Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Kidnapping Market and the Media

Shares just went up in the kidnapping trade. Italy has reportedly paid a million US dollars for the release of two girls in Iraq. Clearly everyone who has struggled for a living is in the wrong trade. Kidnapping and ransoming nearly any westerner in Iraq has great potential to bring a lifestyle fit for a king. Italians now better avoid Iraq altogether--as their government's actions have insured that Italian's are worth roughly $500,000 apiece.

In 3rd world countries where law and order don't exist and where corruption reigns supreme, westerners have always had to be fearful. Mexico and Columbia are kidnapping havens. Kidnapping corporate figures and ransoming them for money is a business much like hauling illegals over US borders. Naturally as long as they get paid, the cycle will repeat. Yet at the same time politicians don't want to be blamed for some citizen's death and so their instinct is to capitulate. That this capitulation just ensures more deaths and kidnapping is completely ignored. A pleading family is a politicians worst nightmare. When the media gives coverage to this family's pleas--they aid and abet terrorists and killers. Laws should be enacted in all nations which forbid the media from interviewing or airing these pleas as they can only aid the terrorists and convince them that the media will be their accomplice. The media is only too willing to exploit kidnapping videos or tearful pleas for ratings. The media are often soulless whores who are just a notch above the kidnappers themselves. The kidnappers and the media both expect the public to respond to the terror. Both want and get attention and in this instance both want cash rewards for using terror to exploit the public.

Look at this shameless political exploitation of this above linked article:

"Let's remember Iraq, which is always in my heart," Pari said. She urged people to "try to change the very ugly reality there.

When a reporter shouted if that meant pulling out troops, she replied, "Yes, also withdrawing troops."

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has sharply denied that any ransom was paid.

"We cashed in on the credit which Italy enjoys with Arab nations," he told Italian state radio. Frattini was not referring to money but to international ties.

Selva, the parliament member, however, suggested that the government had to deny paying a ransom in order to save face. With more than a score of other hostages from various nations still in Iraq, the issue of ransom has practical and ethical ramifications.

The message: If we remove troops kidnappings will stop. Notice the question was asked by a member of the media...not the hostage. The media is actively exploiting terror and creating conditions which try to influence political decisions to suit their own political ideology. The other media, always seeking attention getting ($) news repeat the message.

This should not be permitted. Exploiting and exonerating terrorists, as this article clearly attempts to do, is revolting and repulsive. Hey they got a free Koran! Why these terrorist are just great guys! Let's hope they kidnap more folks so that everyone can get a Koran for a million dollars and barrels of blood!

Spread the word. Write to media outlets. Write to representatives in your government. Just sharing a link to this article can help to spread the word. The media is getting off scot-free and must be held accountable. The blogosphere is about pro-active engagement and we don't have the same cash-reward motivations that drive media to exploit terror.

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