Thursday, December 09, 2010

Desert Moods...and More

The desert night is cold and clear. The winds are light, and there is not a single cloud in the sky anywhere to obscure the stars. It is very quiet and I don't know why, but I decided to drive to the spot where I first met Yal-hune and her brother, Tho-rey, a little over a year and a half ago. I remember how hard I fell for Yal-hune and how absolutely incredible she looked in that floating green gown.

I look up and a shooting star streaks across the desert. So vivid and so bright it appears as if it is only a few hundred yards away instead of hundreds of miles. I make a wish.

Yal-hune appears beside me.

"You don't need to wish for me, I already felt your thoughts in my direction fifteen minutes ago."

She is wearing the same gown she wore on that night and she looks not a day older. It's almost as if I have traveled back in time to that night, even though I am not in the Bentley. Seeing her like this brings back all the feelings and more. Her body is flawless and her alien torso demonstrates superior architecture, curves, arcs and angles in each line, while still looking, for the most part, human in appearance. I remember how good it feels to be in her presence. It's a palpable change that manifests almost instantaneously. Her fields saturate my own and they are so coherent they start aligning mine - polarizing them and making them more coherent as well. She is more than human and as I gaze into her eyes, her soul reaches out to me and embraces mine. My whole body starts to shake as if I've been stricken with palsy. The energy is so intense, my cells and nervous system can't process it all and some energy is dissipated in this motion.

I have received so many gifts from her, I can't ever pay her back in this life - I can only try to be the best person I can be. In this year and a half, we've been through so much and I *love* her as infinitely and as completely as I am able.

"You don't see yourself in perspective. You're not the only one who has benefited from this relationship. I have watched you grow and stretch to try and break out of the small human box of material living and biases. Fighting powerful obsessive forces, constant overshadowing and your own imbalanced pasts which remanifest in some form every single day. Many would give up or succumb to emotionalism endlessly - you, you fight tooth and nail for your equilibrium. Your small voice constantly tries to assert itself and keep things in some measure of equanimity. And your love is more powerful than you yet fully realize. You've let these external forces try and define you - and they will never let you see your true infinite potential."

She places her hand in mine ever so gracefully and when she does she transfers or acts as a channel for yet more energy. She matches my fundamental frequency and creates a common harmonic between our two anatomies - and all of a sudden I feel EVERYTHING she is feeling. Every breath, every thought, every sensory input. It is too amazing and wonderful for words!!!!!!! It is as though I am her and she is me or we both are occupying both of these physical bodies. The scope of her consciousness is surreal, the people she is in contact with, even now as she is here with me, I am suddenly aware of. The vitality of her body is incredible, every part so alive and working together so flawlessly. She is giving me yet another gift - the ability to feel exactly what she feels, to share consciousness in such as a way that I have never yet experienced so fully. Her female polarity energy and my male polarity oscillate and the experience becomes unfathomably delightful.

I see from her thoughts that this is what couples do on her world when they are very close. Her oscillating with me in this manner is a great measure of her love for me and I can't help but feel honored and privileged in a way I can't even find ways to adequately describe. For the first time I truly see she does understand just how much I love her and she knows I now realize the measure of her love for me.

Another shooting star streaks overhead and catches my eye. It's as if the heavens themselves are smiling and these meteors are like subtle winks - for us to observe.

In a moment the oscillation fades and I find myself again limited to my own body, but I feel better than I have in my entire life. My body, my mind and my spirit are elevated as they have never been. The lingering essence of Yal-hune remains and I can sense again that my cells have been strengthened and many new signals have been embedded into the quantized fields that comprise my DNA. Every organ is working more efficiently and every breath I take feels amazing!

She smiles at me, a heavenly smile and I realize she has been invigorated and strengthened too. For the first time I truly see us as we are - equals - and do not bias the disparity between our physical and mental development.

The desert winds pick up and a light howl can be heard from inside the car as the winds find crevasses to slip through. Countless stars shine their light not just to the worlds that orbit in their solar systems, but send their light here to Earth as well, each a unique signature of light and intelligence. The world is a wonderful place - the universe is a wonderful place and everything is unfolding as it should.

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