Thursday, September 16, 2004

Creating Perception out of Whole Cloth

"US intelligence pessimistic on Iraq"

After the CBS fiasco, I hope the nation has learned the true value of "unnamed sources." Here an unnamed official says they have received an analysis of Iraq from the NIC "it would be fair" to describe the document as "pessimistic."

Let's set some background up. The NIC could be described as the showboat sector of the CIA. Headed by Ambassador Robert Hutchings, and filled up with primarily a group of educators/authors, these are the folks who generally like to hear the sound of their own voices bounce off of the hallowed halls of DC and repeated by the hollow heads of the media. Seeing their names on glossy book jackets is their endgame. They can be considered the political arm of analysis, funded by the CIA. To be even more honest their reports don't carry that much weight within the intelligence sector.

I haven't read any serious report on Iraq that doesn't project downsides. Civil war as an outcome was projected before the conflict ever started, right alongside 10,000 initial estimated US casualties to remove the Republican Guard and take Saddam. Downsides have been projected before, during and after the ousting of the Baathist regime. Therefore ALL good intelligence analysis is "pessimistic" in nature. It is also optimistic as well, demonstrating best possible scenarios to any given conflicts or issue resolutions.

But let's make something really clear. The world media is hoping for failure in Iraq. They would love nothing more than to see civil war erupt and a Balkanized situation emerge. Part of making dreams reality is public perception. Why does Dan Rather ridiculously assert his forgeries are authentic? He has told many, many lies as a reporter. He knows that if you repeat something long enough you can get a certain number of folks to believe it is truth. In America we have tragic accidents everyday. Car accidents, pile-ups, plane crashes, train wrecks, countless fires etc. Imagine how the world media could hype this up every day. "Hundreds of structure fires!" unnamed analysts could declare "The US is falling apart!" and it is "seriously unsafe!" to live in America. Every day there would be new fodder for these type of news reports. Every single day they could build the hysteria and keep a death toll which would rise into the thousands in just a week or two. They could list hundreds of thousands of deaths after a year. Finally they would achieve a breaking point where the masses would have been led into this negative, fearful and yes, pessimistic attitude about the safety of living life in the US. Mass hysteria engineered by the media.

That said, the EXACT same thing is being done by the media right now about conditions in Iraq. Every death, every small or large gun fight that occurs is being used as fodder for a sense of failure and desperation. The endgame is to get folks to give up on Iraq, encourage rebels to keep killing Americans and basically to discredit George Bush and the ousting of Saddam Hussein.

It's accentuate the negative, obscure and never report the positive. That's the media of today. And that's why you can't believe a word they say anymore.

The AP quotes an unnamed, unranked official. For all we know it was the courier who took copies of the report and who sneaked a peak at it against regulations and then called up the AP. However, it is even more likely that it was a showboating member of the NIC itself calling up the media anonymously and trying to get attention to their report before anyone has even read it. That's the way these things work. The media naturally are desperately seeking bad news on Iraq and that's how this press release was sold to the media:

Here are excerpts of a hypothetical reporter/"unnamed source" conversation:

AP reporter: "Does the report have bad news for Bush?"

Unnamed NIC:"Not bad news. It just points out possibilities, trends and potential outcomes."

AP reporter: "Would it be fair to describe the document as pessimistic?"

Unnamed NIC: "Well it includes negative potential outcomes, so yes it would be fair to say that it has those aspects built in."

AP reporter: "Thanks. We've got all we need."

AP WORKING TITLE: "U.S. intelligence pessimistic on Iraq future"

You see how it works now? You see how the left (and right too) can twist reality to suit their own agenda? I hope you do. Once you understand the nature of this twisting of reality, the less you will take things at face value. Even when you read this blog, I hope and expect you do so with a critical eye. Never become trusting of anything you are fed. Always try to look closely and analyze it yourself. That way in the future you will have developed the ability to discern, you will eventually have an intuitive sixth sense that can smell falsehoods, exagerration and false reporting.

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