Sunday, December 19, 2010

"She's working on it"



"Earth is in a loop where nuclear wars are now in almost every near future."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Starting a week ago...every single possible future of the Earth now features a prominent nuclear war which creates a chain reaction of consequences for humanity."

"What changed? What caused this? Something must've caused this, right?"

"I explained this to you. New worlds are having a negative influence on Earth's population. The events in North Korea, the Wikileaks affair, an approaching full blown US depression all lead to new international instability and confrontations."

"There must be a way to change the future now. Have you consulted with Yal-hune?"

"It's complicated. Many now believe Yal-hune's presence here crystallized this set of futures and our world's government is also of this view."

"That's ridiculous! Yal-hune is not to blame."

"No one believes she wanted this to happen. It just did happen - because her set of fields are simply too substantial not to create and attract a counter set of fields. When you see the bigger picture, every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

"I don't want to leave this world to its fates. If everything I've worked for is about to be flushed away, then I want to be here with a mop to try and at least keep it as orderly as possible. I'm curious as why you just didn't extend an invitation to your world if you don't want to see me suffer here? Why the elaborate parallel universe-time travel solution?"

"You know you couldn't remain on my world for any extended period and your anatomy is keyed into Earth, any life you live is best suited on Earth. But if you would like to visit - we would be glad to have you. Or if you really want to remain on our world, we could look into anatomical modifications or consciousness transfer into a compatible anatomy."

That's the first time Shayla has ever invited me for a long term stay on her world, so I know she is deadly serious about all this. I feel Yal-hune enter my consciousness and open a private area to communicate with her.

"Is this true Yal-hune? Are you aware of these things Shayla has related?"

"I am aware of the present future loop which seem to indicate an inescapable element to all of Earth's futures. However, I have seen such loops before and know they can be eliminated. No futures are ever inflexible. I have been working on resolutions and possibilities. I am aware, also, of Shayla's strong feelings for you and I know what she has seen which caused her to act. Shayla loves you, as I do, and some of these futures seem particularly unkind to you - personally."

"That doesn't sound good. Do I want details?"

"No. It is enough to know that you would be a focal point of some of these negative events."

Shayla turns to me - "Is that Yal-hune?"

"Yes. She and I are conversing. She doesn't think the loop is irreversible."

"Yes, but time is running out. Has she identified any temporal solutions?"

"She's working on it."

It is somewhat distressing to wonder just what awaits me in this present loop of unsavory outcomes and I wonder just what pasts I am now replaying that have elements of this type of catastrophic outcome. If I can identify and mitigate these imbalances in my fields which relate to and were formed by my own pasts, perhaps I can help break the present loop of negative possible futures.

"Good. I hope we are wrong and that Htra-deg and Yal-hune can find some other solution. We have crossed that threshold now where other worlds are now controlling the outcome of the Earth's future to a greater degree than humanity. This is not a good position for the Earth - or more importantly, humanity."

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