Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Shutting down Paypal/Ebay/Mastercard/Visa and the WWW.

The game is afoot. The hackers have been let loose and the "evil, soulless, corporate giants" are finding they are no match for even the various minor league hackers that prowl the netherworld of the web.

I can't help but smile. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Wikileaks or its founder, Julian Assange - but it is an interesting display of power from a tiny group of individuals over the corporate, bureaucratic infrastructures whose business practices have well earned them the loss of revenue and won them no friends,even among those they supposedly serve.

We have often been placed in the position of sponsoring or mitigating cyber-attacks for the security of the nation and have long since identified and shielded the 12 fatal flaws of the world wide web as it exists. Events such as these put the volunteer hackers on one side and the paid hackers working for Ebay/Paypal and Mastercard/Visa to a minor test of skills.

Someday the corporates will tick off someone in a position to actually pull the plug on them permanently, accessing all financials and destroying data, including poisoning the web and archives to make rebooting these sites impossible. Such is the dangers of doing business on the web and a world infatuated by the laziness/ease of computer transactions and data which are inherently fragile and corruptible. Even now inside of companies as greedy and decadent as Ebay/Paypal or Mastercard/Visa or Google - many moles await "activation" to proceed and destroy these structures and their multiple back up data archives from within. No company is safe.

Nothing on the web has any security. No company that conducts financial transactions on the web is secure. The world wide web is as fragile as an egg held by a string over a block of granite.

Nothing is secure.

So think twice before entrusting your money or credit to these companies, because they are incredibly vulnerable and your wealth and data are extremely exposed. Dispersing your assets and using low profile financial institutions may yet save you a bundle as the 21st century plays out.

This minor Wikileaks attack is a warm-up for the day when these companies are completely wiped out and their records, financial assets in banks all over the world and YOUR money are all washed away by the actions of a REAL attack on these entities.
And if you think these companies or the government will cover your losses, or process your claims - think again. They'll wait in line for a bail out and like all the banks who received taxpayer dollars - they will keep it. You wont see a penny.

Where will the real attack come from when it comes? We've been asked this many times and there is no one culprit. However, there is one source with the motive and capabilities and manpower in place to pull it off:


When China decides to break America's economic spine once and for all, these companies and many others will likely be destroyed in an attack that makes 9/11 look like a picnic in terms of economic distress and resultant ramifications.

Someday, the web will be shut down by a hostile and a new web will emerge in its place - serving only those who took down the old one. Like one spiderweb been torn asunder and a new web woven instantly to replace it, this will wreak havoc with the world and its growing dependency on the internet - a dependency that amounts to an unhealthy addiction.

Freedom will go with it. So these Wikileaks hackers are doing the West a favor - a wake up call to prepare secure alternatives to these companies existing business models and perhaps more importantly an overdue revival of capitalist ethics - namely customer service and generation of goodwill that will make them more sympathetic figures when their plugs eventually are pulled and they stand hat in hand at the governments feet looking for a handout from The People.

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