Saturday, September 12, 2009

Conversations With An Extraterrestrial (Part 3)

"Okay. So many questions. And yet when I sit here near you for some reason I have a difficult time thinking of them. The whole world is filled with people who have many questions and I am drawing a blank. I know everyone expected aliens to be either gross and disgusting or looking like Scandinavian blondes. Who are the 'grays' that visit the Earth? What about the cattle mutilations and crop circles? Is any of that stuff related to alien visitations?"

"Your world has been visited many times since the first atomic explosions were detonated. These atomic explosions disturb sub-space. Like when a teenager plays loud rap music in his vehicle with sub woofers. It can shake the buildings as the car drives past and cause a certain distress to others. While the teenager does this to draw attention to himself due to insecurity, your world does not realize the atomic explosions drew attention to your world. Most worlds viewed Earth in much the same way as an adult views the teen with the loud radio - immature. Because the development of your culture was far below that of atomic technology, many expected your world to destroy itself. So many more probes and craft arrived here from various worlds in different parts of the galaxy."

"Fascinating. What about the specifics? Grays, mutilations, etc."

"There are several worlds that use probes with synthetic beings. As I explained, worlds with a broader atomic spectra have many elements not here in your solar system. Your sun and its solar fields set the point of equilibrium for the atomic spectra developed. So beings with heavier weight elements start to die as soon as they enter your solar system. This is because these elements now break down and become radioactive. Synthetic beings are like robots, more like cyborgs as you might know them, and they are grown of elements that will be compatible with the system they are sent to gather data from. 'Grays' as your world has commonly called them are sent from some of the less developed worlds, worlds perhaps only 15,000 years in advance of your own technologically-speaking. These synthetic beings are able to gather materials for return to their world. Mutilations and abductions are largely these robotic beings activities."

"So they abduct humans and cut up cows?"

"They have done things of this nature. The Federation has quarantined your world from such visits, and most ships are intercepted before they get to Earth. These worlds are like your world - they fear your world and its potential development. You can view their activities in much the same manner as your worlds espionage programs between nations."

"Crop circles?"

"No crop circles have been done by aliens as far as I am aware of. There have been damaged fields, irradiated landscape and other results of radioactive and electromagnetic field emissions but all the crop circles are man-made."

"What about reptilian people?"

"We are unfamiliar with any race that looks reptilian as popularly depicted here on Earth. There are many varieties of biped sentient beings, as sentience usually emerges on a world, and develops in bodies that closely resemble the planets most developed animal species. On your world this is monkeys, though humanity did not evolve from monkeys. On other worlds the sentient beings often also resemble in some ways their most developed animal species."

"What about on your world. You look almost perfectly human, asides from your height and pink-hued skin. How is that possible?"

"Our world also has animals similar to monkeys. Many worlds do. As I explained earlier, the duality of energy makes biped structures the most common form in the galaxy. Two eyes, nostrils, ears, sets of teeth, lungs, arms, sets of arms and legs, spheres of the brain, etcetera all are the way energy manifests it's duality - polar nature. The simple sine-wave holds the secret to evolution in all its diversity and these universal manifestations of duality. You will not find many 3 eyed beings or 3 legged creatures. Energy is polar and as it evolves and becomes more complex this doesn't change. You will not find 6 sets of arms, you will find a pair of legs and arms working together."

"What about cloud like beings? Or sentience in mist or something like that?"

"There are beings that evolve differently than the typical body, even on a physical world. They sometimes exist in states that would seem almost gaseous or liquid if looking at them. They are really polar fields of energy and they manipulate the atomic spectra found in their world for their shape and composition. These worlds are quite uncommon and because of the nature of their culture and society are not interfaced with much by other worlds. Some worlds have sentience that is so unique it is quite incompatible with other sentience and can not effectively communicate with other sentience. Your sun has sentient life and a very advanced culture beyond anything you could imagine. The beings who live and are born on stars are all many millions of years in advance of those who are born on planets."

"OK. So there is a culture on the sun?!"

"Yes. The beings there are living flame. However, from their point of view they are not hot at all. Heat is a relative proposition and they are only hot to lower frequency energy. While you look at sun and see flames. We see a race of beings whose job is to channel energy in from the 4th dimension into the 3rd and make life possible for those in this lower spectra. We see beings that are on the very cusp of 3rd to 4th dimensional existence. Naturally, such a culture and its lifestyle, activities and life cycle is unfathomable for most worlds. Only on the most advanced worlds near the center of the galaxy do worlds and beings actually communicate with their suns.

"Again, fascinating. What about the solar life cycle?"

"The solar life cycle is much different than your science yet understands. The galaxies and the universe they are in are all interlinked - like the gears of a watch. Stars life cycles are linked to other stars and even other galaxies. The birth of a star is a mathematical proposition that follows a movement of energy in the galaxy - not just random hydrogen gas out in space condensing. The formation of all atoms, starting with the simple hydrogen atom, is due to the movement of the galaxy and the stars are portholes to a higher flow of energy. It gets complex and is probably unsuitable to go into much further for this discussion."

"You say you traveled 44,000 light years in one month. How is that possible?"

"The galaxy is a set of fields. All energy makes up fields. Planets and stars are really fields as well. The real universe, seen in a clearer way, is really an infinite number of sine waves oscillating all around, growing, shrinking, infinitely interlinked and extending infinitely without and infinitely within. Traveling faster than light requires adjustment of the crafts elements into energy that travels along these lines of force or energy that compose the galaxy. The intelligence of the structures is preserved but on a higher carrier wave. It's like stepping up the voltage and electric power to an ac line for long distance transmission and then stepping it down again with a transformer for safer local usage. Many lost their lives in the experimentation that accompanied this form of travel and now it is mostly perfected, though the occasional accident still occurs."

(End Part 3)

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