Friday, September 25, 2009

An Extraterrestrial at Lookout Point. (Part 14)

I am having brunch with Yal-hune at Lookout Point. The desert temperatures have dropped just enough and make an outdoor picnic feasible. 95 degrees is positively cool next to the 107 days of just a week ago.

"You're still distressed somewhat by your responsibilities and the conflicts with other Agencies?"

"Yes, I am. Things are unfolding so quickly and with this new information, much falls on my shoulders to get a planetary defense system up and running. I know you know all about me, but Yal-hune, what do you know about SDAI?"

"SDAI has been one of the best kept secrets in the nation. Founded by Ronald Reagan on the recommendations of George Bush (Sr.) in 1987 after Reagan started repeating the Russian phrase "Doveryai, no proveryai" which was a cold war Russian translation of "Trust, but verify." SDAI has been off the books, created and sculpted by Executive Orders and has been up until now the ace in the back pocket of Republican Presidents who knew of its existence and could use it. SDAI has always had the most cutting edge Earth technologies, could verify nuclear developments and was instrumental in bringing down the former Soviet Union. In 1946, the RAND corporation set the mold for a private sector think-tank that advises the government. Douglas Aircraft realized that the people who worked in government weren't always the swiftest and could use some Research ANd Development. SDAI which is an acronym for Strategic Development And Implementation, was a new type of think tank - a think tank that didn't just 'advise' but implemented its strategic developments. It was founded on the notion, 'why trust the government to do what the private sector can do - and do better, more cost effectively and without the high rate of government agency failure?' SDAI has facilities all over the world and has been used by 3 Presidents: Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr."

Wow. I couldn't have encapsulated that better myself. You do know almost everything about the Earth don't you?"

"I'm not finished yet. To keep SDAI secret from the enemies of the US, and often other components of the US government itself, has required a level of secrecy that could only be designed and maintained by private sector practices after learning from past mistakes. For one, no names are used. All employees are known as "Tech" with a numeric designation. The Director is Tech1, the Deputy Director is Tech2 and so forth. There is no record of its existence practically anywhere. Classified Executive Orders have made it legally and fiscally invisible. Free to act in the nations' best interests without encumbrance. No SDAI member has ever been dragged before Congress to testify. No political will could be used to subvert it or influence it. It was deemed that SDAI was exactly what a President needed in dealing with a world where "Doveryai, no proveryai" was not just a good idea, but meant national survival. A world where intelligence agencies were compromised and fed national secrets to your enemies faster than the US mail could deliver a letter."

"You actually know even more than I do about SDAI - don't you?"

"Yes. Although you have served as Tech1 for many years now, I have had access to the meetings, comments and discussions that were had prior to its formation which are lost to your planet's history. I know all the personalities who had a hand in shaping the organization, and also their motives and ulterior motives.

"Then you understand the weight I feel on my shoulders to act."

"Yes, perfectly. You feel like a parent. You feel obligated to sacrifice your own time and efforts for the needs of the nation - or the planet. As you can see, we landed precisely where we intended to. However, you need to realize that the world is not your responsibility. Shielding this world all of a sudden would not give the denizens of Earth the ability to discover and strengthen their own small voice. All evil has a good component as well. The overshadowing worlds, provide resistance which, when overcome, create souls whose love and compassion are strengthened and more developed. It can be like an inoculation, where the patient gets ill, but recovers now immune to what he has been exposed to."

I open a bottle of Perrier and pour her and myself a glass. Here at Lookout Point the view is spectacular. A nearby cliff face, breaks off into a flat and with a bit of hiking one can see the desert for many miles in all directions. It has been my sanctuary when things get rough and taking Yal-hune to this place seemed important.

"Yes, I have seen you here many times. I have projected light and love unto you when you were in most dire need of a new perspective."

"I could feel it. I could feel someone watching me and comforting me. I never imagined I would actually get to meet them."

"Everyone has their own 'guardian angel' to some degree or another. Just as the overshadowers negatively project unto your world other worlds project love and wisdom, and each soul has more than one unseen benefactor in their lives trying to assist them. Once the overshadowers started, other worlds made a conscious effort to add Earth into their projections."


"Yes, many advanced worlds regularly get together and project mental energy to other worlds in need. It is not pointed at any one person, but generally towards an entire sentient species. It does not interfere in the world's natural development, but it makes available positive energies for all those who can detect and use this energy."

"I have felt that too, at times. I would be driving down the highway and feel a sudden clarity - a mood shift and a very positive, expanded outlook."

"Yes. I remember."

"I keep forgetting that you remember my life, better than I do!"

"Yes, but you still get the benefit discussing these things with me. And I can add that balance and perspective you need to assist you in finding greater equilibrium in all these matters."

I lift my glass to Yal-hune, whose grace is beyond words, "To new perspectives!"

"Yes, to new perspectives."

We drink the Perrier and I set up my laptop's mini satellite dish to link with the web, from this desolate spot. Yal-hune opens the basket and makes our lunch with manners and etiquette, the likes of which I have never seen. Just watching her prepare the brunch is like watching an artist at work.

(End Part 14)

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  1. Thanks for this story, I'm enjoying it. Makes me curious as to the reality/imagination ratio within it :)


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