Monday, September 14, 2009

"They would like the blog entries to stop." (Part 5)

I watch Yal-hune finish transcribing the conversation and I realize she is still wearing one of Shayla's outfits that had been left in my closet when she returned home. I think of what Cheney said and I wonder if he's made any progress on getting this matter settled. Extraterrestrial programs have always been the most classified and I remember how shocked I was when - what has it been now...three years ago - I met and worked with the Chief Scientist of Project MIMIR after making an extraordinary discovery in Iran. Having an extraterrestrial in charge of a project which dealt with and oversaw all alien related matters was quite a surprise. And if it were not for Shayla, and all she taught me about Earth and other worlds, I would probably never have met Yal-hune. When the administration changed, Project MIMIR officially went off the grid and I don't even know where half of the researchers, scientists and artifacts went. I still have a few, but there were thousands of artifacts that were moved from various facilities. I suspect that some of these folks have made their way back to the Agency and are itching to get their hands on a level 7 plus extraterrestrial.

"Everything will work out. I know what's going on and have listened in on much chatter. Your friends are even as we speak negotiating a truce between the various factions."

"I don't see how they will accept any offering without you dangling somewhere as part of the deal."

"No, someone else is also speaking on my behalf and they also don't want any more losses."

She smiles as if challenging me to try and read her thoughts and I try. It is another extraterrestrial. It is Shayla! She has made some sort of mind link with several high level PSYESPs at the Agency and is relating her world's displeasure. I should have known Shayla would be watching over me from her world, and I can feel her warm thoughts enter my mind. She is addressing both me and Yal-hune.

"Greetings! Yes, I have communicated successfully with those who sponsored the assault and they indicated they will not try again. They have agreed to pretend you don't exist so long as you do not reveal your presence and limit your exposure. They would also like the blog entries to stop."

"How are you Shayla? How I have missed you!" I embrace her mind and she returns with a very gentle embrace. It's only been a year or so since she left Earth, but it seems much longer.

"I have been busy. I have been put in charge of our planet's historical records division."

"That sounds like a big responsibility."

"It is. I am traveling to other worlds collecting more galactic history."

Having a three-way telepathic conversation is a new one for me. My mind feels like a tree with branches reaching out into more than one mind.

Yal-hune thinks, "Thank you Shayla for your efforts on my behalf. I have not visited your world, but when my work here is over I will make a point to stop by and express my thanks in person."

"As the former Chief of Project MIMIR, I still hold some sway with a number of the individuals now working for a new project that was designed to pick up where MIMIR left off. I can't say I particularly enjoy to see the changes. This new project is too closely linked to other less constructive efforts and individuals. But this too shall pass."

I breathe a sigh of relief. Yal-hune will be able to integrate into the culture, and complete her mission without interference. And as for the blog entries, we can always make them seem a bit fictitious so as to preserve that key element of plausible deniability, yet still permit Yal-hune a vehicle for information dissemination.

(End Part 5)

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