Sunday, September 20, 2009

Behind the Extraterrestrial Curtain (Part 10)

"...Yes. I would go out with a human. I do not discriminate between planetary sentience. Each sentient species has that infinite spark within - that unlimited potential built-in to grow, learn and experience."

"Would you go out with a quasi-materialistic, oft-overshadowed, somewhat befuddled human that is trying his best to free his mind from extraterrestrial interference from other worlds?"

Yal-hune pulls me closer to her with her mind. She shields my consciousness from interference and all of a sudden I can very clearly see what I want. I want to start a planet-wide program of information dissemination. I want to learn and catalog the worlds she is aware of and possibly set up some form of communications with them. I want to find out more about the overshadowers world and, if possible, find a way to help SDAI or other research divisions, like DARPA, identify the cosmic ray, high-energy signals now bombarding the Earth. I want to know all about Yal-hune, from her birth and life up to this point and I want to know if we have shared any past lives together. I want to join with her, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Yal-hune opens up her mind to me. I see again what an enormous mind it is. Like walking into an enormous building and realizing the ceiling is so high above one, it is out of sight. Her past lives of which she is aware are now being processed by my mind. She has been all over the galaxy, one of the planet leaders on a world of beings that look humanoid, but possess larger heads and have an exo-skeleton in lieu of soft skin. Large eyes, a hardly visible nose and a small mouth. I see other lives on another world - where thin, very pale & almost white beings reside, extremely tall and with extraordinarily long limbs. They must reach twenty or thirty feet in height - possibly taller. The world is extremely beautiful and appears to be made of sculpted light. I cant make out structures or buildings clearly only that these beings already have superseded technology and manipulate energy with their minds. Another world Yal-hune now shares with me has enormous spires of radiant colors and the beings are 12 - 15 feet tall, quite human in appearance, but somehow more vivid and detailed than humanity, more definition is visible in their faces and physical appearance. They do look quite human and, in fact, they look like what humanity might evolve into if it were started on a progressive, evolutionary direction. They make humans appear like washed out facsimiles of what they are.

"These are the Travelers. They live on an enormous world very near the center of the galaxy. They are one of the most advanced material worlds and your genetic code is an offshoot of their own. Their planet is known as Leh-muh-rhee-ah. One of your now vanished cultures, Lemuria, was named after it."

"I have been to their flame room. Shayla has been to many worlds that had a flame room and she shared with me some of these images."

I share the images of what Shayla shared with me. Rooms of silver-gold material, alive to light, regenerating it and each with a simple dais, and upon it a flame keyed into the genetic markers of the sentience that the Travelers nurtured.

Yal-hune shares more of this world and the enormous structures that comprise it. The landscape is beautiful beyond words. The skies - magnificent! Jungles and plant life beyond anything here on Earth - all much more complex and developed. It makes our world appear like a flat, barren plain with plant life not much more developed than moss.

"This is a result of Leh-muh-rhee-ah's atomic complexity and the significant increase in diversity this complexity manifests with. This is planetary evolution. The galaxy offers up worlds of vastly varying development."

I realize just how plain-jane the Earth really is. The way we look at our rocky moon, and quickly yawn, is in the same position. Our world, for all it's diversity, is in the exact same boat when compared to the Travelers world. Yal-hune is in my mind and showing me the beauty of Earth. She focuses on the flowering blossoms, the cliff faces rugged charm and the forests, jungles and seas. She flies over the desolate beauty of the deserts and poles and then she transfers her love of humanity...and it is overwhelming. She loves humans more than humans can love each other. She now focuses on me and conveys to me that we have been together at one time on the Travelers world. We worked side by side in a council that oversaw some of the Travelers' galaxy seeding.

Suddenly it all makes sense. Why I am in the position I am, why Yal-hune is a planetary emissary from her world - and why we are here together, working for humanity and trying to help it throw off the yoke the overshadowing worlds have put upon it.

"Yes. My arrival here and selecting you was no accident. We have pasts together. You know me better than you think."

She shares another lifetime on yet another world. A world where everything seems to be reddish and orange. The landscape is gaseous and yet sentience exists within it. The beings are not humanoid but are intricate molecular configurations of plasma or gaseous type structures. Life is lived on this world in a much more cerebral state. All is thought and very little is physical - as we know it anyways - and yet the world is quite physical. We were joined on this world and were together for most of our lives there. The images leave me shocked, somewhat, as the consciousness is so disparate from what I know here on Earth and somewhat incompatible. But the love of Yal-hune and her very essence is magnified as I realize how completely familiar her essence is.

"Yes, sentience on this world took quite a different form and yet it is one dimension and direction yet explored by developing sentience."

It occurs to me as she shares this, that sentience is far, FAR more diverse than I yet ever imagined. And that indeed sentience takes an infinite number of forms and can develop in an infinite number of directions. Living Intelligence of types beyond our wildest imagination!

The love for Yal-hune that I feel is given shape and form. Her feelings and her essence are now keyed into my own mind. Her consciousness shares her travels to many worlds and the various beings she has gotten to know during her travels. She has many that are close to her and whom she has shared consciousness with in this same manner. I realize if I were not shielded I would feel jealous, but in this state I am happy for her and joyous. Sharing love and mind is a joyous thing. I see that only on Earth and other less developed worlds does jealousy exist. She shows me how jealousy can only exist with insecurity. And if one is secure, no jealousy can exist and does, in fact, seem counter-intuitive. She shows me how on Earth such primitive emotions have helped the emerging stability of family structures, up to a point, yet have also caused great unhappiness where no unhappiness need exist.

"So I take it the answer is yes?" I say with a knowing smile into her mind. I still am floating in the air and am amazed that she has been able to sustain me while all this other mental activity has been going on.

"Yes. I would go out with you...human." she responds with a wave of mental Love and laughter that is exquisite in all ways and leaves me in a mental euphoria unlike any I've ever experienced.

(End Part 10)

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