Monday, September 13, 2004

Accentuate the Positive - A Discussion of the Mind.

You'll notice that at the top of this blog it mentions human culture. Today, I thought I'd address some topics that normally don't get addressed.

Accentuate the positive. Life is filled with experiences that are generally negative in nature. Disappointment, frustration and exhaustion are often the staples of an average day. It is very important to see all these things that one dislikes and find a positive in them. A mean boss, a dead-end job, a messed up relationship--all these things have hidden positives. By finding these positives you can carry a positive bias through out your day. I know what you're thinking. "Yes, but this..." When I said all things...I meant all things.

Some of these think-tanks are engaged in some very fascinating studies. Studies which will very likely shape the science of tomorrow. One study which is analyzing the human mind and its functions has come up with a very fascinating working hypothesis as to how the human consciousness works.

The mind appears to be an integrator. Each thought we have is an integrated equation. It follows both external and internal stimuli. Our external environment as perceived through our senses is translated into electrical wave forms. This includes all things we see, touch, hear, smell, etcetera. Our bodies translate all this data into signals. The screen you read these words on is viewed by your eyes and transferred by the rods and cones in the retina into electrical impulses along the optic nerve and into the brain. Your brain stores all these countless incoming signals, which have a unique specific frequency and wavelength, in fields.

The brain cells do not store this data in the brain cells, but rather, it is believed that these cells each resonate with specific signals in stored fields. Current thoughts are quickly stored away and the conscious mind is really limited to a thought at a time. To think and analyze responses to our environment or to make sense of words on a screen require the processing and integration of all sorts of wave forms. Each letter is stored with a wave. Each word has a wave train associated with it. When we read a sentence a complex process of wave integration occurs and it occurs automatically. If we encounter a foreign word or a word for which we have not yet stored a signal, the brain, as an integrator, will try to plug in the most acceptable replacement based on these signals it can identify. Just reading this paragraph, because it contains unfamiliar information, will require perhaps a re-reading or two because of the unusual wave frequencies it generates within your consciousness.

What is good and bad? Taken further, these thoughts and their various wave forms associated with them have various frequencies. Higher frequency thoughts store more data in the same wave length. Naturally, the highest frequency thoughts would be some of the most complex and conversely the lowest frequency thoughts would be the most simple. Human intellect is the result of wave form data stored and the ability to integrate it into daily thoughts and actions. Good and bad suddenly exist on a relative scale. One person's notion of good can be completely different from another individual's perception. The same is true with what is bad or evil.

This is why suicide bombers can do what they do. These individuals really do not see these acts as bad or evil. Their stored wave forms are lacking certain key signals which others have absorbed and utilize in determining moral action. A whole set of signals have been stored which put a positive bias on martyrdom.

Put into present context we can see that Islamofascists do not believe in any way that they are wrong or immoral. Their wave structures are set up in exactly the opposite manner. Indeed, to these folks, the west is evil. It is in defiance of all that is good. To them, the west appears as genuinely evil as their violent, inhumane actions appear to us.

One can free folks from a tyrant, but it is harder to free them from their perspective on life. Religious indoctrination from the earliest ages, indoctrination which is reinforced daily by their actions and observations of those who immediately surround them, is very hard to offset. Every day that a Muslim prays to his god or a Christian to his, creates a set of wave forms. The Muslim faith with their several times a day prayer is even stronger reinforced as a wave train than is the Christian's. It is safe to assume that indeed these humans are more devoted to their faith because they have set up these stronger, indelible wave trains of devotion. They have put much more of their consciousness to the religion they adhere to. Few religions can compete with Islamic compulsory daily rituals.

From a psychological point of view, one can say the religious masses are brainwashed. They have absorbed signals and stored them in such a manner that logic and emotional responses are first filtered through this storehouse of religious signals. Good and evil is then determined on a completely different basis for each individual. Each action is weighed on the basis of the integration it receives within individual consciousness.

Naturally, discussions like this tax the signal integration of your own consciousness. It's somewhat like thinking about moving your hand when your mind does so automatically and one doesn't have to think about it. Making sense of it requires a certain number of stored signals. If one doesn't speak English, one will immediately see these words and have no comprehension of them. A child might see the words and have a very hard time following the train of thought. Somewhere along the way the signal would be lost. For those who have followed this discussion to this point--congratulations--this means you have stored within your consciousness (these fields of energy), enough wave form data to make sense of and assimilate these thoughts. What is more, you will not soon forget them as you see your life, and the events of the world which happen around you, in this new, more precise, scientific perspective.

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