Saturday, September 04, 2004

"I'm Too Sexy..."

Bush has received a 13 point poll boost from the convention and is polling above 53% to 42%--an 11 percent lead over John Kerry. (Which by the way makes me 3 for 3 in the Nostradamus department)

The word in the blogosphere is that the GOP is simply more SEXY. The GOP convention was a collection of the beautiful people, starting with the Bush daughters over the Kerry daughters. One of the songs that was playing at the after-party party for the GOP elites at one swanky New York restaurant was I'm too sexy by Rightsaidfred.

Only those still present at the President's banquet hall at 3am were able to see the true highlight of the evening. -- President Bush climb up on top of the tables, tearing off his blue tie and opening his shirt, to sing along with the song--and adding his own lyrics:

"I'm too sexy for Kerry , too sexy for Kerry
Folks 'r going to believe me

And I'm too sexy for your party
Too sexy for your party
No way I'm DNC dancing

I'm a President you know what I mean
And I do my little speech on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
I do my little speech on the catwalk"

The image was 'seared' into my brain. "How can Kerry compete with that?", I thought to myself as I sat among the 'beautiful' people of America, "How the heck can 'Reporting for duty' Kerry even come close to 'I'm too sexy' Bush?" I knew then and there that this election was going to be a landslide victory for Bush.

As I flew back home, I knew exactly what my post convention angle was going to be and after a little research discovered that this 'GOP is more sexy' thing is actually being documented by some folks, I even found GOP pin ups.

GOP pin ups? Yes. GOP pin ups.

And this 'GOP is more sexy' thing isn't exactly a new phenomenon either. Whenever the DNC faithful parade at their convention they have always had a severe deficit of 'sexy' folks. Sure the left has the Hollywood advocates, but the rank and file of the DNC have been somewhat "sexy-challenged" for quite some time. Make-up free female anti-Bush protestors don't help increase the DNC sexy-factor. The last sexy Democrat President was Kennedy. In this age of mega-television exposure, half hour news cycles and plastic surgery, the sexy-factor is now more of an election issue than ever. Kerry's botox injections and the DNC's attempt to sell Edwards' juvenile persona are the DNC's admission that they know the unsexy factor is hurting Kerry.

So expect more photo-ops of Kerry snowboarding, cycling and trying to look sexy--and expect the polls to keep building for Bush and his "too sexy" GOP party.

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