Saturday, August 29, 2009

Living with a Real Life Barbie...or is that Midge?

NOTE TO READERS: Read "I am not alone" [pt.1] & "Move Over Green Lantern" [pt.2]& "Back to the Bentley Turbo R" [pt.3] before reading this segment!

I get into the Bentley. Yal-hune is sitting beside me. My senses are heightened and my observation skills finally kick in.

Yal-hune's face is exquisite. Her complexion is flawless and her skin tone is a bit pinker than most human women. The green garment compliments this hue of skin dramatically. Her hair is reddish gold - and the color is unearthly and radiant unlike any hair I have ever seen. It is pulled back by an unseen hair band and flows luxuriantly around her bare shoulders. I follow the hair down and I can't help but keep looking. Her bosom is quite human like in appearance - besides for the fact that it is flawless. Any Beverly Hills plastic surgeon would be richer than Bill Gates if he could recreate Yal-hune's natural development. Her figure is slim but not anorexic looking at all. Her waist is trim and curves out gorgeously into beautiful hips. Her waist to hip ratio is more Barbie like than human like. However, with her hair and features she is probably more Midge than Barbie. And no doll could hold a candle to Yal-hune - whose presence is a complete package deal. A warmth, depth and yes, a humanity, that accompanies the physical beauty and gives her physical beauty true meaning and expression.

"Pavlovian response." Yal-hune says with her melodic voice and smiles. She clearly has a sense of humor to accompany her developed mind and body. I realize exactly what she means as her thoughts reach into my mind with a force and clarity that borders on dominance. I realize she also knows more about Pavlov than I do from her thoughts. She is an encyclopedia of knowledge. Her mind has far more inside it than I can yet fathom.

"Yes, I apologize for staring. It is impolite, I realize. It's just...I'm not accustomed to..."

"I fully understand. It's not impolite at all to me. Your world places undue emphasis on the physical body at the expense of the mind. Failing to realize that the mind truly casts the body and all its features. And then with the trillions of astral entities loitering about taking liberties with the human population sexually, it is natural on your world for the masses to be to some degree or another obsessed with sexual activities and to live and interpret life through this particular facet."

She says it so well and so matter of fact, without a trace of contempt or disdain. Simply understanding. It makes my mental notes and visual ogling seem shallow - but I still don't feel any shame or embarrassment. Those two emotions are clearly back in the box where they belong. They have been replaced with understanding, a sense of priorities and a very clear will to improve oneself.

She laughs again. It is like a beautiful song and I realize I am falling for her hard and I've known her all of 5 minutes. My whole body aches in her presence, a good ache - it tells me it enjoys being near her. My mind is agreeing with my body and I am happy just to hear her laugh. It doesn't matter if she is laughing at me, or humanity or Earth - I just enjoy her enjoyment. It's hard to describe. I've never quite felt like this before.

The thought occurs to me I should be starting the car and driving. So I fumble for my key in my pocket and I can't find it.

"It's outside in front of the vehicle to the left. It fell out of your pocket when you slid off the bonnet."

I step out, walk towards the front and sure enough there it is. I get back inside and turn the key in the ignition.

"Can you find anything?"

"Yes. If I know something or can identify it, or if someone else knows something and can think about it, I can identify its current location based on frequency identification. Everyone on my world has such ability."

I put the car into drive and put the Bentley back on the lonely desert highway. I open the astroroof and let the starlight fall into the interior. Each moment has a surreal quality and my memory is recording things better. I can recall each moment since I saw her in intricate detail and feeling. Life on her world must be vastly different.

"My world is very peaceful. It is a very old world near the center of the galaxy. As you know the closer to the galaxy center, the older and more developed the worlds that reside there. As you have assumed green is the predominant color on my world. The skies have an emerald hue and the waters sparkle the same. Our cities are vastly different from your world and the people live in crystalline orbs. These orbs act as our homes and transportation and they can be moved about by the minds of the residents as needed. The cities sparkle with predominantly green and pink hues. Here, I will show you."

