Thursday, September 10, 2009

Conversations With An Extraterrestrial (Part 1)

“This will be the first time I’ve done this sort of thing here. However, I have great hopes it will be a very educational and informative tool unlike any currently on the Earth. I’ve got my micro-cassette recorder handy and have started recording. This is September 9th, 2009 and it is 11:12 PST, I’m sitting in my office at Shamballa with an extraterrestrial from another planet. Her name is Yal-hune, and I am going to ask her a few questions. So, ready or not, here we go! ”

“Hello Yal-hune. My readers are already somewhat familiar with who you are, but would you explain where you are from and how you got here?”

“Most certainly. My name is Yal-hune, which translates roughly to expansive perspective. I come from another planet in this galaxy approximately 44,000 light years from the Earth. I came here via spacecraft and the voyage took approximately 1 month Earth time.”

“Some readers will think I am pulling their leg. What can you say to them that will prove to them that you are an alien from another world? Surely there must be something you can do to convince them?”

“To be honest, I am not concerned whether or not your readers believe I am an alien, and furthermore it may be beneficial to preserve their skepticism. I’m here to answer questions. Ask me questions.”

“Okay. How much life is their out there in the galaxy and universe? How many worlds have intelligent life?”

“There are over 256,000 worlds in our database that possess identifiable sentient life. We have mapped and acquired maps for only about 13 percent of the galaxy. Our scientists estimate the number at well over a million worlds just in this galaxy alone. The figure for the universe is infinite. There is no end to the variety and quantity of sentient life.”

“Why haven’t we seen any aliens here on Earth? Why are there no landings of spacecraft here?”

“That’s a ridiculous statement. After all I am here and I arrived via spacecraft. However, I know what you are getting at and the answer is that the universe is much more complex than your scientists understand. The atomic spectra varies throughout the galaxy. A man can’t live underwater without a diving suit. Most planets and their life forms can’t exist on other worlds or even other solar systems in the same galaxy because they are incompatible in a million and one ways. Specific gravity, the point of atomic disintegration where radioactivity is triggered, other fields and radiations which are necessary to support life. You will find this out on your own. Humans can’t survive in another solar system and will have extreme difficulty surviving outside the cradle of Earth where they were formed. While there are a number of space faring worlds all have had to develop craft that can accommodate for these many disparities. And even with the best of these craft some areas are still off-limits because of the danger involved. Until a portion of the galaxy has been mapped and the various fields and spectra carefully identified, traveling to a unmapped solar system can be a death sentence for the occupants of the craft.”

“So how did you travel here?”

“Our world sends out probes. The probes are automated craft that record the fields and atomic complexity of any system they visit. The data is relayed to our world even if the probe is shortly after destroyed by this environment. We lost millions of probes in our pioneering years and now have probes that sustain their own field environment and only rarely for brief periods adjust their oscillation to that of the native environment they have traveled to. “

“So this system is mapped?”

“Yes. Completely.”

“Is there life on any of the other worlds in our solar system?”


“I’m not sure it is in these worlds best interests if I reveal their existence. If they want to let you know about them they are in a position to do so. As a result, we assume they don’t want their existence to be made known and will respect their privacy.”

“Aw, c’mon…can’t you tell us anything? What about Mars? Venus? Mercury? Are those the worlds?”

“Go to the next question.”

“Ok. Fine. Why are you here?”

“I’m here to share certain knowledge and information. I’m also here to collect information for my world. I am basically an ambassador or emissary.”

“Will you share technological breakthroughs? Will you tell us how to create endless energy, fusion, zero-point energy or some other advanced science?”

“Basically, no. I will point in the right direction and talk about our world’s technology, but I will not sit down and draw you a schematic to take to the patent office. Earth needs to do these things for themselves. Humanity would forever resent technology from another world, even if at first they embraced it as salvation. The old adage about the man and the fish is apropos here. Your world must develop its own breakthroughs. You can’t expect some other world to fish and feed you. No world gave us our technology. We worked for every bit of it over millions of years time. There is no short cut to evolution. Such short-cuts lead to collapse and are more destructive than constructive. If I gave away these things I would be committing a great crime against your world. I would never do that.”

“Ok. So no free energy. You communicate normally by telepathy. Most people think telepathy is hokum and impossible, so how does that work?”

“All thoughts are made up of infinitely tiny wave forms. These wave forms have distinct shapes, patterns and frequencies. Telepathy is no different than turning on a radio and picking up the broadcast of signals on a specific frequency and wave length. Your thoughts are broadcast signals. They aren’t just locked up in your brain, bouncing around inside your skull. They are easily accessible by those who have developed their own brains to be receptive. Like you develop your ears to listen to a note or listen to someone talking, we listen to each others minds and thoughts with our own. Your world will be able to do this fairly soon too. Your brains have the capacity to do so.”

“So could you tell me what the President is thinking right now?”

“I could, but I, and all others from my world, respect the privacy of mind. We never breach minds uninvited and particularly those that are not yet able to detect the mind of another alongside their own. When humanity develops this ability not only will they be able to read mind, but they will know and recognize when another is in their mind. Right now humanity suffers greatly because their minds are unprotected and unable to detect these parasitic thoughts from other beings and disembodied sentience.”


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