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Behind the Extraterrestrial Curtain (Part 9)

"So these aliens use humanity sort of as their own second life?"

"Yes. What's more they have lotteries and compete for getting to overshadow 'famous' people or 'leaders' on Earth."


"Yes, for those who are the privileged on these worlds, are afforded opportunities to overshadow celebrities and those who have more wealth, affluence and power. The President of the United States, Royalty, Movie stars, Rock stars and such. These are perks for those who are successful in their overshadowing duties."


"Yes - duties. There is always a chance of failure with overshadowing, as a person's own mind constantly fights against it to some degree. So successful overshadowers are rewarded. This recent scenario, getting leaders in a capacity to send craft to probe this facility for example required careful manipulation of a number of minds. It's all very elaborate and calculated. They even have various personality types to match the various people targeted for overshadowing. Different overshadowers have varying rates of success with different personalities. On these worlds overshadowing is not just for recreation - it's also for control and to obtain a certain outcome on another world."

"So celebrities in Hollywood cruising around their Ferraris and Porsches are more likely than not being overshadowed?"


"Wow. That's quite a revelation. What about our media personalities and the tycoons that run the media empire?"

"All are overshadowed to some degree or another. It all depends on the strength of their own minds, almost all have 24/7 coverage. And when one breaks away with their own will and desire they are targeted even more and those around them are manipulated against them. It's all very diabolical. Family and friends can be used to encourage desired outcomes and achieve a certain goal. In your instance, your knowledge has been suppressed and your innate desires supplanted by the materialistic ones planted for you. Look at the hangar now filled with your material belongings - Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces and more - you have lived a dual life, distracted from your true desires by these meaningless, materialistic objects. They have been successful in taking you out of commission somewhat. This world would be a far different place had you shared your knowledge over a decade ago. But don't feel bad about it. You didn't know what you were truly up against. They were successful in selling you 'justification' - they are experts at that."

"That's why I always felt guilty about the vehicle purchases? My own consciousness realized I did not really want them?"

"Yes. Your mind knows what it wants. Then overshadowers come in and stick in some other wants. Your mind rejects it, but they keep pounding the suggestions home until they get your own voice to submit. It's nothing less than mental rape."

"How can the other worlds sit by and do nothing as this occurs? Wouldn't some other world have taken this world out for their actions?"

"Why do you think they fear losing control? The worlds they overshadow, once awakened to the process and freed, are naturally quite angry. Keeping these worlds technology from advancing beyond a certain level and keeping their space program practically non-existent are two major priorities and ongoing tasks."

"That's why your presence here is an enormous threat to them."

"Yes. This is the largest step any world has taken in regards to waking up Earth. On your world satellites and resources are tasked for a mission. On these worlds, overshadowers and sensory-viewers are tasked."

"What if we are not successful? What if the world doesn't believe you or me? What happens to the Earth then?"

"The same thing that happens now - stagnation. Wars. Illiteracy. Selfishness at all time highs. Escape mechanisms pursued with abandon. Addictions of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gaming, surfing the internet and much more. A world of people seeking handouts while they grow ever more perverted in their outlooks and activities. Your world leaders programmed to reject space exploration and cut funding for manned space. They even managed to get your nation to 'lose' all the rocket design specifications from your Saturn boosters and the Apollo program! They have been wildly successful since 1972 in keeping humanity tied down on Earth. Elemental, non-space faring worlds are safe worlds to mentally exploit and control"

"Is there any way we can design and build shielding in this facility first? Use it as a prototype for future shielding?"

"The technology to shield the Earth is the same technology that, when rearranged, could be used for manipulation. If your world is not careful, it could get worse. Wars have been waged where sensory-viewers are employed as weapons to control others on other worlds and get them to destroy themselves by accidentally triggering a holocaust of some sort. Until the people of this world are more mentally and spiritually awakened such shielding, and the technology used to implement it, would probably backfire and create a holocaust here, destroying the Earth."

