Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Excuse me...what?"

Before I can blink, I feel myself disappearing and reappearing aboard Shayla's ship. I stand before and enormous hologram of the galaxy and the worlds that all presently project signals at Earth, using humanity and humans as a source for sensory amusement and entertainment. The distances covered seem impossible to fathom, however I remind myself that time and space no longer represent the same barrier to these worlds as they do for us. I know all this because Shayla is beside me and is explaining to me the predicament the Earth finds itself in and the new worlds that have taken an active interest in exploiting humans and their technological impotence.

"As you can see over fifteen new worlds have actually interfered with human development and affairs in the past 3 years alone. While the vast majority of signals are mitigated and canceled out, we are concerned with a few worlds that actually project spirit bodies to do the overshadowing. These signals can't be blocked because they exist outside the range for mechanical interference."

"Why? What's so exciting about overshadowing some humans?"

"It's complex. Some of the new overshadowers are doing this not because of Earth - or humanity - but simply because they want to harm the Confederation and because the Confederation now actively defends the Earth, it has in many ways become more of a target. The Confederation is in a classic "catch 22" and if it stops protecting the Earth, any of a number of horrible scenarios could occur and if they continue to protect, these same horrible scenarios still can occur. That's why a growing movement in the Confederation simply want to wash their hands of the Earth and let it take its chances by itself."

"Is this what your world wants?"

"No. And that is why I am here - this is a wholly unauthorized mission."

I see the thoughts and the situations which occurred on her world in quick glimpses. She is jeopardizing her entire career by being here. She spent time on one of her worlds' 'future viewers' looking at several other worlds and she committed herself to altering Earth's present trajectory. Yal-hune once told me only those beings with enough development could actually alter human history successfully. She was one of these beings, and every move she makes was constantly changing the Earth's evolutionary course. Shayla is another with such development and she has more emotional ties to the Earth.

"Yes, I do. That's why I am here and that's why I have orchestrated this mission."

"So what is the point in history that will alter Earth's history? And when we return, wont we really return to a parallel stream? Will the other universe still actually continue on - simply without us? Yal-hune explained it as an infinite number of parallel streams. I guess, I just wonder...are we really saving the rest of humanity...or are you really doing this...well...for me."

Shayla turns to me and momentarily shuts me out of her mind.

She speaks aloud, "Confederation science is filled with theoretics regarding these things. The bottom line is, no one - from this spectra - really knows if the other stream continues on or not. No communication between two parallel universe streams has ever successfully been performed, although beings from non-physical spectra indicate that these streams often do continue in some form. What is known is that it effectively creates a universe with a new trajectory and with new infinite parameters to which those who partake in such time travel return."

" when, where and what? What are you effectively trying to do?"

"We need to go back to 1985 and the formation of SDAI."

"What do you plan to do?"

"We're are going to make sure President Reagan does NOT sign the executive orders initiating SDAI."

"What? Why?"

"The creation of SDAI is the one event that brings down the Soviet Union. While appearing like a win - this victory actually is the one that spins the Earth into a new dark ages. By altering this one event, the Soviet Union remains integrated for another seventy years, slowly evolving into a more democratic union, but also keeping the balance of power, and nuclear weaponry, away from the more destructive and less intelligent masses of the 3rd world who in your current time stream end up annihilating the west and all that western progress, achieved."

"What will happen to the past decades of my life? What will happen to my memories of all that has occurred?"

"I've seen this future...YOUR future...and your life is much richer, happier and fulfilling. SDAI has kept you from living the way you would have. You'll have to trust me."

"But it was because of SDAI that I met YOU...our meeting will never have happened? When I return are you saying I wont know you..or Yal-hune or Skuuinja or any of the others I've known?"

"Yes. You will forget all these things. The world you return to will not have experienced any of these contact events. Even Project MIMIR and my life will change. I will never travel to the Earth."

"And this is better for YOU and Yal-hune and all the rest are the greatest things to ever happen to me! I can't begin to imagine my life without this knowledge and experience!"

"Yes, from this perspective all this seems wonderful to you. But your world will experience great catastrophe on its present course and all these wonderful things will soon be largely forgotten by you as you deal with a dying world and incredible suffering and frustration - I'm catching your life at the precipice - offering you a better future. I saw all the nitty-gritty details - spent days in the future viewer observing your life - and I emerged determined to carve you a better future. I felt you deserve one after many lifetimes of this repeating downward spiral."

"Excuse me...what? You're doing this all for me? I seriously need to think about this for awhile - it goes against all my intuitive impulses."

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