Saturday, September 19, 2009

Behind The Extraterrestrial Curtain (Part 8)

I'm in the cavernous hangar looking at the cars brought back from my home along with a moving van filled with my belongings. My life seems somehow uprooted and disjointed. Everything here has been scoured for bugs and even passive transmission devices. As I look at the jumble of clothing and books haphazardly thrown into open boxes, I wonder if it's worth it - after all I can't even live in a home like normal people. I remember how I felt when I first saw Yal-hune appear in the desert outside her ship. I never imagined that this would turn my life completely inside out.

Yal-hune is suddenly in my mind. "You should ask me some more questions. The people of Earth are getting a lot out of your blog entries. They are reaching out towards my mind and I feel them. Some are fearful, others skeptical, all have many more questions and wish they would be addressed. They are all over the world. This is why I am here. If you want to start the process of protecting Earth, here is your chance to get the ball rolling."

"Okay, okay. Just let me grab this box full of underwear and socks."

I grab the box and carry it off the moving van. For a brief moment I entertain the visualization of the sweep team going through my belongings for bugs and sweeping these as well with a assuring, "No bugs in this pair!" before going on to the next. I smile and find something amusing about having ones privacy shot all to hades.

Yal-hune is waiting for me outside my quarters. Two of the researchers, women, who work here went out and bought her some fashionable clothes from a big and tall shop. She is dressed smartly in a flattering one piece dress with a floral pattern. The flowers somehow bring out the pink in her strongly pink tinted skin and, as always, she is incredibly beautiful. Her golden hair has been braided and crowns her head rising in the back, showing off her absolutely incredible neck and decolletage.

"Come on in Yal-hune, we'll get started just as soon as I set down this box and pick up the micro cassette recorder."

Yal-hune follows me in and sits in the air, Indian style - hovering over the floor. Seeing her actually fly freaks me out a bit. I shouldn't be freaked out by now but seeing it puts it all into perspective and I hustle and grab my recorder.

"It's Friday September 18th, 3:44 PM. I'm here in Shamballa with Yal-hune an extraterrestrial from a planet near the center of our galaxy. I'm going to ask her some more questions and I'm going to let her speak on whatever topic she cares to address. Hello Yal-hune."


"Earlier you said people were getting a lot out of these conversations and you could feel them reaching out to you. You want to elucidate a bit?"

"Yes. Thoughts are very powerful things. I am very sensitive to thoughts. On your world a dog can hear a very high pitched whistle that humans can not. It can hear the footfalls of someone outside a house, and start barking, long before anyone else knows someone is there. My mind hears thoughts in much the same manner. Since you posted the first of these conversations, to your blog, I have heard all manners of thoughts and from all over your world. People are curious. They intuitively sense the truth of the matter and yet they also realize it somehow must be impossible. This leaves them in somewhat a state of confusion and this confusion washes upon my consciousness like a wave. I hear them debate, reason and rationalize. Their hopes, fears and dreams all are very vivid things and race through time and space, drawn unto me via frequency relationship."

"Frequency relationship?"

"Yes. Because my words resonate in their consciousness they have a built in carrier wave that reverberates with me. As they read, they feel and think and these signals bounce back to me with my own words like a boomerang. It's very precise. If you send out a signal with your cell phone the return call also comes to your cell phone. Your cellphone broadcasts and receives at two different frequencies so you can talk and hear at the same time."


"The mind is an amazing and complex transmission and receiving device. You receive signals all the time and also transmit them. So when people read your blog entries they are transmitting all the while. And because they are reacting to my words these signals travel immediately to my own consciousness. Many who on your world seek the truth about extraterrestrial life have found these words - which of course is no accident."

"No accident?"

"Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall open."

"I didn't know you were versed in our world's religion."

"This is really about cause and effect as well as frequency relationship and energy. All these people seeking truth must eventually find it. Such is the nature of the universe. Unfortunately, for many, their quests have numbed them to truth. Along the way many have been targeted and they fail to discern the spurious signals and interference from their own inner voice."

"Yes, you were saying everyone on Earth is targeted to some degree or another?"

"Indeed. A dozen worlds with over a trillion inhabitants use sensory viewers. There are not enough humans to go around. They seek more growth on Earth so that each gets more time and greater diversity in their recreation - controlling and influencing an assigned human."

"That's rather scary. Is that what is freaking them out?"

"Yes. Many are convinced of the sanctity of their own mind and refuse to believe that they have been, and are being, influenced by beings from other worlds. The prospect is too horrifying."

"It is horrifying. I still don't like thinking about it."

"But don't you see? That is exactly the first wave of defense for those using the sensory viewers? 'It's impossible!' 'It's just a story!' 'Someone is pulling our leg!' and much more. No one wants to think of themselves as schizoid...but do humans even know what an non-interfered thought train looks and feels like? Do they know that on most worlds sentience does not argue with oneself in one's mind? That knowledge comes to the right decision instantaneously and that only on Earth and other targeted, defenseless, elemental worlds have then added voices debate something with your true voice and mind - trying to get you to change your initial course of action?"

"That is too annoying to think about. In fact my mind keeps trying to change the subject! I can't just focus on that! It's like some sort of mental hot potato!"

"Yes. Those are your overshadowers at work. They don't want to lose control. That's like someone on Earth threatening to shut down 'Second Life' a place where humans get to live vicariously through artificial beings. What would happen? These millions of addicts would rise up and resist - and seek destruction of those who threaten the loss of their recreation/addiction. So changing the topic is the first line of defense for them."

"Can you help humanity?"

"That is what we are doing right now. As they read these words they will be helped - and their overshadowers in the sensory-viewers will be quite unhappy. However their still small voice will rejoice in finding these words in your blog. It will finally understand what it has been up against and why life has been much harder than it needs to be - for everyone on Earth."

"Yes, I can start to think about it now. And the more that I do, the more free my thoughts seem to come in - without the internal bickering. It's quite a revelation!"

"Nothing is easy. Humanity will have to learn how to fight these uninvited guests in their minds and question their internal dialogues - just who exactly are they having that dialogue with? And how to identify who they really are!"

I look at Yal-hune, hovering over the floor...she smiles as she reads my thoughts. I was thinking that Yal-hune is going to free the Earth - by helping each person free themselves and find their own true potential.

(End Part 8)

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