Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The navigation room of Shayla's space craft is imposing in its grandeur. A catwalk extends into a room that is filled with imagery of the galaxy as broadcast by Confederation satellites and other worlds real time mapping. Almost every inhabited solar system is mapped and only about 10 percent of the galaxy is not accessible by her ships navigation instrumentation. The walls of the enormous room show a solar system, and simultaneously images of the inhabited worlds appear nearby with any and all dominant sentient life. Cities of unfathomable form and colors appear and one realizes just how diverse sentience is, after just a few moments of gazing at these displays.

I realize the worlds being shown are keyed into my mental activity somehow.

"Yes, the navigation display can detect those worlds which you have lived upon and extract this data from the signals still embedded in the fields of your consciousness and recorded past actions. At this time it is scanning both of our fields for this data and presenting worlds that we both have lived upon or traveled to in the past."

"Fascinating. Can it be attenuated to find ones that one has had the most positive lifetimes upon?"

"Yes. Just by thinking about it, you have already adjusted the parameters."

The worlds I see are getting more beautiful - some are so breathtaking as to leave me in awe, simply trying to absorb the beauty and majesty. My human consciousness, I realize, can only perceive a fraction of some of these worlds' beauty and my enhanced senses are needed to perceive some of what I am seeing. Colors unknown to worlds in our solar system, because the light is that much richer in spectra and complexity as generated by stars that dwarf our own. Fields of such massive intensity and beauty that even the images of them cause my consciousness to strive for new levels, to perceive more.

As the display of worlds continues, signals resonate with parts of me I knew not existed and I realize that my human consciousness is just a fragment of a greater field that has experienced so much more. Just seeing these images and these various forms of sentient life is broadening and awakening my own sentience. A thought tries to form, that I want to envy Shayla and other travelers of the galaxy, who get to use these ships, but in this state envy can't exist. My consciousness has been re-integrated and any and all lower emotions simply can't be sustained in this spectra.

"Yes, you are yourself again. Welcome back."

"It's good to be back. Thank you."

"No need to thank me - your own consciousness has again asserted itself. On Earth your consciousness is compromised, as is all human consciousness."

"I wish I could share this with the world."

"When the world is ready, they will experience these things for themselves. At this time only a very small percentage of Earth's population has frequency compatibility with these things - perhaps one thousand out of every billion people."

And I know she is right. There is a time and place for all things and I know how much pre-conditioning I needed to get to this point where I can stand here and attempt to absorb all this data.

"One world has now been focused upon longer than any other. Why?"

"That is the world where you and I have had the most positive lifetimes. We lived there as a joined couple, more than once, thousands of years ago."

As she speaks, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the world. It glows an enormous reddish-orange and just by looking at it I feel more relaxed - and if this is possible - mentally alert. The images of the cities and the sentient beings that reside here are astoundingly beautiful and I find myself infatuated with this form of sentience - it is more appealing and more developed than what I have yet encountered. The anatomies are far more graceful and elegant, the faces all seem to convey a sublime peace and kindness that instantly can be felt and now - images and submerged memories are pouring in of life lived here.


Before I can even ask, Shayla is in my mind with the answer.

"This world is near the center of the galaxy. It is not compatible with either of our anatomies at this time and has limited facilities for hosting other forms of sentience. There is also a time-disparity and though we could arrive there in a matter of days, a year or more would elapse on Earth."

"I understand."

The truth is, just being here with Shayla and viewing these worlds has been as wonderful a vacation as I have had - ever. She takes my hand in hers and begins to oscillate with me. I feel our fields grow and then merge. Her mind in mine, mine in hers. I see us clearly as we were on this world! We were quite a couple and lived there so happily together. This world has served for many souls to further develop pure compassion, love and understanding and refine it to new stratospheric heights. It is one of the most positive worlds that still exists in the atomic spectra portion of our galaxy.

Before I know what has happened I realize I am standing with Shayla on the surface of this world in materialized energy bodies. We are in an enormous parkland and the ground glows a soft coral hue. Trees, or their equivalent, in brilliant fiery reds with jewel-like crystalline leaves tower over a cliff-face which overlooks what appears to be a pink ocean with many white and red breakers. The ocean moves in ways I've never seen, pulsing and undulating in flows like a living thing. The skies are yellowish and so beautiful! In fact, everything seems to convey this beauty - and something else. Yes, more than one sentient life form exists here! Invisible to the eye, yet not to the consciousness, other benevolent beings reside here already in non-corporeal forms. Like wisps of wind or breezes, these beings share this world with the other beings. They greet Shayla and myself with the warmest of greetings.

Truly incredible.

And once again we are back in the navigation room. Sustaining that type of materialized energy body can only be done so long and I realize that Shayla really extended herself to give us both a vacation I will never...ever...ever...forget.

"Thank you Shayla."

When I see Shayla smile at me and feel the love within her, I realize angels need no wings - just a pair of gorgeous spira-mirabilis patterned corneas to dive into and lose oneself within.

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