"So what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that humanity needs to use its mind first. It needs to become aware and fight to hear their own still small voice. Once the billions of your world start to do this and knowledge of this overshadowing is commonplace - the first true shield will be underway. Only after this is done can shielding be employed with less risk of being reverse-engineered and used for some equally horrifying devices on Earth. Our world has learned its lesson. We will not share technology with worlds that are not developed enough morally, mentally or spiritually. We do not place knives in the hands of babies."

"Too many will not believe this. At most it might attract the attention of a few. And the governments of this world would never, ever, acknowledge dispersal of this information. This would be top secret - crypto - eyes only stuff and so compartmentalized as to be useless to the world. Even Project Mimir never disclosed anything of this nature."

"Is that you talking or the 'skeptical' paid dissuaders that overshadow you talking?"

"You're right. I want to go full steam ahead on this, regardless of the outcome. Even if it saves a small number of souls from overshadowing, these then influence another number and on and on it goes."

"Yes. All humanity must wake up! The future humanity wants to live in, truly, can only be shaped by a world with many minds that are free. Otherwise Earth will remain a form of hell - or as we classify it, a shadow world."

I watch her hover there and speak for the micro-cassette recorder. I keep second guessing my internal monologue much is me and how much is some blue skinned, hairless weirdo that get his kicks planting thoughts and suggestions in my mind all day long. I realize I want her to save me from all this. I want her to fulfill my fantasies of what a superior being should do. It's frustrating to know and understand that she will not give us technology to defend against this until we show our own effort.

If this were a movie or a sci-fi novel I would have a desk full of schematics, she would have fallen in love with me and she would be teaching me how to fly. As it is my desk is empty, my Hummer has been blown up, no schematics are on my desk or will be anytime soon, and she is flying there - well hovering anyway - in the middle of the room. She is asking for the toughest task of all - mental alertness and diligence. I realize just how flaccid my mind has become, especially since Shayla left, and I am lazy.

My focus on the material rewards of all this keeping popping in my head. The thought of power, riches and fame are clearly put before me so as to tempt me - with the notion that I somehow want these things and should adjust my actions to obtain them. I don't want them. Fame is a nightmare. Riches are a burden and exploiting power over others is more akin to suicide than glory. They lure the technology angle next. Who knows what wonderful technologies she could share and build? And her personal powers have to be the most tantalizing of all. Who wouldn't want to fly, repel or attract objects and be able to erect an impenetrable forcefield around one's body? Who wouldn't want her as a lover?

"Switch off the cassette recorder. Your mind is somewhere else."


I click off the recorder.

"Nothing to be sorry about. You are beginning to understand the difficulty of what it is I ask - and you see how your mind is constantly manipulated so as to keep you off balance. I don't want to shield you because you need to be able to recognize these things on your own. It will get clearer. It will get easier as your true voice transforms from the still small voice to the active big voice. Sex, money, power, fame all these are simply distractions from what you really want. You want to learn and expand and experience new things! You want to travel the universe!"

She smiles and hovers closer to me aligning her eyes with mine.

"And maybe...if you work hard to free yourself...I will teach you to fly."

She closes her eyes and I suddenly feel as though I am flying. I AM FLYING! She is lifting me with her mind and I am floating in the air! I feel no weight on any part of my body - similar to the weightless feel in space, but with more coordination and sensory input from the various muscles and all the rest. I move my legs to sit Indian style as she is doing. It is uncanny to rest and not feel the compression of the various muscles and limbs.

"You are cute when you're all excited. I haven't seen you like this since the first night I arrived and you were ogling me like a schoolboy whose hormones have just kicked into overdrive."

"Are you married back on your world?"

"We don't maintain those types of religious contracts. We are free to be with whomever we like for as long as we like. We realize we have more than just one match for us. We realize as we develop we continually broaden our scope and have more and more matches and are growing closer to many souls - not just one."

"So do you think you would ever go out with a human?"

"The answer is to that is..."

(End Part 9)

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  1. That was hugely entertaining! Is this dialogue meant to be based on a real event?


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