Friday, September 17, 2004

News Round Up

Not that I would ever be mistaken for Matt Drudge, today I wanted to post some news links that you might have missed and which have been kept quiet:

French Hostages - One month later

The media has put this story on the backburner. Why? Because it demonstrates the French inability to deal with the Islamofascist threat. Yet, we are supposed to believe the French and the UN are the ultimate negotiators and can resolve things through diplomacy? It is also a reminder that the Islamofascist terrorists that kidnap westerners are not going to make distinctions for those who have verbally "supported" them or "defied America." The west will always be in the crosshairs of these folks. Their inhumanity and lack of concern for other people make them folks that can't be negotiated with.

Russia opposes US taking Iranian nuclear issue to the UN

That's what I like to call excellent customer service!

And the foregone conclusion when money is at stake...
Germany, France & Russia thwart US and defend Iran

The world should be furious that Iran's rogue nuclear program is not monitored and that they are being protected by the major suppliers of Iran's components and materials. Fostering global instability for national gain? Indeed.

Ambassadors visit North Korean Explosion Site...well almost

This is quite disturbing. That something is being concealed is obvious. This just justifies our worst suspicions.

The denial of the explosion that Seoul, South Korea later issued is even more disturbing and indicative of the cowering leadership that won in the last election. There is a very good chance that it was an underground nuclear blast that was not buried deep enough. The radiation counters and satellites are obviously being deployed to try and ascertain the truth. However, an underground explosion would suppress a large portion of the radiation. The mushroom cloud was the disturbing detail but has now been declared a natural formation. Does this look natural to you:

Image source:

It certainly doesn't to me. I've seen a lot of storm clouds in satellite photos I've also seen a lot of explosion clouds and this looks like an explosion cloud. The telltale signs are those very dark marks on the edges of the various parts of the cloud. These are huge quantities of dust and dirt. Taking that into consideration alongside the rest of the clouds visible and you have to assume that is imaging a blast of some sort.

Well that's it for now...

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