Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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Man Dies at Universal Studios Mummy Ride

3 hours. That's all they waited before restarting the ride. That's sick, even by greedy corporate standards. Was the blood even dry?

Twinkies & Wonder Bread Maker Files for Bankruptcy Blames Atkins Diet

This was to be expected. The secret is now out. I explain the conspiracy here. Those companies that didn't have fallback products to bring to market are much like the tobacco companies, clinging to an unhealthy product and biding time. A savvy analyst would have advised them to churn out low-carb bread and sweets replacements over a year ago. The bread council's efforts and monies spent to discredit Atkins has had no effect and were wasted. That money should've gone into new product development. If one knows how many folks Interstate Bakeries have fattened up over the years...this should not be a tearful event. It's like Philip Morris or RJ Reynolds announcing bankruptcy.

Mutant Poppy, Norman, makes safer drugs

Nature's own genetic engineering--balanced at the quantum level. Someone grab some seeds from these and spread them around poppy fields in Afghanistan and the orient please. They seem made to order. Then they can sell the poppies to pharmaceutical companies instead of drug dealers. On the plus side and with the price of pharmaceuticals what they are, the poppy growers will still have high profit returns, though they will still be dealing with cut-throat business practices and folks who don't care much about people's health.

Quantum entanglement cryptography

This is very promising for commercial applications of quantum entanglement. I find it somewhat ironic that the banks are the first to use this technology, considering they have not been the friends of quantum research. Maybe this will make banks finance quantum research just a bit more instead of rolling thier eyes and saying, "Science is fine but what is the project's commercial application and value?"

On another topic, I think the news media should put a self-implemented moratorium on beheading videos. They are effectively acting as a propaganda mouthpiece for terrorists and showing the footage is already like replaying fatal traffic accidents in slow motion--it's morally reprehensible.

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