Friday, December 17, 2010


"What have you seen, Shayla? What happens that is going to make life here so horrible?"

"It's a combination of things. Nuclear attacks on US soil, a depression from which the US and the world never recovers, pestilence and new less than 20 years time the America you know will be completely unrecognizable - gone. And with it will go the type of life you have lived up until now."

"And the parallel universe you want us to reappear in is so much better?"

"Yes. Your life without SDAI is much happier. You are not as frustrated, lonely or bitter and you make just as much of a difference - perhaps more so. In this time stream all you have worked for will be washed away - is being washed away - even as we speak. Your life will soon have little meaning here. The world will be in no position to absorb that which you wish to share and SDAI will soon cease to exist."

"What about Yal-hune? Surely she would tell me of these things and may even have a plan of her own to avoid them. Every moment she is aware of the changing futures of Earth based upon her actions. She would not let the Earth be flushed away!"

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. She is not emotionally attached to either you or the Earth. And she will be the first to tell you if everything goes to hell - it's really a good thing."

Shayla is right there. Yal-hune would tell me any future catastrophe is really good. The futures we visited were already dystopian and she said that these dystopias were already based on my past actions and not just future events. She would say that if this is what the Earth must go through - then that is what it must do and that everyone here gets a chance to face adversity and turn it into an opportunity for great strength and character building.

"Does Yal-hune know you are here with me...does she know of your plan?"

"I'm sure she is aware of it, and probably does not approve. That's why I wanted to get you here on my ship, where you are safely able to make your own decision without interference."

"C'mon Shayla...tell me the REAL story. What is it that you see that is so horrible. It's got to be more than what you are telling me."

"I can't tell you."

"It's ME Shayla! Please...please tell me."

"Okay,I will. Earth..."

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