Sunday, September 26, 2004

Driving Down the Freeway Naked.

I wake up. It's still dark outside but dawn approaches. It's just a dream, but it sounds sort of exciting, doesn't it? What the heck does it mean? Psychologists analyze dreams and this one was a duesie. Either it predicts me moving to a clothing optional zone such as the beaches on the south of France or it is symbolic of 'vulnerability' in a 'fast moving modern world' or perhaps it 'implies revealing that which is normally covered up.' I'll ignore the Freudian interpretation, which would likely have an even more exciting hidden meaning, for another day.

Dreams like this are quite unusual for me. Yes, I've heard about people who dream about returning to their schools, are all late for class or the big test and arrive... naked. Hearing these commonplace dreams always made me think that there exists a Dream Rental place like Blockbuster (Dreambuster?)that all folks go to when they sleep. Apparently they have a very limited selection: Horror, Romance, Salvador Dali and Back to School. Commonplace dreams such as returning to school for the big test naked always seemed somehow plebian to me, and yet now I find myself with a naked-in-public dream of my own--how embarrassing. After a few minutes wrestling with the dream I finally understood its symbolism and meaning.

On this blog I have developed something of a motto, "lifting the curtains" which describes sharing information that is normally beneath the surface of society and which is revealed to the masses on this blog. I have determined that the freeway is the internet...the information superhighway and my practice of revealing what is normally concealed was symbolized by me being naked. Pretty good, huh? Well that's my interpetation and I'm sticking with it. Naturally I expect to be inundated with e-mails from psychologists who will tell me I'm way off base and that for only $400 every two weeks they'll get to the bottom of the mystery.

I hope you all appreciate what I'm doing here...driving naked down the information superhighway revealing that which is normally concealed. And if you do not..well I hope it shocks and offends you, you Swiss finishing school prudes!

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