Thursday, March 17, 2011

Worst Case Scenarios, Advanced Power Generation, Floating Cities & Eternal Youth

The news out of Japan just keeps getting worse because it is not getting much better and I find myself frustrated. I fear this situation is going to cost many lives before it's over and I feel helpless to change that.

150 men have remained where the radiation is too high and have for all intents already given their lives trying to keep the spent fuel rods and other fuel rods from completely melting down. Their sacrifice is a noble one and they have literally embraced the concept, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."

I know that a horrible series of events from out of the long distant past is regenerating at this time. I know that Yal-hune left to save me from an even more negative future. I wish I could have talked to her about it. My guess is this time-stream averts nuclear Armageddon because they learn anew the horrors of radiation and human suffering. That this event changes the future and in the long run saves hundreds of millions of lives. At least that is my working hypothesis.

I've been frustrated at the lack of intel regarding the state of the reactors, our satellite feeds can only reveal so much and I suspect TEPCO itself isn't really aware of the state of these reactors - not fully anyways. I have been reviewing some of the options the teams I assigned have been generating based upon the limited data emerging. The Chernobyl solution of 1986 was inelegant and crude - burying the blown out reactor in cement poured by helicopter after helicopter over the melted down reactor. 26 years later and technology hasn't progressed much at all. The only difference is this reactors proximity to the ocean makes it a candidate for getting those spent fuel cores somehow out into the ocean before they create a heavy metal release - which poses it's own particular problems. Is burying them on land better than out at sea? It's a toss up. Contaminating the oceans is no goal either, yet for years the Russians dumped nuclear waste into the seas (and may still be doing so.) The spent fuel rods at one reactor or more seem to have a cracked floor and water is draining from the pools almost as quickly as it is poured in. This will probably not be able to be repaired. The good news is they have laid down some power cable and tried to restore electrical water pumping. The bad news is this is still not a permanent solution and will produce a steady release of radioactive steam.

The US has 450 nuclear specialists standing by. I suspect most will suggest simply burying the leaking reactors in cement. This is the quickest and cheapest solution. It will mean the permanent evacuation of the area around Fukushima and Japan will be just a bit more cramped than it was before. The contamination of the food supply is a serious concern - all over the world. When any region of the Earth is saturated in Strontium-90 or Cesium-137 particles, the food supply is contaminated and the soil which feeds many animals, from fish to livestock can become unsafe to consume. Milk is known to become a magnet for these radioactive nuclei's which can poison and irradiate those who unknowingly consume them - even from a sizable distance from the point of contamination where the consumer doesn't even think about where the food has come from. Our global food supply comes from all over the world and products are used in all sorts of food preparation.


Just as after Chernobyl, farmers must acquire sensitive Geiger counters and try to be aware of the level of fallout on their farms and feed. Milk should be tested and any animals that are contaminated should be put down and taken out of the food supply chain.

As I mentioned before, every community should know the normal background radiation count of their area. It is extremely important that farmers should be provided this data as well. Sure, there will be resistance from the nuclear community and already its paid shills are busy covering up and minimizing the public fallout of...well, fallout. I've been a proponent of nuclear in the lack of better technologies and I realize we will have many nuclear reactors for years to come. I am, however, now more determined than ever to see future reactors designed significantly more intelligently, radiation reduction technologies embraced and a solution to the proper removal of spent fuel rods from reactor ponds which are literally drowning in them - way over the original capacity they were designed to store.

And no, burying it all in Nevada is not the answer either - still way too close to a major fault line and populated areas. The solution is super high technology on-site treatment facilities which treat the spent fuel rods and manipulate the half-lives of their component atoms. It will be very expensive technology, requiring retrofitting or adjoining facilities alongside those reactors drowning in spent fuel, but if successful will turn spent fuel rods into more easily transported and disposed of nuclear waste. The technology will involve coaxing an atom into a state of balance more quickly, via bombardment of specific energy and accompanying frequencies, shortening decades long half-lives into hours of intensified releases of radiation. But this is still decades away, though the longer reactors are used the more spent fuel rods will need to be eventually treated - or left in shut down reactors for centuries posing a hazard all the while.


Eventually, nuclear power will not be fission based. It will be far cleaner energy and with no radioactive waste products. It will be about atomic harmonics - tapping energy released by atomic bonding forces as well as the excitation of other specific atoms to release energy in the form of photons, beta energy and other energy with a sizable net gain over the energy used for excitation. Just like science discovered that freezing temperatures creates a superconducting property to certain atoms, so will science discover that there are certain "sweet" spots in certain atomic configurations and arrangements that create controllable energy releases. When this occurs, the fission reactors will be obsolete as early twentieth century coal-driven plants.

Tapping the Earth's electromagnetic field for energy is another clean, limitless power supply. A simple power-generator that works on oscillation principles can use the planet's field frequencies and polarity to generate endless power. Via harmonic resonance - a small percentage of the entire Earth's electromagnetic field could be converted to electrical energy at any given time. One plant could provide enough energy for an entire nation. A large enough plant could provide energy for the entire world.

Yes, the technologies in use now are archaic. Man should have already evolved past fission after the first few decades of atomic experimentation. Advanced minds should have already understood the Earth's EMF could be tapped after IGY (International Geophysical Year)1958, when the first studies were made of our Earth's immediate field environment. We receive a constant charge from the sun and our planet's molten iron core produces an enormous electromagnetic field ripe for tapping energy from. I've seen the "future" technologies and they are amazing. Limitless power on demand for accomplishing amazing feats. These include floating homes, cities, space travel between planets or points on one planet at incomprehensible speeds and the curing electronically of all ailments and disease. A pristine environment unmarred by pollution, air that is fresher than you've ever inhaled and living environments shielded from all harmful forms of radiation. Life-spans increased into the multi-century mark by simply restoring lost DNA field signals - effectively restoring or providing youth.

The future is marvelous. And everyone will see it in future lifetimes. One must always focus on progress. Today, the users outnumber the creators nearly a million to one. Education spreads but is constantly diluted by the high-reproduction of the simple. The technological revolution has just begun - the time wasting personal entertainment aspect is a dead end and only serves a purpose to pacify the simple and keep them satiating their violent desires artificially. Its practically criminal that people live in homes almost a century old or drive vehicles whose fundamental motive principles date back 120 years. It would have been unfathomable to Karl Benz or Frank Lloyd Wright that things have barely evolved at all since their passing. It's a crime when we shut down the Concorde or Space Shuttle and don't have better replacements - these are examples of human retrogression. The education system is an "epic fail" - the universities only turn out copycat minds that are best suited, not for original thought, but conforming to teachers' worldviews and limited perspectives.

This too shall pass...I know.

I have seen the future, not just once, but on numerous occasions.

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