Thursday, November 25, 2010

"We Get to take out North Korea!"

It's Thanksgiving. But not for me. 6 hours ago I was called up by the Shadow President telling me that SDAI was going to be needed. Hey, it goes with the job description. I'm not big on turkey anyways and family get-togethers are not all they're often cracked up to be, so no big loss.

I tell Yal-hune what's up with a thought and she acknowledges - from light years away and in real time. Yal-hune is on her home world and has been cleaning up after the Lal-atha incident. For the first time, the most advanced worlds of the Confederation are blockading his world and filtering all electromagnetic traffic. I'm not too certain about the details but something about Lal-atha trying to start WW III here on Earth and using, his favorite over-shadowed puppet, Kim il Jung to try to start it pushed them to act.

I jump into an armored Cadillac and take off for Shamballa. The satellite array hums to life shortly after I hit the freeway and Tech2's face appears in the in-dash monitor.

"We get to take out North Korea!"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's true. We've received clearance for a ULTRA4 Strike."

"Since when?"

"About five minutes ago."

Despite Tech2's eagerness, an ULTRA4 Strike is not exactly what I would have chosen as a response to the North Korean attack. While the details must remain classified, such a strike is, as can be imagined, very inclusive and full of significant targets.

"What's the rationale?"

"China and Russia ditched the dollar, they've been looting our economy, with our help, and now China let Kim il Jung off his leash. Obama isn't up to the task and the Shadow President is using the US forces at his disposal to initiate a response. Naturally, that's where we come in."

"Initiate all assets of the SD4 Array, and get them triangulated on North Korea and China."

"You got it. Will we get to use any of MIMIRs assets?"

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"But it would make things incredibly easy."

"This type of thing should never be easy. Yal-hune is already working on the problem on her end and I sure as heck know that she will not approve of this type of action, much less using any MIMIR assets."

"Hey, it's our world...we're free to do and use what we've got. Don't let your goo-goo eyes for Yal-hune interfere with this pal, this is serious stuff."

"You don't get it, once we use teleportation, emf craft and advanced technology in a negative manner we will reap feedback of the same kind. It's a Pandora's box you don't want to start. You just know that some world out there will justify striking us once we demonstrate violent usage of EMF technology."

"You don't know that for certain."

"Do you want to take that chance? Kim il jung and the cesspool of poverty and decay that is North Korea's isn't even close to worth that sort of gambit."

I pull up to the gates, flash my idea and am waived through. The vehicles transponder completes the process and sends the right code to the various gates, which open and allow me to pull through. I tell Tech2 to meet me in the briefing room. In a matter of minutes I am descending in a whisper quiet elevator and joining the rest in the briefing room. Techs 5, 7 and 9 are present in addition to 2.

The Shadow President is on the large screen and looks pensive, as pensive as I've seen him in years.

"Glad you could make it Tech1. I wanted to discuss with you the various options I am perusing and I would like your honest appraisal as to the success and outcome of each."


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