I see her world, as clearly as if I were not driving down the dark desert highway but were standing next to her on a precipice overlooking a beautiful city. The greenish-pinkish hues are mixed with an occasional yellow and azure blue. It makes me want to tear up again - the beauty and frequencies of this world have that response on my body here one Earth when linked. To anyone visiting from Earth such a world would seem like heaven. Orbs are floating gracefully through the air and landing, attaching themselves to the other crystalline structures, it looks as though they were carved from the same crystal substance.

Now I see oceans, vast green and deep, scintillating and sparkling and flowing in ways unfamiliar to me. The waters are not level and flat merely in one horizontal plane, but are flowing up and down in somewhat vertical planes as well!

She explains it to me. "The waters on our world have less weight and flow up and down with tides that are controlled by our planet's gravitational cycles. Gravity is not fixed on our world and there are places where water flows up, somewhat like an upside down waterfall on your world."

I'd never even imagined something like that before would be possible. It's fascinating to see it and understand it.

Still more amazing is that these visions don't interfere with my driving. I can multitask better, I realize, my mind is doing more than one thing at a time.

"Yes, the human mind is largely wasted in its potential. I promise to share with you things which you can share with others on your world. My job description includes sharing information, wisdom and my experience when such contributes to the progressive development of the world I am assigned to."

The tour continues in my mind and she shows me a space port, complete with crystalline craft like the one she arrived in. They are varying sizes and yet all are shaped in the same manner. People are entering and disembarking the crafts via materialization. Another area is materializing cargo and beaming it to other portions of the world on a big raised platform that glows gold-yellowish. I see her family say their farewells to her and I see her leave with her brother, a captain of such a craft. The love of her family is amazing. Yet there is no sadness, not even a sense of loss. They are all like her - beyond such emotions because they understand they have all the time in the universe to grow and learn together.

I see so much more, but it is overwhelming and my mind can't process it all at once. I see how the society functions, how they care for their aged, how the schools function, how their world explores the galaxy systematically and keeps evolving as they do so, how they contact more developed non-physical worlds regularly and more.

She is getting me up to speed and it reminds me of "the teacher" helmet from the Star Trek episode which transfers information faster than any conventional method. Except her mind here is the teacher - and when our minds are thus joined she can upload information into my own mind just as easily as someone might download a large file onto their computer from the internet.

I probe ever so gently and see she has files on so many worlds in her mind. She is a living connection to thousands of worlds in our galaxy. It's amazing how much one's life can change in twenty minutes.

"Shayla taught you well. However you simply need to ask. I will share with you this data, however it needs to be shared safely. We don't want to overload your human neural pathways. There is time."

Suddenly I see a glimpse into her mind and it is like an ENORMOUS cavern. All sorts of data are stored there, all sorts of understandings. I have never encountered such an enormous storehouse of wisdom, experience and knowledge. And she looks all of 22 years of age - and even that is hard to fix down because her body shows no aging, as such, only development. She knows of Shayla as well and she feels only warmth and love towards her.

"I am much, much older. I am 798 of your Earth years old. However time is different in our world and part of the galaxy, our minds also process it differently,so I feel and look about 18 years old."

She proceeds to show me in my mind again. I see her childhood, parks, schools and trips through the galaxy - she was just as adorable a child as she is a beautiful adult. I keep tearing up when she does that. Her frequency is almost too much for me to take. I wonder how she will keep other humans from overloading.

"I have the ability to moderate my fields and interaction. Even with you, I am accomodating your limits and trying to share without harming. Portions of your mind and consciousness have gone completely unused. Shayla opened up much more than most humans use, but there is still more that can be used. I will take up where Shayla left off and help you develop yur consciousness so that you can live much, MUCH, more intelligently, productively and happily."

Already I feel like a new person. I feel like a kid again, like her - I feel about 18 and am ready to take on the task of learning more about the galaxy and about how life works...and for the past fifteen minutes I realize I have completely forgotten I have been driving down desert highways with someone who could be cited for indecent exposure.

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