Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the World - but not of It.

The universe is a very interesting place. While we live in our bodies, our brain oscillates with our quantized field at all time. Between the two flows a constant stream of information and intelligence. From one perspective you could say everything we do and think is spawned from this flow of intelligence as it interfaces with the rest of the world.

In ancient Greece, the people believed the Fates determined one's destiny and wove a life with their threads. Actually, there is a shred of truth to this myth, however the strings are streams of data flowing between a quantized field of energy and our cerebral cortex, not from the Fates.

Every action and experience has its roots in the past - our past lives, and our past in this present life. All things are energy. We are energy. Our bodies are energy. An experience is energy. A thought is energy.

All this energy never can be destroyed. It regenerates. It re-expresses itself in a new way constantly. This is evolution. Evolution is simply energy changing and reflecting the interactions it has had with other energy.

Your life, my life and everyone's life is a sum of energy that is constantly morphing and changing. Even as you read these words you are changing and are not the same person you were before you started. All events regenerate. Your reading this blog entry will create a CYCLE of energy. This event will reoccur in a new way. Each cycle can grow or diminish. In this instance the pursuit of knowledge will give you an edge on many others, as you learn what you really are and how you really work. Your body is just a vehicle for your consciousness. It lasts so long and then the data gets booted up to the quantized field at so-called death. Yes, the people who see their lives passing before their eyes are experiencing the "boot-up" data flow - a quantized burst of energy as who and what you are in this lifetime is added to your quantized field, or soul if you will, which contains not just one lifetime worth of data and experience, but many lifetimes.

We live in a world that fears death because the world does not possess the scientific understanding of what a human really is or the nature of the infinite, eternal universe we live in. Ignorance causes fear - the fear of the unknown. Once the masses know of these things, mankind takes on a vastly altered appearance. Much of the violence and sadness in the world is the result of short-term outlooks. Finite perspectives that create lower emotional responses. Desperation, loneliness, anger, hate, jealously - all are born of this finite viewpoint.

Yes, we all live our lives regenerating or replaying past experiences in a new, updated manner. Our relationships with all those around us evolve. Our fields contain trillions upon trillions of biases. These biases, both positive and negative as seen through the context of our pasts, define our likes and dislikes and influence how we respond to any given situation or experience. We are complex algorithms and our consciousness is a unique reflection of who and what we are.

A billion people can be in the same room and all may share human bodies but none will see the room in the same manner and all will "feel" differently in the room. In a planet of 7 billion people, each has a unique take on life and experience it differently. All who read this blog post will take something different away from it and will react differently. This is how infinite diversity works. It is wonderful. It is the magic that keeps time continuing for eternity and a multiverse that can't ever be contained or fully explored.

This sort of data is mainly for those who are in the world, but not of it. For those whose bodies are no longer their master and whose minds define them, guide them and now take an active part in their evolution. Yes, that is what happens - evolutions no longer happens by accident or carelessly, but with intelligent guidance. Suddenly, a whole new universe opens up and huge gains can be made in reshaping who one is, to become who one wants to be. All journeys begin with the first step and the first true step is made when one achieves a slightly elevated form of sentience - that self awareness of who one is and how one functions. That awareness of continuity and infinite regeneration helps one to become more balanced and streamlined as one passes through life with less of the emotional roller-coaster of strong biases and lower emotions. Eventually one graduates from this classroom known as Earth and moves on to new classrooms with challenges suitable for our new development.

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