Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Portrait of Extraterrestrial Medicine (Part 17)

Shamballa is quiet. It is 2 in the morning and I am still awake. Yal-hune underwent several tests today at the request of Thor. She is far more powerful a being than any this world has seen in a long while. Here at the base she has her own fan club. While everyone tries to act normal around her, their thoughts and actions reveal how much they are enamored with Yal-hune which is, of course, perfectly human and understandable. Pretty soon I half expect them to make a costume for her.

Yal-hune is immune to the ego-geared responses and adulation. She fully understands her position in the infinite universe and has a humility that is obvious to anyone who has shared mind with her. It has been interesting to watch our own "Encyclopedia Brown" - who works in the Research Division - complete with his photographic memory, discuss things with Yal-hune. He finally has met his match in Yal-hune, who is much older and been studying human history since before he was born. He is the only one who ever scored 100 percent on the PSYESP test issued by the agency and can also communicate with Yal-hune telepathically.

Everyone on Earth looks human, but the truth is there is a vast disparity in development concealed under the flesh bodies of humanity. Tech22, aka Encyclopedia Brown, was tormented as a child because he didn't fit in. He corrected his teachers, aced all his tests and alienated his classmates. You would think that the colleges would have been happy to have him, but Tech22's abilities only aggravated his professors and none explored his potential and most felt threatened by him. When he interviewed here, I immediately recognized his gifts and sent him to the Agency for full testing including the PSYESP battery of tests. Here, his mind is put to good use and no one resents his abilities. It's great to 'feel' how happy he is talking with Yal-hune.

"You see only one perspective of the picture." Yal-hune interjects, "While he has been poorly treated in this life, these experiences have their roots in other lives where he treated others poorly. All energy seeks equilibrium and the infinite universe knows far better what each soul truly needs than do the individuals themselves."

"Okay so he is receiving feedback."

"Yes, and it is making him a better person. By being on the receiving end of poor treatment, jealousy, ridicule, etcetera, he has seen how negative these are and it has increased his empathy which in previous lives was far less developed. You need to realize these things are going on around you all the time...and that what you perceive as bad or negative has really been a good thing."

"I know you are right. It's just my mind is conditioned to see things and bias them either good or bad. It's a bad habit I haven't yet been able to break."

"It hasn't been easy. With overshadowers planting biased thoughts and feeding the already existing biases, humanity swings between the emotional highs of elation and depression almost constantly. No one on your world would need to take 'anti-depressant' medication if they simply understood more about life. It is ignorance of this duality in all things that permits depression to exist in the first place."

"Yes, our human minds are quite undisciplined. Our emotions are fed by these biased thoughts and we roll from one emotional state to the next, without really understanding what is going on."

"Yes. This is one of the most important gifts your world needs - understanding. It is far more valuable than any other commodity or technology. If I could speak to each human and tell them that there is truly no such thing as evil, and that all things are good, purposeful and helpful - almost none would believe it is true. After all injury, death, accidents, pain, sadness and more can't be good in their eyes. They still isolate each event instead of seeing things with totality."

"We're human. That's what we do."

"Well, sentience learns. Humanity will learn - when it is ready. Forcing these truths and understandings on someone before they are yet prepared would be a great crime against them. Your world's great philosophers have come to these things on their own to some degree. The understanding that everything that happens in the universe is not evil, but good comes only after much inner turmoil and suffering. Self-pity, frustration and more are the daily rituals humans use to deal with these unnecessary biases they create with their thoughts. And then your pharmaceutical companies try to interfere with the chemical balance in the brain to "cure" depression. Like forcing a blockage of thought can cure anything! All they succeed in doing is putting off the day these depressed individuals finally address their own imbalances and erroneous way of viewing life. It only makes it tougher for these many and your worlds physicians are all...well...quacks is probably an appropriate term - who prescribe medicines and drugs that don't really cure anything. If the doctors of your world knew just a little bit more about energy and life they could do WONDERS for their patients health - both physical and mental."

"How do the doctors on your world heal?"

"Our world has devices that can balance almost any wave form of energy. All illness is caused by imbalance. Any sickness starts because some cell structure is no longer in balance with its encoded intelligence. Our doctors can spot any imbalance in another - with their minds - and depending upon the location and severity, can help the patient heal themselves - by thought. Yes, we have done away with many of the devices and machines used for healing. We still use them for incidents where the physical body is suddenly damaged severely, as in an accident, but for illnesses of the body the mind is the tool of choice."

"What if someone loses a limb in an accident? How is that treated."

"Our world records the physical energy structures of a being regularly. They become part of his/her records. Their cell structures, DNA, and atomic configurations are mapped and recorded. Should a limb be lost, machines are used to reproduce the missing limb."

"Do they operate and put it on?"

"No, it is actually beamed into existence, right where the person stands. The process is very quick and a limb can be reintegrated in about 5 seconds."

"That just doesn't seem possible!"

"Oh it is. Energy can be projected very intelligently. Naturally, these machines use enormous amounts of energy and transfer this energy from one place into the reintegrated limb, organ or whatever is necessary."

"Can whole beings be recreated that way? That sounds like technology which could be used for immortality and eternal youth. Die? Be reintegrated! Looking old? Beam your old face and body into place!"

"On our world no one uses the devices for such purposes. We understand that our energy bodies would be harmed by trying to defeat the natural cycles of evolution and regeneration. However, other worlds to which this technology has been either imported or developed do not necessarily restrain from such uses. Some worlds do bring back those who have died and also use it to keep at a fixed age. As you can imagine, much mischief can be caused by someone misusing this technology."

"Yes, everyone here on Earth would probably do anything to stay forever 16 or 18 or whatever."

"Not just that, but whenever this technology has been introduced some 'scientists' use it to create unnatural things. Mixing and matching limbs. Altering bodies to suit their owner's desires, etc. Even animals have been modified and new species developed for the entertainment of the masses. This, of course, creates a huge distortions in energy structures and these people, when they return, are often born again with birth defects and have much worse 'karma' as their energy structures now seek to balance these unnatural additions."

"Amazing. Wonderful technology - yet quite scary."

"Yes. We have no drugs. No primitive operations. Our healing technology is our minds and supplemented by machines of great ability when needed."

(End Part 17)

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