Thursday, September 30, 2004

Goodnight Mr. Kerry

"...I've never wilted in my life!"

Those lines drew laughter at my home. Loud and long laughter. When Mr. Kerry delivered them I thought how Bush had him on the defensive for much of the debate and this ludicrous and hysterical off-the-cuff response exemplified how well Bush kept Kerry on the ropes, when it was clearly Kerry's debate to attack Bush.

Mr. Kerry made quite clear he is the candidate most European leaders who dislike Americans would like to vote for if they could.

Bush also made several things quite clear:

1. Kerry has no moral center - he flip flops

2. Kerry talks diplomacy, yet insulted Allawi, omits Poland and discounts the contributions of 30 other nations.

3. Kerry would be a dismal failure at curbing North Korea nuclear weapon programs.

4. Kerry is not the leader America needs in these perilous times.

These points pounded home the failure of the Kerry candidacy and the major media will now do their darnedest to convince America that Kerry somehow presented something new to the table to make up for the polls which show otherwise.

When Kerry said he will hunt down terrorists it had no believability. It was delivered in that Swiss finishing school voice that one orders butlers around with or the voice one tells one's dog to get one's slippers:

"I want you to hunt down my slippers Ginger."
"I will hunt down terrorists."

Sure he will hunt them down. After he consults with Chirac and Schroeder and gets permission from Kofi Annan and George Soros.

I got my feeds from the major media and listened to the talking points. "One can be certain and wrong" were harped on by Peter Jennings and George Stephanopoulos as one of Kerry's strongest points. That this was all they had showed how truly weak Kerry's performance was.

Kerry did bring new clarity to the "certainty" and "wrong" issue:

I am most certain that to secure peace around the world or lead America into the 21st century that he is the wrong choice for President. In almost all his beliefs, from joining the ICC or engaging in bilateral talks with North Korea,Kerry is most certainly wrong.

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