Friday, September 11, 2009

Conversations With An Extraterrestrial (Part 2)

“Okay, so you don’t read minds intentionally when the mind is incapable of defending itself. So what about that episode with my ersatz neighbor in communication with the Agency? What do you call that?”

“Well, I didn’t need to read his mind. I just knew what he was doing and what was being said. Telephone land lines, cell signals and all the rest broadcast constantly. So do alarm sensors and all the rest. I can detect and listen in on almost any signal. Just as you use your ears, my mind can detect and discern all these signals. Even now your satellites are beaming signals down to earth for billions to watch on their televisions which make sense of the data for them by converting it into images and sound. The process that occurs in my mind is very similar. The signal itself tells me how to properly utilize the data it carries.”

“Wow. Okay. Well let’s move on to another topic. How long do people live on your world?”

“About 1200 Earth years. However there are great disparities and some people choose to depart after a few hundred years and other linger for up to 2000 years.”

“And they don’t get all old and weathered?”

“I’m 798 Earth years old. I’m over middle age. How old and weathered do I look?”

“You look all of 22 and an incredible 22 at that. How do you do it?”

“Your world knows nothing of your energy body. Your energy body feeds your atomic one. It transmits data to the DNA of your cells at all times. Your DNA cells are like little antennas and they receive this data and cell intelligence is determined by the clarity of this connection. Aging is the degrading of DNA intelligence. The appearance of aging manifests only when the DNA goes through it’s cycle. Yes every age has its own signal set. On our world the cycle is set for around 1500 years and while a human fully develops in 18 years, for our people this is extended to about 100 years. With about 80 years of that time holding in a sort of pre-adolescent appearance. By 100 most are full formed and they will hold this appearance for hundreds of years as our DNA does not yet phase into the aging part of the cycle.”

“So when will you show signs of aging?”

“My circumstances have greatly changed because of my atomic restructuring. In order that I become more compatible with this world, my cells were transformed into more human like cell structures. In the process I lot about 20 percent of my heavier weight atoms. As a result, I will live perhaps a hundred years more. My body will show almost normal aging after about ten years. However, on our world people look like they are about 40 or 50 when they die. Nowhere is evidenced the advanced age and frailty visible on Earth among humans.”

“So is there a secret to staying young somewhere in there for humans?”

“Of a sort, yes. Once humanity realizes that their bodies are data transceivers, they can align themselves with their energy bodies. Just by being aware of this process, helps the cells and the DNA. Realizing that imbalance in all things is the greatest harm to your cells, should keep one in good stead as one remains more calm and balanced through all of life’s many ordeals and traumas. A human need not look like 80 years old when they are 80. They can look 45 or 50 if they maintain that equilibrium and keep attenuated to their more refined energy bodies. And at 35 they can still look 20. Keeping out of the sun is another factor. On your world the sun contains higher levels of emissions that damage DNA and speed up the aging process.”

“Okay. What about ending war and brotherhood, peace and all that stuff? Do you have a message for the planet?”

“My world was once like this one in its ancient history. We warred, murdered and hated with abandon. Our history contains hundreds of thousands of wars, revolutions and uprisings. The people who were born at that time possessed these common character flaws and lack of development. Slowly our world changed. Our history has many leaders who came and left a message and served as an example for a better way. As the people changed it opened the door to more developed souls and our world had a renaissance of wisdom and development. Hundreds of thousands of years we slowly grew away from these things. It took our world a 1.6 million Earth years to evolve from savagery to our present state of refinement. There is no magic pill to end war. Humanity itself must evolve first. Then, and only then, will war, hate and murder vanish from the face of the Earth.”

“You know, a lot of people are going to be disappointed in your responses. No free energy, no magic pills, no interference, no special messages. What good can you really do here?”

“I’m here as an ambassador. My presence should act as a catalyst for those who truly seek truth and wisdom. For those who wanted some small proof that they are not alone in the universe. My message will not be a popular one. I stress the importance of individual responsibility and development. Each person on Earth has only one true savior - and that is their own mind. If they develop it and learn to use it wisely it will be the key to eternal life.”

“Eternal life?”

“Yes. Your world still is not cognizant of the regeneration process souls undergo constantly. Even though you have some vague inkling of evolution, as postulated by Darwin, you do not realize that all life, all energy is eternal and keeps regenerating adding new useful things and discarding things of no use. Humanity will learn about the ‘reincarnation’ process and how they are following their own cyclic path of evolution or devolution.”

“So that’s pretty important then, huh?”


“You said you can fly? Could you teach me to do that? And you put up a force field when my Hummer was blown up - how did you do that?”

“All matter is energy. All atoms can be manipulated and their structures modified. You use heat to melt metal or cook food. Our world can do much more with energy - and use our minds to manipulate it. Flying is simple when one can alter the rate of vibration of one’s atomic structures and subsequently create a field of energy with them that acts in opposition to some other field of energy.”

“Okay…so flying is like repulsion?”

“Yes, repulsion and attraction to and from anything.”

“So you could will yourself up, up and away? Towards the sky or up to a plane?”

“Yes. And I can do more than that. I can also draw objects unto me or repel them from me. This is what the force field was that you saw. A field of repulsion that emitted as an aura around my body.”

“Why did it glow green?”

“That is simply the way the energy on our world often is emitted - with a green color wave length as perceived by the eye.”

“So are you like even more powerful than Superman?”

“Superman is a fictional character, but he taps the memory of Earth and humanity. Yes, your world has been visited by other worlds in the past and some have had these same abilities. They were mistaken for Gods and were worshipped. Some of these visitors exploited their abilities to manipulate and enslave the cultures they visited and influenced. In one sense this is why I was permitted to come here - because this world has already been contaminated and interfered with.”

“So you sort of have a non-interference directive like in Star Trek?”

“Yes. We do not visit worlds with sentient life that have had no contact with other planets. Each world is given its own opportunity to mold and shape the sentient species in a unique manner. The galaxy would become very boring if the worlds that grow up first forced the young worlds to follow in their footsteps.”

“I never thought of it like that, but I suppose you’re right. You’re starting to let your consciousness influence me again aren’t you? I feel a warm peaceful sensation again. And my emotions drop away.”

“Yes. I figure you could use your own consciousness better as you ask me these questions.”

“Is there a confederation out there like Star Trek?”

“Yes. There is. Many worlds are united by agreements for trade and travel. The galaxy is a beautiful, beautiful place and I will share some images in my words here for all those who read this transcript.”

“They will be able to see these things you are thinking about?”

“Yes. And they will be able to feel them first.”


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