Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wait a're not supposed to be reading this.

That's right...I'm talking to YOU. Your fundamental frequency isn't quite ready for this yet, how did you find this site anyways? Search engine? Blind link?

Click out of here....NOW.

Do not read further. Do not check out the search function. Do not inquire about the all-female Japanese Syndicate or my living arrangements with 3 alien women. Do not pass go, do not collect $200....just get the heck out of here while you still can.

Remember, if you DON'T - I will not be responsible if your evolutionary trajectory takes a dive or, alternatively, you get too high too fast and jeopardize your steady, stable growth. I will not set up special lifetimes just to compensate for what you read here on this blog - when you shouldn't have been directed here at all and were given plenty of fair warning.

The rest of you, don't pay any attention to this placeholder post. Curtain lifting will continue to commence at the regular show times.

- SDAI-Tech1

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