfere, even when asked to interfere. Unofficially, we can share information that helps you to build and design your own shield. If we obviously interfere we give these hostile worlds a chance to say that we violate our own non-interference laws and are just as guilty as them of influencing worlds as we see fit. Because Earth has been contaminated by multiple extraterrestrial interference, for many centuries, I was permitted to travel here. But this type of hands on presence will be portrayed by some worlds, protecting their interests, as great hypocrisy."

"How large an area can your consciousness effectively shield?"

"I have never tested my abilities in this regard on Earth. On other lower worlds I have visited, I have on occasion shielded an area that would translate here to about a few miles square."

"Can you shield our fighters and the three bombers now in our airspace from external influence? We don't want any accidents and they could certainly use their own minds in this crisis."

"I will try. However, each action comes with certain reactions and ramifications."

Tense minutes pass. Yal-hune is still completely at ease and her calm has a calming effect on me as well. I have this deep-down understanding that everything will work out and that even this scenario, which seems quite negative on the surface, can be used to positive ends - perhaps even by illustrating to others at the Agency just how much we need to get a R&D program going at DARPA in regards to a planetary shield.

"Sir. The Stealth Fighters have been radioed to leave this airspace and warning shots were fired. The SDF-22s are currently escorting them out of our airspace and we have picked up their radio transmissions - they have been ordered back to base."

"Good. Keep monitoring their milsat frequency until they have returned. And alternate two SDF-22s on patrol runs until dawn.

"Yes sir."

Yal-hune is probing. She is sharing with me the images of this hostile world and their viewer-sensory chambers which were employed to cause this particular crisis. There are a group of 12 viewer-sensory chambers working in concert together and an overseer monitors their activities and progress. I see a bald being about 5'4 with bluish hairless skin in a yellowish garment. He extends his middle finger up and laughs, in a manner worthy of a being considered human. He is developed enough to sense our mental presence or has a viewer monitoring us here in Shamaballa.

"Yal-hune how can someone who can be developed in such a manner be so evil?"

"As with all points in the evolutionary spectra, one can start backsliding at any time. This world was progressing for many millions of years and their sun started to falter. Future generations sought advanced technology from other worlds to counter the changing radiation levels hitting their planet. These devices that were shared with them, by certain worlds who had compassion for their plight, contained technology which could be used for more destructive things - like these viewer/ controllers. They are a textbook example of why worlds are wary of sharing any advanced technology with others - even when the world is dying. Advanced signal manipulation and generation technology can be very positive or very negative."

"Fascinating. No wonder no one wants to share any free-energy technologies with Earth. They know it would be turned into a great evil in short order."

"Yes. Mental/moral development is keyed into the development of technology. Your world actually is not even ready for atomic technology based upon your mental/moral development. The few scientists of your world who have been a bit more developed brought in things which were used by others destructively. And now your planet lives with fear that even more primitive individuals and cultures will possess atomic weaponry and threaten all that has been built."

I think about what she is saying and I realize that our world's history is the byproduct of our own ignorance and the negative intent of other worlds as well. I wonder just how much "human" progress has been interrupted by such interference.

"A staggering amount. Even now your world, including its leaders and corporate structures, are targeted, unbeknownst to themselves, to pursue more destructive choices and lead the masses into more mindless activities. The youth of this world are shaped by video games, television and internet imagery. Their animal instincts are exploited and their higher mental and spiritual qualities are intentionally retarded. Selfishness, materialistic desires and insecurity have become their graduation cap as they leave the educational systems of your world."

What amazes me as she says this into my mind is that as she says it, she is completely unemotional. There is no hair-pulling or "woe is us" sentimentality in her thoughts. And with this frank analysis is always an underlying understanding of its place in an infinite scheme - a balance. That even this predicament of our world can be the building block for a greater humanity, a more sensitive and enlightened humanity that learns from all this and becomes better for doing so.

I become aware of my body's exhaustion - physical and mental.

"I'm going to go back to bed Yal-hune....oh, by the way how much sleep do you need?"

"On many worlds sleep is always governed by the dual/polar nature of energy. Day and night, up & down or sleep & waken, we spend between 40 and 50 percent of our rotation in sleep. Here, I will need about the same amount of sleep humans need - About 8 to 10 hours."

I feel her in my mind and her warmth and goodness gives my mind the feeling that I am lying on a big goose down feather bed. It is very comforting. I am sure there is a scientific reason for it, but right now I just enjoy it immensely. I see her smile as my thoughts reach out to her. She closes her eyes and the feeling in my mind is magnified a hundred fold.

"Sleep well."

"You too Yal-hune."

(End Part 7)

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