Sunday, September 27, 2009

Extraterrestrial History Lessons (Part 16)

Before I know it, Yal-hune is standing in the doorway with a cassette recorder in hand.

"There is so much of Earth's history that is unknown. What is known currently constitutes less than 1 percent of Earth's history.

The Lemurian culture was founded by the Travelers from Planet Leh-Muh-Rhee-Ah and spanned a period of over 48,000 years from 70,000 BC to approximately 22,000 BC. This is a long stretch of time and you can see how much your culture has changed in the 3000 years of history your present culture has some record of. The early Lemurians were also very primitive and warlike and were educated for several thousand years while a dozen of the Travelers remained on Earth. The Travelers set up their own beacons - spires actually - which broadcast intellectual stimulation signals. These spires helped clear away any outside interference from other worlds and also incorporated a signal which spurred mental development.

These beacons were worshipped by the early peoples of Earth, and they felt better when they were near them. This started in motion human worship and congregation within structures and even now this primal memory of 'holy' structures somehow closer to god remains in many humans, regenerates. The church bells, choirs and organs are all descendants of these spires which would seem to sing when standing near them.

Yes, you remember now, don't you? The silver spire that sings and reverberates in one's mind as one approaches it. Many alive today who read these words lived in Lemuria while these beacons still stood. This is what protected Lemurians from over-shadowers with sensory viewers and protected their minds from other lower influences as well. These spires were indestructible and made out of an alloy unknown on your Earth. There were spires mathematically positioned around the planet to give complete coverage and these spires remained for many thousands of years and helped the aboriginal tribes evolve more quickly into a more refined culture. After several thousand years Lemuria had achieved a technocracy like none ever seen upon this world before or since. They had relationships with other worlds and had an endless supply of power as well as craft capable of travel throughout the solar system. Visitors from other worlds came to Lemuria and shared cultural expressions.

The Travelers knew how to protect the sentient species they nurtured. However, when the Travelers left, they removed the spires knowing that the species would have to walk on its own now. Like a child no longer being carried, the Travelers depart to let a sentient species take off and evolve in directions of its own.

Many on this world are attenuated to some of these things and this history, most of these are somewhat older souls and find themselves in this world at whatever time and they may seem out of place. Lemuria, like all civilizations, arose to a great height and then crashed down to oblivion, corrupted by those who no longer valued what the Lemurians had tried to teach."

I interrupt.

"So many worlds have the spires like the Travelers set up?"

"Yes, or something similar which act as a mental shield for the residents. This is why some worlds are not targeted by the overshadowers, because they know they can not breach the shields established.

6000 years after the fall of Lemuria would rise Atlantis, yet another technological culture in advance of present day - though not as advanced as Lemuria. Your Egyptian pyramids are poor relations of the metallic pyramids that dotted the plains of Atlantis and which broadcast power and information from a golden sphere at the apex."

I watch Yal-Hune switch off the tape recorder and she hands it to me to transcribe.

"That is enough for now. Too much information can be overwhelming and harmful as well."

I nod and begin the transcription process.

(End Part 16)

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