Monday, September 21, 2009

Extraterrestrial Secrets (Part 11)

I find myself in sub level 7, which houses a conference room for classified discussions. Shamballa is shielded from cell phone and other electronic interference. The walls emit fields which jam all chip based video and camera equipment, so nothing can be photographed with anything newer than a Polaroid instant camera.

Techs 2,5 and 8 are present and several formerly well-placed officials from the previous administration that now receive pension checks. The subject is naturally Yal-hune.

"Just how powerful is she?"

"I don't know." I reply honestly, "No one has tested her yet."

"Flying, force fields and attraction/repulsion make her currently the most powerful person on the planet." notes one of the Special Directors still linked to the Agency, "She could be a one woman army - we're talking Superman type stuff here."

"She's completely harmless. She would never intentionally harm someone."

"Do you know that? For sure? How can any of us really know?"

"I've shared mind with her - I know."

"You yourself noted how superior she is mentally to any human. She could be fooling you and concealing her real interests. For all we know she could be the point person for an alien invasion, obtaining information by befriending you..."

"Are you suggesting that..."

"Hey, don't get me wrong...My god - if she fell into my lap, with that body, I'd ride that rocket home too."

"I can't believe this."

In another time and place, for saying things like that about Yal-hune, I'd have gotten up and punched him across the jaw so hard it would be in traction. However, I am still on equilibrium. Yal-hune has rubbed off on me and such talk doesn't phase me. What's more I know he speaks for 9/10ths of the Agency and other organizations that are thinking just the same thing.

"No, really...think about it. An Alien ship lands next to your car, drives home with you and you just 'happen' to have some of the highest security clearance in the nation? Accident? I think not. You were targeted. You say her molecular structures were reformulated for Earth. So we don't even know what she really looks like. For all we know she may look like the blob and has had a molecular face lift to look like a 'perfect human woman', hotter than hell, which no human male - or even female - will be able to resist."

Tech2 chimes in, "C,mon..if she is as powerful as we think, why would she even mess around with the disguise? She could just fly down, break into any facility, steal our secrets and take over the world all by herself. If she wanted to take over the world she sure as hell wouldn't come down and start telling everyone to make sure their minds are their own, and to use their time more constructively."

Tech8 speaks up now too. "What's more is she already knows everything about Earth. I talked with her for twenty minutes and she knew everything I mentioned. She knows all about Earth geology - and far more than we know. She knows something about our planet's core, that I had never heard before. But it's not just scientific stuff or history, she even knew who won the last World Series and can even sing popular songs and knows who the latest groups and singers are. Christ, she knew more about this planet before she arrived here than anyone here on Earth knows about it."

"And you don't find that a bit distressing and dangerous?"

"No. Not really. I find it refreshing."

"We need to find where her allegiances lay. She came to the United States..."

"No she came to the Earth. She is here as an emissary to Earth, not just the United States," I interrupt.

"Okay, the Earth. So where does that leave us? The Agency is always compromised, you know that, and by this time next week - if not sooner - half the world will know about the level 7 plus extraterrestrial that arrived and is now here in the US. You think that we will not have to fend off twenty different nations and their intelligence agents? She will be a magnet. Everywhere she goes will become a shooting gallery. If they can't abduct her, they will want her dead."

"I've already planted the seeds of disbelief. No one at the Agency, that could compromise her, has ever seen her. Before long most nations will believe everything they hear about the beautiful female alien landing in the desert is just a fictional tale for entertainment. Besides, if she is as powerful as she is, no human weapons could breach her defenses, no one could sneak up on her from miles away and no one can approach her with negative intent without her knowing it. She's perfectly safe - wherever she is."

"Yes, but what about all those around her?"

"What are you getting at?"

"Area 51. We need to keep her out of circulation."

"No way. She came here to mingle and do her job. Not to sit in a fancy cell and chat once a day with a handful of geeks who themselves don't get enough sunlight. Area 51 is a poor man's Shamballa - and I wouldn't want to keep her shacked up in here either."

"You need to be practical."

"And what's practical? Keeping the most powerful being on Earth locked up like a canary in a cage? My God - she came here to help us shake off a real alien invasion. We need to assist her in any way we can!"

I get up from the leather upholstered bentwood chair and pour myself a glass of ice-cold water from a pitcher which sits on a polished silver tray on the 20 foot long dark honey-colored teak table. Everyone is fidgeting.

I empty the glass before I speak, "From what you tell me, Obama has been kept out of the loop. Project MIMIR, as we all know, is no longer officially active and has no jurisdictional authority. So this is a judgment call we get to make. I want her to be free. And what's more - she's indicated she can teleport at will - no devices necessary - and so she could leave any facility we set up. Let's not antagonize her, let's work alongside her. The fact that she did pick the United States to land is a good sign. We will benefit the most from her presence at first - so the Agency need not fear that other nations will get a jump on us. If anything, this is the greatest thing to happen to the United States since we lured Nikola Tesla to emigrate to America. This is a windfall. Let's not blow it."

"Well it's your call. I want to go on the record to say I think she should take residency in Area 51."

I realize he's saying that to cover his own posterior. If things go bad, he can point to his statement and exonerate himself. When one works for the Agency one becomes a master of fence-sitting and second guessing projects and missions. The truth is, he really is happy she will be kept away from Area 51. He was, himself, thinking just a few moments ago how poor the results are from research conducted there with extraterrestrials and that the place had out served its usefulness. I shouldn't have read his mind, but in this proximity his thoughts were so loud it was actually too hard for me to ignore them.

"Gentlemen. I thank you all for your input, but I think that we are pretty much finished here. Yal-hune will remain free and be assisted in integrating into our culture. This meeting is now adjourned."

I shake hands open the Fortezza encoded doorlock with a thumb imprint and walk out with Tech2 who whispers to me as we walk down the hall, "I'm worried. I know I shouldn't be, but I feel it in my gut - somethings not right. I just don't know what it is."

I see he really is worried. Which is an unusual state for him. He's normally Mr. Levity.

"What's not right? Yal-hune?"

"No, she's perfectly on the level. There's something else. Something else is going on somewhere."

"It might be the overshadowers. They can't be happy about any of this and will probably start working overtime to counter Yal-hune's message. They will plant disbelief, denial and fear in as many minds as they can."

"You may be right. I'm not normally filled with self-doubt and right now I wouldn't trust me with walking a 85 year old woman across the street."

"Well, if it's any consolation, I would trust you. And I would also trust you to find me the whereabouts of the other electromagnetic field craft that were used by Project MIMIR. Shayla took hers back to her home world which means there are still 4 stored or operational somewhere here on Earth. I want you to find out where they are. Use whatever resources are necessary, but keep it quiet."

"I've wondered about those craft myself for sometime now. It's about time we tracked them down. It shall be done. I'll get back to you as soon as I have something concrete."


Tech2 enters the elevator and I watch it close behind him. The truth is I am concerned about the whole affair as well. I know Yal-hune is safe from humans - but what about other extraterrestrials? I never did trust some of the beings currently residing in Area 51, and suspect more than ever that some are here for less than benevolent purposes. That's one of the reasons I didn't want her shacked up with them - I can't take the chance that they may be able to harm her somehow.

(End Part 11)

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