Saturday, September 11, 2004

A quick demonstration of media bias

Check out this headline:MSNBC Bias

A Week's Worth of bad news for Bush

I took my Lapham-drive time machine for a spin to see exactly what went on behind the scenes before that was posted:

MSNBC EDITOR: "Kerry is sinking. It's all falling apart! I'm so depressed! We have to do something! You've got to come up with a headline that sounds bad for Bush!"

Tom Curry: "I've got it, 'A week's worth of bad news for Bush...foes.' How's that?"

MSNBC EDITOR: "Great! And better yet...let's put the "foes" part on the second line no matter what the screen resolution so that it always reads 'A Week's Worth of bad news for Bush!'"

Tom Curry: "Wow! That's awesome."

In tribute to these undoubtedly biased, but creative MSNBC folks I've come up with one of my own:

MSNBC Makes up the News

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UPDATE 9-14-2004: It's been reformatted to fit on one line. "Foes" now fits on the same line. I guess the major media pay attention to some of the guys in pajamas? For what it's worth - thanks guys.

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